Donor List

Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations & all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission this fiscal year. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Brittany Peters at 964-8505 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your name has not appeared as you expected.

This list is updated on a bi-monthly basis and reflects donations given during the Urban Ecology Center’s fiscal year beginning September 1, 2019.

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations
(sorted by first name in organization title)

  • AmazonSmile Foundation
    American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation
    AMTouch USA Inc
    Anon Charitable Trust
    Anonymous (3)
    Astor Street Foundation, Inc.
    August Sweets
    Baird Foundation, Inc.
    Ball 'N Biscuit Catering, LLC
    Beans & Barley
    Black Box Fund
    Bogs Footwear
    Bostik, Inc.
    Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.
    Burke Foundation
    CARS, Inc.
    CG Schmidt Inc.
    Charles D. Ortgiesen Foundation
    Charter Manufacturing Foundation
    Christ Church Episcopal
    Clare M. Peters Charitable Trust
    Colectivo Coffee
    Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Inc.

    Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee
    Cream City Ribbon
    Croen Foundation, Inc.
    Davidson Family Fund
    DeWan Dental Wellness
    Dorothy Inbusch Foundation, Inc.
    Eaton Corporation
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    Four-Four Foundation, Inc.
    Fresh Thyme
    GE United Way Giving Campaign
    Geromove Physical Therapy
    Get Busy Liv'n
    Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
    Goodwill Center for Work and Training
    Harley-Davidson Foundation, Inc.
    Hauske Family Foundation
    Heaven's Table BBQ
    IBM Employee Services Center
    IBM Retireee Charitable Campaign
    Kelben Foundation
    Komatsu Mining Corp.
    Lux Foundation, Inc.

  • Marlo Foundation LTD
    Marquette University - Trinity Fellows Program
    Milwaukee Kayak Company
    Morgan Stanley
    National Philanthropic Trust
    Nimble Coffee Bar
    Northwestern Mutual Foundation
    Outdoor Foundation
    PNC Foundation
    Purple Door Ice Cream
    Reader's Digest Foundation
    Redwall Screen Printing
    Rexnord Foundation

    Robertson Ryan & Associates
    Rotary Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
    Schwab Charitable Trust
    Simple Cafe
    The PNC Financial Services Group
    Union Pacific Foundation
    United Way of Greater Milwaukee
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Upham Woods/UW Extenson
    Vine & Branches Foundation
    Wisconsin Lutheran College
    Yellow Wood

  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Inc.
    AAUW Milwaukee Branch Fund #2
    ACME Foundation Fund
    Asher and Susan Nichols Family Fund
    ELM II Fund
    Fund for Lake Michigan
    George F. and Janet M. Kasten Family Fund
    John C. and Harriett Cleaver Fund
    Joseph and Laura Mantoan Family Fund
    Margarete and David Harvey
    MW Fund
    Richard M. and Maxine O. Franz Fund
    Schoonenberg Family Foundation Fund

  • Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.
    Eileen & Howard Dubner Donor Advised Fund
    Irving & Lorraine Armour Memorial Donor Advised Fund
    Leslie Grinker Donor Advised Fund
    LeVine Mackey Donor Advised Fund

In Honor Of
Click tab to find your honoree's name (sorted by honoree's last name).

  • Mary Mead Brumder
    - Maggie and Sean Marks

    Jennifer Callaghan and Adam too!
    - Katherine and Kenneth Habgood

    My son, Chad
    - Jerry and Pamela Thomack

    Michael Cothroll & Laura MacBride's marriage!
    - Sarah Murray

    Penny Cruse's birthday
    - Dr. Marcie Berger and John Spector
    - Jerry and Sue Ryack

    Chuck and Penny Cruse
    - Christopher Widmaier

    Phyllis Davidson
    - Katharine McDonnell

    Walter Drefahl
    - Kiva Carman-Frank

    Quinn Endres' Birthday
    - Sandra Regan and Dan Roberts

    Erin Eregbu
    - Erik Lomas

    Eileen Griffin, Marilyn Hennessy, and Father Doug Hennessy
    - Ester Suarez-Felipe and James Griffin

    David and Kathy Herrewig
    - Anonymous

    Retired MPS teacher Mark Horowitz
    - Margaret Tarrant and Michael Carlton

    Susie Inbusch
    - Maureen McClone
    - Kristie Minnickel

    Susie Kasten
    - Janet and Clayton Eggie

    Katie & Mark's Wedding
    - Kelly Mahoney

    All Kids
    - Buzz and Barbara Althoen

    Kevin Klein
    - Emma Klein

    Ian Klug
    - John and Michele Klug

    Fred Klushsman
    - Naomi and Mort Soifer

    Miss Alex LaBonte at Washington Park!
    - Samm Posnanski

    Monica Carollo & Gene Laczniak
    - Michael Carollo

    Ruby & Ozzie LaMacchia
    - Tom and Helen Lukaszewicz

    Angela Carollo & Peter Layde
    - Michael Carollo

    Ken Leinbach
    - Debbie and Howard Callif

    Pat Mueller
    - Mary Anne Gross

    the 15th Anniversary of Wisconsin Green Muslims
    - Huda Alkaff

    My grandchildren
    - Margot Fuchs

    Rachel Nielsen
    - Linda and Dennis Ryan

    Tim Ottman's 50th birthday
    - Ann and Robert Hancox

    Penny and Finn
    - Alex Hewlett

    Jacob Sanchez and his friend Jenna
    - Mark LaPorte

    Laurel Shanks
    - Catherine Lexau

    Bob & Lyn Slater
    - Jay and Jessica Bitter

    Padraich Spence
    - Geraldine Jones-Mantyh

    Brent Suter
    - Lynn and Dennis Shafer

    Sally M. Tolan
    - Thomas Tolan & Priscilla Pardini

    Kate Carollo & Brien Vlcek
    - Michael Carollo

    Mary and Ned Witte
    - Greg and Elizabeth Flattery

    All your hard work and quality!
    - Gay Edwards Reinartz

In Memory Of
Click tab to find your honoree's name (sorted by honoree's last name).

  • Else Ankel
    - Aaron and Aune Hardt

    Terry Buckman
    - Michael Buckman and Sylvia Llanas-Buckman

    Noel J Cutright
    - Molly Redmond and Steve Ring

    My father
    - Megan Husband

    Mary Winkleman Franke
    - Mary Ann Franke

    Jean Groh
    - Raymond Groh

    John and Jane Hennick
    - James Hennick

    Beloved brother, from Laura Wick, Aura Hirschman, Jon Broskowski, Jason Anderson, Brenna Katch, Shannon Aylesworth
    - Aura Hirschman

    Jane Jensen
    - Paula and Keith Anderson

    Martha Laubach
    - John Laubach
    - Stephen and Carina Laubach

    Cathy Lemke
    - Myrna Hollander

    Beverly Lustig
    - Karen Lustig

    Gayle Grubisic Riordan
    - Petrovic Nature and Art Trust

    Erwin Russell
    - Joan Russell
    - Scott Russell
    - Michael E. Russell and Susan Ehlers

    Mark Straube
    - Jacqueline and Cassidy McGarry

Deep Roots

Visionary Tree sponsorship in honor of the birthdays of Denise & Keith Johnson, and in memory of Denise's sister Jackie.
- Penny and Chuck Cruse

Members & Donors
Click tab to find your name (sorted by last name).

  • A
    Anonymous (27)
    Nathan Abel
    Natalie Abel
    Jonathan Abresch and Brittany Pladek
    Nicole Acosta
    David and Kathy Adam
    Joy Adams
    Joann Adkinson
    Louis and Mary Agnew
    Swati Agterberg
    Fuad Ahmad and Sumaiyya Samdani
    Richard Aiken
    Richard Albert
    Dawn Albert
    Catherine Alexander
    Huda Alkaff
    Mary Allegre and David McMullen
    Kathleen and Thomas Alpren
    Buzz and Barbara Althoen
    Lynn Anders and Peter Kohlhoff
    Hannah and Steve Anderson
    Keith and Paula Anderson
    Ashlyn Anderson
    David J. Anderson and Laura Petrie Anderson
    Marc and Deb Andraca
    Shirley and Eric Andrews-Sharer
    Jeanette and Hans Angermeier
    Kirstin Anglea and Elizabeth Gies
    Mike Anglea
    Philip Ankel and Alberta Ashbrook-Ankel
    Oliphant Anthony
    Anna Aragon Suy and Ryan Dale
    Mark and Pam Ariens
    Julie Armour and Paul Matzner
    Michael and Margaret Arney
    Trenton Arnold
    Cameron and Julie Art
    Nancy Aten and Dan Collins
    Julia and J.P. Atterberry
    Jameson and Paul Auer
    Sarah Aumann
    Camilla Avery
    Mary and Tom Avery

    JoAnn Bachar
    Jason Bacon
    Kurt and Elizabeth Baehmann
    Craig Baer
    Courtney Bahrs
    Timothy Bailen and Diana Luepke
    Stephanie Baker
    Anne and Jon Bales
    Kathleen Ball
    Phyllis Bankier and Ted Tousman
    Theresa and Fred Barnes
    Amy Barr
    Kevin Barry and Melissa Kingston
    Lindsay Bartel
    Nick Barth and Leslie Peckham
    Roberta Bassuk
    Dustin and Jenn Batterman
    David and Jill Baum
    Clair and Mary Baum
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baumgartner
    William Baurecht and Helen Bannan-Baurecht
    Kathleen Beck
    Joe Becker
    Cindi and Adam Beilke
    Chris Beimborn and John Bleidorn
    Greg and Sybil Bell
    Danielle and Sam Bell
    Brian Benda
    Spencer and Amanda Bennaton
    Woody and Tena Benson
    Craig and Debra Berg
    Kathryn Berger
    Dr. Marcie Berger and John Spector
    Jesse Berndt
    Sean Bernstein
    Rebecca Bernstein and Michael Carter
    Emily and Ian Berry
    Ian Berry
    Janie and Joseph Besharse
    Katherine and Bill Biersach
    Denis Birgenheir
    Nicole Birschbach
    Jay and Jessica Bitter
    Alison Blackmore
    Kathy Blair Koch and Konrad Koch
    Mel Blanke and Kathleen Roberts
    Bert and Janet Bleke
    Madeline Bliske
    Erin Bloodgood and Kevin Bereswill
    Katie Bluher
    Edward and Amy Blumenthal
    Andrew Bochman and Tracy Staedter

    Kirsten and Henry Boeh
    Ellen Boettcher and Pat Cochran
    Mary and Harry Bolich
    Kathleen and Tacitus Bond
    MaryEllen Bong
    Lorraine and Ralph Bonn
    Brad and Kally Bonn
    Steve and Nancy Books
    Anne Booth and Charles Trainer
    Elizabeth Bostrom and Carola Loepfe
    Jana Boswell
    Kelly and Jen Bourbon
    Susan and Russ Boushon
    Ann Bowe and Barry Slagle
    Patricia Bowne
    Meg Boyd
    Jacqueline Boynton and Peter McAvoy
    Karen Braam Nook and Dale Nook
    Robert and Claire Braby
    William Bradley and Jill Ponasik
    Chuck and Andrea Bram
    Joseph and Karen Branch
    Ana and Alex Branderhorst
    Erica Branson
    Beau Brantner
    Laura and Jeff Bray
    William and Christy Breihan
    Marge Brewer
    Ann Brice and Bill Haviland
    Cheri and Thomas Briscoe
    Pam Brite
    Michael and Judy Broderick
    Laurel and Victor Brooks
    Arthur and Anne Brooks
    Martha Brown and Tony Lam
    James Buchanan and Maria Noguerón
    David and Diane Buck
    Carijean Buhk and Kevin Kallenbach
    Dennis Burg
    Peter Burg
    Robert Burgess
    Allison Burke and Barbara Pick
    Christopher Burns and Anne Getzin
    Joyce Burrows
    Jeffery and Kathy Bussanich
    Mariya Bzenyuk

    Tom Callan
    Susan and Liam Callanan
    Liz Callin
    Patricia Calvy
    Kathi and Bruce Campbell
    Mary Carian
    Linda and Mark Carlson
    Kiva Carman-Frank
    Michael Carollo
    Kevin Carr and Judy Greco-Carr
    George Carr
    John and Janice Carroll
    Anna Carter
    Mary Casey
    Jean and Dennis Casper
    Erin Caughey
    James Cauley and Brenda Andrews
    Ms. Mary Cebar-Stano
    Gabriel and Katrina Ceci
    Valerie Chamberlain
    Anne Chapman and John Maul
    Monique Charlier and Holly Blomquist
    Stephen Chelstowski
    Steve and Sue Chevalier
    Aleta and Walt Chossek
    Karen and Richard Christenson
    Pamela and Brien Christopherson
    Megan Chrnelich
    Steve and Kathy Clark
    Kelly and Kathy Clark
    Christin, Pickle, Winston and Whitey Cleaver
    Andrew Cochran and Mary Rihnat
    Josh and Megan Cochrane
    Austin Cohen
    Preston and Laura Cole
    Angela and Riccardo Colella
    Mary Claire Collins
    Simone Conceição
    Bob and Lisa Conley
    Maria Connemara
    Lynn Connolly
    Sam Corbo
    Anna Corey
    Guy Costello
    Brian Cota
    Michelle and Craig Counsell
    Tom Cramer
    Eric and Elsie Crawford
    William and Jane Crise
    Alicia Crow and Brian Stone

    Alicia Crow and Brian Stone
    Susan Crowley
    Joseph Crumrine
    Penny and Chuck Cruse
    Julia and Jon Currie
    Ronald Curtis
    Joe Cutraro

    Eddee Daniel and Lynn Kapitan
    Anne and Michael Darnell
    John and Kelley Daugherty
    William J. Davidson
    Jacob Davies
    Peter and Kathleen Davis
    Darren Davis and Bryna Goeckner
    Denise Davis
    Lou and Jackie Davit
    Erica Dayton
    John and Karen de Hartog
    Daniel De La Concha
    Sheri Dean
    Patricia DeFrain
    Nikki and Andrew DeGuire
    Melanie Delaney
    Anne L. DeLeo and Patrick T. Curley
    David and Holly Delgado
    John and Bonnie DeLong
    Ann Demorest
    Stewart Dempsey
    Jodi Denton
    Marshall and Judy Dermer
    Carl Dernell
    Joanne and Nick Desien
    Francis and Jackie Dettloff
    Linda and Patrick Devitt
    Kristine Devitt and David Franczyk
    Mike DeWan
    Tom Dienhart and Sarah Fobes
    Carol and Bob Diggelman
    Joel Dinin
    Sarah DiStefano and Brandon Sterkenburg
    Ron and Sue Dix
    Candace Doerr-Stevens and James Stevens
    Linda Dohmen
    Claudia Dominguez and Iker Velasco
    Antonia Doneva
    Danielle Donkersloot
    Robyn Dormois
    Margaret Dorsey
    Rita Dragotta
    David Drake and Jennifer Esh
    Laura Drake and Jun Zhang
    Barbara and Harry Drake
    Joel and Shannon Dreier
    Rebecca Dreyer and Sam Bingham
    Jason Dropik
    Marianne Dropp
    Ellen Drought
    Doug Drysdale and Gisela Zelenka-Drysdale
    Aria Duax
    Tim Duax and Kathy Hubing
    Harmony Dubinsky
    Howard and Eileen Dubner
    Ken Dudley
    Tristan Dudley
    Tamie Dudor
    Sandy Duffy
    Scott Dunnington
    Regina Dunst
    Catherine and William Durako
    Bill Durkin and Katie Pritchard
    Matt and Lizz Dutra
    Kathryn Dyble Thompson

    Ben Earle
    Yolanda Eason and Kim Brown
    Julianna Ebert and Frank J. Daily
    Shauna Edson
    Margaret Edwards
    Gay Edwards Reinartz
    Clayton and Lissa Eggie
    Kathleen Eilers and Barry Blackwell
    Diane Eisen
    Nancy Eisner and Kurt Frederickson
    Mike and Kristyn Eitel
    Tarek ElGammal
    Sandra Elifritz
    Melady Elifritz and Caelyn Randall
    Amy Elliott and John Duris
    Joyce and Joe Ellwanger
    Jackie Erdmier
    Janice Ereth and John Gilligan
    Elizabeth Erfert
    Evelyn Ericson
    Michael Espinoza
    Teresa Esser
    Corinne and Rob Evans
    Nicholas and Landa Evers
    Dan Ezekiel and Martina Harmon Ezekiel
    Nathaniel Ezelle

  • F
    Jessica and William Farah
    Amy and Andrew Farkas
    Cheryl and Joy Farnsworth
    Patrick and Anne Fee
    Michael Fegley and Ruth Romaine
    David Feiss
    Jill Feldman
    Carlos Felix
    Andrea Felton and Kyle Kenowski
    Don Ferber
    Brenda Fiebig
    Brian and Megan Fifarek
    Dennis Fiore
    Greg and Elizabeth Flattery
    Jerome Flogel
    John Florsheim and Lindy Yeager
    Matt and Katrina Flower
    Davita Flowers-Shanklin and Adam Haggerty
    Kevin and Hanna Fogle
    Hanna Fogle
    William and Kari Foote
    Kim Forbeck and Todd Dunsirn
    Ken and Nancy Forbeck
    Meghan and Josh Forseth
    Gloria and Steve Foster
    Susan and Maurice Fox
    Karlene Fox
    Adam Foxman
    Nancy Frank
    Mary Ann Franke
    Jay Franke and Kay Poyner Brown
    William and Joy Franson
    Tim and Sue Frautschi
    Jane and John Frederick
    Margot Fuchs
    Grace Fuhr and Nik Kovac
    Barbara Fuldner
    Anna Funk

    Louisa and Richard Gallas
    Kari and Justin Galloway
    Justin Galloway
    Spencer and Katie Gantz
    Jim Garbe
    Nan Gardetto
    Mike and Judy Garvey
    Lisa Gaumnitz
    Stephen Gaza
    Renae Geier
    Rylee and Mary Geiger
    Pat Geiger
    Doran Gendelman
    Melaine Gerloski
    Beth and Mike Giacobassi
    Anthony Gilbert
    Kelsey Gilbert
    Steve Giles and Jennine Pufahl
    Sara and Michael Gilman
    Don and Barb Gilmore
    Marly Gisser and Thomas Gaudynski
    Dave Glenn
    Paul Gloor
    Kirstin Goetz and Jeff Keyes
    Angelika and Larry Golopol
    Brenna Gonderman
    Catherine and Peter Gorski

    Diane Grace and John Savagian
    Crystal Grach
    Bill Graffin
    Richard and Melanie Graham
    Lynne Grall
    Jim Gramling and Linda Velasco
    Nadeena Granville
    Jan and Todd Graveline
    Sam Green and Tim Cotter
    Tova Green
    Mary Ellen Griffin
    LeAnne Grillo and Howard Z. Marshall
    Leslie Grinker
    Michael and Sharon Grinker
    Kat Grinker
    Sarah Grissmeyer
    Beth and Tom Groble
    Michael Groen and Jackie Lalley
    Reed and Nancy Groethe
    Laura Gross
    Mary Anne Gross
    Dean and Christine Gruber
    David and Betty Grypp
    Michael Grypp
    Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath
    Arndt and Daniela Guentsch
    Craig and Lauralee Guilbault
    Punkaj Gupta and Sachin Pawar
    John Gurda and Sonja Nelson-Gurda
    Jean Gurney and Earl Lemon
    David Gustitus
    Mary Gute Witte and Ned Witte
    Amy and Tom Gutowski
    Ronald Gutschow

    Jill Haas
    Marie Haas
    Nathan Haas
    Neal Haas
    Victoria and Matt Haas
    Katherine and Kenneth Habgood
    Toni and Elias Haddad
    Dan and Sue Haislmaier
    Timothy and Susan Halkowski
    Michele and William Hall
    Benjamin Hammelman
    Edward J. Hammond and Marcia Brooks
    Ann and Robert Hancox
    Stacy and Patrick Hanks
    Kyle Hanneken
    Jodi Hansen
    Chris Hansen and Kathryn Behling
    Heather Hanson
    Aaron and Aune Hardt
    David Hardy
    Michael Harris
    Oretha Harris
    Margarete and David Harvey
    Diane Hastreiter
    Bill Haury
    Michelle Hawkins
    Deborah Heim and Ross Hightower
    Fred and Beth Heller
    Kimberly Hemsath
    Evan Henricks

    Marjorie Henriquez
    Jen and Mark Hense
    Zachary and Lindsay Hepner
    Matthew Herbers and Mary Rechtenwalt
    Tom Herbstreith
    David and Kathleen Herrewig
    Michelle Herro
    Peter and Nicole Hertel Meirose
    Jessica Herzog and Joe Manske
    Anne Hesse
    David Hetzel
    Sally Heuer
    Tracy Higgins
    Josephine Hildebrandt
    Sarah Hill
    Matthew and Sarah Hill
    Dr. and Mrs. E. Alexander Hill
    Ellen Hing and Christopher Leadley
    Robert Hirschi
    Jeanne Hochstatter
    Maren Hofmann-Larsen and John Larsen
    Carol Holley and Greg Wille
    Anita Holloway
    Andrew and Paula Holman
    Dolores and Nate Holman
    Sandra Holmes
    Natalie and Brian Holoubek
    Verne and Terri Holoubek
    Glenna Holstein and Adam Carr
    Christipher and Kimberly Hoppe
    Mark and Mary Horowitz
    Isabelle Horvath
    Nancy Hosni
    Mike and Judy Howden
    Judith Huf and James Roth
    Jill and Gregory Huffer
    Barbara and Daniel Hulbert
    Ceal and Tim Hunter
    Megan Husband
    James Huston and Theresa Miller

    Marissa Iancu
    Nicholas Imig
    Samuel Ingrilli
    Karen Ingvolstad

    Elizabeth Jackson
    Kathryne Jacobs
    Nicki Jacobs
    Brian Jakubowski
    James Janz
    Nathan Jaskulski
    Hannah Jauch
    Christine and Jim Jensen
    Shantha Jhansale
    Dr. David Johnson
    Gary Johnson and Lisa Hoerchner
    Alyssa Johnson-Wells
    Denton and Mary Jones
    Randy and Maggie Joos
    Gregg and Sheila Jozwik
    Nancy Judevine
    Reverend Joseph Juknialis
    Emmaline Jurgena
    Kevin Jussel
    Adam and Kim Jussel

  • K
    Daniel Kadden
    Suzanne Kaehler
    Rich Kahl and Laurie Jean Yahr
    Deann Kaiser
    Nicholas Kaiser
    Anna Kajuch
    Andrew Kallies and Neil Albrecht
    Sara and Jack Kampf
    Becky Kanitz and Lee Valentyn
    Beth Kaplan and Steven Marshall
    Dr. Steven J. Kaplan
    John and Kathleen Karkheck
    David and Lillian Karkoski
    Darlene Kasettratut
    Thomas Kassouf
    Fred and Susie Kasten
    Susie Kasten
    Jane and Dan Kattenbraker
    Phil and Lizzie Katz
    Elliott and Roberta Katz
    Kelsey Kaufmann
    Bill and Kathy Kean
    Tracy and Kyle Keller
    Mary and Ted Kellner
    Sean Kelly and Jeffrey Gardner
    Brandon Kempf
    Brenna Kempf
    Kristin Kendall
    Susan Ketterhagen
    Greg and Jennifer Ketz
    Paula Kiely
    Marlene Kiester
    William Kiley
    Ana Killings
    Elynor and Paul Kimmel
    Bill and Lee Ann Kingston
    Liz Kirby
    Kathlynn and Jay Kirk
    Peggy Kirkeeng and Michael Sperling
    Barbara and Dennis Klein
    Emma Klein
    William Klein
    Angie Klemm and Jon Breschak
    John and Michele Klug
    Randall Klumb and Sarah J. Ford
    Chad and Sherrill Knezel
    Judy Knight and Al Rank
    Jonathan and Willette Knopp
    Sandra Knorr
    William and Jennifer Koch
    Katherine Kocisky and Sean Phalen
    Nancy Koeckenberg
    Claudia Koehler
    Rebecca Koffman
    Julilly Kohler
    Mary Ellen Kolanko
    Jeanne and Robert Kollmeyer
    Tien Kolodziej
    Kathleen Koneazny
    Tierney Konitzer and Joshua Hensley
    David Korr
    Katie Kotarek
    Tonia Kountz
    Fred and Alice Kraiss
    Michael and Lori Kramer
    Emily and Ryan Kramlich
    Kathy Krause
    Ken Krei
    John and Susan Krezoski
    Jerome and Kathleen Krings
    Ed and Brooke Krishok
    Mary Krupp
    Nathan Krzynski
    Sarah Kubetz and Chris Schofield
    Harvey Kurtz and Yvonne Larme

    Peter G. LaBonte
    Alexandra LaBonte
    Ramona LaCasse-Fehrman
    Stephen Laczniak
    Linda Laev
    Suzanne LaFleur and Daniel Sapiro
    Kathy Lake and Jim Wend
    Julie LaMacchia
    Anne Lamb
    Jennifer Mell and Michael Lamontagna
    John and Shelley Lamoreaux
    Randi and Kelly Lamphear
    Rebecca Lang
    Emily Laning
    Cindy LaPoint
    Dante LaPorte and Maria Schwartz
    Mark LaPorte
    Joe and Stacy LaPrad
    Shelby Laramy
    Maren Larsen
    Max Larsen
    Mike and Sara Larson
    Eric Larson and Susan Lewis
    Jean Laubach
    John Laubach
    Stephen and Carina Laubach
    Katherine and Christopher Lazarski
    Jennifer Lazewski
    Heather and Andy Lechner
    Andy Lechner
    ZhengMing Lee
    Robin Leenhouts
    Aaron Lehmann

    Becky Leichtling and Sean Sweetnam
    Barbara Leigh
    Ken Leinbach
    Ross Leinweber
    Sergio and Friederike Lemaitre
    Karen Lemke
    Marilyn Lemoine
    Jean Lemorande
    David LesStrang and Elaine Dalpaiaz LesStrang
    Elizabeth Levins and Herbert Zien
    Bill and Missy Levit
    Bridget and Ray Lewellyn
    Sally Lewis and Kathleen Rivera
    Lizette Lewis and Edward Corrigan
    Brenda Lewison
    Catherine Lexau
    Suzanne Leyer and Dylan Schwochert
    Martin and Antonette Liddy
    Abraham Liebsch
    Anya Lienau
    David and Mary Ann Lillich
    Richard and Meredith Lincoln
    Christy and Eric Lind
    Erik Lindberg
    Brie and Michael Lindemann
    Jean Lindemann
    Diane Lindsley
    Patrick and Karen Linnane
    Erin Linnane and Bill Hartz
    Nancy Linnell-Roeglin
    Cat Lisko
    Jennifer and Michael Lisser
    Serena Liu
    Dana Shinners Liverseed and Jo Liverseed
    Jeffrey Livovich
    Sylvia Llanas-Buckman and Michael Buckman
    Kim Loehner
    Jakob Loewenberg
    Erik Lomas
    Bob and Hope Longwell-Grice
    Mara Lord
    Mary and Guy Lord
    Kent and Susan Lovern
    Haiyun Lu
    Marianne and Sheldon Lubar
    Clare Lubar
    Eric and Hannah Lubar
    Matt Luce and Leah Rosenow
    Lynn Luginbuhl
    Tom and Helen Lukaszewicz
    David Lundberg
    Sherry and Richard Lundell
    Karen Lustig
    Sarah Luther
    Mark Lydecker
    Sean Donald Lynch
    Mike and Mary Ann Lynch
    Terry and Liz Lynch

    Christel Maass and Terry Rindt
    Meera MacDonald
    Kathleen Machan-Hill
    John Machulak
    Ann MacIver
    Kevin Mackey and Susan LeVine
    Darrin Madison Jr.
    Elliot Magers
    Lois Malawsky and Jay Larkey
    Gunnar Malensek
    Mary Beth Malm and Chuck Krucky
    Philip Malugade
    Garrett Mandeville and Mary Claire Sullivan
    Randy Mangelsen
    Barbara Manger and William Lynch
    Vincenzo Maniscalco
    John Mann
    Sarah Mann
    Joe and Laura Mantoan
    Maggie and Sean Marks
    Samuel Marron
    Jason Marshall
    Andy Martin and Janet Trostel Martin
    Steve and Joan Martinie
    Paco and Elizabeth Martorell
    Cathryn Martos
    Lauren Mascari
    Doris Mattke
    Rose Mary and Francis Matusinec
    Jonathon Maurice
    Sasha Mazur and Connor Stone
    Joseph and Susan Mazza
    Mary E. McAndrews
    Donna and John McAvoy
    Jeff McAvoy and Jill Kline
    Susan McCabe
    Staci McCaffrey
    Maureen McClone
    Andrew McConnell
    Mallory McConnell
    Katharine McDonnell
    Antoine and Jade McDuffie
    Monica and Kurt McElroy-Denissen
    Cassidy and Jacqueline McGarry
    Susan and John McKay
    Lance and Elizabeth McKendry
    James and Kathleen McKeown
    Jean McKey and Jerome Houfek
    Jonathan McKey
    Kris McKinney
    Bridget McMahon

    Barbara McMath
    Mark and Nancy McQuide
    Cassie and Tom Medved
    Mary Meegan and Michael Casey
    Lindy and Steve Meer
    John Mei
    Heidi and Russ Meier
    Adam Menke
    Seema Menon
    Andrea Mensch and Boys
    Sarah Mesick
    Tim Meulemans
    Bryan and Jackie Michaels
    Michael Migliano
    Catherine Miller
    Regina K. Miller and Karen Molitor
    Amy and Todd Miller
    Tommasina Miller
    James Miller and Victoria Thorpe Miller
    George Miller
    Kristen Miller
    Donna Miller
    Cathryn Miller
    Kristie Minnickel
    Mark and Maryellen Miskimen
    Julee Mitchell
    Sandie Mitcheltree
    Rebecca and Jason Mitich
    Olivia Mobley
    Daniel Mobley
    Leigh Monahan
    Kathleen Moniz
    Taylor and Ashley Moniz
    Patricia Monroe
    Mary Mooney
    William and Diane Moore
    Molly Moore
    Margaret Jane Moore
    Edith Moravcsik
    Joseph Moreno
    Cheryl and Blake Moret
    Christian Moring
    Jeremy Moriz
    Heather and Bob Morris
    Karen Morris-Centin
    Lori Morse and Rob Gardenier
    Dr. Katie Mosack and Dr. Dave Armin
    Robin Mosleth
    Jacob Moss
    Daniel and Catherine Mossman
    Moya Mowbray and Roland Schroeder
    Joy Moy
    Chuck Moyer
    Molly Mroch
    David Mroch and Heather Lynn Mroch
    Patricia and George Mueller
    Mary Mueller
    Father Thomas Mueller and Daria Mueller
    membership and Elijah Mueller and family
    Melissa and Trent Muller
    Rose Mary and Dean Muller
    Melissa, Trent and Sophia Muller
    Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel
    Peter Mulvey
    Daniel Murdock
    Sarah Murphy
    Sarah Murray
    Cynthia Musickant
    Linda and Jock Mutschler
    Mike Mydlach
    Alison Myers

    Leana Nakielski
    Daniel and Anna Narvey
    Will Nasgovitz and Madeline McNally
    Bill and Marian Nasgovitz
    Donna Neal
    Thomas and Kathleen Nelson
    Shan and Laurel Nelson-Rowe
    Matt and Kari Nervig
    Autumn Neuharth
    Rebecca Neumann and Tina Kreitlow
    Jarod and Jill Newman
    Susan and Bill Nielsen
    Rachel and Andrew Nielsen
    Charles Niemann
    Daniel Niesen
    Maryanne Niesen
    Jennifer Nolan
    Sean Nolan and Emily Clement
    Christina and Gerald Nora
    Craig and Maureen Nuechterlein
    Robert and Christine Nuernberg
    Dawn Nyholm

    James and Christine O'Brien
    Kelly O'Brien
    Chris Ochalek
    Daniel OKeefe
    Gary Oleksyn and Betty Salamun
    Marvin Olson
    Paul Oman
    Mary Joy O'Meara
    Cindy Oppe
    Marty and Karen Ordinans
    Sean O'Reilly
    Sonny and Mitchell Ost
    Dana Oswald
    Kristin Otero

  • P
    Anne Palmer
    Christopher Parks
    Francis and Kelly Pastors
    Dan and Kay Patrinos
    Stephanie Pavlick
    Jim Pazaris
    Myah Pazdera
    Virginia Pease
    Seth Pedicini
    Kristin Pelot
    Danielle Pelsue
    Dennis and Becky Pelzek
    Jennifer Perdue and Greg Mitchell
    Laura Perez
    Erin Perillo and Kyle Julian
    Bradley Perkins
    Brittany Peters and Christopher Brook
    Ann Peterson and Kevin Lynch
    Ann Peterson
    Elaine Peterson
    Kelly Petrauskas
    Holly Petrauskas
    Tom and Deborah Petri
    Sharon and Jim Petrie
    Martin and Virginia Pfeiffer
    Jon Phillips
    Katy and James Phillips
    Vicki Piaskowski
    Elly Pick
    Ann and Rich Piehl
    Elizabeth Pierson
    Richard Pine
    Kim Pintar
    Christine Plamann
    Calvin Platt
    Jules Plumitis
    Karen Plunkett
    Donald Poe and Bilin Tsai
    Lydia and Taylor Poehls
    Raymond Pollen and Kay Wifler Pollen
    Nancy and James Pomes
    Bethany and Taylor Pomije
    Samm Posnanski
    Grant Postier
    Bill Poznanski
    Dave Prentice
    Janet Price
    Cathleen and Thomas Prieto
    Ms Claire Prieto and Mr John Eggebrecht
    Sara Principi
    David Pritchard and Kathy Rogers
    Keith Prochnow
    Larry and Jeanne Prochnow
    Lisa Proeber
    Lori and Ben Prokash
    Brian and Laura Putnam

    Anahita Qashqai
    Adam Quetsch
    Christine Quinn
    Spencer and Tricia Quinnies
    Carlos Quintanilla and Jessica Quintanilla
    Joyce Quirk

    Emily Rabe
    Kelly Radermacher Butts and John Butts
    Susan and Stephen Ragatz
    Kristen Itzel Ramirez
    Bonnie Randow
    Anna Rardin
    Raymond Rausch
    Caroline Ray
    Miriam Reading and Richard Miller
    Ann Reading
    Theresa Reagan and Bill Reitman
    Raphi Rechitsky
    Katherine Recka and Andrew Goetsch
    Kate Redmond
    Charla Reetz
    Sandra Regan and Dan Roberts
    Krisann Rehbein and Joe Sexauer
    Katie Rehm
    Janean Reschlein
    Roger Retzlaff
    Matt Richardson and Alissa Moore
    David Riemer and Ellie Graan
    Sarah and Jeff Rinderle
    Tia Rinzel
    Betty Ritchie
    Lynn and Paul Rix
    Dan and Anna Robbins
    Matthew and Marianne Robbins
    Tracie Roberson
    Jason Roberson and Jeanne Kozlowski
    Chris Rockwood
    Karen and Richard Rodgers
    Charles Roede and Ryan Durkin

    Stephanie Rogers
    Sarah Rohe and Neil Franzen
    Irma Romàn
    Noah Rose
    George and Dotty Roth
    Mark and Alice Rouleau
    James Rowen and Susan McGovern
    Sam McGovernRowen and Maureen Rowen
    Jeffrey and Diane Roznowski
    William and Eva Rumpf
    Joan Russell
    Michael E. Russell and Susan Ehlers
    Scott Russell
    Sue and Jerry Ryack
    Linda and Dennis Ryan
    Diane Rychlinski
    Georgia Ryman

    Gail Sahagun
    Thomas and Susan Salamone
    Karen Samelson
    Victoria Samolyk
    Angélica Sánchez
    Virginia Sandquist
    Karen and Peter Sands
    Stephanie Sandy and Allan F. Montezon
    Mark Sandy and Alice Kamps
    Miguel Santos and Estela A. Jimenez Marvan
    Daniel Sargeant and Elfrieda Abbe
    Nadine Schaefer and Christopher Bock
    Jame Schaefer
    Toba and Stephen Schaller
    John Schaller
    Stephen Schaller
    Barnaby Scheiwe
    Graden Scheiwe
    Patrick Schertz
    Heidi Schertz and Elliot Cook
    Julia Schilling
    Joanne Schilz
    Tina Marie Schinabeck
    Molly and Jeff Schissler
    Jim Schleif and Bill Morley
    Markie Schmidt
    Evan Schmit
    Rebecca Schnabel
    Richard Schnell and Mary Wehrle Schnell
    John Schoneman
    Don and Kris Schoonenberg
    Callan Schoonenberg and Matt Parrish
    Meagan and Jason Schultz
    Paul Schultz
    Steve Schultz
    Philip Schultz and Melissa Mooney
    Marge and Randy Schumann
    Carol Schwanz
    Terry and David Schwartz
    Andi Sciacca and Greg Sadler
    Ryan Scott
    Catherine Seelman
    Joanne Sellon
    Judith and William Semrad
    Courtney Severson
    Lynn and Dennis Shafer
    LG Shanklin-Flowers
    Frank and Joanne Shansky
    Amy Shapiro and Ruth Irvings
    Alicia Shaw
    Kirsten and James Shead
    Nathan and Aimee Sheets
    Katherine Sheldon
    Mackenzie Shelton
    Jason and Laura Shimko
    Christina and Herb Shoemaker
    Dulcie and Scott Shoener
    Micah Shuck
    Jordan Shuck
    Daniel and Jeanne Sidner
    Andrew Siewert
    Rebecca and Bradley Simenz
    Bert and Marita Simmons
    Katie Simpson
    Mary and Ken Skare
    David Skurnick and Felicia Noth
    Katherine Smith
    Collin Smith
    Jay Smith
    Robert Smith
    Jonathan Smith
    Caroline and Paul Smith
    Timothy Snyder
    Naomi and Mort Soifer
    Don and Nina Solberg
    Cohen, Solomon, Patrick and Beth Higgins
    Jane Somers

    Cynthia and Warren Sommer
    Richard and Ann Spalding
    Peter Sparks
    Blaine Spelman
    Jeff and Jana Spence
    Gillian Spence
    Glen Spence
    Michelle and Fred Spence
    Heidi Spencer
    Maya Spernoga
    Ginny Spernoga
    Madison Spigel
    Elfriede and Arthur Sprague
    Nancy and Dick Spransy
    Judy Springer
    Greg Spurry and Nancy Greuel
    Robin Squier
    David Stack
    Brian Staehlin
    Doug Stahl and Ann Windsor
    Keith Stanley
    A.J. Star
    Stacey Stark
    Jason Steigman and Dori Frankel Steigman
    Janice Steinbach
    Anne Steinberg and Eric Hansen
    Florence Steinberger and Andrew Feiring
    Christopher and Angela Steinkamp
    Susan C Steinkraus and Kevin L Brown
    Loretto and Richard Steinmetz
    Erin and Alan Stenum
    Claudia Stetz
    Mark Stodder and Muna Sill
    Jane Stoltz and John Idzikowski
    Victoria and Timothy Strattner
    Donna Strayer
    Megan Straza
    Mike Straza, Amy Rymaszewski and Nolan Straza
    Lauri Streeck
    Glenn Strozewski
    Jennifer Studebaker
    Christine Stuettgen
    Ester Suarez-Felipe and James Griffin
    James and Linda Sullivan
    Lisa Sullivan and Jack Maher
    Pat Suminski
    Theresa and Rudolph Sundberg
    Charlotte and Derek Supple
    Michael and Shirley Suter
    Brent and Erin Suter
    Howard Swanson
    Kyle Swanson
    Theo Swanson
    Carolyn Sweers
    Katie and Charlie Sweet
    Anna Sweet and Steve Adams
    Gail and Michael Sweet
    Christy Szczesny-Adams and Christopher Adams
    Brenda and Mark Szumski

    Angie Tabrizi and Julie Edington
    Allison Tans
    Margaret Tarrant and Michael Carlton
    Gino Tassara and Isabelle Koenig
    Mike Tauscheck
    Victoria Teerlink and Jeff Drope
    Anna and Richard Teerlink
    Benjamin Teich
    Nick Teichen
    Courtenay Teska and Luke Pacholski
    Whitney and Julie Teska
    The Thielke Family
    Barbara Thiers and Mary Halling
    Chad and Heather Thomack
    Jerry and Pamela Thomack
    Nancy Thomadsen
    Sarah Thomas
    Bruce Thompson and Kathleen Miller
    Janet and Neil Thompson
    Carol Tishler
    Robert and Laura Tobon
    Barbara and Leon Todd
    Sally and Sam Tolan
    Thomas and Priscilla Tolan
    Geoff Tonn
    David and Joan Totten
    John and Jean Toutenhoofd
    Mary Trimmier
    Aaria Troiano
    Benjamin Trubach
    Ericka Tucker and Drew Tompkins
    Amina Tugan
    Emily and David Tupek
    Harris Turer

  • U
    Charlie Uihlein
    Matt Ungerman and Nicole Watson
    Pat Uphues
    D. Michael and Orchard Utzinger

    Greg and Ann Van Dunk
    Emily Van Dunk and Erik Lee
    Charles and Joan Van Norman
    Jim and Janet Van Zile
    Drew Vandegrift
    Mary Vandenberg
    Sarah and Chris Vanderlinden
    Paul Vandeveld
    Cheston VanHuss
    Victor and Carolyn Vargo
    Tim Vargo and Jessie Tobin
    Jeff and Beth Veglahn
    Ronald and Mary Veglahn
    Danelle Veihmeyer
    Paul Veldhouse
    Steve Ventura and Margaret Krome
    Christopher and Melinda Vernon
    Leslie Volz
    Jennifer and Adrian Vulpas

    George Wagner and Barbara Rasman
    James and Erin Walcheske
    Morgan Walker
    James Walrath
    Thomas Walsh
    Sam Wannow
    Elizabeth Ward
    Andrew and Kristin Warfield
    Louis Wasserman and Mary Caren Connolly

    David Waters
    Cathy Watson
    Nicole Watson
    Will and Andrea Wawrzyn
    John Weber and Karen Bradley
    Daniel Weber and Shelley Budney-Weber
    Robert Weisberg
    Jeffrey Weiss
    Anne Weissgerber
    Len and Susan Weistrop
    Bart and Sarah Wellenstein
    Chris, Janel, Cole and Zach Weller Family
    James and Sarah Weltzien
    Josh Werner
    Jane and Trevor Wetselaar
    Sammis and Jean White
    Christopher Widmaier
    Krista Wiger
    Max Wildenhaus
    Andre and Jennifer Williams
    Maggie Williams
    Danielle Williamson
    Lauren, Nick, Aiden, Beckett and Sawyer Wilsens
    Sara Wilson and Lorette Russenberger
    Cole Wimmer
    Susan Winans and Judy Krause
    Shai Wise and Victoria VanZile
    Patricia Witt and Susan Borri
    Gloria Witt
    Constance Wittig
    Tyler Wittmann

    Lynne Woehrle and Holger Foersterling
    Margene Woida
    Sharon Wolf
    Jessica Wolfendale
    Jennifer and Nick Wolff
    Laura Wolske
    Wayne and Mary Wolski
    Stuart Wong and Elizabeth Gore
    Tasha Woods
    Kimberlee Wright
    Laurie and Derril Wright
    Olivia Wycklendt
    Emily Wynn

    Michael Yanko
    Christine and Fred Yatchak
    Benjamin York and Cassandra Koch
    Chris and Michelle Young
    Sarah Young
    Lorna Young and Steven Cupery
    Ed and Jacci Young
    Jessica Young

    Maria Zanoni
    Trudy Zauner
    Jennifer Zeigler and Genaro Armas
    Chris and Sarah Zello
    Corey Zetts and Benji Timm
    Andrew and Carlene Ziegler
    Joshua Zieve
    Sarah and Steve Zimmerman
    Chris Zimmerman
    Beth Zopfi-Selig


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