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fishing-webYou can go fishing in Milwaukee?

Absolutely! Fishing poles and tackle are available at all three of our branch locations.

The Washington Park Lagoon is stocked a few times a year with trout, perch, etc, making it a perfect place to take a beginning angler. Read this blog for some inspiration about fishing in Milwaukee.

Frequently Asked questions about Fishing

Do the fishing poles come with tackle?
Our fishing poles come outfitted with a bobber, sinker and hook. Small tackle boxes with replacement parts are also available, however bait is not provided. Worms can be found pretty easily if you flip over rocks and dead logs.

Where can I get a fishing license?
All adults need a valid fishing license to legally fish in Wisconsin. A great location to purchase a license is at the Milwaukee Natural Resources Department located at 2300 N Dr Martin Luther King, Milwaukee. Call (414) 263-8500 with questions. You can look up more locations at www.takemefishing.org. This website also lets you order one online!


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