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Who should attend the Intensive?

YOU and creative problem solvers, city leaders, and educators -- from the public, private or non-profit sectors -- who are committed to educating and inspiring youth, revitalizing urban green space, or are seeking solutions to renew disinvested neighborhoods.

Intensive Attendees

Learn about last year’s participants, their backgrounds and scope of work:

Tatiana Vélez

Medellín, Colombia

Professional Background: Economic Development

Goal: Learn how to replicate a community-based economic development business initiative.

Learning in action: The Urban Ecology Center’s Intensive experience provided Tatiana Vélez with tools, lessons-learned, mental models, and rich co-learning to move her project forward. She leveraged this knowledge to map the current urban resources and green space available to the Medellín, Colombia community. She intends to engage talent and grow funds to increase impact, calling this “connecting the dots” of abundance.

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Dana Render

Atlanta, Georgia
Operations Manager, Trees Atlanta

Trees Atlanta is a 30-year old organization with a mission to improve Atlanta’s urban forests by planting, conservation, and education.

Goal: With organizational growth in the near future, Trees Atlanta first worked with the Urban Ecology Center’s Executive Director Ken Leinbach as a consultant. Additional staff then attended the Intensive workshop, to see the Center’s operations and program model in person.

Learning in action: The Intensive was a living example of the Urban Ecology Center’s collaborative and synergistic energy across its operations, and is helping Dana create unity in diversity at all levels of Trees Atlanta.

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The Nature Conservancy

Several Representatives from Washington D.C., Philadelphia, PN, Shreveport, LA, St. Louis, MO, and Madison, WI, including Julie Ulrich, Program Director, Nature in Cities, Pennsylvania Chapter; and Rebecca Weaver, coalition and community partnership expert working as Cities Program Manager, Missouri Chapter.

Per the Center’s emphasis on partnership, collaboration, and community abundance, The Nature Conservancy also sent Bruce Carroll, Senior Pastor at a community-centered green church initiative in Shreveport, Alabama and Dr. Jennifer Moody an ecology professor at Harris-Stowe University.

Goal: To apply aspects of the Urban Ecology Center model to cities across the country - in order to revitalize urban green space and renew disinvested neighborhoods.

Learning in action: The various groups of Nature Conservancy continue to advance strategies and projects that enhance natural systems in urban landscapes across the country.

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