Overnight Adventure a Stone’s Throw from the City!

Written by Mike Ziegler
    Wednesday, 17 September 2014
Overnight Adventure a Stone’s Throw from the City!

While going on a camping trip can become second nature after a few times out, the first encounter with all those tent poles, vacant fire pit, and the expectant eyes of your children can be a bit daunting. Well, be daunted no more! The Urban Ecology Center is offering our Family Camping Trip - an overnight camping trip at the beautiful Blue Heron Wild Life Sanctuary in Saukville, less than an hour north of the city. Come with questions, leave with confidence in your own camping skills, and have a fantastically memorable time with your family in between!

starting a fire with a bow drillPerhaps you already know many of the skills to be learned during our family camping weekend, like fire building, setting up a tent, cooking over the fire. Come share your knowledge with other families on the trip, or learn some more advanced survival skills like starting bow drill fires (left) or building a shelter.

Or maybe you’re versed in camping, but your family simply doesn't have the gear. The upfront costs of tents, sleeping bags, and other equipment, can be another real barrier to family camping. We try and lower that barrier a bit by providing food, gear, and guidance on this fun family trip. Then once you feel empowered to try camping on your own, contributing members of the Center can borrow that same gear for free!

Still though, there’s something about this trip though that’s deeper than learning some skills and getting access to camping gear. More elementally appealing is the plain and simple experience of having a good time!

family overnight camping kidsPicture it: your tents have been pitched, the wood pile is up to your waist, your kids are being led in a game by Ecology Center staff with the new friends they’ve just made, and you’ve got no worries except that your marshmallow is getting so puffy and golden that it might just fall off your stick.

In the two Overnight Family Camping Trips we’ve led in the past, the families who have come to know Blue Heron’s 90 secluded acres along the Milwaukee River have found a deeper appreciation for the wild spaces just a stone’s throw from their city. They’ve also come to see their family in a new way - with new capacities for fun, new lines of interdependence drawn, and the warm light of shared memories cast over it all.

Camping is a skill I’m grateful to have learned. I love the fact that with a full backpack, a willing pair of legs, and a bit of luck with the weather I’m able to be at home almost anywhere I please.

family overnight camping kids

Though this may sound like an overabundance of confidence, the more I camp, the more I realize it’s less about assertion yourself in the outdoors and more about acceptance and appreciation for the nature around you. Whatever it is about camping that makes it so special, I’d love to share the experience with you all.

Hope to see you there!

Family Overnight Camping Trip

Saturday, September 20th | noon - Sunday, September 21st | 11 a.m.

Click here for more info and to register.

Registration is due by September 18th

Mike Ziegler

Mike Ziegler

Mike Ziegler is the seasonal Urban Adventure Specialist at the Urban Ecology Center. He’s happy to hold that position; not only because it allows him to engage others in his love for having fun in the wilds of Milwaukee, but also because he’s now able to tell his parents you actually can get a job as an adventurer! Mike gets energy from building supportive and vibrant communities welcoming to all its members, as well as from the sun. 


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