Ashley Alred

Ashley Alred

Ashley grew up in northwest Georgia where she studied wildlife biology at the University of Georgia and later moved across the country to study science literacy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her love for connecting children with nature brought her even farther north to Milwaukee to become an environmental educator at the Urban Ecology Center’s Washington Park branch. You can find her birding every bird, always reading multiple books at once, and bringing a different homemade curry to work each day. ​

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 11:42

Insect Collecting on the Prairie

Cool September mornings on the prairie are ripe with beauty and activity: grasses towering, swaying overhead in the light autumn breeze, goldenrod with its tiny intricate blossoms, and asters popping in vibrant hues of purple, white, and blue. Insects busily soak up the last fruits of fall before winter’s frost. Meanwhile, boisterous high school sophomores rush up and down the paths winding through the prairie, combing the grasses and flowers with giant sweep nets in search of insects. This peaceful prairie teeming with diverse plant and insect life—nestled in the heart of urban Milwaukee—has become an outdoor classroom for teenagers embarking on an important school project.

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