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Humza Abdullah

Advanced Outdoor Leader

Erick Anderson

Community Program Coordinator

Victoria Bahe

Environmental Educator

Max Balan

Assistant Facilities Coordinator

Kara Baldwin

Environmental Educator

Celia Benton

Environmental Educator

Chris Binder

Facilities Manager

Lianna Bishop

Corporate Relations Manager

Rick Bivens

Facilities Coordinator

Omar Bonilla-Ortiz

Visitor Services Specialist

Carijean Buhk

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Jay Burseth

Development Coordinator

Jennifer Callaghan

Research and Citizen Science Coordinator 

Margaret Cope

Executive Assistant - Director of Education and Strategic Planning

Laurel Cutright

Environmental Educator

Terrance Davis

Visitor Services Specialist

David Delgado

IT and Data Systems Manager

Joanna Demas

Seasonal Land Steward

Michael Espinoza

Community Program Educator

Jamie Ferschinger

Branch Manager - Riverside Park

Matt Flower

Environmental Educator

Kim Forbeck

Manager of Land Stewardship

Lainet Garcia-Rivera

Community Program Coordinator

Matthew Gnas

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Beth Heller

Senior Director of Education and Strategic Planning

Roxanne Helmeid

Development and Marketing Associate

Calan Hess

I.T. Specialist

Natalie Holoubek

Executive Assistant, Director of Fianance and Operations

Glenna Holstein

Branch Manager-Menomonee Valley

Sam Huenink

Community Program Educator

Michaela Humpal

Development Systems Manager


Alejandra Jimenéz Marván

Environmental Educator 


Willie Johnson

Facilities Caretaker

Meghan Jones

Volunteer Program Manager

Willie Karidis

Branch Manager - Washington Park 

Judy Krause

Director of Finance and Operations

Mike Larson

Visitor Services Manager

Ken Leinbach

Executive Director

Jaclynne Lopez

Executive Assistant, Director of Development and Marketing

Jeff McAvoy

Marketing Communications Manager

Kirsten Maier

Community Program Educator

Lindy Meer


Emily Michi

Environmental Educator and Volunteer Coordinator

Regina Miller

Interim Environmental Education Program Manager and Environmental Educator

Robert Miller

Facility Rental Coordinator

Michaela Moelter

Assistant Land Steward

Cassandra Mordini

Donor Relations Manager

Kathy Palmer

Environmental Educator

Caitlin Reinartz


Anne Reis

GIS and Field Data Specialist 

Miguel Santos

Environmental Educator

Lesley Sheridan

Community Program Coordinator

Demetria Smith

Grant Manager

Rachel Soika

Community Program Educator

Nancy Spransy

Human Resources Specialist

Joel Springsteen

Land Steward

Chris Steinkamp

Volunteer Coordinator

Chad Thomack

Environmental Educator

Shameka Tyler

Executive Assistant, Executive Director and Environmental Education Program Manager

Tim Vargo

Manager of Research & Citizen Science

Jeff Veglahn

Land Steward

Katie Wipfli

Environmental Educator

Mike Ziegler

Community Programs Specialist

High School Outdoor Leaders

Altonetta Bingham
Gabrielle Brown
Andrea Gutierrez
Calvin Huffer
Richard Imp
Alberto Kanost
Mieko Kuramoto
Damonte Lee
Darrin Madison
Patrick McLinden
Damion Perry
Olivia Raasch
Zahara Said
Tomas Stricklen
Xai Yang

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Early Morning Birdwalks (Menomonee Valley)

Menomonee Valley

Tuesday, September 2nd

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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Burdock Brigade Tuesdays (Riverside Park)

Riverside Park

Tuesday, September 2nd

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

More Details...

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