#MKEEarthMonth Eco-Tips: Reduce

Written by Urban Ecology Center
    Monday, 04 April 2016
#MKEEarthMonth Eco-Tips: Reduce

This week’s Milwaukee Earth Month theme is reduce. Our first set of tips were ways to refuse things you don't really need. The next step is to reduce the amount of resources you use. Reducing the amount of electricity, water and gas you use daily can have a big impact on your environmental footprint and your wallet. We've complied 7 things you can easily incorporate into your daily routine that will help you save money and start good eco-friendly habits.


Try out these tips to reduce the impact of things you do every day! Share the tips with friends and let us know what you do to reduce with #MKEEarthMonth.

  1. Make sure your electronics are really off and not wasting power by unplugging them completely or using a power strip to turn several off at once.

  2. Unplug your phone once it has finished charging! A fully charged phone still can use up to 60% of the power it uses when charging.
  3. Start a new good habit of turning the lights off when you are the last to leave a room.
  4. Don’t blast the water when doing dishes! Soaking, swirling, using the sprayer, and reusing water are great methods.
  5. A four minute shower can use 20-40 gallons of water. Shower efficiently and quickly!
  6. Save time, money, and gas by starting a carpool group.
  7. Do you drive your car frequently? Save gas and get some excercise by walking or taking your bike instead!




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