We Need your Family's Help Solving a Mystery!

Written by Sam Huenink
    Wednesday, 21 May 2014
We Need your Family's Help Solving a Mystery!

Forests are filled with mysterious and beautiful happenings: the flickering light of fireflies in summer nights, the almost instantaneous blooming of flowers on a spring morning, the dance of colored leaves falling in autumn, and snow-covered branches in the winter. We have a mystery to solve at the Urban Ecology Center too and we need your family's help solving it!

The Urban Ecology Center is excited to introduce a new program to its repertoire this year, the Family Mystery Dinner. This new event is a little bit different – part dinner theater, part outdoor educational program, and part self-led activities for the family. The Family Mystery Dinner will begin with a pasta dinner for the whole family and some self-led activities/crafts for the youngsters who scarf down their food quickly.

Dinner will be followed by an entertaining interactive, full-costumed mystery play. See our talented educators as you have never seem them before: as a shrew, beetle, raccoon, woodpecker, beaver, and an owl! Clancy Shrew: The Case of the Vanishing Log is an original play that takes place in an urban forest much like Riverside Park.

The cast of characters: who took the log?

A group of forest friends go to visit their favorite secret log for a snack in the spring, but over the winter the log vanished! Since they were the only five that knew of the log's existence, which of the five friends could have taken it for themselves? Was it the spritely shrew detective or the bumbling beetle? Was it the nurturing mother beaver or the grumpy raccoon? Or maybe it was the fidgety woodpecker? Help the characters look for clues and figure out whodunit in this mystery filled with twists and laughter.

After the play, the characters will lead families outside in a variety of activities. You can choose to sing songs around the campfire with Beetle and Beaver, take a discovery hike through the forest with Raccoon and Owl, or investigate some pond life with Clancy Shrew and Woodpecker. We hope you join us for the Family Mystery Dinner!

We hope to see you there!

Family Mystery Dinner

Clancy Shrew and the Tale of the Missing Log

Saturday, May 31st  |  5 - 7 pm
at our Riverside Park branch
 Recommended for families with children ages 4-8, but all are welcome

 Get your tickets here!

All the proceeds go to support the Center's educational programming.

Sam Huenink

Sam Huenink

Sam is the Community Program Educator at our Riverside Park branch.

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