Erin Whitney

Erin Whitney

Erin Whitney is a Community Programs Educator at Washington Park. She graduated from UWM where she studied Community Arts. Erin’s enjoyed connecting community members to nature through urban adventures like canoeing the Milwaukee River and hiking with kids to find the most “popping” jewelweed.

When she’s not exploring the parks with school groups, you can find her and her dog, Elliot-Wallace, biking, walking by the river, or gardening their pepper plot. She hopes to get her community excited about all their neighborhood parks and learning what the space can be through listening and sharing together.

Let's get ready for those warmer afternoons and make your own sidewalk chalk! I enjoy the plaster of Paris recipe best because I can keep the chalk I don’t use for next time, but this chalk paint recipe is pretty neat too! Haga clic aquí para encontrar esta información en español. Translated by Angélica Sánchez Mora.

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