Donor List

Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations & all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission this fiscal year. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Brittany Peters at 964-8505 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your name has not appeared as you expected.

This list is updated on a bi-monthly basis and reflects donations given during the Urban Ecology Center’s fiscal year beginning September 1, 2018.

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations
(sorted by first name in organization title)

  • AJA Enterprise, LLC
    AmazonSmile Foundation
    AMTouch USA Inc
    Anon Charitable Trust
    Apple Adventure Racing LLC
    Astor Street Foundation, Inc.
    Baird Foundation, Inc.
    Bank of America Charitable Foundation
    Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
    Bittercube Bar & Bazaar
    BMO Harris Bank
    Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.
    Brilliance Web Design
    Buckaroo LTD
    Burke Foundation
    CARS, Inc.
    Charter Manufacturing Company, Inc.
    Charter Manufacturing Foundation
    Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
    Christ Church Episcopal
    City of Milwaukee Health Department
    Clare M. Peters Charitable Trust
    Colectivo Coffee
    Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee

    Cream City Ribbon
    Croen Foundation, Inc.
    Dan & Anna Robbins Fund
    Durako Family Charitable Fund
    Eaton Corporation
    Eggers Imprints
    EJ Ericson Charitable Giving Account
    Fix Development
    Four-Four Foundation, Inc.
    GE Foundation
    GE United Way Giving Campaign
    Green Bay Packers Foundation
    Harley-Davidson Foundation, Inc.
    Hauske Family Foundation
    IBM Retireee Charitable Campaign
    JKE Reps
    JLL Community Connections
    Johnson Controls, Inc.
    Joseph W. and Betty A. Purman Family Trust
    JPMorgan Chase Foundation
    Kelben Foundation
    Kohl's Department Stores
    Lillich Family Giving Fund
    Living Classrooms Foundation
    Lux Foundation, Inc.

  • Maihaugen Foundation
    Milwaukee County Parks
    Milwaukee Kayak Company
    Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
    Milwaukee Public Schools
    Ministrare, Inc.
    Morgan Stanley
    Nasgovitz Family Foundation
    National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
    National Philanthropic Trust
    Northwestern Mutual Foundation
    PNC Foundation
    Puelicher Foundation, Inc.
    Quorum Architects
    Rotary Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
    Sacajawea Charitable Foundation
    SC Johnson Fund Inc.
    Shansky/Jacoby Family Fund
    Sierra Club
    Speaker Family Foundation
    Split Rail Foundation, Inc.

    Stellar Collegiate Charter School
    Terri and Verne Holoubek Family Foundation
    The Cara Foundation, Inc.
    The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company
    The Putnam Family Charitable Fund
    U.S. Forest Service
    Union Pacific Foundation
    United Methodist Children's Services
    United Way of Greater Milwaukee
    United Way of Metro Chicago
    Upham Woods/UW Extenson
    Vanguard Charitable
    Verlo Mattress
    VJS Construction Services, Inc.
    Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church
    We Energies Foundation
    William & Kari Foote Family Charitable Fund
    YourCause, LLC
    Ziegler Family Foundation, Inc.

  • AAUW Milwaukee Branch Fund #2
    ACME Foundation Fund
    Asher and Susan Nichols Family Fund
    Burns-Schrader Family Fund
    Claire and Robert Pfleger Charitable Fund
    Fund for Lake Michigan
    George F and Janet M Kasten Family Fund
    Jorgensen Family Fund

    Kopmeier Family Fund
    Margarete and David Harvey Fund
    MW Fund
    Richard M and Maxine O Franz Fund
    Schoonenberg Family Foundation Fund
    Shirley and Bob Anthony Fund

  • Eileen & Howard Dubner Donor Advised Fund
    The Leslie Grinker Donor Advised Fund

In Honor Of
Click tab to find your honoree's name (sorted by honoree's last name).

  • Derek Buyan
    - Laura and Jonathan Schaefer

    Penny and Chuck Cruse
    - Abigail Bitter
    - Jay and Jessica Bitter

    Penny Cruse
    - Kathy and Howard Sicula
    - Christine Lind

    Abby Decker
    - Amy Fine

    Bette Drought
    - Ellen Drought

    Gloria Foster
    - Phyllis and Jim Erwin

    Jalem and Jessica Getz
    - Tom Kranick

    Larry Govin-Matzat
    - Stephanie and Larry Govin-Matzat

    Joe Haupt
    - Luka Haupt and Patricia Kaufmann

    Sue Inbusch
    - Maureen McClone

    Susie Kasten
    - Janet and Clayton Eggie

    Judy Krause
    - Ruth and Kenneth Prus
    - Corey Zetts and Benji Timm
    - Mark Sandy and Alice Kamps

    Rick Lundell
    - Laura Altman

  • Kate Marrs
    - Janet and Marlowe Nortrom

    Sasha Mazur and Connor Stone
    - Madeline Bird
    - Gayle McCoy
    - Elizabeth Suesskind
    - Nancy Klein

    Pat Mueller
    - Mary Anne Gross
    - Anne and William Rose

    Patricia and Alex Obluck
    - Beth Kaplan and Steven Marshall

    Danny Pirtle
    - Amy Olivero

    Laurel Shanks
    - Catherine Lexau

    Robin Squire
    - Barbara and Rick Frank

    Chad Thomack
    - Jerry and Pamela Thomack

    Barb Todd
    - Irene Erwin

    Urban Ecology Center staff
    - Anonymous
    - Bob and Sherry Bourgeois
    - Dan and Pat Fetterley

    Tim Vargo
    - Kathleen Raab

    Harry F and Patricia H Weisberg
    - Robert Weisberg

Deep Roots

Tree Memorial for Robert Ivens
- Barbara Leigh

In honor of Love
- Lora Keller

In Memory Of
Click tab to find your honoree's name (sorted by honoree's last name).

  • Else Ankel
    - Anonymous
    - Aaron and Aune Hardt

    - Kyle Steinke

    Jeffrey Anthony
    - Anonymous
    - JoAnn and Richard Beightol
    - Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
    - John and Mary Chandler
    - Andy and Julie Copps
    - Thomas and Suzan Fehring
    - Robert Ferriday III
    - William and Kari Foote
    - Steven and Wendy Garcia
    - Jean and Mike Gatz
    - Rachael Hawig
    - Joan Herriges
    - Kathleen and Michael Hodan
    - Richard and Anita Hughes
    - Sally Jahrmann
    - Marilyn W. John
    - Dorothy and Earl Johnson
    - Andrew Kelley
    - James and Gail Kohlman
    - Gordon and Jean Marshall
    - Kris McKinney
    - Joseph Miller and Denise Domian
    - Kathleen and James Phillips
    - Betty Purman
    - Linda and Blaine Rieke
    - Jayne and John Risberg
    - Betty Ritchie
    - Andrea Roehrick
    - Keith Schmitz
    - Fred Spytek
    - Ellen Terwill

    John and Bernie
    - Marianne Dropp

    Terry Buckman
    - Michael Buckman and Sylvia Llanas-Buckman

    Michael A Cobus
    - Deborah Cobus

    Noel Cutright
    - Buzz and Barbara Althoen
    - Molly Redmond and Steve Ring
    - Kate Redmond

    Mary Winkleman Franke
    - Mary Ann Franke

    Jeff Hockett
    - James Walrath

    David Koster
    - Suzanne Doyle
    - Vanessa Koster
    - Irene Koster

    Stan Lee
    - Anonymous

  • Carol Rottier
    - Maria Beyer

    Dr Erwin Russell
    - Joan Russell

    Cindy Seefeld
    - Thomas and Doreen Hickey

    Arthur C Smith
    - Katherine Smith

    Lee Tishler
    - Carol Tishler

    Patrick Wall
    - Deborah Slakes

Members & Donors
Click tab to find your name (sorted by last name).

  • A
    Anonymous (15)
    Kellee Abozoglai
    Ian Abston
    David and Kathy Adam
    Joy Adams
    Joann Adkinson
    Mary Ann Affeldt and Bruce Twomey
    Louis and Mary Agnew
    Richard Aiken
    Kenan Akkirman
    Richard Albert
    Renee Alex
    Mary Allegre and David McMullen
    Shannon Allen
    Kathleen and Thomas Alpren
    Michael Alt
    Peter Alt
    Buzz and Barbara Althoen
    Laura Ambrose
    Kerrie Amrhein
    Keith and Paula Anderson
    Emily Anderson
    Hannah and Steve Anderson
    Scott Anderson
    David J. Anderson and Laura Petrie Anderson
    Liann Andes
    Daryl Anding
    Marc and Deb Andraca
    Erin Andrews-Sharer
    Mike Anglea
    Bob and Shirley Anthony
    Tamara Arendt-Mrochinski and Brian Mrochinski
    Mike and Anna Argeropoulos
    Jennifer Arnold
    Janine Arseneau
    Vicki Asimakopoulos
    Nancy Aten and Dan Collins
    Sarah and Mike Atkins
    Kevin and Amanda Atkins
    Julia and J.P. Atterberry
    Monica Austin
    Jessica Avery
    Chris Axtell and Sarah Axtell, ND
    David Axtell and Lynne Schade

    JoAnn Bachar
    Amber Bacon
    Jason Bacon
    Patrick Bader and Tresca Meiling
    The Badji Family
    Craig Baer
    Laurie Baker and Andy Larson
    Nancy Baker
    Robert Balderson
    Anne and Jon Bales
    Kathryn Balistreri and Keaghan Ritchie
    Charlotte Ball
    Sue Barbian
    Libby Barrow
    Dustin and Jenn Batterman
    Clair and Mary Baum
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baumgartner
    Michael Becker and Lai King Moy
    Natalie Beckwith
    Joan Bednarek
    Kathryn Behling
    Chris Beimborn and John Bleidorn
    Sue and Mike Bell
    Lori Belli and Nathan Ridgely
    Tom and Patti Benson
    Craig and Debra Berg
    Patricia Berg
    Marcia and Jake Bergmann
    Belle Bergner and Stefan Schnitzer
    Julie Berkopec
    Mary Bernau-Eigen and Charles Eigen
    Janie and Joseph Besharse
    Zach Beth
    Paul and Mindy Biedrzycki
    Katherine and Bill Biersach
    Sam Bingham and Rebecca Dreyer
    Steven and Jennifer Birney
    Nicole Birschbach
    Jaclyn Bjornson
    Alison Blackmore
    Kathy Blair Koch and Konrad Koch
    Mel Blanke and Kathleen Roberts
    Megan and Johann Blankschien
    Patti Blaschka and Todd Manderfield
    Yael Blatt
    Bert and Janet Bleke
    Helen Bleser
    Edward and Amy Blumenthal
    Andrew Bochman
    Kirsten and Henry Boeh
    Jessica Boling
    Bridget Bolterstein
    Kathleen and Tacitus Bond
    Jake Bondhus

    Shane Bonner
    Steve and Nancy Books
    Anne Booth and Charles Trainer
    Erin and Rex Borgenhagen Ede
    Dave Boucher
    Christopher Boucher and Julie Schears
    Ashley Bowers
    John and Kay Bowman
    Patricia Bowne
    Jacqueline Boynton and Peter McAvoy
    Robert and Claire Braby
    Luke Braden
    Donna and Michael Brady
    Robin Brahm
    Chuck and Andrea Bram
    Joseph and Karen Branch
    Pete Brands and Kelly Brands
    Jodi Brandser
    Weenonah Brattset
    Laura and Jeff Bray
    Joseph Brien
    Morgan Briggs
    Cheri and Thomas Briscoe
    Pam Brite and Gardner Govan
    Joseph Brooks and Bradley Ewerdt
    Martha Brown and Tony Lam
    Lenel Brown
    Robert and Kathy Brumder
    Jim Buchanan and Isabel Noguerón
    Beth Buchholz and Alex Minue
    Phil Buck
    Maryssa Buckingham
    Beth Buettner
    Frank Bufe and Lydia Ferraro
    Neil Bullion and Giseña Cervantes
    Robert Burgess
    Jonathan and Wenshet Burkham
    Andrea Burkholder
    Christopher Burns and Anne Getzin
    Rebecca Burton
    Jeffery and Kathy Bussanich
    David Busse and Jamie Elftman
    Teresa Butler

    Christian Caflisch and Christine Donahoe
    Lisa Calabrese
    Renee Calkins and Kevin Riederer
    Jennifer Callaghan and Adam Yellen
    Tom Callan
    Kathi and Bruce Campbell
    Adam Cappelle
    Andy and Cassi Carey
    Linda and Mark Carlson
    Kevin Carr and Judy Greco-Carr
    Eileen Carr
    Eric Carr
    Mike and Pam Carroll
    John and Janice Carroll
    Abdul Cartagena
    Jean and Dennis Casper
    Kathleen Casper
    Kimberly and John Caviggiola
    Joe and Kathy Cayen
    Nicole Cayko
    Ms. Mary Cebar-Stano
    Gabriel and Katrina Ceci
    Debra Cervenka
    Valerie Chamberlain
    Mark and Janine Chambers
    Sharon and Rick Champeau
    Shirley Chan
    Sandra Chapman
    Tracey and Scott Chapman
    Lloyd Chastant
    Stephen Chelstowski
    Joy Cheng
    Jia Choi
    Aleta and Walt Chossek
    Lindsay and Michael Christensen
    Tom and Judy Christofferson
    Pamela and Brien Christopherson
    Eileen Ciezki
    Zachary Cimaglio and Julia Hilbert
    Shawn Cissell
    Kelly and Kathy Clark
    April Cleavland
    Chris and Tony Clements
    Jean Cline
    Josh and Megan Cochrane
    Nicole Coffey
    Christopher and Peggy Colby
    Mary Claire Collins
    Kelly Collins
    Carolyn Colwell
    Cole Compton and Kevin McLaughlin
    Claire Conard
    Ben Conard
    Simone Conceicao
    Sam Corbo

    Vivian Corres
    Michael and Brenda Costigan
    Carrie Cragen
    Carrie Cragen
    Eric and Elsie Crawford
    Peggy Creer
    William and Jane Crise
    Sean and Kelly Cronin
    Paige Cross
    Susan Crowley
    Ariel Cruz
    Brian and Katie Cummings
    Benjamin Cundiff
    Mary Cywinski

    Dianne Dagelen and Bill Finnegan
    Ray and Joli Dallosto
    Elizabeth Dalton
    Suzanne and Robert Dampier
    Joanne Danforth and Stewart Edwards
    Eddee Daniel and Lynn Kapitan
    Anne and Michael Darnell
    Curtis Dartsch
    John and Kelley Daugherty
    Rachel and Nat Davauer
    William J. Davidson
    Katharine Davidson
    Yimma Davila-Castro
    Darren Davis and Bryna Goeckner
    Lou and Jackie Davit
    Michael De Boer
    John and Karen de Hartog
    Kristal Danielle De La Paz
    Abigail DeCook
    Mary Lou and Nick DeFino
    Patty DeGraff
    Robby DeGraff
    Nikki and Andrew DeGuire
    Denise Delaney and Pat Williams
    Anne L. DeLeo and Patrick T. Curley
    Ann Demorest
    Stewart Dempsey
    Kathleen Detwiler
    Linda and Patrick Devitt
    Mike DeWan
    Miles Dewar
    Patricia Dewey
    Tom Dienhart and Sarah Fobes
    Carol and Bob Diggelman
    Lea and Robert Dilgard
    John Dixon and Ellie Cotter
    Claudia Dominguez
    Diego Dominguez
    Grant Doty
    Anthony and Heidrun Downing
    Barbara and Harry Drake
    Laura Drake and Jun Zhang
    David Drake and Jennifer Esh
    David Drapes
    David and Roberta Drews
    Lara Drouhard
    Steven Duback and Elizabeth Bellis Duback
    Kristi Duban
    Howard and Eileen Dubner
    Tamie Dudor
    Caleb Dueck
    Scott Dunnington
    Mary and Duane Dunsirn
    Catherine and William Durako
    Kristine Durkin and Michael Schliesmann
    Kathryn Dyble Thompson
    Amanda Dykes

    Julianna Ebert and Frank J. Daily
    Sally Edgett
    Sandra Edhlund and Art Heitzer
    Timothy and Margie Edwards
    Clayton and Lissa Eggie
    Malin Ehrsam
    Emily Eineichner
    Carl Eisenberg
    Peter and Greta Eisenhauer
    Steve and Gail Eisner
    Nathan Eisner
    Nancy Eisner and Kurt Frederickson
    Kipp and Janet Elsbernd
    Susan and Charles Engberg
    Donna Engelmann
    Riley Enright
    Jackie Erdmeir
    Janice Ereth and John Gilligan
    Elizabeth Erfert
    Scott and Courtney Erickson
    Jean and Brent Erickson
    Evelyn Ericson
    Linda Ernsberger
    Irene Erwin
    Gerald Esselman
    Lynn Ewerdt
    Mary Ewing
    Dan Ezekiel and Martina Harmon Ezekiel

  • F
    Erik Falk
    Katie Falk
    Logan Falk
    Molly Falk-Steinmetz
    Christine Fanning
    Jessica and William Farah
    Randall Farah
    Jabril Faraj
    Umar Farooq
    Becky Fedak
    Patrick and Anne Fee
    Brian Feiges
    David Feiss
    John Fels
    Joe Fennel
    Julia and Patrick Fennelly
    Lydia Ferraro
    Jim and Mary Ferschinger
    Joseph Ferschinger
    Will and Sarah Fetterley
    Ellen Fierer and Jason Blevins
    Brian and Megan Fifarek
    Enrique Figueroa
    Barbara Finch and Philip Blenski
    Amy Fine
    Alexander Fitch
    Patrick and Jane Fitzgibbons
    James Flagg
    Elizabeth Flamm
    Lorelie Flath and Timothy Benz
    Greg and Elizabeth Flattery
    Jerome Flogel
    John Florsheim and Lindy Yeager
    Matt and Katrina Flower
    Joe Foley
    Sara Jo and Mark Fondow
    William and Kari Foote
    Kim Forbeck and Todd Dunsirn
    Matt Forbeck
    Jody Forbeck and Giovanni Marta
    Lauren Forster and Rolando Sandoval
    Reuben and Kelly Fortier
    Tony Fortun
    Gloria and Steve Foster
    Mike and Kate Fowdy
    Laura Fowle
    Lincoln and Lilith Fowler
    Karlene Fox
    Susan Fox
    Jen Frahm
    Nancy Frank
    Michael Frank
    Luke Franke and Rachael Hughes
    Tim and Sue Frautschi
    Jane and John Frederick
    Zach Freding
    Nanci Fredrich
    Michelle Freriks
    Vladislav Friedman
    Barbara Fuldner

    Denise Gallope
    Jim Garbe
    Anna Garbe
    Nan Gardetto
    Gail Gardner
    Gregory Garland
    Erin Garland and Kevin Cooper
    Jamie and James Garreau
    Kathy Gauger
    Michael Gauthier
    Nina Gaydos-Fedak
    Barbara Geiger
    Pat Geiger
    Jason Geils
    Danni Gendelman
    James Gent
    Beth and Matt Gerbing
    Melaine Gerloski
    Katherine and Nick Gerrits
    Beth and Mike Giacobassi
    Steve Giles and Jennine Pufahl
    David Gilewski and Cathy Brautigam
    Alice Gillam and Charles Hays
    Sara and Michael Gilman
    Donald and Barbara Gilmore, Jr.
    Mark and Marie Gilpatric
    Marly Gisser and Thomas Gaudynski

    Hannah Glasson and Seamus Allan
    Brian Glenn
    Dave Glenn
    Scott Glidden
    Paul Gloor
    Melany Glossa
    Anthony and Kathryn Gnau
    Peter Goldberg
    Michael Goldman
    Vida Goldstein and Gregory Gabor
    Robert and Lisa Gordon
    Jessica Gorecki
    Anjali Goswami
    Diane Gott
    Victoria Gott
    Joseph Grafwallner and Jack Norell
    Dan Graham
    Daniel and Samantha Grambow
    The Graney family
    Jan and Todd Graveline
    Sam Green and Tim Cotter
    Darian and Mary Ellen Griffin
    Maryann Grihalva
    Joey Grihalva and Kristina Rolander
    Leslie Grinker
    Michael and Sharon Grinker
    Kat Grinker
    Beth and Tom Groble
    Michael Groen and Jackie Lalley
    Reed and Nancy Groethe
    Tom and Diane Groff
    Raymond Groh
    Ellen Grosh
    Jean A. Groshek and John Yanasak
    Jeff Gross
    Dean and Christine Gruber
    Sarah Grummert
    David and Betty Grypp
    Michael Grypp
    Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath
    Jeannie Gubbin
    Dana and Jenny Gubbin
    Burton Guion
    John Gurda and Sonja Nelson-Gurda
    Amanda Guralski and Mikey Rainy
    Jean Gurney and Earl Lemon
    Mary Gute Witte and Ned Witte
    Ronald Gutschow

    Jill Haas
    Rachel Hahn and Craig Hanson
    Susan Halverson
    Suzan Hamdan
    Marilyn Hamilton
    Kate Hamm
    Benjamin Hammelman
    Edward J. Hammond and Marcia Brooks
    Anthony and Maggie Haning
    Katherine Hansen
    Devin and Joe Hanson
    Philip Hardacre
    Josh Harju
    Marilyn and Dan Harmon
    Irene Harrigan
    Tracy Harrington
    Margarete and David Harvey
    Ryan Hawken
    Jackie Healing
    Brett and Rebeca Heaton Juarez
    Grant Heffelfinger
    John and Julia Heffelfinger
    Jean Heffernan
    Bob Heger and Hector Montoya
    Larissa and Josh Heileman
    Deborah Heim and Ross Hightower
    Katie and Tom Heinen
    Stephanie Heinen
    Meghan Held
    Nicole Heling
    Fred and Beth Heller
    Bradley Helm
    Daniel Helms
    Hal Hempe
    Sara Hennecke
    Jen and Mark Hense
    Matthew Herbers and Mary Rechtenwalt
    Tom Herbstreith

    Christopher and Katie Hermann
    Christine Herrmann
    Michelle Herro
    Nicole Hertel Meirose and Peter Meirose
    Jessica Herzog and Joe Manske
    Thomas Hester
    David Hetzel
    Madelyn Hibbard
    Thomas Hickey
    Kathy and John Hickey
    Brittany Hilgert
    Peter Hill and Caroline Kuebler
    Robert Hirschi
    Peter and Sue Hitler
    Jeanne Hochstatter
    Karen Hodges
    Ryan Hoel
    Mark Hoffman
    Emma Hogaboom
    Diana Hoglund
    Jamie Holland
    Myrna Hollander
    Carol Holley and Greg Wille
    Anita Holloway
    Andrew and Paula Holman
    Dolores and Nate Holman
    Sandra Holmes
    Verne and Terri Holoubek
    Suzy and Jim Holstein
    Sally D. Holt
    Nick and Kate Hookarm
    Angela Hookham
    Meghan Hoose
    Steven Hoskins
    Kyle Hovanec
    Catherine Howley
    Bob and Candice Hudy
    Judith Huf and James Roth
    Jack Hughes
    Melinda Hughes
    Barbara Hughes
    Patricia Huiskamp
    Alexandria Hunsen
    Paul Hunter and Sophie Kramer
    Barbara Hussussian
    James Huston and Theresa Miller
    Eileen Hwang and Dustin Layton

    Amy Ihlenfeldt
    Douglas Ihrke
    Frank Imp and Kristine Jaeger
    Sue Inbusch
    Shelby Ingersoll
    Marissa Jablonski

    Lynn Jack
    Mary Beth and John Jacobson
    Samantha Jahns
    Emily Jamar
    Bill and Pat Jandl
    Lynn Jarzemsky and Matthew Bohlman
    Dottie Jeffries
    Jeff and Karen Jensen
    Shantha Jhansale
    Keith and Denise Johnson
    Dain Johnson and Carla Dulberger
    Crystal Johnson and Gareth Johnson
    Thomas and Laura Johnson
    Loralyn and Joe Johnson
    Gareth Johnson
    Mark Johnston and Margaret Crater
    Samuel Jonas and Maisie Buntin
    Judy Jones
    Ramona Jones
    Arthur Jones
    Denton and Mary Jones
    Geraldine Jones-Mantyh
    Renee Joos and Brandt Mylott
    Ashley Joppe and Jacob Hansen
    Jennifer Jordan and Daniel Kern
    Collin Joseph
    Jared Judge and Emily Busch
    Reverend Joseph Juknialis
    Gabriele Jung
    Ruby Jung
    Emmaline Jurgena

  • K
    Patricia Kaeding
    Anna Kajuch
    Carrie Kaliebe
    Gina Kallenbach
    Barrett Kalter
    Jodi Kamermayer
    Maureen Kane
    Aditya Karandikar
    Steve Karen and Charlieann Deau
    Rick and Tina Karnes
    Fred and Susie Kasten
    George F. Kasten, Sr.
    Deb Kaurala
    Tracy Keller
    Mary and Ted Kellner
    Sean Kelly and Jeffrey Gardner
    Mark Kennedy
    Reverend Andrew Kennedy and Ms. Lois Wesener
    Meg and Keith Kenyon
    Susan Ketterhagen
    Greg and Jennifer Ketz
    Beth Kevit
    Jack and Audrey Keyes
    Marjorie Kieckhefer
    Mary Kielich
    Joan and Thomas Kiely
    Kathryn Killberg
    Paul and Merlynn Kimmel
    Elynor and Paul Kimmel
    Jeff Kinder
    Amanda and Eric Kindig
    Steve and Kim King
    Evan and Debbie Kirkstein
    William Klein
    Barbara and Dennis Klein
    Angie Klemm and Jon Breschak
    Brian Klipstein
    John and Michele Klug
    Fred and Donna Kluhsman
    Mary Jo and Mark Knapp
    Adam Knier
    Jonathan and Willette Knopp
    Sandra Knorr
    Theresa Koch
    Seth Kock
    Claudia Koehler
    The Koehler Family
    Jared Koepp
    Suzanne and Mark Kohlenberg
    Dennis Kois, Sr. and Carolyn Kois
    Keith Kollmeyer
    Phillip Kollmeyer
    Jeanne and Robert Kollmeyer
    Cassie Kolstad
    John Kolstad
    Jason Koltuniak
    Marnie Komp
    Kara Koplowitz
    John Kopmeier
    Irina Kordysh
    David Korr
    Michael and Lori Kramer
    Emily and Ryan Kramlich
    Kathy Krause
    Stephen Kravit
    John and Susan Krezoski
    Caroline Krider and Paul Smith
    Jerome and Kathleen Krings
    Ed and Brooke Krishok
    Sara Krizan
    Mary Krolikowski
    Erik and Andrea Kroll
    Kayla Kropidlowski
    The Kropidlowski Family
    Christine and David Krueger
    Ryan Kruger
    Priscilla Kucik
    Joseph Kuhlmann
    Zachary Kuhlmann
    Anna Kukowski
    Ron and Christine Kuramoto
    Lucas Kushner

    Gigi La Budde and Michael Whaley
    Samantha La Nuez
    Peter LaBonte
    Ramona LaCasse-Fehrman
    Stephen Laczniak
    Suzanne LaFleur and Daniel Sapiro
    Julie LaMacchia
    Teresa LaMacchia
    Amy and Joseph LaMacchia
    Anne Lamb
    MaryLou Lamonda
    John and Shelley Lamoreaux
    Rebecca Lang
    Russ and Cecile Langford
    Steven Laning
    Sue and Brian Lanser
    Dante LaPorte and Maria Schwartz
    Joe and Stacy LaPrad
    Christopher Larson and Jessica Brumm-Larson
    Mike and Sara Larson
    Norm and Judy Lasca
    Jean Laubach
    Austin Lavin
    Ruth and Chad Lawson
    Mary Jo and Don Layden
    Jennifer Lazewski
    Ruth Le Mere
    Michael Leberman

    Joel Ledvina
    Carolyn Lee
    Robin Leenhouts
    Becky Leichtling and Sean Sweetnam
    Ken Leinbach
    Marilyn Lemoine
    Catherine LeMoine and Jorge Gimenez
    Jean Lemorande
    Melissa Lempa
    Sharon Lerman
    Judith and Charles Lerner
    Robert and Emily Levine
    Michaela Lewellyn Humpal and Nathan Humpal
    Clare Lewis
    Lizette Lewis and Edward Corrigan
    Sally Lewis and Kathleen Rivera
    Martin and Antonette Liddy
    Stephen and Karen Lied
    David and Mary Ann Lillich
    Melina Lindsey
    John Linehan
    Elizabeth Lingen
    Sara and Andrew Link
    Jim Liptack
    Sylvia Llanas-Buckman and Michael Buckman
    Natalie Lloyd-Jones
    Helen Loewi
    Bob and Hope Longwell-Grice
    John Loppnow
    Rebecca and Randy Lorenzen
    Kent and Susan Lovern
    Eric and Hannah Lubar
    Marianne and Sheldon Lubar
    Clare Lubar
    Eric amd Hannah Lubar
    Matt Luce and Leah Rosenow
    Tom and Helen Lukaszewicz
    Elizabeth Lundberg
    Sherry and Richard Lundell
    Karen Lustig
    Kristi Luzar and Jonathan Engelken
    Terry and Liz Lynch

    Kathleen Machan-Hill
    John Machulak
    Ann MacIver
    Dennis and Chris Mack
    Elliot Magers
    Nancy Mahoney
    Gerald and Elaine Mainman
    Kiran Makhija
    Lois Malawsky and Jay Larkey
    Sandford and Katharine Mallin
    Mary Beth Malm and Chuck Krucky
    Daniel Maloney
    Mark Maloney
    Susan Mandeltort
    Annica Mandeltort
    Barbara Manger and William Lynch
    Danielle Mantyh
    Suzanne Marchant
    Harrison Marcott
    Lydia Marcus
    Janet Marks
    Ryan Marks
    Juan Marquez
    Megan Marquis
    Michael Martenas
    Janet and Vince Martin
    Andy Martin and Janet Trostel Martin
    Terry Martinez
    Diego Diaz Martinez
    Jeff Martinka
    Keith Martino and Kathryn Baierlipp
    Paco and Elizabeth Martorell
    Scott Mason and Sarah DeYoung
    Jeff Mast
    Mike Mastroianni
    Doris Mattke
    Rose Mary and Francis Matusinec
    Elizabeth Matz
    Andy Mayeshiba
    Antonio and Ascaris Mayo
    Sasha Mazur and Connor Stone
    Joseph and Susan Mazza
    Lori McAllister
    Mary McAndrews
    Catherine McArthur
    Jeff McAvoy and Jill Kline
    Donna and John McAvoy
    Emmett McCarthy
    Janet McClure
    Erin McDonald
    Antoine and Jade McDuffie
    Patricia McGovern and Victor Delgado
    William McGraw and Larraine McNamara McGraw
    Larissa Mckenna Casaletto and John Casaletto
    Maggie McKenney
    James and Kathleen McKeown
    Jonathan McKey
    Denise and Jim McLain
    Bridget McMahon
    Jacqueline Meagher
    Mary Meegan and Michael Casey
    Samuel Meeks
    Lindy and Steve Meer
    Heidi and Russ Meier
    Joy and Eric Meier
    Martha Mercado and Andrea Mercado
    Elizabeth and James Mesrobian

    Rebecca and Jason Mitich
    James Mesrobian
    Anne and Tom Metcalfe
    Adam Metzar
    Nancy Meylink
    Lisa Mickelson
    Michael Migliano
    Amy and Wes Miles
    Ronald Miller
    Donna Miller
    Larry Miller and Ellen Bravo
    James Miller and Victoria Thorpe Miller
    Rick Miller
    Robert Miller
    Amy Miller
    Regina K. Miller and Karen Molitor
    Anna Miller
    Tim Miller
    Max Miller
    Neil and Amanda Miner
    David and Lisa Misky
    Sandie Mitcheltree
    Rebecca and Jason Mitich
    Susan Modder and David Krzyston
    Meaghan Moen
    Erik and Carol Moeser
    Lisa Moline
    Nicholas Monette
    Ashley and Taylor Moniz
    Patricia Monroe
    Larry and Judy Moon
    Lawrence Moore
    William and Diane Moore
    Cheryl and Blake Moret
    Jessica Morgen
    Jeremy Moriz
    Mary Pat Morris
    Heather and Bob Morris
    Karen Morris-Centin
    Lori Morse and Rob Gardenier
    Bethany Mosshart
    Daniel and Catherine Mossman
    Heidi Mott
    Kate Mott
    Julie and Jim Motz
    Moya Mowbray and Roland Schroeder
    Megan Moze
    Patricia and George Mueller
    Father Thomas Mueller and Daria Mueller
    Elijah Mueller
    Rose Mary and Dean Muller
    Melissa, Trent and Sophia Muller
    Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel
    Jordan Mungo
    Amy and Patrick Murphy
    Megan and Christopher Murray
    Michael Murray
    Bailey Musselman
    Ruth Musselman
    Kate and Ken Muth
    Linda and Jock Mutschler
    Kenneth Myatt
    Melanie Myszka

    Dina Nabutovsky
    Leana Nakielski
    Daniel and Anna Narvey
    Will Nasgovitz and Madeline McNally
    Bill and Marian Nasgovitz
    Elijah Neeb
    Cheryl Neils
    Kate and Daniel Nelson
    Inez Nelson
    Thomas and Kathleen Nelson
    Theresa and Wade Nemetz
    Lisa Nett
    Rebecca Neumann and Tina Kreitlow
    Robert Nevermann and Kelli Bechly
    Mary Newby
    Emily Newell
    Jeffrey Newlin
    Jarod and Jill Newman
    Maryanne Niesen
    Daniel Niesen
    Janice Nitz
    Barbara Nobile
    Christina and Gerald Nora
    Rebecca North and Adolph Paul
    Robert and Christine Nuernberg

    Jessica Obenauf
    James and Christine O'Brien
    Kelly O'Brien
    Sue and Mike O'Brien
    Kevin and Lynn O'Brien
    Dan and Nina O'Brien
    Sarah OConnell
    Tia Oestreich
    Miriam Oliensis-Torres
    Diane Olson
    Paul Oman
    Keith and Jillian Omdahl
    Cindy Oppe
    Megan Orcholski and Matthew Collie
    Maureen O'Reilly
    Julia Oschwald and Stephen Bradford
    Becca and Mark Osmak
    Sonny and Mitchell Ost
    Claire Osterman
    Gerald Ottone
    Kim Owens
    Serhan Oztemiz

  • P
    Justin Padway
    Jim Palasz and Barbara DeMaster
    Sarah and Matthew Pancheri
    Bryan Paschal
    Francis and Kelly Pastors
    Dan and Kay Patrinos
    Susie Paunan
    Geoffrey Pearson, Sr.
    Todd Peck
    Leslie Peckham
    K. Kelly Pedersen
    Thomas Pelletier and Barbara Fox
    Tamar Peltz
    Randy and Pam Penn
    Bradley Perkins
    Edwin Perry
    Jan Peters
    Meg and Jim Peters
    Ann Peterson
    Ann Peterson and Kevin Lynch
    Elaine Peterson
    Sharon and Jim Petrie
    Troy and Jann Pfaff
    Claire Pfleger
    Victoria Piaskowski
    Betsy and Geno Pichette
    Thomas and Terry Pier
    Craig and Lane Pierce
    Rita and Scott Piper
    Brent Pitcher
    Lori Pitts
    Stephanie Ploch
    Annette Plunkett and John Dubord
    Karen Plunkett
    Adam Podd
    Taylor Poehls
    Kimberly Pointer
    Murat Polat
    Nancy Polk
    Nancy and James Pomes
    Samm Posnanski
    Sheila Pospichal
    Potrikus Family
    Andrea Powers
    Bill Poznanski
    Shana Pradeep
    Benjamin Precourt
    James Preuss
    Thomas and Sheri Price
    Cathleen Prieto
    Claire Prieto and John Eggebrecht
    David Pritchard and Kathy Rogers
    Marilyn Pritchard
    Mr. Jan L. Pritzl and Karen A'Rowan
    Larry and Jeanne Prochnow
    Keith Prochnow
    Ellen Prohl
    Inez and Matthew Pronold
    Gail Prusinski
    Debra Pukansky
    Rithi Punyamurthuia
    Carrie Purins
    Janice Purins
    Alexandra Purins
    Betty A. and Joseph W. Purman
    Bree Pusay and Colleen Mandell
    Brian and Laura Putnam

    Adam Quetsch
    Barbara and Roger Quindel
    Joyce Quirk

    Tracy Raasch
    Ryan Rabe
    Susan and Stephen Ragatz
    Nathaniel Ragatz
    Todd and Heidi Rakowski
    Michelle Ramos
    Al Rank and Judy Knight
    Emily Ransom
    Lyn and Bruce Ranta
    Katie Rasmussen
    Miriam Reading and Richard Miller
    Ann Reading
    Katherine Recka and Andrew Goetsch
    Thomas Reed
    Charla Reetz
    Krisann Rehbein and Joe Sexauer
    Jennifer Reich
    Tara Reimer
    Melody and Jared Rensberger
    Matt Richardson
    David Riemer and Ellie Graan
    Mariana Rincon
    Lynn and Paul Rix
    Damon Rizzone
    Dan and Anna Robbins
    Matthew and Marianne Robbins
    Jeanette Roberts
    Chris Rockwood

    Karen and Richard Rodgers
    Robert and Joni Roenitz
    Judith Rohan
    Sarah Rohe and Neil Franzen
    Nathania Rohlinger
    Therese and Peter Roller
    Bruce and Kathy Rosenheimer
    George and Dotty Roth
    Jeffrey and Diane Roznowski
    Sandra Rubin
    Cheryl Rugg and Steve Christenson
    Carolyn Ruggieri and Brendan Zyvoloski
    William and Eva Rumpf
    Scott Russell
    David and Kayla Russick
    Donald Ryan
    Tom Ryan

    Elizabeth Sadoff
    Gail Sahagun
    Karen Samelson
    Angélica Sánchez
    Sandra Sánchez Segura
    Jordan Sandona
    Virginia Sandquist
    Heather Sands
    Stephanie Sandy and Allan F. Montezon
    Katharine Sanford
    Miguel Santos and Estela A. Jimenez Marvan
    Daniel Sargeant and Elfrieda Abbe
    Nadine Schaefer and Christopher Bock
    Jame Schaefer
    Kim Schaffer
    Michelle, Drew, Alex, and Olivia Schara
    Margit Schatzman and Stephen Bleksley
    Barnaby Scheiwe
    Graden Scheiwe
    Patrick Schertz
    Cynthia and Steven Scheuing
    Jennifer Schilling and Joe Miotke
    Julia Schilling
    Joanne Schilz
    Dan and Lisa Schindhelm
    Tami Schlickman
    Sue Schliesmann
    Maggie Schlindwein
    Daniel Schlitz
    Markie Schmidt
    Mr. Harold Schmidt and Ms. Krys Kornilowicz
    Robert Schmidt
    Kerri Schmidt
    Daniel Schneider
    Caitlin Schneider
    Bob and Rese Schneider
    Richard Schnell and Mary Wehrle Schnell
    Diana Schoberg and Craig Nickels
    David Schoenberger
    Karl Schoendorf
    Tim and Toni Schoonenberg
    Callan Schoonenberg and Matt Parrish
    Susan Schramm
    Philip Schultz and Melissa Mooney
    Meagan and Jason Schultz
    Andrea Schultz-Cockerham and Jeffrey Cockerham
    Nick Schumacher and Kaley Grunwald
    Marge and Randy Schumann
    Eric Schumann
    Derek Schwab
    Carol Schwanz
    Carl and Barbara Schwartz
    Terry and David Schwartz
    Kate Schwartz
    Judy and Bob Scott
    Jonathan Scott
    Ryan Scott
    Tiffany Scuglik
    Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Selig
    Lisa Selje
    Bill Sell
    Joanne Sellon
    Lynn and Dennis Shafer
    Jennifer and John Shank
    LG Shanklin-Flowers
    Jan Serr and John Shannon
    Frank and Joanne Shansky
    Patricia Sharon
    Jessica Shaver
    Kirsten and James Shead
    Nathan and Aimee Sheets
    Mandria and Javier Sheldrick
    Al Sherkow and Debra Hartmann
    Jason Shimko
    Halle Shine
    Katee Showers and Mike Guertin
    Rebecca and Bradley Simenz
    Dale Skaggs and Lynda Lambert
    Ariel Skavdahl
    Margaret Skinner

    David Skurnick and Felicia Noth
    Jeani Slaymaker
    Kelseigh Smail
    Timothy Smalls
    Monica and Lamont Smith
    Devon Smith
    Audrey Smith
    Robert Smith
    Charles Snyder
    Tom and Jean Sobon
    Naomi and Mort Soifer
    Cynthia and Warren Sommer
    Barbara Spalda
    Richard and Ann Spalding
    Carolyn and Timothy Spath
    Michelle and Fred Spence
    James Spence
    Jeff and Jana Spence
    Jeff Sponcia
    Catherine and James Sponholz
    Elfriede and Arthur Sprague
    Nikki Spyropoulos
    Michelle St. Clair
    Keith Stachowiak and Elisa Sibinski
    Cathy Stagmer
    Doug Stahl and Ann Windsor
    Dan Stauff and Bridget Wolf
    Jason Steigman and Dori Frankel Steigman
    Anne Steinberg and Eric Hansen
    Florence Steinberger and Andrew Feiring
    Kelly and Derek Steiner
    Susan C Steinkraus and Kevin L Brown
    Loretto and Richard Steinmetz
    Erin and Alan Stenum
    Jody Steren
    Brian and Heidi Stevens
    Mark Stodder and Muna Sill
    Jane Stoltz and John Idzikowski
    Victoria and Timothy Strattner
    Christine Straw
    Eliot and JoAnn Strickon
    Peggy Strimple
    Lisa Stukenberg
    Erica Stults
    Charlotte and Derek Supple
    Troy Suter
    Brent and Erin Suter
    Michael and Shirley Suter
    Gwendolyn Sutton
    Gail and Michael Sweet
    Katie and Charlie Sweet
    Rachel Swengal
    Christy Szczesny-Adams and Christopher Adams
    Brenda and Mark Szumski

    Julian Taagen and Peggy Noonan
    Chelsea Tadeyeske
    Angela Tang
    Jane Tanner and Bill Hable
    Courtney Tarnow
    Gino Tassara and Isabelle Koenig
    Jamie Lynn Tatera
    Becca Taylor
    Jerry and Amanda Teagardner
    Victoria Teerlink and Jeff Drope
    Anna and Richard Teerlink
    Adam and Jaimi Tellier
    Ann Terrell
    Ann Terwilliger
    Courtenay Teska
    Susan Thaller and Sean Shields
    Mary Theisen
    The Thielke Family
    Barbara Thiers and Mary Halling
    Chad and Heather Thomack
    Jerry and Pamela Thomack
    James Thomas
    Nicole Thomas
    Jo Ann Thomas
    Ellie Thomas and Sebastian Veloso
    Bruce Thompson and Kathleen Miller
    LuAnne Thompson
    Denny Thompson
    Carol Tishler
    Robert and Laura Tobon
    Barbara and Leon Todd
    Thomas and Priscilla Tolan
    Sally and Sam Tolan
    Geoff Tonn
    Stacy and Stephen Tornio
    David and Joan Totten
    Debra Trakel
    Lisa Trautner
    Suzanne and William Treichel
    Corrie Tritz and Thomas Courtney
    Aaria Troiano
    Marq Truscott
    Amina Tugan

  • V
    Dan Uhler
    Maria Uhler
    Michael and Katie Utschig
    Paula Van Camp
    Charles and Joan Van Norman
    Trina Van Schyndel and Ryan Kolb
    Sarah Vanausdall and Collin Smith
    Mary Vance
    Drew Vandegrift
    Paul Vandeveld
    Mercedes Vega and Cynthia Ness
    Christopher and Melinda Vernon
    Chris von Briesen
    Carl Vopal
    Erika Voss
    Nicole Vrabel

    Darla Wack and Gail Kern
    Louis Wahl IV and Megan Wahl
    Nick Waldschmidt
    Jordan Wall
    Gil and Edie Walter
    Kenneth Walz
    Elizabeth Ward
    Amanda Weber
    Chris and Kristin Weber
    John Weber and Karen Bradley
    Daniel Weber and Shelley Budney-Weber
    Jill Weber
    Jessica Wegner
    Jan-Marie Weiler
    Sarah Weintraub and Freddy Carrillo
    Anne Weissgerber
    Susan and Len Weistrop
    Gregory Welch
    Bart and Sarah Wellenstein

    Max Welsh
    Matt Werner
    Gwen and Bill Werner
    Karen Wertz
    Ousia Whitaker-Devault
    Sammis and Jean White
    Betty White
    Suzanne Wickersham
    Kristin and Nate Wickler
    Rose and Arlo Widmann
    Christine Wilczynski-Vogel
    Andre and Jennifer Williams
    Ruth Williams and Carl Stehling
    Tracy Williams
    Josie Willman
    Adam Wilmoth and Stephanie Blake
    Sara Wilson and Lorette Russenberger
    Bob and Lois Winans
    Susan Winans and Judy Krause
    Rebecca Winarski
    Constance Wittig
    Laura Wocken
    Stephen and Erin Wocken
    Lynne Woehrle and Frank Foersterling
    Lee and Carol Wolcott
    Erika Wolf and Richard Renno
    Jennifer and Nick Wolff
    Wayne and Mary Wolski
    Jennifer Wolters
    Stuart Wong and Elizabeth Gore
    Sharon Woodhouse and Kamal Gupta
    Kay and Robert Wosewick
    Lisa Wozny
    Sue Wozny, Corinne Rosen and Leonie

    Kimberlee Wright
    Laurie and Derril Wright
    Frances F. Wurlitzer
    Amber Wycklendt
    Rick and Dar Wycklendt

    Thomas Yackley and Jill St Arnaud
    Michael Yanko
    Christine and Fred Yatchak
    Amanda and James Yenter
    Steven Yeo
    Chris and Michelle Young
    Stephanie Young
    Lorna Young and Steven Cupery
    John and Mary Young

    Jean Zachariasen
    Andrew Zaeske
    Karen Frick-Zalewski and Dylan Zalewski
    Maria Zanoni
    Annamaria Zarate
    Gertrude and Peter Zauner
    Jennifer Zeigler and Genaro Armas
    Aaron Zeleske
    Andrew and Carlene Ziegler
    Joshua Zieve
    Bettie Zillman
    Sarah and Steve Zimmerman
    Chris Zimmerman
    Owen Zinkgraf
    Todd and Kristine Zinkgraf
    Sara Zwiefelhofer
    Stephanie Zyga
    Elly Zykan
    Dave and Lesley Zylstra

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Riverside Park

Monday, March 18th

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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