#MKEEarthMonth Eco-Tips: Recycle

Written by Urban Ecology Center
    Monday, 25 April 2016
#MKEEarthMonth Eco-Tips: Recycle

The final "R" in our Milwauke Earth Month eco-tips is "recycle!" You've already learned how to refuse, reduce, reuse and repurpose. Now the final step is to recycle what's leftover! Recycling is an important final step and is easy to do, and this week's tips will help you become a better recycler. Make sure you share this new knowledge with friends and family!


Try out these tips to help you recycle smarter. Share these tips with friends and join in on the conversation with #MKEEarthMonth!

  1. ​Check with your local Department of Public Works to determine what’s recyclable in your area. For more information visit:
  2. Hang a reminder to recycle near the recycling bin in your kitchen.
  3. Keep a recycling bin in your bathrooms so you don’t forget to recycle toilet paper tubes and empty toiletry bottles.
  4. Always remember to rinse out recyclable plastic and glass before recycling!
  5. You can recycle plastic bags like grocery bags, produce bags and cereal bags. Look at your grocery store for a bin!
  6. Properly recycle electronics like old phones, computers, MP3s, and batteries. Look for bins at electronic stores.



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