Membership Testimonials

There are so many ways to enjoy membership at the Urban Ecology Center! From borrowing equipment to studying wildlife with our research team to enjoying programs with family, our members know how to make the most of the benefits available. Check out the videos below to see a few of their stories.


UEC member,  Matt Staab

Matt Staab shares his good experience and how he does better after spending time in nature thanks to having access to UEC outdoor equipment. "Without that mental break, I would not be able to do my job in the way I do. Being in nature is part of a self-care program for myself"

Matt borrows boats in the summer and winter gear in the winter. He also participates in the public programs that UEC offers to the community.


UEC member, Tony Garcia

Tony Garcia explains the perks of UEC membership and why he is involved with the organization in so many ways.

One of Tony's favorite activities at the Urban Ecology Center is borrowing summer equipment.


UEC member, Collin Smith

Collin Smith borrows equipment, participates in UEC programs and volunteers with us. There are a lot of ways you can be involved with the Urban Ecology Center.

Collin Smith borrows equipment, participates in UEC programs and also volunteers with us.


UEC member Kate Schwartz

Kate Schwartz has been a UEC member for a while. Kate and her family borrow equipment, participate in UEC programs, spend time in our facilities and enjoy all the things we offer to the community

Kate Schwartz and her family spend a good amount of time outside, in nature, thanks to the Urban Ecology Center


UEC member Eliot Strickon

Learn how Eliot Strickon utilizes his UEC membership. Eliot and his family live in Sherman Park and they frequent our Washington Park branch to borrow equipment and enjoy our public programs.

Elliot and his family particularly enjoy winter activities and are active users of our winter equipment lending program. 



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