Angélica Sánchez

Angélica Sánchez

Angélica grew up in the Guadalajara, Mexico where she got to experience the fast rhythm of the exciting city and enjoy the endless outdoor adventures nearby with her siblings. After moving to Wisconsin with her family and having the opportunity to travel around the globe, she found her passion for environmental conservation and sustainable development. As the Menomonee Valley Branch Manager, not only does she get to share her love for nature with others but she also gets to do it in a community that she feels very connected to. Her favorite things include traveling, exploring, dancing, and learning about others.

You may have seen recent news of the fire that occurred this week in Three Bridges Park. Or maybe you’ve seen the burned hillsides while visiting the park or riding through the Hank Aaron State Trail, wondering what happened. I’d like to share what happened and hopefully answer some questions you may have.

Winter: a simple word that has the ability to quickly put either a smile or a frown on your face. To many, winter is a much anticipated season with opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Yet to others, winter can be a “yucky” time where you find yourself running from one building to the other trying to avoid the cold. For many of our students, winter can simply mean a time when you stay indoors.

It is precisely those students who I love spending time with during our school field trips, since I myself felt that way not too long ago.

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