From the Farm to Their Table - Jamie Ferschinger

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    Thursday, 27 February 2014
From the Farm to Their Table - Jamie Ferschinger

Even poor college students can afford to eat well. Jamie Ferschinger belonged to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm through most of her college career and doesn’t ever “remember it being a hardship.” “I love to cook and I always had friends around to eat what I cooked. I got a smaller share so it wasn’t an overwhelming amount of food,” says Ferschinger. She eventually became a drop site for her CSA and it opened up a whole new demographic for the farmer – college kids.

In fact, it was in college that Ferschinger first learned about CSAs. “I went to the Farmer’s Market to buy some eggs and I started talking to one of the farmers, he told me about joining a CSA,” she said.

“Now, gardening is my hobby,” says Ferschinger, “but I depend on the CSA for my food so we split a CSA share with our neighbors, as well as having our own garden.”

“People easily get into their routines of going to the grocery store not realizing there is a whole other food system out there. While people may think it is expensive – it is an entirely different food system than what people are used to, with the real cost of producing the food included in the price,” says Ferschinger.  “Farmers are willing to work with people to help them afford a CSA share – there are assistance funds available.”
According to Ferschinger, newer, younger farmers are thinking of different things that customers might want such as:

  • Single shares
  • Home delivery
  • More convenience
  • Workplace shares

“With a CSA, you do not have to deal with a middle man – you deal with the farmer directly. At the Local Farmer Open House you can find the right farm for you.  If you don’t want to experiment or have different needs, you can shop around for what works for you,” says Ferschinger. As for Ferschinger herself, “We entertain a lot and I like to have good, wholesome and tasty food to serve my friends when they come over. That’s one of the best parts of belonging to a CSA,” she says.

2013 LFOH logoWant to get your food fresh from a CSA? Come to our Local Farmer Open House on Saturday, March 8th at our Riverside Park branch. Meet and sign up with farmers, learn how you can join a CSA farm (purchase a share of the harvest) and get a box of fresh produce each week during the season. Join us for this free event!

This blog post was written by Theresa Lins. Theresa is a Milwaukee-based writer and Urban Ecology Center “groupie”.  She has been active in promoting the Center and its programs for over 14 years.  Other than eating farm-fresh food, her favorite thing is to write about it and the people who produce it.

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