• 25 years of reflection, looking ahead to future UEC leadership
    Written by Ken Leinbach
    Wednesday, 22 March 2023
    25 years of reflection, looking ahead to future UEC leadership

    It is with great pride and genuine excitement for the Urban Ecology Center (UEC), that I announce a very positive leadership transition at the Urban Ecology Center. In June, I will be stepping down from the Executive Director position and the organization will welcome new leadership. This is a change I have been working on with the UEC Board and staff for the past several years and I am happy to share that Jen Hense will become the UEC’s next Executive Director. 

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  • Decoding Wishcycling: Rethinking Recycling Assumptions
    Written by Urban Ecology Center
    Thursday, 01 June 2023
    Decoding Wishcycling: Rethinking Recycling Assumptions

    Have you ever found yourself engaging in wishcycling? Wishcycling occurs when we toss an item into the recycling bin, hoping it will magically be recycled, even without proper confirmation of its recyclability. While this act may temporarily ease our guilt, it can actually have adverse effects. Wishcycling introduces non-recyclable materials into the collected recyclable materials, leading to contamination and increased costs of the recycling process. In this blog post, we explore the concept of wishcycling, its consequences, and a UEC's participation in one of Terracycle's recycling programs.

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  • Just a fish… Or not!
    Written by Miguel Santos
    Monday, 06 March 2023
    Just a fish… Or not!

    Camper Noah Hammouri caught his first fish ever at Fishing Camp. Trivial... or not!

    When Noah reeled in his first fish on the first day of camp, he shouted my name and ran for joy toward me for a double high five as if he had just won the NBA finals. I had hardly known him for a few hours, and until that moment, he had been on the quiet side. I celebrated his success with equal or even higher enthusiasm as if he was my younger sibling.

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