#MKEEarthMonth Eco-Tips: Repurpose

Written by Urban Ecology Center
    Monday, 18 April 2016
#MKEEarthMonth Eco-Tips: Repurpose

Repurposing items is one of the most fun ways to be more environmentally friendly and can also cure boredom. All you need is items you no longer need or use and a little creativity. You’re only limited by how creative you can be!

Before you recycle or throw something away, see if you can think of a way it could be used for something different. You might be surprised at the ideas you come up with and you'll end up making something that is one-of-a-kind!


Try out our ideas! Have you repurposed something in a creative way lately? Share your ideas with us using #MKEEarthMonth

  1. ​Repurpose newspaper by making pots to start seedlings. The paper will break down in soil so transplanting is easy!
  2. Fill up an empty squeezable ketchup bottle with pancake batter to make the perfect pancakes without the mess.
  3. Egg cartons are great for crafts. Use one as a paint palette or to organize small craft supplies such as paperclips, buttons and sequins.
  4. Cover old cardboard boxes in scrap fabric or paper to create stylish storage or gift boxes.
  5. Plastic toothbrushes produce a lot of waste! Instead of throwing an old one away use it to scrub in between tiles, around your faucet and hard to reach spots.
  6. Get creative and repurpose wine bottles into chic home décor. You can paint them with chalkboard paint, wrap them in fabric or put twinkly lights inside.
  7. Put lint from the dryer in a toilet paper roll to make a great fire starter for camping or your fireplace.




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