Donor List

Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations & all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission this fiscal year. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Brittany Peters at 964-8505 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your name has not appeared as you expected.

This list is updated on a bi-monthly basis and reflects donations given during the Urban Ecology Center’s fiscal year beginning September 1, 2020.

Members & Donors
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  • A
    Anonymous (62)
    Mark Aasen
    Salma Abadin
    Sklkime Abduli
    Susan Abram
    Nichole Abresch and Alexander Engelkehn
    Tiffanie Acevedo
    Kathy and David Adam
    Cynthia Adam
    Ashley Adam
    Lindsay Adams and Matthew Wooten
    Marie and Andrew Adams
    Joy Adams
    Nora and Daniel Adams
    Beth Adams
    Meg and Peter Adams
    Joann Adkinson
    Mary Ann Affeldt and Bruce Twomey
    Mary Agnes and Lincoln Oro
    Louis and Mary Agnew
    Sita Agterberg
    Noorudin and Shanze Ahmad
    Zach Ahrens
    Matthew Aiken
    Richard Aiken
    Kenan Akkirman
    Craig Albee and Micki Fox
    Richard Albert
    Travis Albert
    Dr. John W. Alchemy
    Alexa Alfaro
    Deb Alfaro
    Huda Alkaff
    Mary Allegre and David McMullen
    Jane Allen and Cliff Shutt
    Sarah Altiman
    Diana Altstadt
    Dr. Mary Beth Alvarez
    Molly and Dillon Ambrose
    Katie Amsden
    Lynn Anders and Peter Kohlhoff
    Keith and Paula Anderson
    Erik Anderson
    Megan Anderson
    Susan Anderson
    Jim Anderson
    Paula and Keith Anderson
    Marc and Deb Andraca
    Shirley and Eric Andrews-Sharer
    Katie Angel
    Liz Angeli
    Mike Anglea
    Kirstin Anglea and Elizabeth Gies
    Jim and Elizabeth Angresano
    Philip Ankel and Alberta Ashbrook-Ankel
    Anna Aragon Suy and Ryan Dale
    Susana Arciga and Mark Eisenberg
    Jessie Arevalo
    Mike and Anna Argeropoulos
    Patrick Armstrong and Rachel Fox Armstrong
    Michael and Margaret Arney
    Jennifer Arnold
    Janine Arseneau
    Cameron and Julie Art
    Paul Zettel and Eileen Asbell
    Heather Aschoff and Kris Puddicombe
    Noel Ash
    Kristy and Norm Astwood
    Nancy Aten and Dan Collins
    Ebony Atkinson
    Dan Atkinson
    Amruta Atre
    Gargee Atre
    Meenal Atre and Gaurav Songara
    Nikhil Atre
    Julia and J.P. Atterberry
    Donna Augustyn-Sloan and Patrick Sloan
    Mary and Tom Avery
    Chris Awe
    David Axtell and Lynne Schade

    Amy Bach and Christopher Winterstein
    JoAnn Bachar
    Sylvia Bachmann
    Jason Bacon
    Elizabeth and Kurt Baehman
    Kimberly Baeza
    Victoria Bahe
    Carl and Sue Bahneman
    Timothy Bailen and Diana Luepke
    Jim Schley and Rebecca Bailey
    Amanda Bailey
    Mary Jo and Ed Baisch
    Laurie Baker and Andy Larson
    Eileen Baker
    Maria Baker
    Kara and Alex Baldwin
    Stephen Baldwin
    Dick Baldwin
    Jon and Anne Bales
    Anne and Jon Bales
    Brian Balestrieri
    James Balestrieri
    Dawn Balistreri
    Kathleen Ball
    Mary Bammer
    Shanice Baquet
    Karna Baraboo
    Mollie Baranowski
    Nancy Barbieri and Mike Sachs
    Paul Edward Barkhaus
    William Barlas
    Denise Barnett
    Mary Barrett
    Shenna Barrette
    Jennifer and Bennett Barry
    Kevin Barry and Melissa Kingston
    Jose Basaldua
    Marcus Bassett
    Victor and Norma Bassuk
    Dennis Batchelet
    Dustin and Jenn Batterman
    David and Jill Baum
    Donald and Donna Baumgartner
    William Baurecht and Helen Bannan-Baurecht
    Jamie Bayliss
    Beckie Beach
    Brandi Beals
    Brenda Beatka
    Cameron Beatty
    Kathy Beaver
    Carol Beck
    Nina Beck
    Valerie Becke and Christopher Tomlinson
    John Becker and Mary Stott
    Lisa Becker and Scott Shulick
    Kaitra Becker
    Tiffany Becker and Oliver Moon
    Lee Beckius
    Nicholas and Ashley Beermann
    Joseph Beeson
    Charity Behrens
    JoAnn and Richard Beightol
    Chris Beimborn and John Bleidorn
    Edward and Janet Beimborn
    Ms. Lauren Bell
    Leala Bell
    Danielle and Sam Bell
    Theresa Bellone
    Megan Benear
    Spencer and Amanda Bennaton
    Woody and Tena Benson
    Melissa and Tim Benson
    Sahalee Benson Price
    Jeff Bentoff and Julie Penman
    Todd and Betty Berens
    Christine and Bill Berens
    Samuel Beres
    Patricia Berg
    Anna Berg
    John Berg
    Martha Berg
    Kathryn Berger
    Julie Berkopec
    Mary Bernau-Eigen and Charles Eigen
    Jessica Berndt and Alex Hardy
    Sean Bernstein
    Lucille Berrones
    Kate Berumen
    Janie and Joseph Besharse
    Amanda and Mike Betette
    Katherine Betka
    Patrick Betts
    Susan Bickert
    Lisa Bieniek
    Bill and Katherine Biersach
    Rebecca Biggs
    Jessica Birkholz
    Lianna Bishop and Eric Mathews
    Mark and Jo Ann Bishop
    Roy Bishop
    Nicholas Bither
    Jay and Jessica Bitter
    Alison Blackmore
    Jessica and Adam Blackwell
    Kathy Blair Koch and Konrad Koch
    Aloma Blanch Granada
    Sharon Blandino
    Mel Blanke and Kathleen Roberts
    Kari Blankenheim
    Megan and Johann Blankschien
    Sue Blaustein
    Bert and Janet Bleke
    Helen Bleser
    Sarah and Tony Bleything
    Erin Bloodgood and Kevin Bereswill
    Edward and Amy Blumenthal
    Andrew Bochman and Tracy Staedter
    Peter O. Bockhorst
    Dennis Bodden
    Joshua Boeckman
    Kirsten and Henry Boeh
    Bill and Barbara Boles
    Mary and Harry Bolich
    Dylan and Amy Bolin
    Steve and Nancy Books
    Greg Boone
    Kathy and Lenny Borneman
    Mary Boshart
    Sharon and Dan Bostedt
    Stefanie Bostedt
    Elizabeth Bostrom and Carola Loepfe
    Ethan Bott
    Bob and Sherry Bourgeois
    Ann Bowe
    Amy Bowers
    John and Kay Bowman
    Patricia Bowne
    Owen Boyle and Anne Reis
    Jacqueline Boynton and Peter McAvoy
    Robert and Claire Braby
    Cecelia and Mike Bradford
    Donna and Michael Brady
    Michael and Donna Brady
    Sue Braeger and D'Angelo Richmond
    Chuck and Andrea Bram

    Carmen A. Brambila Vaca and Josué Salvador Angulo
    Joseph and Karen Branch
    John and Margaret Brandau
    Ana and Alex Branderhorst
    Pete Brands and Kelly Brands
    Jeff and Laura Bray
    Linda Brazeau
    Jenni Brehove
    William and Christy Breihan
    Kitty Brennan
    Daniel and Emily Brennan
    Sarah Brenner
    Steven Brewer
    Shane Bric
    Rubi I. Briceno Lopez
    Sofie Brickman
    Joseph Brien
    Carol Brill and Douglas Booth
    Cheri and Thomas Briscoe
    Pam Brite
    Carol Brittsan
    Liz Brodek
    Michael and Judy Broderick
    Brooke Brodersen
    Alexander Brodsky
    Claudia Brokish
    Samantha Bronson and Brandon Corlett
    Marcia Brooks and Ed Hammond
    Laurel and Victor Brooks
    Stephanie A Brosky
    Katie Browe Murphy and Christopher Murphy
    Barbara Brown
    Fran Brown
    Georgia Brown
    Adraea and Latasha Brown
    Alison Brown and Brian Stoffel
    Beth and Bob Bruch
    Susan Bruckner Engstrom and Kevin Engstrom
    Connor Bruesewitz
    Kathy and Robert Brumder
    Jonathan Bruning
    Elizabeth and Scott Brunner
    James Buchanan and Maria Noguerón
    Diane and David Buck
    Colleen Buckley
    Lauren Groenvelt and Matt Budde
    Mark Budnik and Angela Tornes
    Melanie Buenning
    Carijean Buhk and Elizabeth Kallenbach
    Pamela Buhr
    Bob and Christine Bukowski
    Jeanette Bultman Mercado and Marco Mercado
    Ian Burk
    Kylie Burk
    Kathryn Burk Schmidt
    Natalie Burke
    Jonathan and Wenshet Burkham
    Carla Burkhardt
    Andrea and Daniel Burkholder
    Angelina Burkholder and Joshua James
    Laura Burns and Kevin Eich
    Michael Burton
    Rebecca Burton
    Erik Busby
    Melanie Bush
    Jason Busniewski
    Jeffery and Kathy Bussanich
    David Busse and Jamie Elftman
    Susan Butkovic
    Luli Buxton
    Sean Buyeske

    Lisa Calabrese
    Renee Calkins and Kevin Riederer
    Tom Callan
    Susan and Liam Callanan
    Mr. Dominique Callier
    Debbie and Howard Callif
    Stephen Calme
    Patricia Calvy
    Peter and Michaela Campbell
    Kathi and Bruce Campbell
    Wonza Canada
    Ferran Canals
    Jaime Cano Lopez and Alison TRUE
    Katlyn and Tony Caraballo
    Joan Carey
    Andy and Cassi Carey
    Cassi and Andy Carey
    Mary Carian
    Steven Carini and Lori Horbas
    Nathan Carlberg
    Linda and Mark Carlson
    James Carlton
    Stephanie Carman
    Mary Carney
    Sara Caron
    James and Eldeen Carpenter
    Andrew Carr
    Eileen Carr
    Eric Carr
    Jeremy Carr
    Kevin and Judy Carr
    Eulalia and Gina Carriveau
    John and Janice Carroll
    Celia and Jakub Carroll
    Michael Carter
    Sarah Carter
    Samuel Carter Erb Mueller
    Jennifer Casanova
    Jade and George Cashman
    Dennis and Jean Casper
    Carly Casper
    Colin Casper
    Bridget Cassidy
    Theresa Castor and Paul Hopton
    Lisa Cathelyn
    Ignacio and Susan Catral
    James Cauley and Brenda Andrews
    Joe and Kathy Cayen
    Nicole Cayko
    Alyssa Caywood and Eli Lottig
    Mary Cebar
    Ms. Mary Cebar-Stano
    Gabriel and Katrina Ceci
    Valerie Chamberlain
    Mark and Janine Chambers
    Patricia Chambers
    Adam Chan
    Virginia Chappell
    Monique Charlier and Holly Blomquist
    Lynn Charnitz
    Jennifer and Michael Chartier
    Sahithi Chatradi
    Jenny Chay
    Linda Chesky
    Steve and Sue Chevalier
    Bennett Choice
    Aleta and Walt Chossek
    Kimberly Christensen
    Misty Christensen
    Karen and Richard Christenson
    Vincent and Krista Christian
    Vincent Christian and Krista Larsen
    Linda Christiansen
    Tom and Judy Christofferson
    Brien and Pamela Christopherson
    Magdalena Chrzanowska and Eric Ruckstadter
    Megan Burkhammer
    Liisa Church
    Stephanie Ciaccio and Brian Hildebrand
    Eileen Ciezki
    Malado and Chris Cisse
    Steve and Kathy Clark
    Kelly and Kathy Clark
    Angela Clark-Oates
    Traci and Thomas Clark-Vollman
    Andrew Clausen
    Christin, Pickle, Winston and Whitey Cleaver
    Maggie Clements
    Nick Clerkin
    Robert and Carol Clinkenbeard
    Emily Clinton
    Anne Clough
    Alison Coates
    Christopher and Peggy Colby
    Barbara Cole
    Roger Coleman
    Megan Orcholski and Matthew Collie
    Jamie Collins
    Mary Claire Collins
    Sarah Collins
    Mary Beth Collins
    Sharon Collopy
    Simone Conceição
    Bob and Lisa Conley
    Paige and Dan Conley
    Shirley Conlon and Jess Brownell
    Samuel Considine
    Dena Constantineau
    Melissa Cook
    Joan and Ron Cook
    Rachel Cook
    Tyler Cook
    Alyssa Cook and Brandon Nosavanh
    Heather Cook Elliot
    Leslie and Terry Cooley
    Karleen Cooper
    Michelle Corbett
    Paula Cordan
    Genesis Cordero
    Vivian Corres
    Josie Osborne and Kim Cosier
    Cathy and Mario Costantini
    Michael and Brenda Costigan
    Aisha Coursen
    Thomas Courtney and Corrie Tritz
    Logan Crain
    Jean Crandall Jacobs and Derek Jacobs
    Stan Crane
    Nancy Crawford
    Robert Crawford
    Eric and Elsie Crawford
    Peggy and Wally Creer
    Margaret Cress
    Lauren Crichlow
    William and Jane Crise
    Jacob Croal
    Fred and Amy Croen
    Susan Crowley
    Anne Marie Crowley
    Anne-Marie Crowley
    Joseph Crumrine
    Penny and Chuck Cruse
    Marissa Cudworth
    Daniel Culhane and Tracey Mayer
    Christine Culligan
    Steve and Sally Culver
    Ben Cundiff
    Julianne Custer
    Erin and Andy Cutraro
    Joe Cutraro
    Sue and Dennis Czarniak
    Dyanna Czeck

    Karen and Milton Dabbert
    Amanda Dacio

    Scott Daehler
    Danielle Dahl
    Rezonn Dahlin-Klein
    Alexis Dahmer
    Elizabeth Dailey
    Frank Daily and Julianna Ebert
    Deborah Daley
    Elizabeth Dalton
    Elizabeth Dalton and James Kimball
    Anthony Iracki and Jenelle Dame
    Joanne Danforth and Stewart Edwards
    Joanne and Stewart Danforth
    Eddee Daniel and Lynn Kapitan
    Christie and Matthew Dapelo
    Frank Darby
    Melissa and Tony Darelius
    Anne and Michael Darnell
    John and Kelley Daugherty
    Luke Davies
    Jacob Davies
    Dina Davis
    Richard Davis and Jade Holcomb
    Shana and Todd Davis
    Tamesha Davis
    Darren Davis and Bryna Goeckner
    Peter and Kathleen Davis
    Sarah and Lee Davis
    Peter Davis
    Diane Davis
    Xavier Davis
    Victoria Davis Davila and Jack Davila
    Lou and Jackie Davit
    Patrick Dawson and Michele Kramer
    Drew Dawson
    John and Karen de Hartog
    Rachel de Hartog
    Daniel De La Concha
    Sophia de la Mar
    John and Leah Dean
    Dennis Deaton
    Connie Debbink
    The Debbink - Tsao Family
    Frank DeCecco
    Dan DeDecker
    Charlie Dee and Anne Landre
    Mary Lou and Nick DeFino
    Patricia DeFrain
    Robby DeGraff and Brenna Kempf
    Mary DeGroot and David Donohue
    Andrew and Nikki DeGuire
    Kayla Deitte
    Danielle Del Conte
    Anne L. DeLeo and Patrick T. Curley
    Jodi Delfosse
    David and Holly Delgado
    Ann Demorest
    Stewart Dempsey and Gerry Coon
    Diana Dempster
    Denk Denk
    Emily Densmore
    Sharon and Rodney Depue
    Jenna Dercole
    Elisa Derickson and Daniel Krueger
    Marshall and Judy Dermer
    Stephanie Dernek and Gregory Taylor
    Jacqueline Dernek
    Sachin Deshpande
    Joanne and Nick Desien
    Francis Dettloff and Jackie Reid Detloff
    Grace Devine
    Tim Dewane
    Jenny Di Meo
    Miguel Diaz
    Amber Dickerson
    Evelyn and Michael Dickmann
    Tom Dienhart and Sarah Fobes
    Erik Difrances and Athena Voulgaropoulos
    Carol and Bob Diggelman
    Amy Diliberti
    Todd and Mary Dillmann
    Mary Dillow
    Stephanie DiMaso
    James and Makenzie Dimayuga
    Marina Dimitrijevic
    Margaret DiPoto
    Maris Dishno
    Sarah DiStefano and Brandon Sterkenburg
    Mary Lou Ditore
    Natalie Dix
    Ron and Sue Dix
    Candance Doerr-Stevens and James Stevens
    Erin Doherty
    Claire Dohmen
    Linda Dohmen
    Jesse Doiron
    Julie Dolinky
    Ben Dombrowski
    Claudia Dominguez and Iker Velasco
    Christine Donahoe and Christian Caflisch
    Amy Donahue and Jason Schueler
    Lizzie Dorn
    Nick Dorst
    Sarah dos Santos
    Ada Doss
    Sean Dougherty
    Jean Dow
    Art and Rhonda Downey
    Jean Downie
    Anthony and Heidrun Downing
    Lucy Doyle
    Susan Doyle
    Robert Dragani
    Barbara and Harry Drake
    Laura Drake and Jun Zhang
    Elizabeth and Robert Draper
    Cliona Draper and Joel Rast
    Dan Dreke
    Will Drewry
    Samantha Drifka
    Ellen and Jack Driscoll
    Kevin and Julia Driscoll
    Brynne Drohan
    Marianne Dropp
    James Drought and Carolyn Danz
    Kathy Drury and Steve Chojnacki
    Kayla DuBois
    Melissa DuBois
    Noelle Duchac and Daniel Stoekl
    Donald Duck
    Tamie Dudor
    Daniel Dufek
    Diane Duffey
    Laura Duffney
    Kyle DuMez
    Erin and Jason Dummert
    Nancy Dunham
    Kathryn Dunn
    Peter Dunn and Linda Whittingham
    Bruce and Cheryl Dunn
    Autumn Dunn
    Scott Dunnington
    Karen Dunst and David Minerath
    Janet DuPree
    Tensing Duraisingam
    Cathy and Bill Durako
    Chloe Duston
    Drea DV
    Anna Dvorak
    Deb and Michael Dwyer
    Kathryn Dyble Thompson
    Abi Dyke
    CJ Dykstra
    Michael Dziengel

    Sara Eberhardy
    Jeremy Ebersole
    Megan Echols
    Chris Eckel
    Jessica Eckert
    Debra and Jonathan Eder
    Traci Ederesinghe
    Sally Edgett
    Julie Edlund
    Shauna Edson
    Shauna and Jeremy Edson
    Diane and Jeff Edwards
    Kate and Matthew Edwards
    Margaret Edwards
    Timothy and Margie Edwards
    Mark Edwards
    Ramona Edwards
    Gay Edwards Reinartz
    Samantha Egelseer
    Kennedy Egerson
    Janet Kasten Eggie and Clayton Eggie
    Laura Egolf
    Dana Ehrmann
    Malin Ehrsam
    Mary Eichner
    Lydia and John Eichner Weissmann
    Brad Eide
    Kathleen Eilers and Barry Blackwell
    Justin Eineichner
    Roger Eineichner
    Katherine Eisenberg
    Annie Ela
    John Ela
    Sue Ela
    Julia Ela
    Nick and Beth Elder
    Carol and Tom Eling
    Gevonta Elliot
    Katherine Elliott
    Brett Elver
    Bill Embly
    Ella Emerson
    Anna Emerson
    Julie Emery
    Nikki Emlen
    Carman Empey
    Susan and Chuck Engberg
    Donna and Will Engelmann
    Stephen Engler
    Robyn Enloe
    Mert Erdogan
    Janice Ereth and John Gilligan
    Jean and Brent Erickson
    Marybeth Erickson
    Evelyn Ericson
    Gretchen Ernst
    Irene Erwin
    Elizabeth Escobar and Adam Burns
    Michael Espinoza
    Teresa Esser
    Ellen Etten
    Amy Ettinger
    Corinne and Rob Evans
    Terry Evans
    Christine Evans and Nicholas Fleisher
    Landa and Nick Evers
    Dan Ezekiel and Martina Harmon Ezekiel

  • F
    Michael and Robin Faber
    Lisa Fabian-Albert and Craig Albert
    Chris Fairbanks
    Ashley Fait
    Natalia Fajardo
    Molly Falk-Steinmetz
    Angelo and Stephanie Fallucca
    Garrison Falvey
    Daniel Farrenkopf and Jamie Towle
    Roseann Fasi
    Lynn Fasi
    Jeremiah Favara
    Duncan Favill
    Joan Fecteau
    Patrick and Anne Fee
    Michael Fegley
    Jeff and Donna Fehring
    Helene Feider
    David Feiss
    Jill Feldman
    Jennifer Felker
    Amy Felton
    Julia and Patrick Fennelly
    Jon Barrett and Michaela Feriancikova Barrett
    Lisa Ferino
    Jim and Mary Ferschinger
    Jamie Ferschinger and Quintin Bendixen
    Mary and Jim Ferschinger
    Mary Lynn Ferwerda
    Doreen Festge
    Suzan Fete
    Dan and Pat Fetterley
    Judith Fetterley
    Beth Fetterley Heller and Fred Heller
    Turner-Miller Family Charitable Fund
    Brenda Fiebig
    David Fifarek and Michelle Diament
    Enrique Figueroa
    Monica and Dan Finley
    Zoe and Joe Finney
    Dennis Fiore
    Kristin Fischer
    Kristin and Todd Fischer
    Katherine and Doug Fisher
    Patrick and Jane Fitzgibbons
    Rosa Flanagan
    Karen Flanagan
    Kathleen Flanders and Mike Flanders
    Elizabeth and Greg Flattery
    Aaron Fleischer
    Melanie Fleischmann
    Theresa Flewell and H.S. Crawford
    James Flint
    Donovan Flisram
    Matt and Katrina Flower
    Davita Flowers-Shanklin and Adam Haggerty
    Tom Dienhart and Sarah Fobes
    Seth Foldy and Joan Bedinghaus
    Barbara Follmann
    Anushka Fonseka
    Kim Forbeck and Todd Dunsirn
    Jack and Bridget Forbes
    Beth Forristall
    Tony Fortun
    Gloria and Steve Foster
    Shonda Foster
    Jessica Foster and Paul Smith
    Amy and Charles Foster
    Catherine Fouliard
    Laura Fowle
    Kim Fowler
    Lilith and Lincoln Fowler
    Lincoln and Lilith Fowler
    Karlene Fox
    Shoshana Fox
    Micki Fox and Craig Albee
    Andrew Foy and Michelle Clarke
    Gina Frakes
    David Franczyk and Kristine Devitt
    Barbara and Rick Frank
    Matt Frank and Susie Plager
    Mary Ann Franke
    Decorah Franke
    Joe and Elizabeth Fransee
    William and Joy Franson
    Neil Franzen and Sarah Rohe
    Tim and Sue Frautschi
    Pamela Frautschi
    Joshua Frederick
    Jane and John Frederick
    Richard Frederick
    Glen Fredlund and Linea Sundstrom
    Nanci Fredrich
    Cathy and Alan Freed
    Heidi Frenzel
    Heidi Frenzel and Scott Gronert
    Ross Freshwater and Melissa Gibson
    Rochelle Fritsch
    Amy and Tom Fritz
    Richard Frohling
    Andrew Frohmader
    Melissa Froiland
    Samantha Froze
    Fruchtman Family
    Grace Fuhr and Nik Kovac
    Barbara Fuldner

    Katy Gabryelczyk and Najwan Hammad
    Santana Gail
    Bob Gale
    Kari and Justin Galloway
    Emmy Ganos
    Erin Ganzke
    Jim Garbe
    Anna Garbe
    Tony Garcia
    Sonia and Ruben Garcia
    Rosanel Garcia Carranza
    Kelsi Gard
    Lori Morse and Rob Gardenier
    Nan Gardetto and Richard Slater
    Sandra Gardner
    Deborah Gartenberg
    Mike and Judy Garvey
    Lydia Garvey
    Shauna Gearhart
    Jessica Gebhardt
    Sara Geenen and Jason Gehring
    Elaine Gehring
    Pat Geiger
    Laurie Geisel and Bruce Thompson
    Jane Gellman
    Danni Gendelman
    James Gennrich
    Kari George
    Tanja George and Ray Chinana
    Rachel Germain
    Eryn Germino
    Kevin and Eryn Germino
    Nathan Gerred
    Kevin Gesme
    Emily Ghylin
    Beth and Mike Giacobassi
    Lily Gierke
    Kurt & Krystine Giesa
    Thomas Giese and Beth Handrich Giese
    Julie and Ben Gifford
    Anthony Gilbert
    Robert Giles
    Steve Giles and Jennine Pufahl
    Jon Gilgenbach
    Joe Gilliland-Lloyd and Lindsey Ballo
    Mary Gillis
    Barbara and Donald Gilmore
    Marly Gisser and Thomas Gaudynski
    Carrie Gleba
    Nancy Gloe
    Beth and Alex Gloeckner
    Peter Glynn
    Jill Godsey
    Kirstin Goetz and Jeff Keyes
    Irina Gokhman
    Heidi Gold
    Peter Goldberg
    Alan and Rebecca Goldman
    Patricia Goldstein
    Elizabeth Goldstein
    Laurie Goll
    Larry and Geli Golopol
    Geli and Larry Golopol
    Kristina Gomez

    Kate Gomoll
    Brenna Gonderman
    Yackeline Gonzales
    Elizabeth Gonzalez
    Paola Teresa Gonzalez
    Reina Gonzalez and Laura Bensman
    Mary Goodavish-Guten and James Guten
    Dina and Joseph Goode
    Adriana Goodman
    JoAnn Goodness
    Robert and Lisa Gordon
    Jessica and Nathan Gorecki
    Pat Gorence and John Bach
    Monica Gorko
    Chris Gottlieb
    Gardner Govan
    Stephanie and Larry Govin-Matzat
    Crystal and Aaron Grach
    Kristine and Andrew Graettinger
    Francis Graf
    Falon Graff and Timothy Walsh
    Stephanie Graham
    Adam Grahn
    Kaitlin Gramins
    Jim Gramling and Linda Velasco
    Emily Grandy
    Zen Grant
    Annmarie Gray
    Stephanie Gray
    Tony Gray
    Julie Gray
    Sam Green and Tim Cotter
    Marilyn Green
    Robert and Maire Greenya
    Tina Gregory
    Michael Gregory and Jane Peterson
    Benjamin Greuel
    Tyler Griebel
    Mary Ellen Griffin
    Kaitlin Grigoryev
    Sarah and Tom Grimm
    Kat Grinker
    Sharon and Michael Grinker
    Hannah Grobelny
    Frank and Judy Grochowski
    Reed and Nancy Groethe
    Tom and Diane Groff
    Laura Grogan and Benjamin Faber
    Raymond Groh
    Laura Gronek
    Emmett Gross
    Zakariyah Gross
    Christine Grota Merkel and Richard Merkel
    Kayla Grotsky
    Cindy Grover
    Dean and Christine Gruber
    Carrie and Cassie Grulke
    Joanne Grunau
    William Gruver
    Betty Grypp
    Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath
    Jenny and Dana Gubbin
    James and Julie Guckenberg
    Erin Gudeyon
    Arndt and Daniela Guentsch
    Isabel Guerrero
    Reirin Gumbel
    Jackie Gumina
    Jennifer and Patrick Sean Gunderson
    Paul Gurda
    John Gurda and Sonja Nelson-Gurda
    Bart and Stephanie Gurgel
    Jean Gurney and Earl Lemon
    Anne Gustavson
    Glenn and Sydney Gutberlet
    Mary Gute Witte and Ned Witte
    Ellen and Guillermo Gutierrez
    Paula Gutmanis
    Ronald Gutschow
    Alexjovann Guzman and Sinai Mendoza Guzman

    Mark and Gina Haag
    Abby Haak
    Matt and Victoria Haas
    Jill Haas
    Rob and Ashley Haas
    Laura Haav
    Jennifer Hack
    Kristen Hackbarth
    Judith Hafeman
    Jen Hagenow
    Peter Rhomberg and Maren Hagman
    Jim Hahn
    Rita Hale
    Mandy and Patrick Haley
    Timothy and Susan Halkowski
    Nicholas Hall
    Julie Hall
    Paul and Gloria Halverson
    Gary and Bonnie Halvorsen
    Michael Mitchell and Sarah Hambrook
    Thomas Hamilton and Beverly Doherty
    Marilyn Hamilton
    Lina Hamilton
    Jess Hamilton
    Ann and Jon Hammes
    Edward J. Hammond and Marcia Brooks
    Maya Hammouri
    Rick Hancock
    Susan Hancock
    Antonio Hanges-Gonzalez and Jennifer Sharpe-Gonzalez
    Tony and Maggie Haning
    Stephen and Christine Haning
    Anthony and Maggie Haning
    Paige Hanks
    Jonathan Hanna
    Doris and Peter Hansen
    Lauren Hansen
    Mark and Michelle Hansen
    Melisa Hanson
    Brenda Hanus
    Philip Hardacre
    Laura Harms
    Nancy Harms
    Tracy Harrington
    Julia Harris
    Carie and Otis Harris
    Mary Harrison
    Lois Harrison
    Robert Hartel
    Terri Hart-Ellis
    Scott Hartman
    Gary and Laura Hartung
    Jennifer Hartwell
    Michael and Lisa Hatch
    Kelly Hatton
    Bill Haury
    Leslie Hauser and Karl Wuesthoff
    Kate Hawk
    Robert Haydock
    Leslie Hayes
    Carol Hayes
    Chuck Hays
    Betsy Head
    Rachel Headley and Christopher Hill
    Brett and Rebeca Heaton Juarez
    Keaton Heeter
    Bob Heger and Hector Montoya
    Chelsea Heikes
    Deborah Heim and Ross Hightower
    Chiara Heim
    Elizabeth Heimerl-Rolland and Shawn Rolland
    Chloe Hein
    Katie and Tom Heinen
    Meghan Held
    Tom Held
    Beth and Fred Heller
    Robert Henak
    David Henderson
    Zach Henderson
    Jeremy Hengst
    Sarah Hennen
    Megan Henninger
    Heather and Jess Henrickson
    Karen Henry
    Jen and Mark Hense
    Mark and Jen Hense
    Tom Herbstreith and Barb Odin
    Todd Herdt
    Christopher and Katie Hermann
    Caroline Hermeling
    Alejandra and Alex Hernandez
    Fernando Hernandez

    Katarina Hernandez
    Martha and Eduardo Hernandez
    David and Kathleen Herrewig
    Patricia and James Herrewig
    Dave and Kathy Herrewig
    Michelle Herro
    Jessica and Jon Hertig
    Laura and John Herzog
    Jessica Herzog and Joe Manske
    Mireille and Aaron Hess
    Eric Hetland and Lindsay Roper-Hetland
    David Hetzel
    Ann Hetzel
    Sally Heuer and Steve Culver
    Althea Hewitt
    Gretchen Miller and John Heywood
    Kathy and John Hickey
    Stephanie Hicks
    Elizabeth Hieb
    Erin Highland and Joe Hrdina
    Sam Hildebrandt
    William Hildenbrandt
    Brian Hilgeman
    Peter Hill and Caroline Kuebler
    Dr. and Mrs. E. Alexander Hill
    Kate Hiller
    Ryan Hillesland
    Hannah Hilyard
    Lauren Hince
    Melanie and John Hinchey
    Janel Hines
    Ellen Hing and Christopher Leadley
    Jessica Hinojosa
    Aura Hirschman
    Scott Hitler
    Jenny Hoag
    Erin Hochevar
    Eric Hochkammer
    Thomas Hochstatter
    Amelia Hock
    Missy Hodzinski
    Kali Hoefert
    Ryan and Michiko Hoel
    Jessica Hoff
    Jessica Hoff and Ben Barbera
    Roland Hoffman
    Erick Hoffmann
    Jean Hoffmann
    Rose Marie Hoffmann
    Maren Hofmann-Larsen and John Larsen
    Quinn and Paula Hogan
    Denise Hohenfeldt
    Mark Holcomb
    Alicia VandenOever
    Kristen Holland and Jean-Christophe Califano
    William Holland
    Myrna Hollander
    Carol Holley and Greg Wille
    Markesha Hollins
    Anita Holloway
    Patrick Holloway
    Michael Holloway and Terry Dorr
    Dolores S. Holman
    Andrew & Paula Holman
    Lana Holman
    Andrew and Paula Holman
    Natalie and Brian Holoubek
    Molly Holsen
    Glenna Holstein and Adam Carr
    Suzy and Jim Holstein
    Stevie Holzer
    Ariana Hones
    Alison Hong and Charlie Johnson
    Christiaan Hoose
    Beth and David Hoover
    David and Beth Hoover
    Jake Hoover and Charlotte Anderson
    John Hooyman
    Aidy Hopkins
    Sharif Hoque
    Kyle Horcher
    Jonathan and Michelle Horng
    Camille Horton
    Isabelle Horvath
    Anthony Hosig
    Kris Hoskins
    Nancy Hosni
    Randy and Kathy Hoth
    Chamieka House-Osuya
    Dante and Jennifer Houston
    Mike and Judy Howden
    Suzanne Howe
    Vince and Tamber Hucek
    Lattwanda Huddleston
    Emma Hudson-Mairet
    Judith Huf and James Roth
    Nolan Hughes
    Barbara and Daniel Hulbert
    Leah Hunt
    Tim and Ceal Hunter
    Kim Hurlebaus
    Rachel Hurst
    Megan Husband and Michael Duschak
    James Huston and Theresa Miller
    Ms. Shania Hutchins

    Daniel Idziak
    John Idzikowski
    Mary Ann Ihm
    Douglas Ihrke
    Ruth Irvings and Amy Shapiro
    Andrew Irwin
    Lee and Corey Itson
    Sheila Schindler-Ivens and Christopher Ivens

    Elizabeth Jackson
    Dave Jacob and John Kannenberg
    Amy Jacobson
    Debra Jadkulski
    Jane and Ralf Jaeger
    Maura and Robert Jaeger
    Brian Jakubowski
    Greg James and Michelle Patin
    John Jansen
    Joan Janus
    Reagan Jauch
    Amy and Ken Jeninga
    Jeff and Karen Jensen
    Shannon Jensen
    Nancy Jensen
    Kristine Jensen
    Martha and Bob Jerme
    Luke and Heidi Jeter
    Jennifer and Scott Jex
    Shantha Jhansale
    Jordan Jochum
    Michelle Johansen
    Marilyn W. John
    Kelly John
    Mrs. Caela Johnson
    Callia Johnson
    Karen Johnson and James Toth
    Rae Johnson
    Toni Johnson
    Van Johnson
    Willie and Johnnie Johnson
    Gina Johnson and Mike Yamat
    Dr. David Johnson
    Dain Johnson and Carla Dulberger
    Kirsten Johnson
    Rhiannen Johnson
    Thomas and Laura Johnson
    Jay Johnson
    Guy and Mary Johnson
    Lance Johnson
    Sheri Johnson
    Marilou Johnston
    Carol Johnstone
    Alex Joines
    Sofia Jonas
    Debra Jones
    Morgan Jones and Philip Chang
    Rashonda Jones
    Starr Jones
    Judy Jones
    Lindy and Michael Jones
    John Jones and Katherine Valentyn
    Emily Jonesberg
    Renee Joos and Brandt Mylott
    Randy and Maggie Joos
    Gregg and Sheila Jozwik
    Caroline Juang
    Samantha Juedemann
    Reverend Joseph Juknialis
    Sheila Julson Thompson and Doug Thompson
    Gabriele Jung

  • K
    Jamie Kacich
    Peter and Amy Kaczmarek
    Mitchel Kaczmarowski
    Fatima Kadadha
    Suzanne Kaehler
    Mollie Kafka and Clayton Crain
    Janeen Kagel
    Judith Kaiser
    Anna Kajuch
    Robert Kaleta, Jr. and Dana Kaleta
    Leslie and Wilanna Kalkhof
    Jodi Kamermayer
    John Kamin
    Kathryn and Matthew Kamm
    Susan Kammers
    Charles and Mary Kamps
    Robert and Suzanne Kanack
    Maureen Kane
    John Kannenberg and Dave Jacob
    Kelsey Kannenberg and Will Fenner
    Beth Kaplan and Steven Marshall
    Fran Kaplan
    Dr. Steven J. Kaplan
    Madeline Karian
    John and Kathleen Karkheck
    Lillian and David Karkoski
    Sara Kartz
    Patricia Kastelic
    Susie Kasten
    The Kasten Fund
    Patrick Schroeder and Holly Kaster
    Christina and Dan Katt
    Phil and Lizzie Katz
    Juli Kaufmann
    Kathy and Bill Kean
    Bill and Kathy Kean
    Tyce Kearl
    Thomas Kearney
    Patti Keating Kahn and Chuck Kahn
    Neil Keats
    Karen Keene
    Rachel Keene
    Elizabeth Keenley
    Elaine Kelch and Stephen Bablitch
    Lora Keller
    Lori Keller
    Claire Kelley
    Lillian Kelley
    Mary and Ted Kellner
    Margaret Kellogg
    Julie and Kevin Kelly
    Claire Kelly and Marjorie Struck
    Reverend Andrew Kennedy and Ms. Lois Wesener
    Ashley Kenney
    Diane Kercheck
    Shawn Kerlin
    Sowmya Kethireddy
    Greg and Jennifer Ketz
    Marjorie Kieckhefer
    Patricia Kiefer
    Molly Kiefer
    Neil and Cheryl Kiekhofer
    Randy and Barb Kiel
    Ina and Trent Kielley
    Karon Kiffel
    William Kiley
    Carrie and Grant Killoran
    Hak Joong and Jung Ja Kim
    Elynor Kimmel
    Carole A. Kincaid and Steve Jarvis
    Emily Kincaid
    Jean Kindness
    Danielle Kingdom
    Bill and Lee Ann Kingston
    Brandice Kirchner
    Julia Kirchner
    Jay and Kathlynn Kirk
    Anna and Dave Kirk
    Evan and Debbie Kirkstein
    Sarah Kiskunas
    Diane Kistler
    Lane Kistler
    Amy Kistner
    D Kitazaki
    Brian Klabunde
    Emerald Klauer
    Barbara and Dennis Klein
    William Klein
    Bonita Klein-Tasman and Marc Tasman
    Angie Klemm and Jon Breschak
    Judith Klenz
    Pam Klenz
    Joel and Donna Kline
    Mallory Kling
    Mr. Timothy Klos
    John and Michele Klug
    Michele and John Klug
    Randall Klumb and Sarah J. Ford
    J. Val Klump and Sory Klump
    Joe Kmoch
    Chad Knezel
    Maria Knier and Timothy Theobald
    Judy Knight and Al Rank
    Megan Knight
    Jessica and Matt Knitter
    Sandra Knorr
    LaDonna Knouse
    Cheryl Knutson
    William and Jennifer Koch
    John Koeble
    Nancy Koeckenberg
    Claudia Koehler
    Gunnar Koehn
    Stacy Koenen
    Anne Koepp
    Heidi Koester
    Farah Koestler
    Suzanne and Mark Kohlenberg
    Dennis Kois, Sr. and Carolyn Kois
    Paul Kojis
    Rachel and Robert Kolb
    Cameron Kollath
    William Koller and Cindy Porth
    Peter Kollinger
    Jeanne and Robert Kollmeyer
    Steve Komes and Kris Gerke Komes
    Alex Konkol
    Rebekah Kopec-Farrell
    David Korr
    Tanith Korravai and Amy Butterfield
    Michelle Kosmalski and Chris Kreo
    Brittany Koteles
    Prashant Kothari
    Adam Kouhel
    Theodore Kraig and Stephanie Purvis
    Julie Krajewski
    Cyndi Kramer
    Joan Kramer
    Emily and Ryan Kramlich
    Bezmi and Tom Kranick
    Kathy Krause
    Ashley Krepline
    MaryBeth Kressin and Justin Kunesh
    John and Susan Krezoski
    Michael Krieger
    Jerome and Kathleen Krings
    Ed and Brooke Krishok
    Brooke and Ed Krishok
    Nicole Krohn
    Mary Krolikowski
    Jennifer Krueger
    Jennifer Krutina and Ghali Boulanouar
    Jim Kubek
    Hannah Kubsh
    Carrie Kubusek
    Kevin Kucharski
    Priscilla Kucik
    Adrienne Kuehl
    Rachel Kuhl and Dave Cheyne
    Lyndsey Kuhlmann
    Thomas and Mara Kuhlmann
    Valerie Kukla
    Emily Kulich
    Harvey Kurtz and Yvonne Larme
    Natalie Kusch and Jordan Golembowski
    Jared Kuschewski
    Blanche Kushner and Pat Flood
    Amy and Kip Kussman
    Jonathan Kuta
    Scott Kutcka
    Karen and Paul Kuxhaus

    Gigi La Budde and Michael Whaley
    Catherine La Fleur
    Alexandra LaBonte
    Peter G. LaBonte
    Ramona LaCasse-Fehrman
    Mary Pauly Lacy
    Stephen Laczniak
    Mary and Russ LaFrombois
    Kathy Lake and Jim Wend
    Kari Lallensack
    Jackie Lalley and Michael Groen
    Amy and Joseph LaMacchia
    Anne Lamb
    Ian and Katherine Lambert
    Eileen Lamble
    Luke Lamers
    Sandra Lamers Hernandez
    MaryLou Lamonda
    John and Shelley Lamoreaux
    Bob and Kathy Landaas
    William and Joanne Lange
    Sarah and Josh Lange
    Anthony Langtimm and Catia Figueiredo
    Avrum and Dannette Lank
    Dante LaPorte and Maria Schwartz
    Joe and Stacy LaPrad
    Christopher Larson and Jessica Brumm-Larson
    Steve and Dianne Larson
    Jeff and Jennifer Larson
    Michael Larson
    Mike and Sara Larson
    Nichole Larson and Mike Schauwitzer
    Marie and Vincent Larson
    Jeff and Jennifer Larson
    Norm and Judy Lasca
    Judy and Norm Lasca
    Kristi Lasch
    Barbra Laster
    Denise Lattos
    Chris Lau
    John Laubach

    Jean Laubach
    Elena Laurant
    Sanne Laursen
    Leah Laven-Wilson
    Liesel Lavery
    Sheryl Lawrence
    Melinda and Sean Lawrence
    Mary Jo and Don Layden
    Jennifer Lazewski
    Michael Leberman
    Kyle and Ann Ledbetter
    Peter LeDuc
    Nhia Lee
    Robin Leenhouts
    Ben LeFort
    Scott Lehmann and Kat Gal
    Ken Leinbach
    Alex Lemann
    Jim Lemke and Debby Dreyfus
    Jean Lemorande
    Amanda Lent
    Natalie Lenz and Taylor Thill
    Robert Leonard
    Andrea Leonardelli
    Cynthia Lepkowski
    Sharon Lerman
    Ryan Leslie
    Candace Letcher
    Diane Leveille
    Michael Levey
    Susan LeVine and Kevin Mackey
    Janet Levings
    Elizabeth Levins and Herbert Zien
    Bill and Missy Levit
    Joshua and Teresa Levy
    Leah Lewandoski
    Bridget and Ray Lewellyn
    Sally Lewis and Kathleen Rivera
    Susan Lewis and Eric Larson
    Cody Lewis
    Harrison Li
    Monica Liberatore
    Edward Lichtman
    Martin and Antonette Liddy
    Suzanne Liebergen
    Stephen and Karen Lied
    David and Mary Ann Lillich
    Nicholas Limoni
    Richard and Meredith Lincoln
    Stephanie Lind
    Christine Lind
    Emilyn Linden
    Tyler Lindstad
    Sadhna and Scott Lindvall
    Elizabeth and Scott Lingen
    Sara and Andy Link
    Erin Linnane and Bill Hartz
    Alyson Lippman
    Gordon Lipsky
    Jim Liptack
    Caitlin Lisko
    Jennifer and Michael Lisser
    Haley Little
    XiaoQian Liu and Adam Cohen
    Sylvia Llanas-Buckman and Michael Buckman
    Marco Lo Ricco and Kyongboon Kwon
    Carola Loepfe and Elizabeth Bostrom
    Nichole Logan
    Sam Lombardi
    Bob and Hope Longwell-Grice
    Erin and Wade Loofboro
    Amy and Craig Loomis
    Samuel Loomis
    Esther Lopez
    Maureen Lopresti and Mary Miller
    Carol Lord and Ed Muzik
    Mary and Guy Lord
    Bryce Lord
    Sarah Losinski and Matthew Hisamoto
    Laura Loucks
    Andrea Louthan
    Adrian Love and Amber Ascher
    Aliyah Love-Clark and Burhan Clark
    Susan and Kent Lovern
    Paula Lovo
    Theresa and Dennis Lowder
    Jessica Lowery
    Kara Loyd
    Sarah Eli Lu
    Ann Luba
    Clare Lubar
    Matt Luce and Leah Rosenow
    Emily Ludke and Andrew Stigen
    Daniel and Kimberly Ludwikoski
    Mrs. Molly Lueder
    Debbie Luetzow
    Elizabeth Luker
    Brigitte Luksha
    Barbara Lund
    David Lundberg
    Katherine Lundeen and Mike Glover
    Sherry and Richard Lundell
    Abigail Lupp
    Lisa Lusiak
    Karen Lustig
    Abriana Luther
    Terry and Liz Lynch
    Aaron Lynch
    Lucas Lyons and Olivia Molter

    Kaitlin Ma
    Christel Maass and Terry Rindt
    Kathleen Machan-Hill
    John Machulak
    Myra MacMurray
    Meredyth Maddox
    Stacey Maddox
    Megan Mader
    Alexis Madson
    Jill and Chris Maertz
    Julia Magnasco
    Austin Mahlik
    Leena Mahmoud
    Sharon Mahos
    Kirsten Maier
    Luke Maillefer
    Lindsay Mailloux and Zach Ehmann
    Shana and Hadj Maker
    Lois Malawsky and Jay Larkey
    William Malcuit
    Lynn Malec
    Daniel Malicki
    Juanita Malloy
    Ryan Malloy
    Michael and Jane Malone
    Daniel Maloney
    Lisa Maloney
    Mara Mamerow and Matthew Derosier
    Kristen Manders
    Veronica Mangio
    Annelise Mankowski
    Heather and Paul Mansfield
    Jeanne and Dave Mantsch
    Danielle Mantyh
    Nicole Mantyh and Marianne Burish
    Laurel and Kyle Marek
    Heather Marek
    Laura Mark
    Anne-Marie Markun
    Sara Marquardt
    Treccy Marquardt-Thomas
    Jason Marshall
    James Marshall
    Megan Martens
    Alyssa Martin
    Vince Martin
    Andy Martin and Janet Trostel Martin
    Diane Martin and Jeff Cartier
    Kelly Martin
    Terry Martinez
    Cheryl Martinez
    Tom and Karen Martinsen
    John Martinson
    Benjamin Martorell and Mindy Williams
    Paco and Elizabeth Martorell
    Haley Marzolf
    Mike Maschek
    Scott Mason and Sarah DeYoung
    Angela Mason
    Joe Massanisso
    Michele Mastalarz
    George Matarangas
    Diana Mateju
    Michael and Heidi Matera
    Ann Matousek
    Kari Mattek
    Martha Matteo
    Laura Matthew and Michael Bannister
    Doris Mattke
    Francis and Rose Mary Matusinec
    Jaclyn Mauer
    Michael Maurer
    Jonathon Maurice
    Robin and Ryan Maxwell
    Anthony Mayer
    Aidan Mazur
    Mary E. McAndrews
    Andrew McAninch
    Donna and John McAvoy
    Jeff McAvoy and Jill Kline
    Jeremy McAvoy and Anna Emrick
    Sibyl McCarley
    Emmett McCarthy
    Jeff and Terry McClellan
    M. McClone
    Mary McCormick
    Dakota McCure
    Maureen McDonald
    Katharine McDonnell
    Antoine and Jade McDuffie
    Emily McGinley and Ed Possing
    Patricia McGovern and Victor Delgado
    Megan McGrath
    Pat McInerney
    Lauren McIntosh
    Susan and John McKay
    Carolyn McKenzie
    Kaitlin McKeogh
    Jonathan McKey
    Jim and Sarah McLaughlin
    Kate McMahan
    Bridget McMahon
    Sean McManus
    Barbara McMath
    Meaghan McMurray
    Patti McNair and Brian Johnsen
    Patricia McNamara
    Mark and Nancy McQuide
    Peggy Mead
    Jeffrey and Michele Meadows

    Cassie and Tom Medved
    Lindy and Steve Meer
    Heidi and Russ Meier
    Susan and Tom Meilinger
    Fred and Carol Meirose
    Peter Meirose and Nicole Hertel Meirose
    Rochelle Melander
    Jennifer Mell and Michael Lamontagna
    Cole Meller
    Eliza and Andrew Melzer
    Stephanie Mercado
    Sally Merrell and Ely Leichtling
    Jeanine Merrill
    Krista Merrill
    Jessica Messerschmidt
    Betsy and Nick Metzger
    Stacey Meyer
    Craig Meyer
    Lauren Meyer
    Andrew and Lacey Meyer
    Nancy Meylink
    Robert Michielutti
    Tatiana Migliaccio
    Michael Migliano
    Amy and Wes Miles
    Dale and Elizabeth Milhans
    Catherine Miller
    Donna Miller
    Tommasina Miller
    Mark Miller
    Larry Miller and Ellen Bravo
    Kristen Miller
    Lisa Miller
    Robert Miller
    Michaela Miller
    Joseph Miller and Denise Domian
    Amy and Todd Miller
    Kathleen Miller
    Megan Miller and Aaron Skreland
    Patricia Mills
    Joseph Minik
    Carissa Minkebige
    Anthony Minotti
    Katie Miota
    Kelli Mishleau
    David and Lisa Misky
    April Mitchell
    Elizabeth Mitchell
    Sandie Mitcheltree
    Rebecca and Jason Mitich
    Rajarsi Mitra and Jana Gerken
    Jeffrey Mlagan
    Susan Modder and David Krzyston
    Rylee Moder
    Henrik and Barbara Moe
    Margaret Moegenburg
    Erik and Carol Moeser
    Jane Mohr
    Kelsey and Theodore Molinari
    Anna Molinaro
    Karen Molitor and Regina Miller
    Bridget Molitor
    Kimberly Moniz
    Patricia Monroe
    Elena Montano
    Marivel Montejano
    Bob and Jan Montgomery
    Larry and Judy Moon
    Molly Moore
    William and Diane Moore
    Jane Moore
    Merri Moore and David Smullen
    Elmer Moore and Nicole Hendrickson
    Austin Moore-Gotsch and Michael Gotsch
    Edith Moravcsik
    Joshua and Rose Morby
    Maureen Morello
    Blake and Cheryl Moret
    Anna Morgan
    Max Morgan
    Heather and Bob Morris
    Connor Morris
    Phillip and Lindsay Morris
    Karen Morris-Centin
    Tricia Morrissey
    Lisa and Patrick Morrow
    Lori Morse and Rob Gardenier
    Jessica Mortenson
    Dr. Katie Mosack and Dr. Dave Armin
    David Moss and Colleen Beaman
    Moya Mowbray and Roland Schroeder
    Lisa Mowery and Matt Laux
    Joy Moy
    Amy Mrosko
    Julie Mucilli and Benjamin Ellis
    Todd and Shannon Muderlak
    Mary Mueller
    Patricia Mueller
    Father Thomas Mueller and Daria Mueller
    Lonni and Mark Mueller
    Mark and Lonni Mueller
    Nicole Mueller
    Patricia and George Mueller
    Danny Muench
    Katie Mullen
    Dean and Rose Mary Muller
    Sri Muppidi
    Amy and Patrick Murphy
    Emily Murphy
    Christopher Murphy and Katie Browe Murphy
    David Murphy and Margaret Andera
    Julia and Peter Murphy
    Mary Ellen Shea and Henry Musto
    Linda and Jock Mutschler
    Lisa Myers
    Mark and Julie Myszkowski

    Leana Nakielski
    Daniel and Anna Narvey
    Anna and Daniel Narvey
    Jordan Narvey
    Will Nasgovitz and Madeline McNally
    Ann Navin
    Maricella Nayeri
    Natalie Neals
    Nancy Nedland
    Alex Neevel
    Robert and Carol Nelson
    Emery Nelson
    Kate and Daniel Nelson
    Thomas and Kathleen Nelson
    Joshua Nelson
    Adam Nelson
    Erik Nelson
    Greg Nelson
    Zach Nelson and Rita Kerhin
    Shan and Laurel Nelson-Rowe
    Ms. Allyson Nemec
    Jaclyn Ness
    Diane Netz
    Joshua Neudorfer
    Benjamin Neumann
    Rebecca Neumann and Tina Kreitlow
    Carrie and Dave Neumann
    Veronica and Christine Neumann
    Peter Neuwald
    Ursala Neuwirth
    Regina Newlin
    Jarod and Jill Newman
    Barbara Nichols
    Mateo Nicholson
    Craig Nickels
    Rachel and Andrew Nielsen
    Susan and Bill Nielsen
    Charles Niemann
    Maryanne Niesen
    Nichole Nikolic
    Nicholas Niles
    Eric Nimphius
    Lisa Noble and David Macherey
    J Elsa Nolan
    Peggy Noonan and Julian Taagen
    Lois Norquist
    Janet Norquist-Gonzalez
    Kathryn Norris and Sandra Slowinski
    Jen and Scott Norris
    Rebecca North and Adolph Paul
    M. Judith Nortman
    Kassandra Novell
    Christopher and Anne Noyes
    Craig and Maureen Nuechterlein
    Teddy Nykiel

    Ellie O’Neil
    Christine and James O'Brien
    Anita O'Brien
    Kelly O'Brien
    Linda O'Bryan
    Grace Oda
    Erin O'Donnell and Jason Puskar
    Liam O'Donoghue
    Jeffrey and Amy Oeth
    Miriam and Alfred Ofori
    Karen Olah
    Deborah Olguin
    Madison Olig
    Amy Olivero
    Dennis Olivero
    Robert and Diane Olivero
    Jenna and Lucas Olivieri
    Laurie OLoughlin
    Jefren Olsen
    Michael Olsen
    Amelia Olson
    Stacy Olson
    Fred Olson
    Jennifer and Diane Olson
    Kyle Olson and Hannah Reed
    Rachel Olson
    Paul Oman
    Jane O'Meara and Alan Purintun
    Sarah O'Neill
    Catherine O'Neill
    Elodie Ontala
    Marty and Karen Ordinans
    Erin Ormsby
    Gisela Ortega
    Heather and Daniel Osborne
    Leo Osma
    Karianne Osowski
    Mike Osowski
    Mitchell and Sonia Ost
    Maryann Ostrenga
    Carrie and David Oswald
    Kristin Otero
    Daniel Otterson
    Cain and Sonja Oulahan
    Mindy Ours-Evans
    Svetlana Ozminkowski

  • P
    Adrian Padilla and Regina Weber
    Kelly Paek
    Birger Pahl and Amy Horst
    Nicole Palasz
    Jim Palasz and Barbara DeMaster
    Wayne Paliwoda
    Isaac Palmer
    Russ and Stephanie Pande
    Rachel and Mike Pankowski
    Kayla Panning
    Michelle Pape
    Renee Paris
    Sharveta Parker
    Krista Parran
    Grace A Parrish
    Amy and Jason Parry
    Franklin Paruzynski
    Gehres Paschal
    Michael Pasco
    Francis and Kelly Pastors
    Erika Patino and Giovanni Pena
    Renee Patnode
    Dan and Kay Patrinos
    Natalie Patti
    Nicole Pattullo
    Lisa Paul
    Gretchen Paulson
    Susie Paunan
    Trisha Pavicich
    Robert and Sonja Pavlik
    Sonja and Robert Pavlik
    Kate Pawasarat
    Derek Pawlak
    Virginia and Richard Pease
    Megan and Jared Peccarelli
    Rachel Pedersen
    William and Colleen Pedersen
    Kelsey Pederson
    Dennis and Becky Pelzek
    Alan Penczek
    Randy and Pam Penn
    Micheal Penneau
    Dr. Laura Peracchio and Dan Eder
    Laura Gramling Perez and Edgar Perez
    Eunice Perez
    Julia Perez and Etna Gonzalez-Perez
    Tim Perkins and Bonnie Andrews
    Carly Persson
    Joe Peterangelo and Victor Hernandez
    Kevin and Kristine Peterka
    Meg and Jim Peters
    Brittany Peters and Christopher Brook
    Sydney Peterson
    Nicole Peterson
    Brynne Peterson
    Leah Peterson Sisler
    Tom and Deborah Petri
    Sharon and Jim Petrie
    David J. Anderson and Laura Petrie Anderson
    Troy and Jann Pfaff
    Kathleen Phillips
    Chad Piechocki
    Craig and Helene Pielmeier
    Richard and Suzanne Pieper
    Tom and Terry Pier
    Craig and Lane Pierce
    Jennifer Pierce and Stephen Marks
    Elizabeth Pierson
    Kaelee Pietrini
    Kim Pintar
    Emily Pinto
    Marialuisa Pinto
    Thomas and Jennifer Pionek
    Maggie and Rich Pipek
    Eleanor and Matt Piper
    Ellie Piper
    Danny Pirtle
    Eddie Pirtle
    Jamie Pirtle
    Katy Pirtle
    Michael Pirtle
    Carmen Pitre
    Crystal Plahuta and Aaron Winkler
    Ellice Plant and Kellen Grimm
    Glenna Plitt
    John and Mary Plummer
    Donald Poe and Bilin Tsai
    Monique Pogreba
    Desiree and Michael Pointer Mace
    Jessica Poisl
    Judy Poklar
    Jon Polhamus
    Sarah Polite
    Ruqayyah Polk
    Raymond Pollen and Kay Wifler Pollen
    Jennifer and Glen Pollock
    Bethany and Taylor Pomije
    Mitchell Pond
    Chris and Malado Ponto
    Shannon and Richard Popp
    Stevey Poppe
    Lauren Poppen
    Mark and Ann Porreca
    Megan Porter
    Ester Portnoy
    Samm Posnanski
    Bill Poznanski
    Sophia Prange
    Liz Preston
    Tanja and David Price
    Scott Priebe
    Cathleen and Thomas Prieto
    Jenn Prill and Cody Dhein
    Lauri Prinz and Jamie Jesse
    Marilyn and Kirkwood Pritchard
    David Pritchard and Kathy Rogers
    Janet Meissner Pritchard and David Pritchard
    Mr. Jan L. Pritzl and Karen A'Rowan
    Jeanne and Larry Prochnow
    Keith Prochnow
    Ruth and Kenneth Prus
    Rebecca Prusko
    Joseph Puetz
    Jennine Pufahl and Steve Giles
    Debra Pukansky
    Atis Purins
    Carrie Purins
    Betty A. Purman
    Brian and Laura Putnam

    Adam Quetsch
    Barbara and Roger Quindel
    Christine Quinn
    Maria Quintero
    Joyce Quirk
    Maria Quiroga

    Olivia Raasch
    Peter Radakovich
    Susan and Stephen Ragatz
    Todd and Heidi Rakowski
    Alexandra Ramsey and Patrick Jones
    Thomas Ramstack
    Mary Rand
    Lyn and Bruce Ranta
    Julia Rantama
    Lisa and Raka Rao
    Rachel Rapala
    Gabriel Rasmussen
    Mary Rathslag
    Janice Ratliff
    Mark Rattner
    Robert and Maggie Rauh
    Raymond Rausch
    Thomas and Magdalene Raven
    Magin Razo and Todd Moore
    Magin Razo
    Theresa Reagan and Bill Reitman
    Toby Recht
    Katherine Recka and Andrew Goetsch
    Breanna and Jacob Reckamp
    Katherine Reddy
    Caryn and David Redemann
    Maggie Redemann
    Kate Redmond
    Molly Redmond and Steve Ring
    Arthur Reed
    Beth Reed
    Daniel Reeter
    Charla Reetz
    Krisann Rehbein and Joe Sexauer
    Patricia Reidy
    Linda Reiman
    Micki and Jim Reinardy
    Jeffrey Reinbold
    Jennifer Reinbold
    Andrea Rendleman
    Elisa Renteria
    Ruth Renzelmann
    Diane Repensek
    Brittany Requejo
    Colleen and Cornelio Resendiz
    Cecile Resop
    Sara Reynolds
    Laura Rhyne
    Neil Rice
    Alicia Rice
    Aleisha Rice
    Cindy Richardson
    Erin Richardson and Mark Davis
    Ryan Richardson
    Wesley Richerson
    Matthew Richmond
    Micah Ricke
    David Riemer and Ellie Graan
    Patty and David Rierson
    Allen and Patricia Rieselbach
    Joseph Riggenbach
    Mary Rinnert
    Molly Rippinger
    Lynn and Paul Rix
    Mamie and Jacob Riyeff
    Matthew and Marianne Robbins
    Dan and Anna Robbins
    Carson Robers

    Elizabeth Roberts
    Annette Robertson
    Caroline Robertson
    Joan Robertson
    Chris Rockwood
    Shelly Roder and Joe Halaiko
    Kevin Rodgers and Sophia Otap
    Jessica Rodriguez and David Muhammad
    Karyn Roelke
    Mary Roepke
    Mariah Rogers
    Alyssa Rohleder
    Chuck and Ann Rohrer
    Bryan and Sarah Rolfs
    Yvonna Rosa-Collins
    Suzanne Rose and Harold Trenka
    Abby Rosenau
    Kevin Rosenau
    Ethan Rosenlund
    Michaela Rosenthal
    Jill Ross and Rich Ross
    Katie Ross-Houston
    Susan Roth
    George and Dotty Roth
    Kaitlyn Rothamer
    Alex Rothstein
    Karyn Rotker-Lynn and Leon Lynn
    Mark and Alice Rouleau
    Alice and Mark Rouleau
    Betsy Rowbottom
    Baiba Rozite and Christopher Stephens
    Jeffrey and Diane Roznowski
    Avigail Rubin and Joseph O'Shea
    Sandra Rubin
    Deborah Ruck
    Stephanie and James Rudnicki
    Mia Rudolph-Schulta
    Mark Ruedinger
    John and Jenny Ruggini
    John Rumpf
    William and Eva Rumpf
    Michael E. Russell and Susan Ehlers
    Scott Russell
    Kent Russell
    Mike Russell and Susan Ehlers
    Nicolas Russell
    David and Kayla Russick
    Kayla and David Russick
    Jerry and Sue Ryack
    Linda and Dennis Ryan
    Tommy Ryan
    Katie Ryan
    Diane Rychlinski
    Georgia Ryman

    Clay Sabourin
    Bryan and Alicia Sadoff
    Gail Sahagun
    Linda Saladin
    Thomas and Susan Salamone
    Samantha Salm
    Karen Samelson
    Vicki Samolyk
    Allen-Femy Samson
    Jacob Sanchez
    Victoria Sanchez
    Guadelupe Sanchez
    Connie Sandell
    Shari Sandler
    Karen and Peter Sands
    Stephanie Sandy and Allan F. Montezon
    Mark Sandy and Alice Kamps
    Alyssa Sanfilippo
    Katharine Sanford
    Richard Sankovitz
    Patricia and Ronald Santilli
    Miguel Santos and Estela A. Jimenez Marvan
    Sadashiv Santosh
    Asman Saparova and Mahmud Saparov
    Suzanne LaFleur and Daniel Sapiro
    Daniel Sargeant and Elfrieda Abbe
    Brendan Sargent
    Julia Sargis and Rick Franklin
    Gloria and Joe Sarmiento
    Kevin and Brianna Sas-Perez
    Carly Saucerman
    Matt and Betsy Sauer
    Mike and Elizabeth Sauer
    Kris Sauer
    Brian Savoie
    Catherine Sawinski
    Lisa Sawyer
    Alex Sayles
    Melissa Scanlan
    James and Nancy Schacht
    Nadine Schaefer and Christopher Bock
    John Schaller
    Mariah Schaller
    Margit Schatzman and Stephen Bleksley
    Monika Schatzman Bachhuber and Martin Bachhuber
    Mark Scheiber
    Barnaby Scheiwe
    Katie Schemenauer
    Cynthia and Steven Scheuing
    Molly and Chris Schicantek
    Vicki Schilleman
    Jennifer Schilling and Joe Miotke
    Julia Schilling and Jason Gamm
    Joanne Schilz
    Ryan Schindhelm
    Christine and Boyd Schindler
    Elizabeth Schleif
    Benjamin Schlenker
    Todd Schlenker and Susan Bolly
    Imogene Schley
    Michael Schliesmann and Kristine Durkin
    Daniel Schlitz
    Cynthia Schmear
    Jill and Christopher Schmid
    Dana Schmidman
    Markie Schmidt
    Robert Schmidt
    Ericka Schmidt
    Bryce Schmidtke
    Jane Schneider
    Frank A. Schneiger
    Katie Schober
    Ken and Phyllis Schoberg
    Karl Schoendorf
    Tom Schoenecker
    Cecilia Scholcoff
    Dan and Brigitte Scholz
    John Schoneman
    Callan Schoonenberg and Matt Parrish
    Don and Kris Schoonenberg
    Claire Schriefer
    Catherine Schroeder
    Linda and Andy Schroedermeier
    Ashley Schuh
    Kristin Schultheis and Mike Marek
    Dave Schultz
    Meagan and Jason Schultz
    Michael Schultz
    Philip Schultz and Melissa Mooney
    Alicia Schultz
    Franklin Schultz
    Dawn Schumacher
    Marge and Randy Schumann
    Mitchell Schutte
    John and MaryJo Schwabe
    Susan Schwabe
    Mel Schwandt
    Carol Schwanz
    Susan Schwartz
    Rebecca Schwartz and Timothy Truel
    Terry and David Schwartz
    Katherine Schwarz
    Zack and Taylor Schwarz
    Andi Sciacca and Greg Sadler
    Renee and Robert Scianni
    Judy and Bob Scott
    Carol Scott and Bruce LaPointe
    Emily Scott
    Samantha Seale
    Cathy Seasholes
    Warwick Seay
    Mark Sebern
    Charley Seeger
    Catherine Seelman
    David Segar
    Marsha Sehler
    Erika Seid
    Kyle Seis
    Abigail Sellman
    Linda Serna
    Lucero Serna
    Courtney Severson
    John and Jennifer Shank
    Kevin and Melinda Shanklin
    LG Shanklin-Flowers
    Frank and Joanne Shansky
    Mary Ellen Shea and Henry Musto
    James and Kirsten Shead
    Tracey Sheasby
    Nathan and Aimee Sheets
    Emily Shelton
    Adam Shepard
    Linda Sheridan
    Cynthia Sheridan
    Al Sherkow and Debbie Hartmann
    Jason and Laura Shimko
    Sarah Shinkle
    Hilary Shipley
    Christina and Herb Shoemaker
    Tegan Shoener
    Rebecca Shumway
    Kathy and Howard Sicula
    Scott Silet and Kate Lewis
    Janet and Steve Silverman
    Peggy Silvestrini
    Rebecca and Bradley Simenz
    Kellie Simmons
    Cy Simonsgaard
    Cy and Griffin Simonsgaard
    Pepper Simpson
    Ann Marie Sims

    Mary and Ken Skare
    Ariel Skavdahl
    Lydia Skowronski
    David Skurnick and Felicia Noth
    Matt Slack
    Lyn Slater
    Robyn and John Slater
    Marie Sliwinski
    Beth Sluys
    Virginia and Pat Small
    Allison Smatlak
    Allison Smatlak
    Benjamin and Amanda Smith
    Darrell Smith
    Jeremiah Smith
    Marquita Smith
    Rebecca Smith
    Bob Smith
    Phil Smith
    Claire Smith
    Liz Smith and TJ Bryde
    Monica and Lamont Smith
    Annie Smith
    Demetria Smith
    Ashley Smith
    Dylan Smith Cayo
    Laura Socha
    Kevin Solomon
    Jane Somers and Richard Cayo
    Cynthia and Warren Sommer
    Peter Sorensen
    Mariya Sorensen
    Sarah and Rick Sovitzky
    Alexandra Spaight and Bennett Conard
    Barbara Spalda
    Gina M. Spang
    Michael Spangler
    Peter Sparks
    Rebecca and Joseph Spasiano
    Carolyn and Timothy Spath
    Joan Spector
    Gillian Spence
    Glen Spence
    Terry Spencer
    Katherine Spillius
    Catherine and James Sponholz
    Nancy and Dick Spransy
    Maurice and Tina Sprewer
    Greg St. Arnold
    Michelle St. Clair and Paul Fuchs
    Matthew Staab
    David Stack
    Anne Marie Stadler
    Emily Stanislawski
    A.J. Star
    Brian Mannebach and Lindsay Stayton
    Sara Stearns
    Anne and Scott Stearns
    Daniel Stefanovich and Lisa Uvena
    Gary Stefanski
    Robert Steger
    David Thomas and Diane Steigerwald
    Jason Steigman and Dori Frankel Steigman
    Janice Steinbach
    Florence Steinberger
    Derek and Kelly Steiner
    Laura Steiner
    Maggie Steinhauer
    Christopher and Angela Steinkamp
    Susan C Steinkraus and Kevin L Brown
    Dick and Loretto Steinmetz
    Derek Steinmetz
    Ms. Melissa Steinseifer
    Sara Stemberger
    Bluzette Stemper and Nick Rogers
    Jody and Jeffrey Steren
    Tzivi Stern
    Mary and Robert Stetson
    Martina Stevens
    Mary-Claire Stillman
    Mark Stodder and Muna Sill
    Jane Stoltz
    Ms. Patricia Stone
    Patricia and Jason Stone
    Timothy and Victoria Strattner
    Christine Straw
    Eliot and JoAnn Strickon
    Megan Strock
    Michael Strong
    Amber Stroud
    Kristin and Charlie Strunk
    Rebecca Strzelecki
    Heather Stuart
    Emily Stueven
    Diana and Wayne Sullivan
    Katelin Sullivan
    Stacey Sullivan
    Amanda Sullivan
    Pat Suminski
    Nicole Summersett
    Lisa Sun
    Theresa and Rudolph Sundberg
    Derek and Charlotte Supple
    Brent and Erin Suter
    Michael and Shirley Suter
    Stephanie Svarz
    Katie Swank Watt
    Margaret Swedish
    Sarah Sweeney
    Chelsie Sweeney
    Kasandra and Ryan Sweet
    Gail and Michael Sweet
    Jeffrey Sweetland
    Cheryl Swenson
    Marilyn and Thomas Swiontek
    Kathleen Swoboda
    Georgia and Willard Sylke
    Christy Szczesny-Adams and Christopher Adams
    Brenda and Mark Szumski
    Andrew Szyjka
    John Szyszkiewicz

    Julian Taagen and Peggy Noonan
    Margaret and Jack Tagliavia
    Suzanne Taipala
    Rachel Taknint and Henri Clausen
    Mary and Eugene Tambellini
    Jennifer Tank
    Gino Tassara and Isabelle Koenig
    Jennifer and James Tasse
    Amy and Matthew Taylor
    Edwin Taylor
    Jerry and Amanda Teagardner
    Anna and Richard Teerlink
    Ben Teich
    Christina Tekus
    Nichola and Choo Teoh
    Amanda Terlizzi and Kenneth Spence
    Caroline Terrell
    Maria Terres-Sandgren
    Paul Terrien
    Elizabeth Terry
    Membership Test
    Susan Thaller and Sean Shields
    Kelly Theis
    Julie Thelen
    Jason Thierfelder
    Barbara Thiers and Mary Halling
    Liz Thimm
    Chad and Heather Thomack
    Jerry and Pamela Thomack
    Emily Thomas
    Sarah Thomas
    David Thomas and Diane Steigerwald
    Alicia Thomas-Barr
    LuAnne Thompson
    Adam Thompson-Harvey and Alexandra Wood
    Zane Thornton
    Elizabeth Thurman
    Karen Tibbitts
    Barbara Timberlake
    Nancy Timm
    Pamela Timmermans
    Veleda Tinoco
    Patricia and David Tipson
    Carol Tishler
    Robert and Laura Tobon
    Barbara and Leon Todd
    Thomas Tolan and Priscilla Pardini
    John Tolan
    Kat and Nick Toman
    Geoff Tonn
    Dori and Adam Tooke
    James Topitzes and Debbie Davis
    Melissa Torgerson
    Stacy and Stephen Tornio
    Carrie Torres and Mauricio Alvarez Torres
    Rebecca and Lucas Torres
    David and Joan Totten
    John and Jean Toutenhoofd
    Liam Toutenhoofd
    Jamie and Daniel Towle
    Antonia Towns
    Michelle Townsend de Lopez and Leo Lopez
    Charles Trainer and Anne Booth
    Barbara Trautmann
    Stephen Treacy
    Suzanne and William Treichel
    John and Jane Trimberger
    Carl and Nancy Trimble
    Mary Trimmier
    Maggie Trimmier
    Miranda Trimmier
    Jaqueline Trinh
    David Tripp and Jenny Abel
    Rebecca and Bruce Troeller
    Aaria Troiano
    Paul Trumble
    Ed Trummer
    Marq Truscott
    Jenna Trusso
    Ericka Tucker and Drew Tompkins
    Turk Family
    Scott Turner
    Brett Twente
    Ellen Tyler
    Cristina Tysoe

  • U
    Charlie Uihlein
    Brian Urbanek
    Michael and Katie Utschig

    Edward and Teresa Valent
    Elias and Larissa Vallejo
    Ann and Greg Van Dunk
    Lisa Van Hyle
    Sandra Van Koningsveld
    Charles and Joan Van Norman
    Charlene Van Orsdol
    James Van Zile
    Janet and Jim Van Zile
    Jim and Janet Van Zile
    Amy Vance
    LeAnn Vance
    Kyra VandeBunte
    Drew Vandegrift
    Laurie Vandegrift
    Mary Vandenberg
    David Vandermause and Kelsey Roets
    Brian VanDerWeele and Susan Bridges
    Paul Vandeveld
    Melissa and Brian Vanness
    Charisse Vanslett and Ricardo Ortiz
    Amaya Varela
    Carolyn and Victor Vargo
    Tim Vargo and Jessie Tobin
    Stephanie Vasos
    Emily Varva and Jake Quinter
    Beth Vece
    Mercedes Vega and Cynthia Ness
    Bethany and Jeff Veglahn
    Ronald and Mary Veglahn
    Mary and Ron Veglahn
    Ron and Mary Veglahn
    Ellen Velie
    Steve Ventura and Margaret Krome
    Debra Verhagen and Bruce Halmo
    Christopher and Melinda Vernon
    Rebecca and Nathaniel Vest
    Emily Veto
    Elise Veverka
    Jessa Victor
    Karl Vierthaler and Sondra Wozniak
    Jose and Yesenia Villanueva
    Andrea Vodicka
    Alicia Vogel
    Melodee Vogt
    Elizabeth and Stephan Vogt
    Brigham Voigt
    Kevin Vollmer
    Chris von Briesen
    George von Haselberg
    John von Helms and Andrea Dietz

    Darla Wack and Gail Kern
    Sarah Wade
    Rachael Wade
    Nathan Wagner
    Rhodes Waite and Jackie Lawrenz
    Maryann Walbert and Bree Rudometkin
    James and Erin Walcheske
    Jane Waldbaum and Steve Morse
    Kathryn Waldemer
    Natasha Waldron
    Sarah and Brian Walker
    Morgan Walker
    Polly Walker Beal and Robert Beal
    Dr. Roberta S. Wallace and Robert Alamillo

    Elizabeth Wallrath
    James Walrath
    Connie and Jeff Walsh
    Jennifer Walsh and Alan Lapre
    Alex Walzak
    Amanda and Zach Wambold
    Erin and Anna Wantoch
    John Ward and Brandy Dively
    Dalyn Ward and Sebastian Mei
    Susan and Michael Ward
    Katy Warren and Kyle Anderson
    David Waters
    Thea and Geoff Watters
    Amy Watzka
    Will and Andrea Wawrzyn
    Andrea Waxman
    Diane Weaver and Craig Lockwood
    Jessica Weber
    John Weber and Karen Bradley
    Cornell Weber
    Gretchen Weber
    Ari Weber
    Rebecca Wech
    Wendy and Christopher Weckler
    Rachel Wegener
    Jessica Wegner
    Lucie Wehbe and Abdo Madi
    Mary Wehrle Schnell and Richard Schnell
    Carol Wehrley
    Ben Weiland
    David Weingrod
    Steve and Barb Weinstein
    Jerome Weis
    Robert Weisberg
    Kelly Weisenburger
    Anne Weissgerber
    Sandy Weisto
    Susan and Len Weistrop
    Trina Welch
    Bart and Sarah Wellenstein
    Wendy Welsh
    Emily Wendlake
    Rebecca Wendt
    Kiersten Wenthold
    Laura Wessels
    Drew Whalen
    Emily Whitcomb
    Sammis and Jean White
    Megan White
    Serena White
    Lauren Whitelaw
    Heather Whitmill
    Katie Whitmore
    Britni Whitty
    Elizabeth Wichman
    Amber Wichowsky and Sam Harshner
    Amanda Wick
    Kristin and Nathan Wickler
    Rose and Arlo Widmann
    Kathleen Wiedenhoeft
    Hoel Wiesner
    Bruce and Theresa Wiggins
    Wilny and Annette Wilkerson
    Christin and Oscar Wille
    Oscar and Christin Wille
    Sharon Williams and Pat Aken
    Jennifer and Andre Williams
    Anna Williams-Juarez
    Michael Wilpers
    Caile Wilson
    Patrick and Vicki Wilson
    Sara Wilson and Lorette Russenberger
    Jenna Wilson
    Samantha Wilson and Florent Ray Hentschke
    Jacqueline Wilson
    Bob and Lois Winans
    Doug Stahl and Ann Windsor
    jessica wineberg
    Scott and Melissa Winklebleck
    Samantha and Ben Winslow

    Arielle Winter
    Mary Ellen Winter
    Jessica Wirth
    George Wise
    Shai Wise and Victoria VanZile
    Sara Wise
    Alison Wisneski
    Linda and Chuck Witkowski
    Patricia Witt and Susan Borri
    Renate Witt
    Daniel Witte
    Edward Witte
    George Witte
    Nick Witte
    Ned and Mary Witte
    Catherine Wittig
    Constance Wittig
    Brenda Wittrock
    Christine Wittwer
    Kathryn Wodtke
    Lynne Woehrle and Holger Foersterling
    Troy and Kathy Wohlt
    Margene Woida
    Prati Wojtal
    Lee and Carol Wolcott
    Lindsey Wolf
    Sharon Wolf
    Eli Wolfe
    Jennifer and Nick Wolff
    Dawn and Peter Wolfgram
    Laura Wolske
    Elizabeth and Stuart Wong
    Carrie Wood
    Suzy Wood
    Lorianne Woolverton and Ryan Monroe
    Lance Wooten
    Diane and Tom Woppert
    Lizzie Wright
    George and Pam Wright
    Laurie and Derril Wright
    Sandra Wszalek
    Tracy Wymelenberg


    Rich Kahl and Laurie Jean Yahr
    Lauren Yang
    Scott and Kathleen Yanoff
    Fred and Christine Yatchak
    Katelyn Yoder
    Benjamin York and Cassandra Koch
    Chris and Michelle Young
    Allen Young
    Mary and John Young
    Lorna Young and Steven Cupery
    Sarah Young
    Joyce Young
    Diane Yurasovich
    Fouza Yusuf

    Jean Zachariasen
    August Zacher
    Lori Zahorodny and Robert Meidl
    David Zalewski
    Mark and Evonne Zalewski
    Trudy Zauner
    Michael Zebell
    Jennifer Zeigler and Genaro Armas
    Aaron Zeleske
    Marc Roehrle and Maureen Zell
    Chris and Sarah Zello
    Corey Zetts and Benji Timm
    Irum Ziauddin
    Megan Ziegler
    Alexandria Zielinski
    Jean Ziller
    Laura Zimmerman
    Chris Zimmerman
    Gabriel and Alicia Ziskin
    Brandon Zitomer
    Bruce Zivney
    Summer Zwicke

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations
(sorted by first name in organization title)

  • A
    AmazonSmile Foundation
    American Family Insurance
    Anon Charitable Trust
    Anonymous (3)
    Argosy Foundation
    Artisan Partners

    Badger Meter Foundation
    Benevity Community Impact Fund
    BMO Harris Bank
    Bogs Footwear
    Bradley Impact Fund
    Brady Corporation
    Burke Foundation

    Catena Foundation
    Caterpillar Foundation
    Charles D. Ortgiesen Foundation
    Charter Manufacturing Foundation
    Cherry Republic, Inc.
    CIBC Bank
    Clare M. Peters Charitable Trust
    Cleary-Kumm Foundation, Inc.
    Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee
    Cream City Ribbon
    Croen Foundation, Inc.

    Davidson Family Fund
    DeWan Dental Wellness
    Dorothy Inbusch Foundation, Inc.

    Eaton Corporation

    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    First Midwest Bank
    Flowers for Dreams
    Forest County Potawatomi Foundation, Inc.
    Four-Four Foundation, Inc.
    Friends of Mandela Barnes

    GE Foundation
    General Mills Foundation
    George B. Storer Fund at The Miami Foundation
    Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.
    Graef - USA Inc.
    Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors Youth Foundation

    Heartland Value Fund
    Herb Kohl Philanthropies
    Herzfeld Foundation
    Hydrite Chemical

    IBM Employee Services Center
    Innovaciones Alumbra

    Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation, Inc.
    Joan M. Dahlke Estate
    Johnson Controls, Inc.
    Jones Lang LaSalle

    Kelben Foundation
    Komatsu Mining Corp

    LotFotl Farm

  • M
    Maihaugen Foundation
    McMath Giving Fund
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Milwaukee Kayak Company
    Milwaukee Public Schools

    Nasgovitz Family Foundation
    Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin
    Network for Good
    Nia Fund
    Northwestern Mutual Foundation


    Plunkett Family Foundation
    PNC Bank
    PNC Foundation
    PPG Industries Foundation
    Prairie Springs: The Paul Fleckenstein Trust
    PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)


    Ralph Evinrude Foundation, Inc.
    Robert W. Baird & Company, Inc.
    Robertson Ryan & Associates
    Rockwell Automation
    Rotary Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
    Ryan Companies

    Sacajawea Charitable Foundation
    Salawdeh Law Office, LLC
    Shorewest Realtors

    Sixteenth Street Community Health Center
    Speaker Family Foundation
    Split Rail Foundation, Inc.
    State of Wisconsin - Dept. of Administration

    Terri and Verne Holoubek Family Foundation
    The Brookby Foundation
    The Cara Foundation, Inc.
    The Gannett Foundation
    The ROS Foundation
    Third Space Brewing
    Thomas Lawrence Tolan, Jr. Trust
    Thrivent Financial

    U.S. Bank Foundation
    UEC/MVP Project Inc.
    United Way of Dane County
    United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County
    United Way of Metro Chicago
    Upham Woods/UW Extenson
    Urban Ecology Center Photo Club

    Varian Medical Systems
    VJS Construction Services, Inc.

    Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church
    We Energies Foundation
    Weiss Family Foundation
    Whole Foods


    Yellow Wood
    YourCause, LLC

    Ziegler Family Foundation, Inc.

  • AAUW Milwaukee Branch Fund #2

    Annette J. Roberts and Joan R. Robertson Fund for World Peace World Law and Peace Education

    Asher and Susan Nichols Family Fund

    Avery/Emerson Social Enterprise Fund

    Ceres Foundation Fund

    Colton Charitable Fund

    Edward Inderrieden and Jean Maier Fund

    Ela Family Fund

    Enroth Family Fund

    from the Margarete and David Harvey Fund for sustaining support.

    Golden Charitable Fund

    George F and Janet M Kasten Family Fund

    Golden Charitable Fund

    John C. and Harriett Cleaver Fund

    Joseph and Laura Mantoan Family Fund

    Kopmeier Family Fund

    Margarete and David Harvey Fund

    Mary and Charles Kamps Fund

    MW Fund

    Richard M. and Maxine O. Franz Fund

    Schoonenberg Family Foundation Fund

    Three Bridges Park Fund

  • David Moss and Colleen Beaman Donor Advised Fund

    David Weissman & Miriam Schechter Donor Advised Fund

    Eileen and Howard Dubner Donor Advised Fund

    Irving & Lorraine Armour Memorial Donor Advised Fund

    Joan and Robert Klein Donor Advised Fund

    Leslie Grinker Donor Advised Fund

    Michael Sperling and Peggy Krikeeng Donor Advised Fund

    Susan LeVine and Kevin Mackey

  • Judith Fetterley Donor Advised Fund

In Honor Of
(sorted by last name)

  • Cathy Arney's birthday

    Becky Bailey

    Emma Barger

    The Benji Timm Family

    My brother-in-law, Pete Brands, who lives his life in line with UEC's mission

    In honor of Elijah! Happy birthday!! We are so thankful to have met you and your family- you are so special! Love, the Bryants

    Ms. Shirin Cabraal, whose two adult children attended Riverside HS. She introduced me to the Center's work and I always take a walk there when I visit her.

    Walt and Aleta Chossek's 50th Wedding Anniversary

    Penny Cruse

    Happy Birthday Penny Cruse!

    Penny and Chuck Cruse’s birthdays

    Penny Cruse’s Birthday

    In honor of my dog, Daisy, who loves exploring nature

    Extraordinary educator, Brynne Drohan!

    Lotus Water

    Earth Month and our company's Charity Drive!

    Meredith Emshoff

    Mark and Margaret Fairbanks and the brilliance they bring to our community

    Kim Forbeck, for the excellent face masks delivered to us by our neighbors Sallie and Steve Shea

    Lila, Liesel, and Ellie!

    Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath

    Chuck Hays

    Jen Hense and the amazing staff at UEC Riverside

    Dave Herrewig

    Mike Holloway

    Glenna Holstein and the Research Science Team

    All the ducks on the river

    Sue Inbusch


    Marsha Kademian

    To everyone past, present and future who makes the UEC the amazing place it is! Judy2

    The whole Krause Family and my three granddaughters - Sydney, Addy and Jeralyn

    Kim Lamers and Paul Lindroth

    Ken Leinbach for hosting the CSA

    Lily Lodl and Oliver Lodl in celebration of the holiday season

  • Gabriel Meirose's second birthday

    Trish Miller for Christmas, and her love of the outdoors.

    My Mother, Mahmuda Hoque for Mother's Day

    In honor of Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day

    Jeffrey Ollswang

    Sam Olsen

    Addy and Sydney Paunan, and all the years they spent enjoying UEC summer camp

    My good friend Aryeh Ronay getting married

    Lyn Slater

    Land stewardship WHOOP WHOOP

    The work of Brent Suter

    Chad the nature Dad and his daughter Kendall!!

    My son, Chad Thomack, who not only works at the UEC but is the biggest supporter of the work and mission of the UEC that I know!

    Benji Timm, Ivy Timm, and Corey Zetts

    The VanZile-Wise family who get so much fun and knowledge from the UEC

    Vic and Carolyn Vargo

    Theodore Edward’s baptism

    Connie Wittig

    Michael Wolf

    Chris Young

    Les Young

In Memory Of
(sorted by last name)

  • Memorial Tree Donation, from the friends of Luc Alvarado, who roamed these woods, and paddled these waters.

    Jerry Anderson

    Else Ankel

    Else Ankel and her and our commitment to an inclusive RUEC

    Kay Baldwin

    Arthur Bleksley

    Tom Ela

    Andy Feiring

    Alice Gillam

    Rick Graham

    Jean Ann Groh

    Jeanette A. Homb

    In memory of my dear friend, Dr. Jan Jensen, who made life a joy.

    Steve Johnstone

    Suzie Kasten

    Polly Kranick

    Carol Lied

    James and Beverly Lustig

    Larry Govin-Matzat

    F.J. "Red" Matzen, lover of fishing and woodworking, and Jeff Pomije, who had many adventures on his bike. (3)

    In memory of Jerry Memmel, for whom the natural world was a place of wonder and delight

    My parents, Andy and Marion Modder, who connected me to nature via a cabin they hand-built in a vast and enchanted forest (2)

    Jeffery Newlin

    Jeff Ollswang (1940-2021)

    James Porfilio

    Bob Slater

    Bob Slater - father of Penny Cruse - and a true gentleman in every way

    Sally Tolan

    Harry F. and Patricia H. Weisberg

    Edwin P. Wiley

    Les Young

    Francine Zak

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