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What is a CSA?

You become a member of a local farm by purchasing a share. In return, you’ll receive newly picked, healthy produce and more throughout the growing season from your farmer. Your share is conveniently boxed and delivered to a pick-up site near you. You’ll have the satisfaction of connecting to the farm and knowing where your food comes from. Each box contains fresh seasonal produce (and perhaps meat, eggs, honey or other extras) along with a newsletter and recipes.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

When do I join? Before the growing season begins (between December and April), you’ll select a farm, a pick up location, and the size/type of share you prefer. Your purchase helps the farmer plan and pay for getting the season going.
The growing and delivery season usually lasts from June to November and some farms also offer a fall or winter share.

How do I choose a farm? Start by finding a farm that delivers to a home or business pick-up site that’s convenient for you. Look at the location as well as the day and hours when you’ll pick up your share.

Soon you can take a look at our 2017 list of participating CSA Farms to see what each farm offers. Better yet, come to the Local Farmer Open house in March to meet the farmers and learn all about CSAs.

What’s inside the box? You’ll want to choose the farm share that is right for you. The size and content of what’s in the box varies among farms and throughout the growing season. Depending on the farm you select, you can choose full/half shares and whether you prefer weekly or bi-weekly deliveries. You may also decide to split a share with a friend or neighbor. Besides seasonal produce, some farms offer extras like eggs, meat and honey. You’ll also get a newsletter with farm updates, recipes and tips.

The prices and payment options vary depending on the farm and share you choose. Some farms ask for payment when you sign up; others have installment or other payment plans. To make memberships more affordable, some CSA farms offer payment plans, assistance funds or opportunities to work on the farm in exchange for your share. Some farms also allow you to reschedule deliveries if you will be on vacation.

Why Join a CSA?

Why Join a CSA?

CSA is much more than just a weekly or bi-weekly food delivery. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a powerful investment in your health, community, and local economy. Choosing a CSA is about connecting to a farm and your food.
  • Savor hand-picked fresh-grown produce full of nutrients and free of harmful chemicals.
  • Eat what’s in season and enjoy a diversity of locally grown food.
  • Sprout a relationship with your farmer and community members. Know who is growing your food and how it’s grown.
  • Choose to spend your dollars with farmers who use sustainable growing methods and are good stewards of the land.
  • Ensure fair compensation for family farmers. Help keep nearby small farms thriving and more dollars circulating in our local economy.
CSAs are great for people who
  • Value their partnership with a local farmer.
  • Like to cook and whose schedule allows for making homemade meals most days.
  • Think it’s fun to try new veggies and to start with what’s in the box each week.
  • Appreciate the convenience of picking up a box your farmer hand-packs for you rather than taking the time of having to shop for your produce.
  • Are willing to expect some unknowns -- depending on what grows well on the farm each year.
  • Have thought about what to do with overabundance. Perhaps they gift a neighbor or have plans for freezing or preserving extra food.

Workplace CSAs

Workplace CSAs

In a workplace CSA, employees subscribe together to one or more farms and the boxes are conveniently delivered to their place of employment.

Picking up a share at work can make joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm much more convenient and enjoyable. You can ensure that your pick-up site is in a convenient location. It’s fun to open your box with co-workers, swap veggies and share tips and recipes. This also makes sharing CSA boxes with other households/co-workers easy. Having CSA boxes delivered right to work is an employee wellness benefit. This shows the company’s commitment to the community, local farms and local businesses. For more information on starting a Workplace CSA, contact Jamie Ferschinger at the Urban Ecology Center: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Participating CSA Farms

List of participating CSA farms is coming soon! Choose who is the best fit for you.
You can see what kinds of shares and extras they offer, where they deliver, payment options, and other details.

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