Winterfest Returns to Washington Park!

Written by Erick Anderson
    Wednesday, 20 January 2016
Winterfest Returns to Washington Park!

Winter took its time getting here this year, but it definitely showed up ready to go! In a matter of days, Washington Park became covered in beautiful snow, and things are lining up beautifully for our annual Winterfest!

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We want you to enjoy all the snowy season fun you can have here in the city, so we've got a whole afternoon of wonderful winter activities planned, conditions permitting of course. From noon - 4 pm you'll be able to ski through the park, speed down the sledding hill, stomp around in snow shoes, and more!

And if you've got toddlers who need an earlier start, register for our Winterfest for Afternoon Nappers! From 10:30 to noon kids ages 5 and under accompanied by an adult will enjoy a morning of fun including a craft, winter hike, and puppet show and still get home in time for their afternoon nap.

Inside the Center we'll have a nice warm place to hang out, with free chili and potatoes for lunch from Washington Park Partners, hot beverages, live music, animal feeding, and arts and crafts. And of course, let's not forget about the fresh pies baked by our friends from Community Pie and our Young Scientists Club!

Winterfest photo by Chris von BriesenPhoto: Chris von Briesen

One of my favorite aspects of leading the winter festival is walking over to the sledding hill and watching so many people have fun together. Kids and adults alike, from all sides of the park, coming together to sled down their sledding hill. I don't think there's any other part of my job that I'm more proud of.

Oh, and our Young Scientists Club kids are excited to report that sledding conditions are great. Our staff will point out, perhaps conditions are a little too great - if you like going fast, now is definitely the time to go!

Winterfest photo by Chris von Briesen
Speeding down the sled hill! Photo: Chris von Briesen

We're never quite sure what we're going to get with winter in Wisconsin. But one thing we can always guarantee you, if you come to the Urban Ecology Center, you're going to have fun! And now that winter is here in full force, come enjoy it with us!

Erick Anderson

Erick Anderson

Plan A for Erick’s life was to become a high school science teacher. But after graduating from Waukesha’s Carroll University in 2006 with degrees in Chemistry and Secondary Education, he found himself stumbling upon a much more intriguing Plan B. Joining the national program Lutheran Volunteer Corps, he spent the next two years placed as a full-time Environmental Educator at the Riverside Park Branch and was given the opportunity to stay on for three more years. In 2011, he began Plan C as Community Program Coordinator at the Washington Park Branch, focusing particularly on the Young Scientists Club program. He looks forward to finding out what plans D through Z will have in store.


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