Who Says You Can't Have Fun in the Fall?

Written by Urban Ecology Center
    Thursday, 24 October 2013
Who Says You Can't Have Fun in the Fall?

Although the temperature is cooling down and everyone is preparing for the winter days ahead, don't get discouraged about spending your days outside and engaging with nature! Everyone here at the Urban Ecology Center is excited about participating in fun Fall activities, from hiking and camping outdoors, to making craft projects or cooking recipes inspired by Fall materials. Here's a list of some of our favorite activities that you can do, and remember, don't let the cooler weather daunt you from exploring the great outdoors!

"I love to go bird watching in the fall. The branches are bare so you can see the birds better. We have fall migrants, like the Junco, that call Milwaukee their home in winter. The fall/winter seasons don't start for me until I see Juncos." – Carijean Buhk

fauna-leaf-mask"These leaf masks look cool and fun, and you can incorporate these into your Halloween costume!" – Willie Karidis

"Fall is the absolute best time for mountain biking; no mosquitoes, cooler temperatures equal less sweaty grossness, and beautiful autumn foliage. For clothing I'll usually wear a long sleeve athletic fabric top with a windbreaker over it and a pair of shorts. If it's a little chillier (but not flat out cold) I'll wear thin tights under my shorts. Like most cooler weather activities, when in doubt, dress in layers. Wisconsin's a great state for mountain biking, and there are tons of trails all over. You can find a good reference here. In Milwaukee County we actually have two sanctioned mountain biking trails, the Alpha Trail and Hoyt Park, and you can read about them here. The Alpha Trail is a moderate trail with some advanced sections, appropriate for more "legitimate" mountain bikes. Hoyt Park, however, is fast and flat with a few technical sections, and would be a fun, gentle challenge on the kind of mountain bikes we loan at the Center." – Matthew Gnas

"Try this fun dessert recipe: Take red seedless grapes, wash well and dry very very well. Dip top third of each grape in melted semisweet chocolate chips, then dip chocolate end in granulated sugar. Lay on wax paper to set. Not only are these delicious but they look so much like acorns that some people are hesitant to put them in their mouths." – Kathy Palmer

fall camping credit"Camping in the cooler weather is rather pleasant. It's much easier to sleep in a tent when it isn't sweltering hot and full of mosquitoes. Campfires are more fun to snuggle up to on a chilly fall night. Also, state parks are usually less crowded when it cools off. Just be sure to bring a warm flannel, wool socks, and plenty of coffee or tea!" - Aaron Zeleske

"I love going camping in the fall! There are no mosquitoes, campsites are not as crowded, and parks look totally different. You need some special warm gear but many parks have cabins or yurts available. Devil's Lake and Governor Dodge State Park are both amazing. Last year was the first time I had gone to either place in the fall and I was amazed by the leaf colors, and the sea of amber-brown oaks I would have overlooked in the summer. You can't swim, but biking is a great option and hiking is way more invigorating in slightly cooler weather." – Laurel Cutright

"I would suggest fall hiking. I go hiking nearly every weekend and am always anxious to explore a new trail or state park. I use the book "Explorer's Guide 50 Hikes in Wisconsin: Trekking the Trails of the Badger State" to expand hikes throughout the state. I'm probably more than a third of the way through!" – Lianna Bishop

soup 1"Another fall thing I love, even though it's indoors, is to have a fall soup potluck! Have a bunch of friends bring a pot of their favorite soup, get some nice crusty bread and enjoy!" – Aaron Zeleske


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