Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,

Give Your Old Stuff to the Center!

Riverside Park

If you have a donation for Riverside Park, please call Jamie Ferschinger, (414) 964-8505 x114.

12" Compound miter saw
46" LCD or plasma tv
Alka-seltzer tablets
Anabat detector
Apple PowerBook
Gas powered generator
Hand tools
HD quality video camera

Hybrid or electric vehicle
Ice cream buckets with lids
Old terry cotton towels
Paper shredder (new or gently used)
Socks (child and adult sizes)
Sweatpants (small and medium)
Trimble Juno GPS
Umbrella stand

Washington Park

If you have a donation for Washington Park, please call Willie Karidis, (414) 344-5460.

Aquarium pumps & filters
Bicycle air pump (stand-up, not small hand-held)
Box fans or oscillating floor fans
Chopping knives
Fleece to make mittens
Hand gardening shears
HD quality video camera
Hockey sticks
Kids' work gloves
Large capacity dehumidifier

Native fish
Post hole diggers
Potting soil
Small air compressor
Snowblower (2 stage)
Socks - child and adult sizes
Vegetable garden seeds
Watering wand

Menomonee Valley

If you have a donation for Menomonee Valley, please call Glenna Holstein, (414) 431-2940.

Animal homes (bird or wasps nests)
Animal mounts, skulls & pelts
Aquariums & terrariums (55 gallon+)
Bird feathers
Blenders (6)
Chopsticks (4)
Compound microscopes (8)
Cooking oil
Copy paper
Corn starch (1 box)
Cutting boards
Digital camara
Dissecting microscopes (15)
Drums (conga, cajon, djembe)
Electric heat stove
Electric tea kettle
Eye dropper (8)
Fe filings (1 bag)
Field guides (bird, tree, wildflower, water critters)
Field/trail cameras (3)
Film canister in white (8)


Fish net (2)
Frying spoon
GPS Units
Headlamps (backpacking style, 4)
Ice cream scooper
Knife Set
LED flashlights (3)
Lightweight folding tables (2)
Metal colander with handle (8)
Musical instruments
Plastic graduated cylinder -100 ml (3)
Podium (rolling or portable)
Relief map of WI
Set of rubber animal tracks and scat
Socks (all sizes)
Soil probes (2)
Terry cloth rags
Triple beam balance (4)
Tweezers (different sizes, 5)
Winter boots (all sizes)

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Washington Park

Wednesday, September 2nd

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Washington Park Young Scientist Club

Washington Park

Wednesday, September 2nd

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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