Written by Mike Larson
    Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This year the Urban Ecology Center is excited to host the 25th Anniversary Earth Poets and Musicians Earthstravaganza Event on April 26th from 7-10 PM at our Riverside Park Branch. Come spend an evening listening to eco-friendly poetry and music put on by over two dozen songwriters and poets this Arbor Day.

The following is a special sneak preview of poems and lyrics featuring the Earth Poets themselves.

Click here for more information about this unique event.


The Last Endangered Species Glass

Three years ago two friends gave me
a set of six Endangered Species Glasses,
each glass etched with the picture and name
of one of the species near extinction.
The Oryx was the first to bite the dust—
a friend laughed so hard at something I said
it slipped full of wine from her fingers.
A few months later the Cheetah fleeted
faster than my reflex to catch it.
The Polar Bear was the loser
in a battle with an ice-cube tray.
The Whooping Crane flew out of my hand
as I wildly gestured a poem.
The Eagle was the last to go.
I broke it against the faucet
while doing the dishes.
Each time one of those glasses broke
I got a lesson in fragility,
a shattered metaphor for
what extinction means. Now
only the Tiger remains…
and it’s chipped.

-- Jeff Poniewaz (1975)


Low Life and Blood Relatives: An ode to slugs

Unseemly wet knob of flesh
child's snot ball
what part of Earth
what Mother
loves your facelessness?
Oozing where you sit or sleep
on seedlings, first buds
a vengeance of protoplasm
in my garden!

small as fingernails,
slick mystery of scum
State your purpose.

We live together
but is respect due?
You, sleazy low-down acrobat
passionate to gum holes
in my delicate-veined
lettuce, crisp harmonious
halves of leaf,
unbroken peripheries
complete, perfect,
except for you!

One squish, one flick of my thumb,
you die.

My crude neighbor,
my low-life
third eye,

Earth's balance,
wholeness, too,
is grounded
in our strange

Remind me,
with your alien body
of startling goo:

We are mud relatives.
We're family,
me and you.

-- Louisa Loveridge Gallas

Welcome To My Dream

I dream I’m holding a large mirror,
so the whole world can see itself…
yes, everyone sees their reflection,
from elephants to sea-shells.

And when anyone gazes into the mirror,
they don’t just see themselves…
they see connections
with everyone else.

     Flowers see bees, sunshine, and rain,
     a squirrel sees the forest,
     a whale sees the immense ocean,
     and birds, the sky so vast.

Aaaah, my wondrous dream,
its mirror, pure magic…
when a gravestone looks into it,
a baby’s face smiles back:

     welcome to my dream…
     may it never end—
     may it never end—
     welcome to my dream

-- Harvey Taylor


Come join us to hear more on Friday, April 26th! $5 suggested donation to benefit the Urban Ecology Center and several other eco groups. Click here for more information about this unique event.

Mike Larson

Mike Larson

Mike is a happily married man living with his family in Milwaukee. As a young child he spent days playing along the banks of the Rock River, fostering a love for nature which eventually led him to study biology and pursue a career with the Urban Ecology Center. He enjoys connecting people with nature through his role as the Community Programs Manager. He hopes that the work he does can help make it possible for his two sons and other kids in Milwaukee to grow up with similar experiences to those he had as a child.


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