How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Imagine a child growing up surrounded by tall buildings and concrete, never spending time outdoors. They never get the chance to explore nature or enjoy outdoor activities like sledding or canoeing, and they often struggle with science lessons because they have no experience with plants, animals and natural systems.

Now picture that child on a field trip to a neighborhood park, fascinated by the trees, birds, and beauty of a natural area that they never knew was so close to home. They climb trees and dig for worms and start to see this world in a brand new light. At the Urban Ecology Center that is what we do every day: we take urban youth to natural areas and give them fun, hands-on learning experiences that are proven to aid in development and math and science retention.

Do you know the secret behind this story and so many like it?

It's you. When you donate to the Urban Ecology Center, you are giving kids in Milwaukee the opportunity to learn about the nature that surrounds them in a totally new way. You are helping to build environmentally conscious communities and green spaces for everyone to enjoy. You are allowing us to continue the important work of teaching youth about science and nature through outdoor experiences.

You are making a difference.

Your donation will bring so much life to the community through experiences such as:

  • $50-$60 Myself enjoying the benefits of membership ($60 Family, $50 Individual)
  • $100 Two smiling families with memberships - my family and a family in need
  • $250 Delight as a child experiences nature thanks to a Summer Camp scholarship
  • $500 People coming together with like interests creating a move vibrant Milwaukee
  • $1000 A place to reflect in urban land restored with native plants.
  • $2500 Cutting-edge, collaborative, urban habitat research with volunteers and academics
  • $5000 Classes of students exploring nature and learning science in the outdoors.

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