Wish List

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — Give Your Old Stuff to the Center!

Riverside Park

If you have a donation for Riverside Park, please call  Chris Steinkamp, (414) 964-8505. 

Blank Card and/or Thank You Cards
Bypass loppers
Garden tarps without holes
Hand prunners
Hand pushed salt spreader
iPad(s) Lannon/flagstsone
Jars (with or without lids)
Long handled spade shovels
Paper grocery bags

Small potted succulents / plant cuttings
Socks (child and adult sizes)
Snow pants (new or gently used; Child and Adult Sizes)
Sweatpants (small and medium; Child sizes)
Thank you cards, note cards, stationary
Waterproof gloves (new or gently used)
Wheelbarrows (in good repair)
30+ pair of wind pants (s, m & l)

Washington Park

If you have a donation for Washington Park, please call Terry Evans, (414) 344-5460.

Hot Glue
Lannon stone steppers (24 inches or larger)
Long-handled pitchforks
Socks (child and adult sizes)
Round-headed (digging) shovels
Shorts (small and medium; Child sizes)
Mask (Child and adult sizes)
Pants (new or gently used; Child and Adult Sizes)
Sweat Pants ( kids and adult sizes)
Expandable Hose

Spraying nozzle
Water sprinkler
Gardening seeds
Master locks
Winter coats (child and adult sizes)
Waterproof gloves (new or gently used)
Board games (Kids, Teens, & families)
Wagon (Heavy duty)
Coffee Dispenser
Plastic storage bins or tubs (with covers)
5 gallon Cooler
Popcorn Bags
Reusable Water Bottles (New)

Menomonee Valley

If you have a donation for Menomonee Valley, please call Angélica Sanchez, (414) 431-2940.

Animal mounts, skulls & pelts
Bird feathers
Box Drum (1)
Box of Nitrite Gloves (large)
Colored Construction Paper
Copy paper
Craft Paint Brushes
Digital camera with charger or that uses AA batteries (new or used, with SD card slot)
Electric Drill
Field/trail cameras
Film canister in white
Fish net (2)
Glue stick for hot glue gun
Laminating pouches

Maps (of all kinds! Local, international, political, geographical)
Paper lunch/sandwich bags
Pelts, skulls
Podium (rolling or portable)
Rubber playground ball
Set of rubber scat
Snow pants (all sizes)
Socks (all sizes)
Storm Water PVC Pipe (250 mm diameter, 6-8 ft length)
Sweat pants (all sizes)
Terry cloth rags
Vice Clamps (6)
Winter coats (all sizes)
Ziploc bags (quart size)


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