• Kids, fish, and life lessons at the Washington Park Fishing Club
    Written by Clare Eigenbrode
    Thursday, 17 August 2023
    Kids, fish, and life lessons at the Washington Park Fishing Club

    The first time LaShaun Taylor brought her son and granddaughter to a Fishing Club event at the Urban Ecology Center’s Washington Park branch, her son, who is six, was crestfallen when the outing ended before he was able to catch a fish. That was all forgotten after the family’s second visit when he succeeded in catching and releasing five fish in one afternoon.

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  • Galápagos: A Journey of a Lifetime
    Written by Matt Flower
    Monday, 23 October 2023
    Galápagos: A Journey of a Lifetime

    I had the pleasure of joining the Galápagos and Mindo Ecuador Eco-Travel trip through the Urban Ecology Center in April of 2023. For me personally, it was a trip of a lifetime.  For me professionally, it was a profound experience filled with fascinating natural wonders. Considering this trip includes up-close experiences with iconic flora, fauna, geology, and natural history of the most unique archipelago on the planet, it felt like a bucket list no-brainer and the culmination of a 17yr career as an environmental educator at the UEC. 

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  • How 'Wood' You Like to Wear Your Name Tag?
    Written by Michelle Milford
    Monday, 16 October 2023
    How 'Wood' You Like to Wear Your Name Tag?

    When I started at the UEC, I realized fairly quickly there was going to be a steep learning curve. 

    Not in the duties of my role. Those were well-defined. 

    Not when to speak up in meetings. All opinions are valued right from the beginning.

    Not in navigating a new work culture. The UEC is rooted in compassion and kindness. 

    What I had to learn was the jargon, the slang, the lingo. And all the acronyms - we love an acronym here. Some examples include: 

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