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Equipment Lending Benefit

Instead of buying or renting outdoor recreational equipment, why not borrow it from us? As part of your membership benefits package, we loan out our canoes, kayaks, bikes, Nordic-style cross country skis, snowshoes, ice skates, and sleds for FREE. This Equipment Lending benefit is exclusively available to our members. You're not a member of the Urban Ecology Center? Join today!

$60 - Family (benefits for two adults, all children or grandchildren under 18 in a household, one guest)

$50 - Individual (benefits for one individual member plus one guest)

Contributions above $60 receive family-level benefits and help advance our mission even further!

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Not sure if your membership is up to date? Call our Membership Department at (414) 626-8568.

Equipment Lending FAQ:

Why do you lend your equipment?

We offer this unique and exceptional benefit to our members for three main reasons:

We want to get you outside!
We love helping people have positive outdoor experiences and want to make it easy for you.

We hear the landfills are just filled with old snowshoes and gardening tools.
As a way to limit consumption, we provide our equipment lending program to encourage the use of shared resources in our community.

We don't have sugar.
Remember when you had to borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor? Well, just substitute "kayak" for "cup of sugar." We're really just trying to be a good neighbor. A neighbor who shares lots of stuff.

What can I borrow?

Click below for a complete list of equipment available to borrow at each of our three branches.

Summer Equipment

Winter Equipment

Due to the upcoming Washington Park building construction project, equipment lending will not be available at Washington Park.  We encourage you to connect with our teams at Menomonee Valley and Riverside Park and keep an eye out for other ways to engage in Washington Park in our temporary location.

Is the equipment lending benefit available right now?

Summer lending goes through September 30, 2023. Check the equipment lending page of our website for the most up-to-date information. 

How much can I borrow with my Membership?

Due to high demand and safety precautions this season, we are asking members to limit reservations to once a month.

Click here to get more information on how much you can borrow each time!

Who can use my membership for equipment lending or program discounts?

Who may use your membership depends on your level of membership:

  • Individual-level: 1 named adult (can borrow equipment for one additional guest per visit)
  • Family Memberships: 2 named adults living in the same household (can borrow equipment for all children living in the household and one additional guest per visit).
    Discounts apply to family and children’s programs as well.

For a full overview of how much equipment each level of membership provides, click here.

How can I learn more about the specific equipment you offer?

Click here for info on watercraft

Click here for info on bikes

Click here for info on camping equipment

You can find more information about equipment lending hours and logistics on the “reserve your equipment” page of our website.

Find out more Membership FAQs:

Membership FAQs 


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