See For Yourself - Our Eco-friendly Facilities

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    Thursday, 07 July 2016
See For Yourself - Our Eco-friendly Facilities

Every choice we make about the form and function of our buildings is made with the environment in mind. From energy sources to recycled materials, Urban Ecology Center facilities provide real life examples of green building practices and management.

Visit us and see all the smart ways you can make your home and business greener.

See for Yourself - Our Eco-friendly Facilities. 100,000 gallons of water collected. The rainwater collection system at our  Riverside Park branch (see the cisterns above) covers ½ of our toilet flushing needs. Using rainwater helps us conserve 100,000 gallons of clean, filtered water per year. Over 150 recycled and reclaimed materials and fixtures. From hardwood floors from schools to leaded glass from a bar to mirrors from an old factory, all of our branches are filled with reused items. 44,000 watts annually. The solar array at our Riverside Park branch produces 44,000 watts (44 kilowatts) of power annually. This covers roughly one-third of our annual energy use at that branch. Our Menomonee Valley and Washington Park branches use solar arrays for hot water.

If you’d like to support projects like these, consider volunteering or making a donation.

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