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Learn the Urban Ecology Center model
and how to replicate it in your community!

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The Urban Ecology Center offers 20+ years of experience in neighborhood transformation, which we are thrilled to share in this online Intensive. In this interactive online course, we will cover the intersecting themes of transforming kids, parks, cities, and the world.

Who Should Attend

Creative problem solvers, city leaders, and educators -- from the public, private or non-profit sectors -- who are committed to educating and inspiring youth, revitalizing urban green space, or are seeking solutions to renew disinvested neighborhoods.

Outcomes of this Intensive

  • Thorough understanding of the Urban Ecology Center model
  • Tools to help you reflect meaningfully on how the model can benefit your city/project
  • Expanded network and ongoing support from other community leaders


In sessions taught by leading members of the Urban Ecology Center’s path-breaking staff, you will learn how urban environmental education forms the core of this transformational process.


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We built the curriculum for this online Intensive from Ken Leinbach’s book, Urban Ecology: A Natural Way to Transform Kids, Parks, Cities, and the World (2018). Ken, the Center’s Executive Director since 1998, was encouraged to write the book by people asking him to show others how to make a change in their neighborhoods. The book is just the starting point. The Intensive provides much more of the experience that can help you transform your community. We hope you will have an opportunity to visit Milwaukee, but until that time, we will guide you through the activities at our environmental community centers set up across the city. There are many layers of transformation embedded in the Urban Ecology Center.

Through the interactive lessons of this online Intensive, you will benefit from our decades of experimentation, where we have faced major challenges, along with disappointments to achieve success and sustainable growth. The model established and refined here is not a one-size-fits-all process, but rather a way of exploring possibilities and building partnerships around a shared (and powerful) vision of ecologically restored urban spaces.

We will introduce you to tools that help you reflect meaningfully on how the model can benefit you and your neighbors. You will be challenged to apply concepts and strategies to your home community with guidance from your session leaders.

After this interactive online Intensive, you will be ready to take the next steps in transforming your city, and the world.

Check back soon for 2021 Schedule Information

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