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Spring Break Nature Exploration Camp

Nature is waking up and blooming in the spring and that is an invitation to engage in outdoor activities! Journeying through all three branches of the Urban Ecology Center, enjoying a whole day of nature activities, and benefiting from child care is really the way to go this Spring Break. Join us for Spring Break Camp, March 26-30, and experience what spring is all about—animation!

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March 26 - 30, 2018

From 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Urban Ecology Center - Washington Park branch,1859 N. 40th St., Milwaukee

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Nature Exploration - Climbing Trees!


$225 for the week, with scholarships available based on need.

Click here to apply for a scholarship.


Ages 5-12 (we will split the group into two smaller groups based on age)

Themes for the Week

Monday: Animal Homes – shelter building, searching for signs of animals (visit RP)

Tuesday: Animals in Motion – dancing, yoga, birding (visit WP)

Wednesday: Camping Skills – campfire cooking, tent pitching, compass use (visit RP)

Thursday: Life in the Pond – fishing, animal room tour (visit WP)

Friday: Celebration Day! – games at Three Bridges Park, potential lakefront visit (weather permitting) (visit MV)


Juniorandtherainbow MVYSCokok

Nature Exploration while enjoying the weather


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Hiking in our urban areas


WaterSeries web


A community science freshwater series. 

The Community Science Freshwater Series, Our Water, Milwaukee’s Mirror, gathers science experts, community leaders and local history tellers to share their experiences and perspectives on water issues in Milwaukee. Through these insightful presentations, guided conversations, and hands-on activities, we hope to engage our community members by exploring the fascinating and sometimes troubling history of water in Milwaukee, as well as explore the present pressing issues and hopeful opportunities to protect this common resource for future generations.

Most of the events are free of charge (donations are appreciated).


March - September 2018

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Milwaukee River

Schedule of Events

Click each title below for details about the different events.

The Sound of Water (March)

The Sound of Water - An Exploration of Music and Water will kick off the 2018 UEC Water Series and give participants a one of a kind experience to explore the ways sound and water interact. During this evening, participants will be able to move around the Riverside Park Urban Ecology Center at their own pace and enjoy beautiful music sessions all while learning more about the ever illusive, present and underappreciated resource of our water.

Musicians from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and science educators, will combine to provide a unique learning experience about the sounds of water. Additionally, participants who attend this event will receive a special discount code to see the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra perform “Become Ocean” on April 7th/April 8th.

$5 Members / $10 Non-Members

March 21st from 7-9pm in Riverside Park

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The Worth of Water - A Great Lakes Story (April)

The Worth of Water: A Great Lakes Story - Documentary Discussion (6pm-8pm at Riverside Park)

Last year, Alyssa Armbruster and Julia Robson set off on a 332-mile trek from the shores of Milwaukee to Lake Superior. Join us for a special preview of their upcoming documentary and discussion of their extraordinary journey to raise awareness for an essential element of life: water.

April 11th from 6-8pm in Riverside Park

Free for everyone

Lead in Our Drinking Water (May)

Thousands of homes in Milwaukee are impacted by lead exposure in the service lateral pipes. Our own State Senator LaTonya Johnson will give us her perspective on the lead crisis and steps we all can be taking to make Milwaukee a safe, just, and vibrant community by addressing lead exposure to our drinking water

May TBD in Washington Park


Tim Vargo, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

El Lago Michigan - Un ecosistema que perdió su equilibrio (May)

The Great Lakes, the largest body of freshwater on earth, is one of the most precious natural resources that we have on the planet. However, our reliance on the water and at times misuse or neglect of, has opened up a new wave of struggles for the many species of animals that call the Great Lake region home.

Dr. Carmen Aguilar from the School of Freshwater Sciences at UW-Milwaukee will present on her path to science and her passionate pursuit for understanding the body of water that we sometimes take for granted - Lake Michigan. This lecture will be presented in the spanish language.

Los Grandes Lagos, el sistema de agua dulce más grande del mundo, es uno de los recursos naturales más preciosa que tenemos en el planeta. Sin embargo, nuestra dependencia del agua y, a veces, el mal uso o descuido de, ha abierto una nueva ola de luchas para las especies nativas que llaman hogar a la región de los Grandes Lagos. La Dra. Carmen Aguilar de la Escuela de Ciencias de Agua Dulce de UW-Milwaukee presentará en su camino a la ciencia y su apasionada búsqueda por el entendimiento de la complicidad de este ecosistema que a veces damos por sentado: el Lago Michigan. Esta lectura será en español.

May TBD 6-7:30pm in Menomonee Valley


Dr. Carmen Aguilar

School of Freshwater Sciences

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

A Community Science Journey into the Lives of Macro-Invertebrates (May)

Join us for an evening of exploring macroscopic creatures that inhabit our water and provide the base of the food chain. Which creatures indicate good water quality for our rivers? Which are more tolerant to pollution? And what are some steps we can take to continue learning and protecting these important beings that live throughout our rivers? We will be accompanied by scientists who study these macro-invertebrates from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee who will guide us along a journey of freshwater discovery.

May TBD 5pm in Riverside Park


Dr. Jerry Kaster

School of Freshwater Sciences

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

History of Water in Milwaukee Exhibit (June)

June 4th – 8th in Washington Park


Terry Evans, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Documentary Screening, “Milwaukee: A City Built on Water” (June)

The movie screening features historian John Gurda by exploring how the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan spurred Milwaukee's growth. Viewers will be taken on a chronological journey of Milwaukee’s hydrological systems: from settlers using rivers and Lake Michigan to transport grain, lumber, leather and beer to how the lower Milwaukee River was eventually reduced to an open sewer by 1900, with Lake Michigan suffering similar indignities.

June 7th at 5pm in Washington Park

Milwaukee, Water, Justice – STITCH and UEC Open Mic (June)

The STITCH Summer Open Mic Series began in 2009 and has been a space for youth and young adults and welcoming all generations and creative expressions. STITCH uses rotating venues throughout the summer, creating a movement of people who STITCH together our city and our communities through storytelling and self-expression.

This year the Urban Ecology Center is proud to host an open mic night with STITCH for a themed night on Water and Justice. Come listen, share, learn of the stories our friends, family and community have on water.

June TBD in Menomonee Valley


Alida Cardos-Whaley

Local to International: Water Challenges around the World (July)

The month of July will feature local Milwaukee professionals/scientists who actively engage in international water research and engineering work.

Please stay tuned to more information about the event.

Native Voices on Our Water (August)

In August, the Urban Ecology Center will feature Native American speakers in our community science freshwater event series. Come learn about the stories of peoples whose ancestors have called the Great Lakes home for centuries and their tireless work to celebrate, protect, and preserve these special waters.

Please stay tuned for more information about the speakers.

Stories of the Great Lakes (September)

Stories of the Great Lakes – A Conversation with Dan Egan

As the Community Science Water Series comes to a close, we invite the Milwaukee community to join in a conversation with one of Milwaukee’s most respected reporters on the Great Lakes, Dan Egan.

Dan is a reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who has covered the Great Lakes since 2003. His latest achievement has been authoring the book The Death and Life of the Great Lakes. Participants will hear directly from Dan’s experiences writing the renowned book and give perspectives and insight surrounding the challenges and opportunities facing the Great Lakes.

September TBD in Riverside Park


Dan Egan, Environmental Reporter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Lake Michigan


Thanks to our Sponsors


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2018 Campamentos de Verano

Gracias a nuestros generosos donadores, tenemos la posibilidad de ofrecer becas de participación en los campamentos para los niños que lo necesiten. Las becas incluyen un año de membresía familiar en el Urban Ecology Center.

Cómo solicitar una beca

Paso 1 — eliga un campamento y una sesión

  • Descargue nuestra Guía de campamento de verano para explorar los temas y las aventuras que tenemos para ofrecer.

Paso 2 — solicite una beca

  • Puede solicitar hasta dos campamentos de una semana o un campamento de dos semanas por niño. Solicitar una beca no significa que el niño se registre automáticamente para el campamento.

Paso 3 — obtenga su código de beca y regístrese

  • Le contactaremos dentro de los cinco días hábiles con un código especial que puede usar cuando inscriba a su hijo en el campamento. Solo las familias con códigos de becas pueden solicitar una beca para su cuota de campamento.

Información importante sobre becas: las familias deben completar la solicitud de beca necesaria antes de inscribir a un niño en un campamento. El lugar de su hijo se reservará por orden de llegada una vez que se haya recibido este formulario de registro y la información y depósito de pago o beca. Las becas incluyen una membresía familiar por un año.

Solicite una beca

Los estudiantes de las escuelas que tienen convenio con el programa Neighborhood Environmental Education Project (NEEP) 2017-2018 tendrán prioridad para obtener becas (vea la siguiente lista de escuelas).

ALBA (Academia de Lenguaje y Bellas Artes) School
Alexander Mitchell School
Allen-Field Elementary School
Doerfler Elementary School
Downtown Montessori Academy
Greenfield Bilingual
Kagel Elementary
La Causa Charter School
Lincoln Avenue School
Longfellow Elementary
Manitoba Elementary School

Notre Dame School of Milwaukee
Pershing Elementary School
Prince of Peace School
Rocketship Southside Community Prep
Rogers St. Academy
St Rafael the Archangel School
St. Martini Lutheran School
Stellar Collegiate
U.S. Grant School
Escuela Vieau
Windlake Academy


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Saturday, March 17th

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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