Celia Benton

Celia Benton

As an environmental educator in the Menomonee Valley, Celia Benton loves watching students express their sense of wonder and awe at the many creatures big and small found near the Center. In addition to being an educator, Celia is a professional urban planner and novice baker. Celia also loves to travel, but feels terribly guilty every time she leaves her three cats at home - including one she adopted as a Peace Corps Volunteer in El Salvador. Yes, this cat does speak Spanish. "Miau" 

Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

Inventive EcoArtists

Summer camp at the Urban Ecology Center is awesome for me as an educator. It’s laid back and having the same campers for four days means we have the opportunity to focus on activities they are interested in and help them gain a more in-depth knowledge of the environments just outside the Center’s doors.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014 12:17

The “Heartbeat” of a Community

It was another sunny day in the Menomonee Valley. Delma placed the stethoscope against a gnarly tree branch in Three Bridges Park. Her eyes grew wide and she shouted “I can hear it! The tree has a pulse!”

Several minutes, and several tree pulses later, Delma approached me and said, “My grandfather in Mexico used to place his ear to the ground and say he could hear the heartbeat of the earth. Is it true that the earth has a heartbeat? Now that I’ve heard the pulses of the trees I think he is right.” It was one of the most profound and beautiful statements I have ever heard, and it came from a seventh grader.

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