Good Times on the Lagoon

Written by Terrance Davis
    Sunday, 28 January 2018
Good Times on the Lagoon

I have a lot of memories that were made on the Washington Park Lagoon. The most memorable has to be when I totally slayed in ice hockey my first time ever playing! Okay, I didn’t really slay - I survived in style. While I tell you about it, I’ll throw in some facts about a cool opportunity available to you at the Urban Ecology Center at Washington Park.

So, I was discussing the topic of ice skating with my department, which is responsible for Equipment Lending at all three Urban Ecology Center branches. We were likely exploring how to make borrowing ice skates from Washington Park (the only branch that lends ice skates) an even better experience than it already was.

Eventually, we decided to set a date to ice skate together. At that point, each of us claimed we could skate circles around one another. I’m a better skater than you, yah-dee-yah - now I know that I’m just an okay skater, but when the trash talk is on, it’s on! So, I reserved skates for us. You too can reserve any equipment we have as long as you’re an Urban Ecology Center member.

So here it is: Hockey Day! I lace up my skates, hit the ice and skate a few laps. The team is thinking, “okay, he can skate a little.” The first 10 to 20 minutes were dominated by my supervisor, Mike Larson, and then coworker, Rob Miller. Then, my competitive side took over. I told myself that I just had to have a good story leaving this ice.


Photos: Chris Von Briesen

Immediately after making this decision, I was passed the puck. I skated as fast as I could while trying to look as sportsman-like as I could, and before you know it, I was close enough to actually make an attempt at a goal. While swinging with as much force as I could conjure up, I actually closed my eyes. After I felt contact with the puck, I opened my eyes – in just enough time to see the puck enter the goal!

By this time, I’m more than happy and feel like I had a good enough story to share with the world. So I sort of turned down my competitive drive in an effort to preserve my knees and elbows from any other hard falls. That’s when I see my coworker blasting down the ice with the puck in front of him. All of a sudden he shoots me a pass halfway across the ice. I receive the puck like a pro and score another goal!

Iceskating2If my memory serves me right, we still lost, but I couldn’t have been more proud of myself.

I’d like to welcome everyone to come on down, borrow some ice skates, and ask me for a hockey puck and a few sticks. If you’re not a UEC member yet, this is a great opportunity to join in – only members can borrow all our equipment for free! Find out more about membership here or stop by to sign up. Before you know it, you’ll be making your very own Ice Hockey on the Lagoon memories.

Terrance Davis

Terrance Davis

Terrance Davis is the Visitor Services Specialist at our Washington Park Branch. He takes a special interest in this area because he grew up in the neighborhood on 37th & Lloyd. Terrance's affection for the area is demonstrated each day with his attention to the neighborhood children and families. The work he has done with MPS and Choice schools across the city brings him much pride. With his daughters being his main motivation, Terrance strives to make positive changes in the community.


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