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Belize 2020

Colorful toucan

Belize 2020: Exploring a Tropical Paradise

Belize is a beautiful tropical country with diverse ecosystems and cultures. It is home to 600 bird species and a diverse array of mammals (including 5 cat species), reptiles and amphibians. In addition to tropical forests and savannas, Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world, home to more than 500 species of fish, 110 species of coral and a variety of sponges. We will explore a number of these ecosystems and enjoy Belize’s beautiful flora and fauna, all the while appreciating the relaxed culture and “go slow” atmosphere.

The official language of Belize is English, but other languages include Spanish, Kriol (Creole), Maya and Garifuna and you will probably hear all of these spoken during your trip. The people are friendly and welcoming and the government and people recognize that their country’s forests, wildlands and reefs are national treasures that need to be preserved. As a result, 44% of the country is designated as national parks or protected areas. Wildlife corridors throughout the country are designed to allow wide-ranging animals including large cats and the white-lipped peccary to travel safely from North to South. Belize is bordered by Mexico on the north, the Caribbean Sea on the east and by Guatemala on the south and west.

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February 8 - 17, 2020


We will explore some of Belize’s diverse habitats including tropical forests, pine savannas, forested Mayan ruins, caves and tropical islands.

  • An amazing Director’s Tour of the Belize Zoo where we will meet some of the animals and learn about the Zoo’s wildlife conservation and education programs,
  • A trek through the jungles of the Runaway Creek Nature Reserve and exploration of caves that have signs of use by animals, the ancient Maya and runaway slaves,
  • Bird walks to observe both resident and migratory birds,
  • Cave tubing which will allow us to see the beauty of the cave systems,
  • A tour of Caracol Mayan ruin which was once the most powerful city in the entire Maya world,
  • A tour of Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, a large area of pine forest in the foothills of the Maya Mountains,
  • A tour of the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) or Barton Creek caves which will allow us to enter into and learn about the Xibalba (the underworld of the ancient Maya), and
  • Relaxing on a lovely tropical island. Activities include “hammock testing” (“Hammock testing is an activity” here.) Hammocks and lounge chairs can be found on your porch, on the beach and scattered throughout the island.
  • Other activities include snorkeling the beautiful Belizean barrier reef and kayaking.

We have hired local guides and will stay at locally owned guesthouses and resorts. We will dine at local lodges/restaurants and enjoy delicious homemade Belizean food during our stay. This will allow us to truly experience Belize and also contribute to the local economy. 


You can download a draft of our itinerary here!


The fee for this 10-day excursion is $4240 per person based on double occupancy and includes all lodging, meals, group transportation and tours. Price does not include airfare, alcoholic beverages, and travel insurance.

A $500 deposit secures your spot on this adventure.


Photo credits: 

Top photo of toucan – Kelley Hopwood

Photo in cave with kayaks – Belize Nature Travel

Photos in slideshow: Belize Nature Travel & Kelley Hopwood


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