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Art at Riverside Park

The Urban Ecology Center – Riverside Park is seeking artists interested in showing their work in our Community Room gallery. The deadline is January 30, 2020.

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Rebecca Jabs & Peter Schultz

April - June 2020

Rebecca Jabs

Rebecca Jabs believes art and science share a basic similarity: their purpose is to investigate and interpret our world for an audience. Rebecca’s interest in this intersection led her to a career in scientific illustration. Her work is an observation of nature with a hint of narrative, representing Wisconsin’s native flora and fauna in a manner that strives to be accurate, interpretive and elegant. Each piece tells a story that enriches our connection with the natural world: how do migrating birds navigate? What does a pelican eat? Which wildflowers grow in a forest or prairie community? Research for Rebecca’s work is gathered through hours of bird watching, hiking and thumbing through field guides. Her wish is to create work that awakens interest and wonder for the nature existing in our world and in our own backyards.

RebeccaJabs Art

Left: The forest floor, Right: Set your course by the stars

Peter Schultz

Peter Schultz was confronted with thousands of acres of wilderness in northern Wisconsin and was motivated to preserve, through photography, the land and its details that may be lost to view in the present and the future. When Peter moved from the north he found himself in search of the same wilderness, this time in the small, hidden places surrounded by what he thinks of civilization. Peter isn’t sure whether photography, itself, is art. He says, “Nature is an inspiration for art through photography and he seeks to capture and share the art in nature.” Peter hopes his photographs encourage the viewer to search out and enjoy the natural places close to home and motivate some to find and experience the wilderness before it disappears.


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