CJ Buhk

CJ Buhk

In her role as Marketing Communications Coordinator, CJ Buhk encourages others to explore nature in the city. Her most vivid childhood memory is being at an Easter Seals summer camp and seeing the sun set opposite of the moon rise with the Milky Way flowing between them.

A fan of scifi and fantasy, CJ claims to have found "the one ring." We're not sure what that means.

A few years ago I had a friend who was afraid to do almost anything outdoorsy in Milwaukee. She told me that the outdoors "didn't have anything accessible." How I've loved proving her wrong!

Truth is, there are a lot of ways to enjoy nature on wheels in Milwaukee. And, what better time to explore the natural beauty of our city than on the anniversary of one of the most important pieces of legislation regarding civil rights – the Americans with Disabilities Act? Here are five outdoorsy things you can do in Milwaukee on July 26th and beyond:

One of my favorite things is to roll into Riverside Park on a fall day and hear the crunch of leaves under my tires. From the paved oak circle to the crushed limestone path along the Milwaukee River, my power wheelchair and I are a team looking for everything that being in nature brings.

As an employee of the UEC, I'm super proud of our commitment to providing experiences that bring everyone as far into urban nature as they are willing to go. Together we've learned that sometimes all it takes to increase access to nature for people with disabilities is ingenuity, curiosity and a sense of adventure.

Last month, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recognized the Urban Ecology Center as one of Milwaukee's top small workplaces for 2014. Acknowledged for its career opportunities, innovation, and workforce morale, the Center strives to provide the best work environment for employees for maximum community impact. I have enjoyed working at the Center since nearly its beginning. For the past 18 years, the positive energy and accommodating work environment have made it easy and fun to come to work year after year!


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