Take a Hike, Milwaukee!

Written by Ken Leinbach
    Wednesday, 24 June 2015
Take a Hike, Milwaukee!

One of my favorite things to do is be fully immersed in nature while hiking in the middle of the city. The fact that you can walk from a street full of houses into a beautiful green haven in a matter of moments is so amazing!

I love watching people’s faces their first time out hiking in one of the parks at our branches, especially those who have lived in Milwaukee all their lives but have never seen this natural side of their city. It’s great.

I’d like to invite you to take part in an urban nature hike with me!

On Sunday, September 20th we’re having our first ever benefit hike called HKE MKE. Thanks to a partnership with the Bartolotta Restaurants, who have chosen us as their 2015 Project Spot-On partner, you’ll be able to join in this favorite urban-nature experience of ours while helping to support the mission of the Center. The Bartolotta Restaurant group is helping us organize this event as well as promote participation among their employees. We are inviting many of our other business and organizational partners to do the same.

Update: Reistration for HKE MKE is now live!

Click here to register

Now, you may be thinking, “September? That seems so far away! Why are you telling us about it now?” Well it is early, that’s true, but we’re excited and we wanted to let you know about HKE MKE as soon as possible for a few reasons.

First, like other walks, HKE MKE is a benefit event. When registration launches in July, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own fundraising page that you can easily share through email and your social media networks. You can also create a team with a shared fundraising goal, perhaps even inspiring a little friendly competition to see who can raise the most.

Second, we want to give enough time for the word to spread. Invite your friends and family to hike with you, especially if they haven’t experienced “nature in the city” before. The routes are family-friendly and tailored to different abilities so everyone can participate. The hike will include stretches in beautiful Riverside Park as well as the Milwaukee Rotary Centennial Arboretum. We hope that you will organize a big team for our inaugural HKE MKE. The more the merrier!

Full details about HKE MKE will be coming out soon, but in the meantime you can head to and sign up to get an email when registration opens. Bring your friends and share the experience of Milwaukee’s natural beauty!

Ken Leinbach

Ken Leinbach

Ken is a nationally recognized educator and leader in community-based environmental education. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Urban Ecology Center. With his contagious energy, Ken speaks on a number of topics including: urban education, community organizing, environmental issues, finding abundance, the power of story, sustainable design, the need for "near-by" nature, leadership, fundraising, and green living. Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Antioch College in Ohio, a Masters degree in Environmental Education from Prescott College in Arizona and received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the Milwaukee Instituted of Art and Design.

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