Donor List

Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations & all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission this fiscal year. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Brittany Peters at 964-8505 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your name has not appeared as you expected.

This list is updated on a bi-monthly basis and reflects donations given during the Urban Ecology Center’s fiscal year beginning September 1, 2022.

Members & Donors
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  • A
    Anonymous (43)
    Srdjan and Andrea Acimovic
    David and Kathy Adam
    Christopher Adams and Christy Szczesny-Adams
    Joy and Ronald Adams
    Lindsay Adams and Matthew Wooten
    Savannah and Bethany Adams
    George R. Affeldt, Jr.
    Mary Ann Affeldt and Bruce Twomey
    Swati and Sita Agterberg
    Noorudin and Shanze Ahmad
    Kristen Alaniva
    Craig Albee and Micki Fox
    Richard Albert
    Travis and Layli Albert
    Marissa and Erika Alexander
    Huda Alkaff
    Jane Allen and Cliff Shutt
    Teresa Allison
    Emma Almond
    Tom and Kathy Alpren
    Buzz and Barbara Althoen
    Diana Altstadt
    Angela Alvarez
    Laura Ambrose
    Lynn Anders and Peter Kohlhoff
    Paul Anders
    Paula and Keith Anderson
    Ingrid Anderson
    Keith and Paula Anderson
    Pamela Anderson
    Bryan Anderson
    Janet Anderson
    Susan Anderson
    Marc and Deb Andraca
    Shirley and Eric Andrews-Sharer
    Megan Andrews-Sharer
    Kirstin Anglea and Elizabeth Gies
    Mike Anglea
    Jim and Elizabeth Angresano
    Philip Ankel and Alberta Ashbrook-Ankel
    Anna Aragon Suy and Ryan Dale
    Susana Arciga and Mark Eisenberg
    Natalia Arévalo Mangili
    Melanie Ariens and Joel Peregrine
    Patrick Armstrong and Rachel Fox Armstrong
    Karen Armstrong
    Michael and Margaret Arney
    Cameron and Julie Art
    Sofia Ascorbe
    Nancy Aten and Dan Collins
    Lindsey and Ryan Atwood
    Sarah Aumann
    James Aveni
    David Axtell and Lynne Schade

    JoAnn Bachar
    Anika Bachhuber
    Jason Bacon
    Kirsten Badji
    Cesar and Ellie Badji
    Carl and Sue Bahneman
    Timothy Bailen and Diana Luepke
    Jim Schley and Rebecca Bailey
    Mary Jo and Ed Baisch
    Jon and Anne Bales
    Jeffrey and Anne Ballentine
    Samantha Ballman
    Jennifer Bardeen and Bryce Nelson
    Tyler Barlow
    Steven Barnes
    Kevin Barnes and Nancy Bird
    Kevin and Melissa Barry
    Adrian Barta and Kadi Row
    Theresa Bartlett
    Anne Basting and Brad Lichtenstein
    Thomas Michael Bathke
    Dustin and Jenn Batterman
    Cassie Bauer
    Karen Baumann
    Donald and Donna Baumgartner
    Ryan Baxter
    Shanna Beanan
    Brenda Beatka
    Kathy Beaver
    John Becker and Mary Stott
    Chris Beimborn and John Bleidorn
    Edward and Janet Beimborn
    Ashley Beison
    Mary Bend
    Tom and Patti Benson
    Todd and Betty Berens
    Anna and Ramon Berg
    Patricia Berg
    Kathryn Berger
    Bruce Berglund
    Julie Berkopec
    Elizabeth Berlyn
    Joanne Bernstein
    Andrea Bernstein
    Fred and Karen Bersch
    Kate and Damian Berumen
    Joseph and Janie Besharse
    Ashley Best
    Patrick Betts
    Katherine and Bill Biersach
    Lianna Bishop and Eric Mathews
    Mark and Jo Ann Bishop
    Jay and Jessica Bitter
    Heni Bizawi
    Kathy Blair Koch and Konrad Koch
    John Blanchard and Elizabeth Vokac
    Mel Blanke and Kathleen Roberts
    Megan and Johann Blankschien
    Stacy Blatz
    Sue Blaustein
    Bert and Janet Bleke
    Erin Bloodgood and Kevin Bereswill
    Edward and Amy Blumenthal
    Jennifer Blusk
    Andrew Bochman and Tracy Staedter
    Joshua Boeckman
    Kirsten and Henry Boeh
    Tabitha Boerschinger
    Donald and Larissa Bogle-Boesiger
    Bill and Barbara Boles
    Steve and Nancy Books
    Deborah and Russell Borkin
    Kim Borst
    Elizabeth Bostrom and Carola Loepfe
    Darci Bowden
    Ann Bowe
    Erik Bowie
    John and Kay Bowman
    Patricia Bowne
    Lorraine Bradley
    Leah Bradley
    Mike and Donna Brady

    Kevin Brady
    Melissa Brander
    Ana and Alex Branderhorst
    Pete Brands and Kelly Brands
    Mike Brandt
    Erica and Bryce Branson
    Cari and Chris Bray
    Jeff and Laura Bray
    Barbara Breault
    William and Christy Breihan
    Edie Brengel Radtke
    Margaret and Daniel Bresnahan
    Marge Brewer
    Gregory Brey
    Margaret Bridges
    Carol Brill and Douglas Booth
    Cheri and Thomas Briscoe
    Pam Brite
    Karen Brittain
    Jennifer and Marcus Britton
    Erin Broderick
    Michael and Judy Broderick
    Alexander Brodsky and Jacqueline Gearhart
    Maggie Broeren and M. Coffey
    Anne Brolly
    Sue Bronson
    Christopher Brook and Brittany Peters
    Erin Brooker-Miller and Andy Miller
    Edwin Brookes
    Colleen Brooks
    Evan Brown
    Miranda Brown
    Beth and Bob Bruch
    Susan Bruckner Engstrom
    Tressa Bruggink
    Kathy and Robert Brumder
    Thekla Brumder
    Dr. Thekla Brumder Ross
    Jessica Brundage
    Jessica Bruns
    James Buchanan and Maria Noguerón
    Mark Buchweitz
    Dan Buckler and Ashley Luthern
    Colleen and Kevin Buckley
    Chelsea and Pete Budde
    Karen Buelow
    Carijean Buhk and Elizabeth Kallenbach
    Bob and Christine Bukowski
    Kristen and Timothy Bulfer
    Dan Bullock
    Valentine Burant
    Heather Burkart
    Jonathan and Wenshet Burkham
    Andrea and Daniel Burkholder
    Amelia Bursi
    Rebecca Burton
    Jeffery and Kathy Bussanich
    Robert Busse
    Ryan Butler
    Kent Buttars

    Karyn Cable
    Kathryn Cadillac
    Renee Calkins and Kevin Riederer
    Tom Callan
    Susan and Liam Callanan
    Mary Callen
    Patricia Calvy
    Yaidi Cancel Martinez
    Dawn Caous
    Jill Capicchioni
    Andy and Cassi Carey
    Mary Carian
    Linda and Mark Carlson
    Alison Carlucci
    James and Eldeen Carpenter
    Kevin and Judy Carr
    Janet Lew Carr
    Eileen Carr
    Mike and Pam Carroll
    Michael Carter and Rebecca Bernstein
    Jade and George Cashman
    Dennis and Jean Casper
    Lisa Cathelyn
    Joe and Kathy Cayen
    Gabriel and Katrina Ceci
    Chloe Cegelski
    Jennifer Chamberlain
    John Chandler
    Virginia Chappell
    Margaret Charek
    John and Kristen Charlson
    Ashley Cheever
    Shidi Chesser
    Pamela Chester
    Steve and Sue Chevalier
    Aleta and Walt Chossek
    Jared Christensen
    Misty Christensen
    Judy Christofferson
    Brien and Pamela Christopherson
    Madeleine Chura
    Stephanie Ciaccio and Brian Hildebrand
    Jay and Roxanne Ciatti
    Christopher Cifax
    Doug Cigliana and Christina Metrailer
    Joseph and Kari Cincotta
    Gregory Clapp
    Steve and Kathy Clark
    Kelly and Kathy Clark
    Evan Clark
    Nancy and Jared Clarkin
    Ellie Martin Cliffe
    Suzanne Clum
    Pat Cochran and Ellen Boettcher
    Josh and Megan Cochrane
    Bridget and Patrick Coffey
    Sarah Colacino
    Preston and Laura Cole
    Lindsey Coleman
    Mary Claire Collins
    Jane Conarchy
    Bob and Lisa Conley
    Maria Connemara
    Talia Connor
    Anne Conry and Bevan Dobberpuhl
    Sheila Contreras
    James Conway
    Ann and David Cook
    Joan and Ron Cook
    Melissa Cook
    Samuel Cook
    Leslie and Terry Cooley
    Karleen Cooper
    Mary Correa
    Vivian Corres
    Christopher Costello
    Aaron and Marina Couch
    Michelle and Craig Counsell
    William Couture
    Carrie Ann Cramsey
    Stan Crane
    Crash Crawford
    Peggy and Wally Creer
    William and Jane Crise
    Jacob and Megan Croal
    Melissa Crouse

    Mr. Danny Crowley
    Susan Crowley
    Joseph Crumrine and Mary Bednarik
    Penny Cruse
    Susan Cruz
    Selena and Mario Cruz
    Ceci Cruz
    Jill Cudnoski
    Steven Cupery and Lorna Young
    Erin and Andy Cutraro
    Megan Czajka Mathein
    Dyanna Czeck

    Diana and Michael Dahm
    David Daigle
    Deborah Daley
    Elizabeth Dalton and James Kimball
    Brendan Daly and Nadelle Grossman
    Diane Dalzin
    Eddee Daniel and Lynn Kapitan
    Caroline Dannecker
    Patricia Darby
    Anne and Michael Darnell
    Rachel and Nat Davauer
    Harriet Davidson
    William Davidson
    Davidson Family Fund
    Alissa Davis
    Christopher Davis
    Darren Davis and Bryna Goeckner
    Mark Davis and Erin Richardson
    Peter and Kathleen Davis
    Rachel de Hartog
    Daniel De La Concha and Angélica Sánchez
    Armando De La Torre Figueras
    John and Leah Dean
    Mary Dean
    Karen Deau
    Mary Lou and Nick DeFino
    Nicole DeGuire
    Michelle Dekutowski and David McLellan
    Anne L. DeLeo and Patrick T. Curley
    Emily DeLeo
    David and Holly Delgado
    Jean Delleman and Jesse Engelbrecht
    Julia Delvalle
    Jim Palasz and Barbara DeMaster
    Jeanne DeMint
    Ann Demorest
    Stewart Dempsey and Gerry Coon
    Brian Denlinger
    Jenna Dercole
    Elisa Derickson and Daniel Krueger
    Marshall and Judy Dermer
    Matthew Derosier and Mara Mamerow
    Matthew Derosier
    Erica Derpinghaus
    Francis Dettloff and Jackie Reid Detloff
    Linda and Patrick Devitt
    Patty Dewey
    Magdalena Diaz
    Ramona Diaz-McLee
    Evelyn and Michael Dickmann
    Tom Dienhart and Sarah Fobes
    Laura Dierbeck
    Gregory Dieter
    Janet Dietert
    Carol and Bob Diggelman
    Brenda Dillard
    Jeffrey Dillon
    Christina Dinur
    Sarah DiStefano and Brandon Sterkenburg
    Christina Disterhaft
    Dawn Doan and Quinn Scharber
    Rebekah Dobson
    Linda Dohmen
    Ben Dombrowski
    Rachel Dombrowski
    Shannon Donahue
    Maura Donohue and Jeff Aaron
    Carol Dorau
    David Douglas
    Art and Rhonda Downey
    Shannon Downey
    Lucy Doyle
    Suzanne Doyle
    Rita Dragotta
    David HB Drake
    Laura Drake and Jun Zhang
    Elizabeth Drame
    David Drew
    Kevin and Julia Driscoll
    Rachel Driscoll
    Allison Driskill
    Marianne Dropp
    Ellen Drought
    Aria Duax and John Dye
    Tamie Dudor
    Jill Due
    Mary Duerson
    Diane Duffey
    Elisabeth Duggan
    Erin and Jason Dummert
    Jason and Erin Dummert
    Scott Dunnington
    Regina Dunst
    Cathy and Bill Durako
    Deb and Michael Dwyer

    Kelsey Eaton
    Julianna Ebert and Frank J. Daily
    Debra and Jonathan Eder
    Sally Edgett
    Jeremy and Shauna Edson
    Shauna and Jeremy Edson
    Margaret Edwards
    Mark Edwards
    Timothy and Margie Edwards
    Malin Ehrsam
    Clare Eigenbrode
    Eva Eiseman
    Katie Eisenberg
    Julia Ela and Phillip Sasser
    Kristy and Ian Elfe
    Carol and Tom Eling
    Erin and Patrick Elliott
    Nathan and Jodi Elliott
    Kipp and Janet Elsbernd
    Brett and JT Elver
    Ellen Embertson
    Donna and Will Engelmann
    Kelly and Benjamin Eppinger
    Patrick Erdman
    Jackie and Ron Erdmier
    Janice Ereth and John Gilligan
    Andrew Erickson
    Jean and Brent Erickson
    Evelyn Ericson
    Malinda Eskra
    Jennifer and Samuel Essak
    Corinne and Rob Evans
    Jennifer Evans
    Landa and Nick Evers

  • F
    Mark and Margaret Fairbanks
    Angelo and Stephanie Fallucca
    Randall and Mary Farah
    Anja Farin
    Amy and Andrew Farkas
    Kathy Farvour
    Joan Fecteau
    Katie Fedorski
    Patrick and Anne Fee
    Michael Fegley and Ruth Romaine
    David Feiss
    Brad Feltz
    Julia and Patrick Fennelly
    Jim and Mary Ferschinger
    Mary Lynn Ferwerda
    Ryan Fetterer
    Dan and Pat Fetterley
    Judith Fetterley Donor Advised Fund
    Beth Fetterley and Fred Leo Heller
    Coryn Fielding
    Michael and Nina Fierro
    Megan and Brian Fifarek
    Monica and Dan Finley
    Doug and Katie Fisher
    Katie and Doug Fisher
    Laura Flanagan
    Sylvie Flanagan
    Elizabeth and Greg Flattery
    Donna Flees
    Donna Fletcher
    Jerome Flogel
    Erin Flood-Harrison
    Davita Flowers-Shanklin and Adam Haggerty
    Molly Fonk
    Anushka Fonseka
    Kari and Bill Foote and Family
    Gloria and Steve Foster
    Jessica Foster and Paul Smith
    Jacob Fostner
    Lincoln and Lilith Fowler
    Brendan Fox
    Aton Fox
    Karlene Fox
    Andrew Foy and Michelle Clarke
    Ashley and Philip Frahm
    Alex Francis
    Nancy Frank
    John and Gabrielle Franke
    Decorah Franke
    Joe and Elizabeth Fransee
    William and Joy Franson
    Joe Frederick
    Jane and John Frederick
    Richard Frederick
    Nanci Fredrich
    Emma Fredrickson
    Dandy Freling
    Heidi Frenzel and Scott Gronert
    Melissa Freund
    Amy and Tom Fritz
    Brooke Frizzell
    Katie Frohling
    Fruchtman Family
    Haley Fuhr
    Barbara Fuldner

    Amanda Gabert
    Tommy Gabert
    Becky Gahart and Chad Johnson
    Emily Gallagher
    Holly Gallant
    Leslie Gannon
    Emmy and Tomas Ganos
    Paul Gantz
    Jim Garbe
    Tony Garcia
    Carmen Garcia Sirera
    Lori Morse and Rob Gardenier
    Aaron Gardner
    Mike and Judy Garvey
    Alphonse Gassenhuber and Kathleen Slamka
    Benjamin and Rachel Gates
    Marriah Gatling
    Thomas Gaulke
    Lisa Gaumnitz
    Alysse Gear
    Sara Geenen and Jason Gehring
    Carol Gehl
    Pat Geiger
    Mary Gellerup Bolich and Harry Bolich
    Jane Gellman
    James Gennrich
    Kelly Georgeson
    Rachel Germain
    Stephanie Ghojallu
    Shannon Gieryn
    Kurt and Krystine Giesa
    Thomas Giese and Beth Handrich Giese
    Steve Giles and Jennine Pufahl
    Ishwar Gill
    Victoria Gillet
    Allyce Gilligan
    Barbara and Donald Gilmore
    Dawn and Jorian Giorno
    Kristin Gjerdset
    Nicole Glaser
    Beth and Alex Gloeckner
    Anthony and Kathryn Gnau
    Jill and Dustin Godsey
    Irina Gokhman
    Peter Goldberg

    Carrie Golden
    Susan Goldsmith
    Libby and Marc Goldstein
    Geli and Larry Golopol
    Rachel and Alex Goochey
    Sydney Goodman
    Sallie Gordon and Latosha Smiley
    Elizabeth Gore and Stuart Wong
    Jessica Gorecki
    Catherine and Peter Gorski
    Ann Graf
    Hannah Graham
    Stephanie Graham
    Adam Grahn
    Nancy Grainer
    Jim Gramling and Linda Velasco
    Chris Granlund
    Andrea Grant
    Justice and Colin Grau
    Kayleigh Gray
    Sam Green and Tim Cotter
    Rebecca Gregory
    Tyler Griebel
    Mary Ellen Griffin
    Tigran Grigoryev
    Joey Grihalva
    Evelyn Grimm
    Megan Grizzle
    Reed and Nancy Groethe
    Raymond Groh
    Katherine Grosh
    Therese Gross
    Sara Grotenrath and James Pech
    Cindy Grover
    Joanne Grunau
    Jeff Grygny
    Betty Grypp
    Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath
    Gerard Guerra
    Craig and Lauralee Guilbault
    Tim Guilfoile
    John Gurda and Sonja Nelson-Gurda
    Bart and Stephanie Gurgel
    Jean Gurney and Earl Lemon
    Kyle Gustafson
    Mary Gute Witte and Ned Witte
    Kelly and David Guthery
    Fred Gutierrez and Kristi Davis
    Paula Gutmanis
    Ronald Gutschow

    Abby Haak
    Bill Hable and Jane Tanner
    Carrie Hageman
    Mark Hagen
    Jesse Hagen
    Jade Hall
    Julie Hall
    Paul and Gloria Halverson
    Marilyn Hamilton
    Ed Hammond and Marcia Brooks
    Maya and Nadeem Hammouri
    Abbigail and Paul Hampton
    Rick Hancock
    Stephen Haning
    Rebecca Hannemann
    Bruce Hansen
    Daryl and Carter Hanson
    Kristofor and Jenna Hanson
    Colton Hanus and Sckilayre Eberhardy
    Cynthia Happel
    Philip Hardacre
    Aaron and Aune Hardt
    Macy Harms and Mike Kolnik
    Tracy Harrington
    Julia Harris
    Terri Hart-Ellis
    Kathleen Hartinger and Susan Wilfert
    April and Aaron Hartman
    Jennifer and Jonathan Hartwell
    Anthony Hatcher
    Jenette Haug
    Lindsay Haumschild
    Rachael Hawig
    Laura Hawks
    Tom Hayes
    Jenna Hayes
    Eden Haynes
    Chuck Hays
    Suzanne Head
    Deborah Heim and Ross Hightower
    Christopher Heimerman
    Thomas and Catherine Heinen
    Doris and Ed Heiser
    Matthew Helmerich and Jeffrey Harwell
    Jen and Mark Hense
    Allison Hense-Merz and Michael Merz
    Brett Henzig
    Amber Henzig
    Kathy Herbst and Jan Jahnke
    Lake Herman
    Brooke Herman
    Christopher and Katie Hermann
    Rachael Herrenbruck
    Jessica Herzog and Joe Manske
    Anne Hesse
    David Hetzel
    Sally Heuer and Steve Culver
    Adair Heyl
    Kathy and John Hickey
    Mary Joy and Rob Hickey
    Stephanie Hicks
    Chris High

    William Hildenbrandt
    Dr. and Mrs. E. Alexander Hill
    Martin Hill
    Peter Hill and Caroline Kuebler
    Matthew and Sarah Hill
    Mark and Kala Hill
    Melanie and John Hinchey
    Ellen Hing and Christopher Leadley
    Robert Hirschi
    Aura Hirschman and David Hanig
    Zach Hitchcock
    Lisa Hoerchner and Gary Johnson
    Jessica and Ben Hoff
    David and Debbie Hoffman
    Roland Hoffman
    Rose Marie Hoffmann
    Maren Hofmann-Larsen and John Larsen
    Lauren Hogan
    Paula and Quinn Hogan
    Chris Hogan
    Alicia VandenOever
    Kerry holeman
    Jayne Holland
    Michael Holloway and Terry Dorr
    Andrew and Paula Holman
    Dolores S. Holman
    Suzy and Jim Holstein
    Kathryn Holtz
    Terri Holzen
    Lisa Hood
    Nadia Hope
    Mellena Hoppe
    Allison Horner
    Jonathan Hornung
    Anthony Hosig
    Nancy Hosni
    Donna Hourigan
    Dante and Jennifer Houston
    Mike Howden
    Suzanne and Shari Howe
    Catherine Howley
    Stephen and Heidi Hudson-Mairet
    Judith Huf and James Roth
    William Hughes
    Leslie Hughes
    Nolan Hughes
    Barbara and Daniel Hulbert
    Josh Hults
    Mary Hunter
    Ryan Hurley
    Megan Husband and Michael Duschak
    James Huston and Theresa Miller

    John Idzikowski
    Mary Ann Ihm
    Sue Inbusch
    Danielle Ippolito
    Charles Irby
    Jacqueline Irland and David Pifer
    Mary and Eric Isbister
    Md Samiul Islam

    Michael Jacobs
    Brian Jakubowski
    Greg James and Michelle Patin
    Lauren Jamrose
    Sarah Janicek
    Charles Baumgardner and Susan Jans
    John Jansen and Barbara Karimi
    John Jauquet
    Jim and Laurie Jeffery
    Kristine Jensen
    Shannon and Ted Jensen
    Heidi and Luke Jeter
    Peter Joachim
    Stewart Edwards Joanne Danforth
    Michelle Johansen
    Loralyn and Joe Johnson
    Arabella Johnson and Bryan Vasquez
    Chad Johnson and Becky Gahart
    Kirsten Johnson and Dan Litvinoff
    Becki Johnson
    Bryan Johnston
    Lisa Johnston
    Judy Jones
    Denton and Mary Jones
    Michael Jones
    Virginia Jones
    Patrick Jones and Alexandra Ramsey
    Morgan Jones and Philip Chang
    Renee Joos and Brandt Mylott
    Peter Jordan
    Martin Josephson and Janet Dobbs
    Kathleen Joynt
    Gregg and Sheila Jozwik
    Shane Judd
    Tom Judd
    Mike Juhl
    Reverend Joseph Juknialis
    Tom and Amy Junker
    Whit Junker
    Alex Junker
    Brooke Junker
    Jill Jurgena
    Marissa Jurik

  • K
    Anna Kajuch
    Barrett Kalter
    Linda Kamikawa-Nolan
    Kathryn and Matthew Kamm
    Sara and Jack Kampf
    Charles and Mary Kamps
    Robert and Suzanne Kanack
    Maureen Kane
    Beth Kaplan and Steven Marshall
    Dr. Steven J. Kaplan
    John and Kathleen Karkheck
    Lillian and David Karkoski
    John Kaufman
    Nancy Kaufmann
    Juli Kaufmann
    JIll Kawala
    Lara Kazarian and Daniel Krueger
    Bill and Kathy Kean
    Elizabeth Keenley and Alex Bills
    Jenny Kehl
    Alice B. Kehoe
    Alexis Keiker
    Tracy and Kyle Keller
    Mary and Ted Kellner
    Margaret Kellogg
    Kim Kelly
    Kathleen Kelly
    Chase and Sandy Kelm
    Reverend Andrew Kennedy and Ms. Lois Wesener
    Demaris and Gontran Kenwood
    Diane Kercheck and David Voight
    Rachel Kesting
    Greg and Jennifer Ketz
    Katie Kiekhaefer and Stephan Siwiec
    Randy and Barb Kiel
    Marlene Kiester
    Amanda and Eric Kindig
    Suzanne and Edward King
    Lee Ann and Bill Kingston
    Takis and Teresa Kinis
    Jennifer Kinkade
    Anne and Mark Kinzer
    Margo Kirchner
    Julia Kirchner
    Evan and Debbie Kirkstein
    Krista Kisiloski-Cope
    Judi Kistler
    Dan Klasen
    David Klehm and Carol Kraft
    Kevin and Melissa Klein
    Will Klein
    Kyle Kleinbeck
    Bonita Klein-Tasman and Marc Tasman
    John Klepp
    Ginger Klett
    Joel and Donna Kline
    Susan Klumb
    Randall Klumb and Sarah J. Ford
    J. Val Klump and Sory Klump
    Joe Kmoch
    Becka Knaak
    Maria Knier and Timothy Theobald
    Judy Knight and Al Rank
    Willette and Jonathan Knopp
    Sandra Knorr
    Kjersti Knox and Garrett Bucks
    Megan Koceja
    Jill Kocur
    Robb Koebert
    Claudia Koehler
    Cyle Koehler
    Dennis Kois, Sr. and Carolyn Kois
    Jeanne and Robert Kollmeyer
    Amanda Kong
    Rebekah Kopec-Farrell
    Katie Kopecky
    Mark Kopetsky
    Kelley Korinek
    Krystyna Kornilowicz
    Courtnie Korpela
    David Korr
    Michelle Kosmalski and Chris Kreo
    Jane and Brian Koss
    Kelly and Matt Koster
    Stephanie Koster Peterson
    Jeanne Kowalski
    Paul Krakau
    Bezmi and Tom Kranick
    Mia Krantz
    Judy Krause and Susan Winans
    Kathy Krause
    Lisa and Mike Krejcarek
    Azure Kremer
    Ashley Krepline
    Tory and Brendan Kress
    Beth Krey
    John and Susan Krezoski
    Caroline Krider and Paul Smith
    Jerome and Kathleen Krings
    Ed and Brooke Krishok
    Mary Krolikowski
    Lisa Kropp
    Jennifer and Matthew Krueger
    Dana and Dan Krueger
    Linda Krueger
    Jim Kubek
    Sarah Kubetz and Chris Schofield
    Mary Kubiak
    Maximilian Kubicki
    Lauren Kubosch
    Priscilla Kucik
    Valerie Kukla
    Audrey Kulas
    Isabelle Kulow
    Veronika Kunath
    Harvey Kurtz and Yvonne Larme
    Scott Kutcka

    Gigi La Budde and Michael Whaley
    Stephanie La Haye and Dakota Sievert
    Joseph Laabs
    Peter G. LaBonte
    Kristen Labovsky
    Steve Laczniak
    Linda Laev
    Suzanne LaFleur and Daniel Sapiro
    Luke and Emily Laga
    Kathy Lake and Jim Wend
    Kathy Lake
    Jackie Lalley and Michael Groen
    Kim Lamers
    Luke Lamers
    Mary Lou Lamonda
    Bob and Kathy Landaas
    Annie Landreman
    William and Joanne Lange
    Paula Langlois
    Emily Laning
    Avrum and Dannette Lank
    Joe and Stacy LaPrad
    Mike and Sara Larson
    Sabine Larson
    Andy Larson
    Jeff and Jennifer Larson
    Jessica Larson
    Sophia Larson
    Norm and Judy Lasca
    John Laubach
    Stephen and Carina Laubach
    Sanne Laursen
    Alexis Laverdiere
    Mary Christine Law
    Janet Lawrence
    Mariya Lazebnik
    Catherine Le Moine Henderson
    Nora Leccese
    Kyle and Ann Ledbetter
    Meg Bartness-Lee and Donald Lee

    Andrian Lee
    Debra Lee
    Kevin Lefaivre
    Ben LeFort
    Ronald Legro
    Micah Leinbach
    Ken Leinbach
    Alex Lemann and Amanda Cook
    Jen Lemke
    Karen Lemke
    Jennifer Lemke
    Jim Lemke and Debby Dreyfus
    Marilyn Lemoine
    Amanda Lent
    Gibson Lentini
    Cynthia Lepkowski
    Laurie Leplae-Arthur
    Monica and Michael Lesperance
    Joseph Lesperance
    Justine Lesperance
    Gillian Lester-George
    Jerry and Diane Leveille
    Mr. Michael Levey and Linda Gorens-Levey
    Elizabeth Levins and Herbert Zien
    W.H. and Mary Levit
    Paul Lewandowski
    Bridget and Ray Lewellyn
    Michaela Lewellyn Humpal and Nathan Humpal
    Katherine Lewis
    Matthew Lewis
    Sally Lewis and Kathleen Rivera
    Susan Lewis and Eric Larson
    Brenda Lewison
    Monica Liberatore
    Edward Lichtman
    Martin and Toni Liddy
    Patricia Ligon
    David and Mary Ann Lillich
    Nick Lindberg
    Diane Lindsley
    Tyler Lindstad and Ursala Neuwirth
    Elizabeth and Scott Lingen
    Gordon Lipsky
    Jim Liptack
    Kim Listermann
    Edward Littlefield
    Sylvia Llanas-Buckman and Michael Buckman
    Angela and Sven Loberg
    Alison LoCoco
    Carola Loepfe and Elizabeth Bostrom
    Lybra and Kyle Loest
    John Loewen
    Nichole Logan
    Richard London
    Bob and Hope Longwell-Grice
    Amy and Craig Loomis
    Mary and Guy Lord
    Barbara Lorsbach
    Phillip Losey
    Robin Reed and Thornton Lothrop
    Adrian Love
    Kent and Susan Lovern
    Theresa and Dennis Lowder
    Jody Lowe
    Lucia Lozano
    Sheldon and Marianne Lubar
    Earnell Lucas
    Matt Luce and Leah Rosenow
    Shulamit Luck
    Kathryn and Frederick Luedke
    Deborah Luepnitz
    David Lundberg
    Sherry and Rick Lundell
    Abigail Lupp
    Karen Lustig
    Terry and Liz Lynch
    Aaron and April Lynch

    Ruosi Ma
    Christel Maass and Terry Rindt
    John Machulak
    Ann MacIver
    Megan Mader
    Jackie Magennis
    Jean Maier and Edward Inderrieden
    Gerald and Elaine Mainman
    Lois Malawsky and Jay Larkey
    Samantha Maldonado
    Juanita Malloy
    Mary Beth Malm and Chuck Krucky
    Mary Beth Malm
    Michael and Jane Malone
    Elizabeth Malone
    Daniel Maloney
    Jesse Mancuso
    Barbara Manger and William Lynch
    Denise Manjarrez-Renteria
    Camille Mankus
    Joe Manske and Jessica Herzog
    Jeanne and Dave Mantsch
    Heather Marek
    Nyama Marsh
    Jason Marshall
    Tim Marsho
    Nelson Martell
    Andy Martin and Janet Trostel Martin
    Vince Martin
    Kelly Martin
    Steve and Joan Martinie
    Karen and Thomas Martinsen
    John Martinson
    Paco and Elizabeth Martorell
    Mike Maschek
    Scott Mason and Sarah DeYoung
    Michele Mastalarz
    Peter Mattingly and Stacey Moe
    Francis and Rose Mary Matusinec
    Brittany Maule
    Jonathon Maurice
    Tiffany and John May
    Tina Maz
    Bettny Mazur
    Meribeth Mazzi
    Whitney McAllister
    Mary E. McAndrews
    Michelle and Chris McArdle
    Debbie and Alan McCalister
    Carolyn McCarthy
    Jeff and Terry McClellan
    M. McClone
    Meg McCormick
    Hannelore McDermott
    Katharine McDonnell
    Andrea McDowell
    Antoine and Jade McDuffie
    Patricia McFarland
    Eileen McGarrigle Michel
    Megan McGee
    Emily and Ed McGinley
    Reshma McHale
    Pat McInerney
    David McIntosh
    Kathleen and James McKeown
    Jonathan McKey
    Jim and Sarah McLaughlin
    Quinn McLeese
    Diane McMahon and Ken Lemke
    David McMullen and Mary Allegre
    Will McMullen
    Patti McNair and Brian Johnsen
    John McNally
    Mark and Nancy McQuide
    Michelle Mead and Andy Puryear
    Peggy Mead
    Cassie and Tom Medved
    Charlie Megenity

    Thomas Meier
    Kelly Meier
    Heidi and Russ Meier
    Eric and Joy Meier
    Peter Meirose and Nicole Hertel Meirose
    Fabiola Mejia
    Rochelle Melander and Harold Eppley
    Troy and Melissa Melcher
    Amina and Isam Merchant
    Marisa Merkl
    Christina Metrailer and Doug Cigliana
    Diana and Mark Metz
    Stacey Meyer
    Al Meyer
    Mary Meyer
    Angela Michel
    Jenna Michels
    Lisa Michelsen
    Robert Michielutti
    Tom and Brittany Miklos
    Amy and Wes Miles
    Dale and Elizabeth Milhans
    Charna Miller
    Joyce and Brian Miller
    Lane Miller
    Mark Miller
    Regina Miller and Karen Molitor
    Amy and Todd Miller
    Tommasina Miller
    Dianne Minardi
    Kathleen and Stephen Minik
    Alice and Walter Mirk
    Corrine Mitchell
    Heather Mitchell
    Sandie Mitcheltree
    Rebecca and Jason Mitich
    Rajarsi Mitra
    Susan Modder and David Krzyston
    Catherine Moe
    Carol and Erik Moeser
    Jane Mohr
    Kelsey and Theodore Molinari
    Anna Molinaro
    Bridget Molitor
    Shannon Molter
    Patricia Monroe
    Jan and Bob Montgomery
    Larry and Judy Moon
    Ousia Moon
    Melissa Mooney and Philip Schultz
    Michael Mooney
    Jane Moore
    William and Dianne Moore
    Erin Moore
    Taryne Moore
    Austin Moore-Gotsch and Michael Gotsch
    Cassandra Morales
    Michael Moran
    Edith Moravcsik
    Marco Moreno
    Blake and Cheryl Moret
    Carol Morgan
    Heather and Bob Morris
    Karen Morris-Cetin
    Lisa and Patrick Morrow
    Jessica and Peter Mortenson
    Dr. Katie Mosack and Dr. Dave Armin
    Derek Mosley and Kelly Cochrane
    Catherine and Daniel Mossman
    Sarita Mousai
    Christie and David Moxom
    Patricia H. Mueller
    Mary Mueller
    Stacy Mueller
    Father Thomas Mueller and Daria Mueller
    Mark and Lonni Mueller
    Lori and Mark Muench
    William Mullen
    Dean and Rose Mary Muller
    Chrysa Murphy
    Steven and Ivonne Murphy
    Amy Murphy
    Sue Murphy Yerkes and Chuck Yerkes
    Michael Murray
    Kristen Storms and Jason Musante-Klumb
    Cynthia Musickant
    Kate and Ken Muth
    Linda and Jock Mutschler
    Mark and Julie Myszkowski

    Lauren Nachtigall
    Daniel and Anna Narvey
    Megan Nasgovitz
    Christina Navarro
    Donna Neal
    Erik Nelson
    Kate and Daniel Nelson
    Thomas and Kathleen Nelson
    Gregory Nelson
    Shan and Laurel Nelson-Rowe
    Allyson Nemec
    Cathy Nemerovski
    Abby Neuberger
    Joshua Neudorfer
    Rebecca Neumann and Tina Kreitlow
    Carrie and Dave Neumann
    Jaclyn Newman
    Tim Nichols
    Christopher Nicholson
    Karin Nickel
    Rachel and Andrew Nielsen
    Charles Niemann and Casey O'Connor
    Raegan Niemela
    Rich and Lori Niemoeller
    Maryanne Niesen
    Jennifer Nitschke
    Lisa Noble and David Macherey
    Mary Nolan
    Peggy Noonan and Julian Taagen
    Nuzhat Noor
    Janet Norquist-Gonzalez
    Jen and Scott Norris
    Anna Novikova
    Stacy Novinski
    Anne and Christopher Noyes
    Craig and Maureen Nuechterlein
    Robert and Christine Nuernberg
    Johnathan Nunez
    Eileen Nyholt

    Jessica Obenauf
    Caroline OBrien
    Anita O'Brien
    Christine and James O'Brien
    Andrea and Daniel Odrzywolski
    Jeffrey and Amy Oeth
    Andrea Ogden
    Katie Oglesby
    Tricia and Thomas Ognar
    Carolyn Olsen
    Jefren Olsen
    Diane and Jennifer Olson
    Fred Olson
    Marvin Olson
    Maggy and Dan Olson
    Paul Oman
    Judith O'Neil and J. Pat Randa
    Catherine O'Neill
    Elodie Ontala
    Cindy Oppe
    Patricia and Marco Ortega
    Sarah Osborn
    Josie Osborne and Kim Cosier
    Heather and Daniel Osborne
    Sonny and Mitchell Ost
    Elise Osweiler
    Jean OToole
    Travis Ottelien
    Tim and Stephanie Ottman

  • P
    David and Audry Pacifico
    Lorraine Pagel and Robert Buskirk
    Birger Pahl and Amy Horst
    Amanda and Anthony Panciera
    Renanah Parker
    Amanda Parrell Kaczmarek and Kevin Kaczmarek
    Amy and Jason Parry
    Erika Patino and Giovanni Pena
    Dan and Kay Patrinos
    Martina Patterson
    LaRaine Patterson
    Hanna Paul
    Tai and Andrew Pauls
    Terrence and Gail Pavletic
    Kate Pawasarat
    Kimberly and Barry Pechous
    Rachel Pedersen
    Joshua Peek
    Rebecca Pelton
    Rami Peltz
    Dennis and Becky Pelzek
    Randy and Pam Penn
    Morgan Pennenberg
    Laura Perez
    Joe Peterangelo and Victor Hernandez
    Brittany Peters and Christopher Brook
    Brynne and Matthew Peterson
    Mike and Rachel Peterson
    Phyllis Petri
    Tom and Deborah Petri
    Sharon and Jim Petrie
    Laura Petrie Anderson and David Anderson
    Andrew Petroll
    Troy and Jann Pfaff
    Steven Sellars and Sandra Pfister
    Victoria Piaskowski and Larry Hopwood
    Betsy and Geno Pichette
    Ann G. Pier
    Craig and Lane Pierce
    Anne and Dean Piojda-Stefanczyk
    Maggie and Rich Pipek
    Susanna Platt
    Glenna Plitt
    Andrew Plovanich
    Jules Plumitis
    Judy Poklar
    Josh Pollack
    Maren and Morgan Popp
    Lauren Poppen
    Benjamin Porter and Emily Sumner
    Jonathan Powell
    Bill Poznanski
    Thomas and Sheri Price
    Jenn Prill and Cody Dhein
    David Pritchard and Kathy Rogers
    Jeanne and Larry Prochnow
    Keith Prochnow
    Alexia Prosperi
    Jessica Prudhomme
    Jennine Pufahl and Steve Giles
    Erin O'Donnell and Jason Puskar
    Brian and Laura Putnam

    Barbara and Roger Quindel
    Christine Quinn
    Terri and Robert Quinn
    Maria Quintero
    Joyce Quirk
    Elaina Qureshi

    Kathleen Raab
    Tracy Raasch
    Anna Rabin
    Peter Radakovich
    Susan and Stephen Ragatz
    Todd and Heidi Rakowski
    Alvaro and Lisa Ramirez
    Jocelyn Ramirez
    Citlally Ithamar Ramon
    George Wagner and Barbara Rasman
    Nora Rasman
    Robert and Maggie Rauh
    Raymond Rausch
    Ann Reading
    Miriam Reading
    Steven Rechlicz
    Katherine Recka and Andrew Goetsch
    Kate Redmond
    Molly Redmond and Steve Ring
    Justin Reeder
    Charla Reetz
    Jordan and Nick Reget
    Elizabeth Regier
    Lisa Rein
    Emily Reinhard
    Elizabeth Reischl
    Melissa and Paul Reiser
    Ruth Renzelmann
    Diane Repensek
    Mrs. Brittany Requejo
    Cecile Resop
    Katy Resop Benway and Joel Benway
    Martha Reyes
    Luci Reyes-Agron
    Laura Rhyne
    Gregory and Jenny Richards
    Micah Ricke
    Denise Riederer
    Patricia Rieselbach
    Sarah and Jeff Rinderle
    Kate Riordan
    Jessica Rivera and Jason Walz
    Lynn and Paul Rix
    Marianne and Matthew Robbins
    Cassandra Robinson
    Becky Robinson
    Dawnesha Robinson and Sheila Kitchens
    Augie Rodenbeck
    Britta Rodenbeck
    Yajaira Rodriguez
    Marc Roehrle and Maureen Zell
    Mary Roepke
    Paige Rogalla
    Rachel Roller and Brian Nickerson
    Tony Romens
    Tim Askin and Ryan Roney
    Suzanne Rose and Harold Trenka
    Abby and Eric Rose
    Devin Rose
    Michael Rosen and Glorie Salas
    Jill and Richard Ross

    George and Dotty Roth
    Alfred Roth
    Kaitlyn Rothamer and Jordyn Prell
    Karyn Rotker-Lynn and Leon Lynn
    George Roudebush
    Betsy Rowbottom
    Chad Rowland
    Baiba Rozite and Christopher Stephens
    Jeffrey and Diane Roznowski
    Avigail and Joseph Rubin
    Deborah Ruck
    Jo Ann Rucker
    William and Eva Rumpf
    Samantha Runingen
    Richard Ruppel
    Scott Russell
    Kent Russell
    Mike Russell and Susan Ehlers
    Nicolas Russell
    David and Kayla Russick
    Jerry and Sue Ryack
    Richard Ryan
    Karen Schmitting and Kevin Ryan
    Diane Rychlinski
    Georgia Ryman
    Elizabeth Rynders

    Svapna Sabnis
    Barb Sadowski
    Lisa and Kyle Safranek
    Kyle Saginus
    Gail Sahagun
    David and Ellen Sahar
    Thomas and Susan Salamone
    Rebecca and Haitham Salawdeh
    Maxine Salpeter
    Karen Samelson
    Vicki Samolyk
    Javier Sanchez
    Hannah Sanchez
    Vanessa Sanchez
    Angélica Sánchez and Daniel De La Concha
    Pastor Martinho Sander and Joan Sander
    Elizabeth Sanders
    Roberto Sandoval
    Virginia Sandquist
    Stephanie Sandy and Allan F. Montezon
    Mark Sandy and Alice Kamps
    Katharine Sanford
    Elena Santi
    Sophie Saraf
    Maria Sarandos
    Kathryn Sargent
    Julia Sargis and Rick Franklin
    Kevin and Brianna Sas-Perez
    Mike and Elizabeth Sauer
    Carley Sauter and Jose Fernando Moreno
    Catherine Sawinski
    Nicole Scanlon
    Janice Schaefer
    Nadine Schaefer and Christopher Bock
    Margit Schatzman and Stephen Bleksley
    Barnaby Scheiwe
    Kenneth Schellin
    Molly and Chris Schicantek
    Marie Schick
    Jaclyn Schiessl
    Megan Schiferl
    Dan Schiller
    Julia Schilling and Jason Gamm
    Joanne Schilz
    Molly and Jeff Schissler
    Kathrine and Dylan Schleicher
    Todd Schlenker and Susan Bolly
    Steve and Lynne Schley
    Bob and Cato Schley
    Daniel Schlitz
    Jill and Christopher Schmid
    Dana Schmidman and Ryan Berg
    Kim and Michael Schmidt
    Jack Schnable
    Jane Schneider
    Ken and Phyllis Schoberg
    Karl Schoendorf
    Don and Kris Schoonenberg
    Meghan Schopp
    Lena Schreier
    Gavin Schroeder
    Meagan and Jason Schultz
    Randy and Marge Schumann
    Marge and Randy Schumann
    Mitchell and Marisa Schutte
    Susan Schwabe
    Miranda Schwabe
    Mel Schwandt
    Carol Schwanz
    Emily Schwartz
    Rebecca Schwartz and Timothy Truel
    Andi Sciacca and Greg Sadler
    Judy and Bob Scott
    Emily Sear
    Julie and Rick Seavers
    Suzanna Sellars and Zayn Berger
    Judith and William Semrad
    Davita Shanklin
    LG Shanklin-Flowers
    Mia Shannon
    Amy Shapiro and Ruth Irvings
    James and Kirsten Shead
    Dan Shelhamer
    Kevin Shermach
    Kristin Sherman
    Liz Shickles
    Jason and Laura Shimko
    Jason Shimko and Laura Peters-Shimko
    Keito Shimoyama
    Elisabeth Shock
    Christina and Herb Shoemaker
    Dulcie and Scott Shoener
    Jamie Shookman
    Daniel Shovers
    Rebecca Shumway
    Nicholas Sideras
    Katie Siebert
    Nathan Siech
    Joanne Silko
    Andres Siller
    Janet and Steve Silverman
    Beth Silverstein and Matthew Pinix
    Peggy Silvestrini
    Rebecca and Bradley Simenz
    Bert and Marita Simmons
    Joshua Simms
    Matthew Simpson
    Jeff Sippel

    Meredith Skelton
    Rachel Skoczek
    David Skurnick and Felicia Noth
    Deborah Slakes
    Janet Slater
    Lyn Slater
    Katherine M. Smith Revocable Trust
    Maureen Smith
    Nina Smith
    Robert Smith and Sarah McEneany
    Claire and Timothy Smith
    Demetria Smith
    Guy Smith
    Dale Snider
    Laura and Christopher Socha
    Marianne Soldavini and Gary Giombi
    Kevin and Emily Solomon
    Terri Somers
    Jane Somers and Richard Cayo
    Rick and Sarah Sovitzky
    Kathryn Sowinski
    Richard and Ann Spalding
    Avie Spangler
    Rebecca and Joseph Spasiano
    Carolyn and Timothy Spath
    Alex Speaker and Katie Martin
    Joan Spector
    Lindsay Spence
    Gillian Spence
    James Spence
    Jeff and Jana Spence
    Catherine and James Sponholz
    Jim, Sarah, Jacob and Naomi Spotts
    Steven and Sarah Spottswood
    Nancy and Dick Spransy
    Greg Spurry and Nancy Greuel
    Robin Squier
    Michelle St. Clair and Paul Fuchs
    Cathy Stagmer
    Doug Stahl and Ann Windsor
    Heidi J and James Steeno
    Casey Stehlik
    Heidi Steier
    Jason Steigman and Dori Frankel Steigman
    Anne Steinberg and Eric Hansen
    Jordan Steiner
    Gary Steinhafel and Jocelyn Servick
    Christopher and Angela Steinkamp
    William Steinke
    Susan C Steinkraus and Kevin L Brown
    Melissa Steinseifer
    Anna Stellitano
    Anna Stemberger
    James Stevens and Candance Doerr-Stevens
    Sherry and Tyler Steward
    Francoise Stine
    Hannah Stoffs
    Thomas Stolp and Maria Van Hoorn
    Jane Stoltz
    Victoria and Timothy Strattner
    Christine Straw
    Elizabeth Streicher
    Carrie Streiff-Stuessy
    Christine Stuettgen
    Elizabeth and Karl Suechting
    Pat Suminski
    Rebekah Summey
    Theresa and Rudolph Sundberg
    Brent and Erin Suter
    Sarah and Matt Sveum
    Gail and Michael Sweet
    Carmel and Mark Sweet
    Kasandra and Ryan Sweet
    Suzanne Swiderski
    Marilyn and Tom Swiontek
    Georgia and Willard Sylke
    Brenda and Mark Szumski

    Alexis Tabakow and Joseph Pikalek
    Margaret and Jack Tagliavia
    Melissa and Matt Talbott
    Janet Tallberg
    Carrie Talley
    Renee Talsma
    Tony Tam and Ariel Hafeman
    Gino Tassara and Isabelle Koenig
    Lindsey Tauber and Sam Leichtling
    Andrea Taxman
    Jerry and Amanda Teagardner
    Victoria Teerlink and Jeff Drope
    Anna and Richard Teerlink
    Christina Tekus
    Margaret Tennessen
    Maria Terres-Sandgren
    Margaret Teshner
    Susan Thaller and Sean Shields
    Kelly Theis
    Mike Thiel
    The Thielke Family
    Jason and Heather Thierfelder
    Catherine Thisted
    Chad and Heather Thomack
    Jerry and Pamela Thomack
    Nancy Thomadsen
    David Thomas and Diane Steigerwald
    Ellery Thomas
    Emily and Ryan Thomas
    Kirsten Thompson
    Laura Thorton
    Samantha Tighe
    Jessica Tighe
    Robert and Laura Tobon
    Barbara and Leon Todd
    Amanda Tokuyama
    Anne and Joe Tolan
    Rebecca and Lucas Torres
    David and Joan Totten
    Jean and John Toutenhoofd
    Ashley Town
    Alex Townley
    Leroy Towns
    Lance Trautman
    Lauryn Trautmann
    Grace Trecha
    Tyler and Becky Trimble
    David Tripp and Jenny Abel
    Rebecca and Bruce Troeller
    Aaria and Philip Troiano
    Ed Trummer
    Donald Poe and Bilin Tsai
    Anna Tulley
    Turner-Miller Family
    Carley Tuska
    Brett and Jen Twente
    Heidi Twu

  • U
    D. Michael and Orchard Utzinger

    Lyn Vaccaro
    Abhi Valivarthi
    Emily Van Dunk and Erik Lee
    Brian Van Klooster
    Sandra Van Koningsveld
    Katy Van Schyndle
    Michael Van Valkenburgh
    Jim and Janet Van Zile
    Mary Vandenberg
    Brian VanDerWeele and Susan Bridges
    Paul Vandeveld
    Victor and Carolyn Vargo
    Tim Vargo and Jessie Tobin
    Stephanie Vasos and Melissa Moutry
    Adriana Vazquez
    Natasha Veal
    Mercedes Vega
    Bethany and Jeff Veglahn
    Jeff and Bethany Veglahn
    Lauren Vejvoda
    Anuschka Veldman
    Bonnie Veldman
    Ellen Velie
    Steve Ventura and Margaret Krome
    Gideon Verdin
    Debra Verhagen and Bruce Halmo
    Christopher and Melinda Vernon
    Nathaniel and Rebecca Vest
    Janet Veum
    Cynthia Vian
    Yesenia Villanueva-Rodriguez
    Alicia Vogel
    Elizabeth Vokac and John C. Blanchard
    Tammy Von Allmen
    Sara Voss

    George and Barbara Wagner
    Chelsea Wait
    Rhodes Waite and Jackie Lawrenz
    James and Erin Walcheske
    Sarah and Jake Walczak
    Tyler Walczak
    Jane Waldbaum and Steve Morse
    Ellen Walfoort
    John Walfoort
    Polly Walker Beal and Robert Beal
    Stephanie Wallace
    Dr. Roberta S. Wallace and Robert Alamillo
    Elizabeth Wallrath

    Gil and Edie Walter
    Kenneth Walz
    Elizabeth Ward
    Allison Ward
    Christopher Ward
    Jonathan Ward
    Kristie and David Warner
    Laurie Washburn
    Ann Wasser
    Sheldon and Wendy Wasserman
    David Waters
    Will and Andrea Wawrzyn
    Andrea Webb
    Ari Weber
    Anne and Dan Weber-Schulz
    Mary Wehrle Schnell and Richard Schnell
    Bonnie Weidert
    Sarah Weintraub and Freddy Carrillo
    Robert Weisberg
    Nina Weisling and Favian Sanchez
    Suzy Weisman
    Jeffrey Weiss
    Anne Weissgerber
    Susan Weistrop
    Tara Welytok
    Miriam Wendling
    Austin Wendorf
    Mary Wenke
    Gwen and Bill Werner
    Valerie Wesp
    Elliot Wetherbee
    Patty and Kevin Whaley
    John White
    Sammis and Jean White
    Stephen White
    Megan and Kyle White
    Heather Whitmill
    Erin Whitney
    Lauren Wickman
    Zachery Wiles
    Isaac Wiley
    Oscar and Christin Wille
    Greg Wille and Carol J. Holley
    Julia Williams
    Sarah Williamson
    JoAnn Willmering
    Louise Willmering
    Mark Willmering
    Sarah Willmering
    Katie Willmering
    Samantha Wilson and Florent Ray Hentschke
    Anna and Andrew Wilson
    Jennifer Wilson
    Christina West
    Jessica Wirth
    George Wise
    Patricia Witt and Susan Borri
    Christa and Justin Wittenberg

    Margaret Wittig
    Stephen and Erin Wocken
    Lynne Woehrle and Holger Foersterling
    Margene Woida
    Prati Wojtal
    Carol Ann Wolcott
    Sharon Wolf
    Rebecca and Eli Wolfe
    Jennifer and Nick Wolff
    Diana Wollach
    Mary Ann Wolter
    Mary Wolverton
    John Wood
    Leslie Woodruff and Paul Gegenhuber
    Haley Woods
    Laurie and Derril Wright
    Natalie Wright and Alexander Mann
    Soloman Wright
    Michael and Carol Wylie
    Tracy Wymelenberg


    Amber Yan
    Andrew Yaspan and Melissa Chiu
    Lindy Yeager and John Florsheim
    Benjamin York and Cassandra Koch
    Chris and Michelle Young
    Allen Young
    Kristina Young
    Sarah Young
    Diane Yurasovich and Heather Nennig

    Jake Zagar
    Missy Zahn
    David Zalewski
    Marshall Zarem
    Christina Zarnowski
    Trudy Zauner
    Grant Zdroik
    Lucielle Zea
    Eileen Zeiger
    Jennifer Zeigler and Genaro Armas
    Ashley Zeiher
    Gisela Zelenka-Drysdale and Doug Drysdale
    Mo Zell and Marc Roehrle
    Corey Zetts and Benji Timm
    Irum Ziauddin
    Alexandria Zielinski
    Chris Zimmerman
    Sonia Zimmerman
    Brandon Zitomer
    Linda Zwirlein

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations
(sorted by first name in organization title)

Please see next section for Greater Milwaukee Foundation and Jewish Community Foundation listings.

  • Alumbra Innovations Foundation, Inc.
    AmazonSmile Foundation
    Anthony Petullo Foundation
    Argosy Foundation
    Artisan Partners
    Bader Philanthropies, Inc.
    Badger Meter Foundation
    Barbara & John Trimble Family Foundation, Inc.
    Benevity Community Impact Fund
    Black Husky Brewing
    BOGS Footwear
    Brady Corporation
    Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.
    CAF America
    Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate North America
    Cargill Incorporated
    Catena Foundation
    Cedar Street Charitable Fund
    CG Schmidt Inc.
    Charles D. Ortgiesen Foundation
    Charter Manufacturing Foundation
    Charter Wire LLC
    Christ Church Episcopal
    Cintas Corporation
    Clare M. Peters Charitable Trust
    Cleary-Kumm Foundation, Inc.
    Clover Milwaukee
    Collective Flow
    Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee
    Croen Foundation, Inc.
    Department of Natural Resources
    DeWan Dental Wellness
    Discovery World
    Dorothy Inbusch Foundation, Inc.
    Eaton Corporation
    Empower Credit Union
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    Fiduciary Real Estate Development
    Forest County Potawatomi Foundation, Inc.
    Four-Four Foundation, Inc.
    Fox Point Federated Garden Club
    Gayle Grubisic Riordan Revocable Trust
    Generac Power Systems
    Give Lively Foundation
    Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.
    Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors Youth Foundation
    Hauske Family Foundation
    Herzfeld Foundation
    HGA Architects and Engineers
    Hire A Helper
    Hydrite Chemical
    Ice Age Trail Alliance
    InPro Corporation
    John T. & Suzanne S. Jacobus Family Foundation
    Johnson Controls
    Jones Lang LaSalle
    JPMorgan Chase Foundation
    Kelben Foundation

    Komatsu Mining Corp
    Laskin Family Foundation
    Lux Foundation, Inc.
    Maihaugen Foundation
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Meier Family Foundation
    Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
    Milwaukee Public Market
    Nasgovitz Family Foundation
    Network for Good
    North American Bank
    Northwestern Mutual Foundation
    Novus Home Mortgage
    Peck Foundation, Milwaukee LTD
    PNC Bank
    PNC Foundation
    Pour, Inc.
    Prairie Springs: The Paul Fleckenstein Charitable Trust
    Purple Door Ice Cream
    Ralph Evinrude Foundation, Inc.
    Rapid Radicals Technology, LLC
    Regal Rexnord
    Rexnord Foundation
    Rivet, LLC
    Rockwell Automation
    Rotary Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
    Sacajawea Charitable Foundation
    Salawdeh Law Office, LLC
    Shorewest Realtors
    Speaker Family Foundation
    Steigleder Charitable Trust
    Target Corporation
    Terri and Verne Holoubek Family Foundation
    The Brookby Foundation
    The Community Grant Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation
    The Connect Travel, LLC
    The George B. Storer Foundation
    The Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation
    The ROS Foundation
    Twisted Plants
    U.S. Bank Foundation
    U.S. Department of the Treasury
    U.S. Forest Service
    United HealthCare
    United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County
    United Way Worldwide
    VJS Construction Services, Inc.
    Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church
    We Energies Foundation
    We Energies K's for a Cause
    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
    Yellow Wood
    YourCause, LLC
    Ziegler Family Foundation, Inc.
    Zurn Water Solutions

  • Annette J. Roberts and Joan R. Robertson Fund for World Peace, World Law and Peace Education

    Asher and Susan Nichols Family Fund

    Avery/Emerson Social Enterprise Fund

    de Hartog Family Fund

    Ela Family Fund

    Golden Charitable Fund

    Hoffman Family Fund

    John C and Harriett Cleaver Fund

    Joseph and Laura Mantoan Family Fund

    Josephine James Fund

    Judith A. Keyes Family Fund

    Mainman Family Fund

    Margarete and David Harvey Fund

    MW Fund

    Plotkin Family Fund

    Richard M. and Maxine O. Franz Fund

    Richard W. and Barbara K. Frank Family Fund

    Schaus Family Fund

    Shirley and Bob Anthony Fund

  • Danni and Shel Gendelman Memorial Endowment

    David Moss and Colleen Beaman Donor Advised Fund

    Irving & Lorraine Armour Memorial Donor Advised Fund

    Paul and Susan Bernstein Donor Advised Fund

    Sharon and Mike Grinker Donor Advised Fund

In Honor of (sorted by last name)

  • Ann Beyer for demonstrating the core value of "Make it Better"
    - Steele Solutions Inc

    Maisie Buntin and Sam Jones
    - Carolyn Murray
    - Lisa Popelka

    Zachary Campana's birthday
    - Schaus Family Fund

    Aleta Chossek
    - Dan and Valerie Stefanich

    Penny Cruse
    - Jay and Jessica Bitter

    Penny Cruse - Happy birthday
    - Tamie Dudor

    Earth Day!
    - Novus Home Mortgage

    Laury Ellis
    - Joanne Bernstein

    Suzanne Groth and Stephen Tufte
    - Dustin and Jenn Batterman

    Ted Haischer
    - Missy Zahn

    Suzanne and Dan Haislmaier
    - Jim Schleif and Bill Morley

    David Herrewig
    - Patricia and James Herrewig

    Glenna Holstein
    - Anonymous

    Aunt Kathy
    - Carolyn McCarthy

    The King Cruse Bitter Group clients
    - Suzanne and Edward King

    Lee and Rachel Kesting and their upcoming wedding
    - Debra Lee

    The wedding of Adam Knier & Chris White
    - Maria Knier and Timothy Theobald

    The wedding of Christopher White and Adam Knier
    - Andrew Petroll

    My mother, Marcene Korpela, who believes all children should experience the beauty and benefits of being in nature
    - Courtnie Korpela

    Kim Lamers
    - Luke Lamers

    Ken's contribution to Milwaukee
    - David HB Drake

    Rue Mapp, founder of Outdoor Afro organization
    - Tom and Patti Benson

    Michael Mastroianni, age 34, killed recently on his bike when a driver made an illegal left turn. He loved life, and the children he taught, and nature and Milwaukee.
    - Deborah Luepnitz

    Isabel Miranda for being the BEST educator there ever was. Happy holidays!
    - Ashley Best

    Blake Moret's 60th Birthday
    - Tressa Bruggink
    - Rachael Hawig
    - Kate Muth

    The 18th Anniversary of Wisconsin Green Muslims
    - Huda Alkaff

    Sonja Nelson-Gurda
    - Therese Perry
    - Thomas Tolan and Priscilla Pardini

    Jennifer Nolan
    - Mary Nolan

    Edmund Rozite
    - Nichole Logan

    Elaine Stalheim
    - Jan Serr and John Shannon

    The beautiful work that the Urban Ecology Center continues to do.
    - Philip Ankel and Alberta Ashbrook-Ankel

    Tim Vargo and Chad Thomack
    - Ann G. Pier

    My best friend, Jessica Weber, and her mother Midori Dynes.
    - Suzanne Clum

In Memory of (sorted by last name)

  • Else Ankel
    - Philip Ankel and Alberta Ashbrook-Ankel
    - Aaron and Aune Hardt

    Else Ankel and Jayne Pelton
    - Mary Margene Woida

    Bob Anthony
    - Shirley Anthony

    Kay Baldwin
    - Dick Baldwin

    Don Beimborn
    - Edward and Janet Beimborn

    Chuck Cruse
    - Jay and Jessica Bitter

    Tom Ela
    - Ela Family Fund

    Harry and Mary Franke
    - John and Gabrielle Franke

    Dan Frankel
    - Sue Bronson

    Alice M. Gillam
    - Chuck Hays

    David Gronauer
    - Sharon and Mike Grinker

    Paul Michael Hauer
    - Michael Hauer

    Michael Jacobus
    - John T. & Suzanne S. Jacobus Family Foundation

    Nancy Laskin
    - Mary Stanley

    Martha Laubach
    - Stephen and Carina Laubach

    Kent Lustig
    - Karen Lustig

    Ron Mann and the Ron Mann Butterfly Garden
    - Dianne Anderson
    - Mark Anderson
    - Janine Arseneau
    - Cheri and Thomas Briscoe
    - Dianne Dagelen
    - Alan Friedman
    - James and Liesa Kerler
    - Patricia Miller
    - Anne Steinberg and Eric Hansen
    - David Thomas and Diane Steigerwald

    Mike Mastroianni
    - Alison LoCoco

    Mr. Mike (Mastroianni)
    - Elizabeth Reischl

    Mike Mastroianni
    - Mary Wenke

    Marge Morales
    - Bob and Kathy Landaas

    Jayne Pelton, long time East side resident and former volunteer with the Center
    - Rebecca Pelton

    Edmund Leroy Rozite
    - Mary Bend
    - Karina Brenneman
    - Aija Burgelis
    - Jane Conarchy
    - Donald Gardner
    - Amy Herbst
    - Tia Keck
    - Kathleen Krueger
    - Anna Law
    - Sherrod Milewski
    - Barbara Richardson
    - Sigurd Strautmanis
    - Vita Wangall
    - Marilynn Weiland

    Ruth Saunders
    - Nancy Thomadsen

    Robert B. Schlytter
    - The ROS Foundation

    Sally Tolan
    - Carola Loepfe and Elizabeth Bostrom

    Len Weistrop
    - Susan Weistrop

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