• Happy Earth Day (almost)!
    Written by Ken Leinbach
    Friday, 23 February 2018
    Happy Earth Day (almost)!

    In the calendar year of holidays, Earth Day is the young upstart. Full of possibilities, but not clearly defined.

    We can tick off common traditions for holidays like New Year’s, Thanksgiving and Halloween, but what about Earth Day? Yet, even without exciting customs of gift exchanges or dressing up in costume, Earth Day is celebrated in 193 countries all over the world! Cool, eh?

    We’d like to help the young holiday of Earth Day have its own annual ritual to mark the important day.

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  • Secret Lives
    Written by Jennifer Callaghan
    Wednesday, 14 March 2018
    Secret Lives

    As I look longingly over the Menomonee Valley river basin currently radiating with spring promise, I am reminded of last week’s bitter rain and our dashed hopes of seeing the season's first Red-winged Blackbird. But spring’s sweet whispers delivered on the high note of a cardinal’s song today again brought hope that spring was still on its way.

    But, what if we weren’t driven by hope but by some kind of undeniable intuition or reverberating internal awareness? How does a wild animal adapt during an unpredictable Wisconsin winter?

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  • Our Water: Milwaukee's Mirror
    Written by Antonio Garcia
    Tuesday, 06 March 2018
    Our Water: Milwaukee's Mirror

    Just for a moment, try to think back to your first fond memory around water.

    What were you doing? Who were you with? What did that experience mean to you as you grew older?

    Our memories and stories - especially those around water - help shape us as individuals, families and as a people. Just as the water sustains us; the way we treat and respect (or disrespect) the waters in return reflect back on us as a people - like a mirror, revealing parts of our Milwaukee story.

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