Interest Groups: What is Your Crazy Idea?

Written by Jamie Ferschinger
    Thursday, 04 July 2013
Interest Groups: What is Your Crazy Idea?

What good is an idea if it resides only in the isolation of one mind? Ideas that are shared and nurtured are those ideas that grow, become contagious, and bring about change. I believe that all ideas are valuable, even the ones that seem crazy at first. Diversity is essential for healthy, thriving, natural systems. Heterogeneity, not homogeneity, of ideas breeds innovation.

There are a lot of good ideas residing patiently in the isolation of your brain. You need to share them! The crazy ideas are usually the best ones and they want to come out. We want to help. The Urban Ecology Center has "Interest Group" programs every month that were developed and are led by people in the community. People like you!

Do you have an idea for a club, meeting group, ongoing discussion, etc. but need a venue? You should start an Interest Group! The Center offers a free meeting space one time per month as well as help to promote Groups that are consistent with our mission and values. Here are some ideas: climate and climate change, clean water, energy, transportation, food, sustainable consumption of resources, healthy living, land use, environmental justice, and biodiversity. Interest Groups must be free and open to everyone.

The first Urban Ecology Center Interest Group was the Vegetarian Potluck that started when the Center operated out of a double-wide trailer. The Potluck, consisting of people in our community, met every month for almost 15 years and had its last meeting this year. A special thanks to everyone who was part of the Vegetarian Potluck throughout the years. Some examples of current Interest Groups include: Friends of Real Food, Photo Club, 350.org, Transition Milwaukee, Echo Poets, Urban Stargazers and New Urban Friends. Check our newsletter or website for dates and times when these groups meet and stop in any time.

Regardless of whether you have an idea of your own or want to be part of one of the current interest groups, your ideas are welcome. If you have an idea for starting an Interest Group contact Jamie Ferschinger, Branch Manager - Riverside Park at (414) 964-8505 x114; Willie Karidis, Branch Manager - Washington Park at (414) 344-5460; or Glenna Holstein, Branch Manager - Menomonee Valley at (414) 431-2940.

Jamie Ferschinger

Jamie Ferschinger

With a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Communications and a Master's degree in Conservation Biology, Jamie brings a wealth of experiences and deep passion to her work at the Urban Ecology Center. As Branch Manager of the Riverside Park Branch, she helps to ensure that things are running smoothly and everybody is happy! Outside of work, Jamie enjoys running when the sun is coming up, spending time outside, cooking, listening to music and traveling to new places.


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