Mission Accomplished: My First Year as a CSA Member!

Written by Meghan Forseth
    Monday, 27 January 2020
Mission Accomplished: My First Year as a CSA Member!

I did it! Well, actually we did it. Josh (my husband) and Jude (my almost three year old) and accomplished what we set out to do last year around the same time. Remember my blog post from last February? Just kidding, I don’t actually expect you to remember! In 2019 I made a promise to myself and my family to be more brave and adventurous with our food selections. Here's how we reached our goal, and how you can too! 

Even though we wanted to be more adventurous with our food, I knew that I most likely wouldn’t change my grocery shopping habits which is why I committed to joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and becoming a member of a local farm by purchasing a share of farm fresh produce. Well, the decision to join a CSA was almost too easy. My husband works at Kahler Slater Architects and they offered a workplace CSA through Springdale Farm. All we had to do was check a few boxes online, make a payment and we were committed to a half of share every other week. How easy was that?!

In the beginning of the season our box was light and full of greens. It was fun to make a salad with dinner each night and introduce Jude to healthy greens. He even learned the difference between spinach, kale and lettuce! His grandma’s were impressed! Towards the middle of the summer we had tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. Even with just half a share I felt as though I couldn’t keep up with eating all the fresh produce! I was forced to look up lunch recipes for the produce in my box. Quickly my eating habits were changing for dinner and now lunch! It was awesome!

CSA corn

Jude enjoying summer sweet corn from our CSA box

I knew the CSA box was making a difference in the way in which we were eating and feeling when I made from scratch a pot of chicken and rice soup. I used potatoes, onions, carrots and celery from the CSA box I had that week. Josh ate a big spoonful of the soup and said with a smile, “This carrot actually tastes like a carrot!” We giggled and realized that we had never experienced fresh and local produce like this before. And we were loving it!

The growing season stopped at the end of October so we’ve been without a CSA box for a few months. I have to admit that I miss the joy of getting a box every other week and figuring out what to do with the farm fresh veggies. But when I head to the grocery store I’ve realized that I’ve become that brave and adventurous person who spends more than half a minute in the produce isle. I’m now shopping organic for veggies and fruits and picking up the jalapenos, bok choy and kale and not just the bagged lettuce and packaged veggies.

So, are you ready to venture out and be brave like me? Cook a little healthier, serve more well-rounded, delicious meals? If the answer is yes, you’ll want to join me at the Local Farmer Open House on March 7th at Riverside Park. This year we’ve added special programming just for children. We’ll explore how plants grow and what it takes to grow your very own vegetables. Kids will play farm-themed games, explore decomposers and pollinators, and build their own seedling to take home and start their own garden. You better believe I’m bringing Jude so bring your kids too! Join me on March 7th at the UEC Riverside Park!

LFOH WebHeader2

Saturday, March 7, 2020 | 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Free and open to everyone!

Urban Ecology Center - Riverside Park

Check out the Facebook event for more updates!


Meghan Forseth

Meghan Forseth

Meghan’s love for the UEC started over 10 years ago when she was hired as a summer intern. From there her curiosity about museum science education led her to work at Discovery World and The Field Museum. Although Meghan and her husband fell in love with the Windy City (the deep dish pizza was to-die-for) they made the move back to WI and Meghan made her way back to the UEC. As Riverside Park’s Branch Manager, Meghan can’t imagine working anywhere else.


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