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Wednesday, April 23rd

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    Riverside Park "Green" Building

    Mom and baby in front of the Urban Ecology Center in Riverside Park

    Our "Green" Building

    When we began designing our building in Riverside Park we had a lot of options -- some practical, some whimsical -- but a huge goal of providing a community-based nature center that would inspire others to think creatively about how to make small changes in their own lives and homes. We wanted to teach by example. Our 20,000-sq.-ft. green building located in Riverside Park has won national awards for its use of recycled or renewable materials. But more than this, our building has tips and items that you can apply to your own life today.

    With this facility as a base, the Center will continue to be an important conduit between residents and nature. This green facility was built totally with community support.

    Building Facts

    Size: 20,000 square feet
    Cost (with tower): $3,700,000
    Architect: Joel Krueger, Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc.
    Construction Manager: CMA of Milwaukee, Inc., a division of The Jansen Group, Inc.
    Project manager: Monique Charlier
    Site supervisor: Dave Drew

    A Solar Power Station

    At a huge 44.4 kilowatts, the 256 Kyocera solar electric panels covering the roof at the Urban Ecology Center are expected to produce over 55,000 kilowatt-hours each year. Not only does our roof look cool, filled to the max with solar panels, but it feels good to know that we will help avoid 106,860 lbs (or 53.4 tons) of carbon dioxide (CO2) – a major greenhouse gas linked to global climate change - from entering the atmosphere each year if the same amount of electricity was generated by fossil fuels. Come to the Center, climb our observation tower and see for yourself how sunlight converts seamlessly into electricity for us and our neighborhood.

    Many thanks to H&H Solar Energy Services, We Energies and Kyocera Solar Energy Systems for helping us build this installation.

    Sustainable Building Exhibit

    Learn about the recycled and sustainable materials used in the Center and how you can use these materials in your home.

    The Exhibit is a joint effort with Solterra Studios, Pragmatic Construction, Green Built Home and Wisconsin Green Building Alliance.

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