Join our Research (and Storytelling) Team!

Written by Tim Vargo
    Thursday, 10 May 2018
Join our Research (and Storytelling) Team!

A good researcher performs many roles — observer, record keeper, historian and the like. But one of our favorites is storyteller. You may have heard about how the UEC heals the land through thousands of hours from land stewardship volunteers and staff pulling nonnative plants, planting natives and preventing erosion. Often the results of these efforts are easy to see.

But the changes are even more fascinating when you pay attention in other ways — by looking, listening, trapping, netting, or turning over coverboards in search of wildlife using the land. With all of these tools in hand, the Community Science team can tell “healing” stories that rival any of your favorite bedtime tales.

Read our annual reviews and blog articles to hear how the American beaver and northern short-tailed shrew have returned urban green spaces. Read about the bluet damselflies and clubtail dragonflies that haven’t been seen in Milwaukee County in over 100 years! You can anticipate the cliffhanger of what will come next — an otter? A nesting bald eagle? An evening bat?

American Beaver by the Milwaukee River

The American beaver has returned to the Milwaukee River. Photo by Community Scientist Bruce Halmo

We’d love to add to our growing group of storytellers this field season as together we write chapters about native bees and other pollinators, fireflies, singing frogs, sucker fish and shrikes. Learn how you can join our team of community scientists on May 17th at the Riverside Park branch for Community Science: How to Get Involved in Hands On Research, or attend one of our many volunteer training opportunities. The (field) season of adventure awaits!


Community Science volunteers taking part in bird banding research


Tim Vargo

Tim Vargo

Tim’s vast experience in applied biological research with an emphasis on conservation biology, tropical biology and ornithology has allowed him to carry out research around the world, including Australia, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Panama, and throughout the United States.

Tim received an undergraduate degree in biology from Macalester College in 1995 and a Masters Degree in Biology from Purdue University in 2001.

Tim is the Manager of Research and Community Science at the Center and in his spare time, Tim enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf, relaxing at home with a good book, and fossil-fuel free (green) birding.


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