Get Outside and Play: Come Sledding with Us!

Written by Terrance Davis
    Wednesday, 26 February 2014
Get Outside and Play: Come Sledding with Us!

Imagine a hot summer sun beating down on you, creating beads of sweat while you sip an ice cold lemonade and say AHHH! Refreshing huh? Unfortunately, it's not even spring yet, so you have a few months before you have rightfully earned warm temperatures.  But don't worry, there's plenty to keep you busy until the summer heat comes!  Of all the activities that children and families can participate in at the Urban Ecology Center, I believe the favorite is sledding. Sure skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating all have exhilarating effects, but something about sledding seems to really connect the community with the outdoors. 

Maybe it's the winter wind whisking past sledders' faces, causing the rosy redness of their cheeks, or maybe it's the speed that sledders generate as they slide down a steep incline. I couldn't truthfully say sledding is the favorite without asking, but I sure do have a good guess as to how people would respond. Sledding is a great way for families to laugh together and create life-long memories. You could even bring your best friend and his or her family, because sledding builds community. Sledding is also a great source of exercise - climbing up a hill at Washington Park with a sled will definitely help you tone a few muscles! 

086 smallPersonally, I have had the privilege of helping the Washington Park's Young Scientists Club kids prepare for sledding adventures and the joy they experience is amazing to witness. Yes I know, if you have read one or two of my compositions I always mention the Young Scientist Club, but they are a good source of information. Plus they're adorable and you have to love them. But you don't have to be a Young Scientist or even a kid to enjoy sledding. If you live in the Washington Park area bring your family over and join us anytime you see us on the hill - it will be an extravaganza!

Washington Park isn't the only place you can experience this exciting activity! If you live south of Washington Park you can sled in Three Bridges Park associated with our Menomonee Valley Branch. If you are on the East side our Riverside Park Branch might be more convenient for you. It doesn't matter which branch or park you visit because all of our branches offer fun sledding adventures. Afterwards come back inside one of our buildings and warm up; parents can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and kids can have a cup of hot cocoa.  Don't have a sled? No problem! If you're a member of the Center, you can borrow our sleds for up to three days. In addition, we have ice skates, snowshoes, cross country skis and ice fishing equipment. It doesn't have to be the branch closest to your house - as a member you can borrow from any of the three branches.

It is possible that a sledding trip here and there can make it seem as if the winter passes by a little bit faster. If you get out and face the elements to enjoy a little winter recreation you can feel like you really earned the right to enjoy the beautiful spring and summer that await you in the year 2014. So if you find yourself with a little extra time come on down and sled with us. I know you will enjoy it!

Terrance Davis

Terrance Davis

Terrance Davis is the Visitor Services Specialist at our Washington Park Branch. He takes a special interest in this area because he grew up in the neighborhood on 37th & Lloyd. Terrance's affection for the area is demonstrated each day with his attention to the neighborhood children and families. The work he has done with MPS and Choice schools across the city brings him much pride. With his daughters being his main motivation, Terrance strives to make positive changes in the community.


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