Look for bright green mosses

Written by Urban Ecology Center
    Tuesday, 07 April 2020
Look for bright green mosses

As Environmental Educator Regina Miller was taking a quiet morning walk in a local park recently, she looked around and most of the forest world looked brown and gray. The colors of winter are still all around even though it is spring. Soon, however, Regina began to see peeks of bright green here and there on the forest floor and it made me smile.

In her own words: "My favorite color was there to greet me after all! The source of that vibrant green color was moss and I found it at many places in the forest. Moss is one of my favorite forest plants. Mosses like to grow on trees, dead logs, rocks and the ground and prefer shady, damp places. They cannot grow very tall and sometimes look like little carpets on the floor of the forest. They are soft and fuzzy like carpet too. Mosses provide a good habitat for some insects and other invertebrates and can even help prevent erosion. They are also very beautiful. The next time you are outside in a park or even in your yard, look for those bright green mosses and check them out."

1Moss on dead log

Moss on a dead log. Photo: Regina Miller


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