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Group of Outdoor Leaders posing on a fallen treeThe Urban Ecology Center High School Outdoor Leadership program is a unique, two-year paid internship that will helps teens build a wide range of skills including leadership, mentoring, rock climbing, canoeing, scientific research, public speaking, animal care and much more.

High School Outdoor Leaders are a fun, diverse, dynamic group who will have opportunities to meet new friends and get paid for working outdoors.

  • First we will train you and then you will get paid to get outside! Work outdoors helping with summer camps, outdoor urban adventures (e.g. canoeing, rock climbing, etc.), field research, land stewardship and more. Work hard & have fun
  • Go on a Trip!
  • Invite your family and friends! Share your experience with the Outdoor Leader Program in a public, group presentation.
  • Work with us all year! Your paid internship at the Urban Ecology Center will continue at 8 hours per week during the school year and full-time during the summer.
  • Make an investment! Invest in training that will lead to two years of job security at the Urban Ecology Center.
  • Next summer the adventure continues during the second year of the internship!


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