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Friday, 23 February 2018 13:18

Happy Earth Day (almost)!

In the calendar year of holidays, Earth Day is the young upstart. Full of possibilities, but not clearly defined.

We can tick off common traditions for holidays like New Year’s, Thanksgiving and Halloween, but what about Earth Day? Yet, even without exciting customs of gift exchanges or dressing up in costume, Earth Day is celebrated in 193 countries all over the world! Cool, eh?

We’d like to help the young holiday of Earth Day have its own annual ritual to mark the important day.

Sunday, 25 February 2018 11:18

Our Loss is Milwaukee's Gain

We have a lot to be proud of here in our city. Milwaukee is at the forefront of US and global urban environmental initiatives, positioning itself as a world class eco-city. The city signed on to the international environmental principals of the Paris Accord. The United Nation’s Sustainable Energy for All recognized Milwaukee for its innovative approaches through public-private partnerships that speed up implementation of efficient buildings. We’re the only city in the US contributing to this global effort.

Along with Milwaukee’s growing initiatives this year came a big change for the Urban Ecology Center.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 11:02

Our Culture of Sustainability

The German zoologist Ernst Haeckel coined the word ecology almost 150 years ago. He combined a couple of Greek words to do this trick: “oikos” means "habitation" and “-ology” means "the study of."

This fact may already be part of your ample knowledge, but a quick reminder won´t hurt: ecology started off as the study of where things live. In ecology, sustainability (from sustain and ability) is the property of biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. Who doesn't want to be diverse and productive indefinitely? I remember when I was younger and able to dunk a basketball…

Wednesday, 03 January 2018 07:59

Green Weddings: Eco I Do

Did you know that the average American wedding produces 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of CO2? According to Eco Chic Weddings by Emily Elizabeth Anderson, American weddings are equivalent to 8.3 million cars driving on the road for a year. This includes flowers, paper (invitations), textiles (dress, suits), gas emissions (transportation), and everything else that can occur from the wedding. Holy matrimony! That is a huge carbon footprint on our world!

But have no fear – there are steps you can take to make your special day special for the Earth, too.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 08:57

Eco I Do - Green Wedding Expo



Sunday February 18th 2018 (10am - 3pm)


Join us at Eco I Do – A Green Wedding Expo at the Urban Ecology Center Riverside Park! While you’re planning your big day to say “I Do” - don’t forget to ask what you can do to make your wedding eco!


Tickets are $8/individual $12/couple – available in advance or at the door.

Raffle / Door Prizes:

Family Membership for the UEC

Pre-Wedding Canoe Trip for the couple and up to 6 friends anywhere in SE WI (lunch included)

50% off a planning package donated by Veronica Rose Wedding Planning

Gift basket with local and sustainable treats from our vendors and local businesses

Gift basket and gift certificate from The Noble


Register Today!


We will be hosting unique and engaging workshops to help share information about environmentally conscious weddings – the how and the why. Get a basic understanding of what a “green” wedding is and how to host one. We will also be hosting a workshop on native plant/locally-grown flower sourcing for wedding bouquets and décor and why this is important. A few other workshops will also be available for participants on food choices and DIY décor! 


11am Green Weddings 101

12pm Honeymoon with a Purpose

1pm Sustainable Bouquets

2pm Green Weddings 101

Organic Arts will be performing at 10:30am (David Drake) & 11:30am (LIBRA)

Dream City Strings will be playing at 12:30pm


Meet local caterers and vendors who will help you design a wedding as unique, unforgettable, and environmentally-savvy as you are as a couple! 

Willoway Farms

Cream City Ribbon

Veronica Rose Wedding Planner

Floral Alchemy

Jeff McAvoy Art & Design

Purple Door

Bar Stars

Tall Guy and a Grill

August Sweets, LLC

Wood Violet

Table of Contents Vintage Rentals

Dream City Music, LLC

Miss Molly's Café

Ball N Biscuit Catering


Bel Air Cantina


Organic Arts 

Dreamcatcher Destinations

Alt's Antiques

Compost Crusader



Wedding at Riverside Park. Photo: Jason Worrell Photography



Reception at the Urban Ecology Center Riverside ParkPhoto: Little Giant Photography


Do you have questions about this event?

Contact: MaryBeth Kressin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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Tall Guy and a Grill


Willoway Farms

Cream City Ribbon

Veronica Rose Wedding Planner

Jeff McAvoy/invitations

Purple Door


August Sweets, LLC

Wood Violet

Miss Molly's Café

Ball N Biscuit

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