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Early Morning Birdwalks (Riverside Park)
Riverside Park

Thursday, April 17th

8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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Burdock Brigade Thursdays (Washington Park)
Washington Park

Thursday, April 17th

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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    Menomonee Valley From the Ground Up Donors

    Menomonee Valley – From the Ground Up Donors

    Thank you to the following corporations, foundations, organizations, individuals, and government departments and programs for making a gift or pledge to support this amazing project. Would you like to get involved? Call Ginger at 414-964-8505.

    Wayne Adamczyk
    Nora O'Connell Adams
    Alfred Benesch & Co. 
    Allied Insulation Supply 
    Jeff and Melody Anderson
    Andy Haas Design Inc.
    Armour Self Storage
    Vanessa Ash
    Nancy Aten and Dan Collins
    Patrick Bader
    Michelle Battles
    Kathleen Beaver --
    (In Memory of Odin Foster)
    Jeremy and Kelly Belot Family
    Berghammer Construction Company
    Kirsten Beyer
    Lianna Bishop
    Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
    Suellen Brahm 
    Brass Light Gallery 
    Jeff and Laura Bray
    Brewers Community Foundation
    The Brico Fund
    Briggs and Stratton 
    Bright Blue Alliance
    Brighter Concepts
    Tim and Kim Brown
    Burke Foundation
    Rebecca Burton
    Caleffi Hydronic Solutions 
    Central Bark Doggy Day Care 
    Monique Charlier and Holly Blomquist
    Charter Manufacturing Company Foundation
    Pegi Christiansen
    The Chrobak Family
    City of Milwaukee
    Clear Channel
    Kay Annette Clark
    The Comfort Company
    Lynn and James Connolly
    Maurice Costello
    Craig and Michelle Counsell
    Catrina and Cheyenne Crane --
    (In Honor of Arthur and Dorothy Crane)
    Eric Crawford
    CSA Commercial
    Brian and Catherine Cummings
    Sue and Dennis Czarniak
    John and Kelley Daugherty
    Bill Davidson
    Carole Dede
    Mark Dietz
    Vici Dohrwardt
    Art and Rhonda Downey
    Roman Draba
    Ginger Duiven
    Amanda Dykwell
    Molly Eldridge
    Corinne Evans
    Ralph Evinrude Foundation Inc.
    Nicholas Fallucca
    Peter Fallucca
    Carole Ferrara
    Gerry Fischer
    Crecencia Fisher and Steven Gerbasi
    Patrick and Jane Fitzgibbons
    Shirli Flack
    Jerome Flogel
    Flux Design
    Focus on Energy
    Foley & Lardner LLC
    Dawn Follendorf

    Forest County Potawatomi Community Foundation
    Nancy Frank
    Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail
    Sheldon and Danni Gendelman
    Alex Goranson
    Kurt and Laura Goranson
    Great Lakes Basin Partnership
    Greater Milwaukee Foundation 
    - Anonymous M Fund
    - Enroth Family Foundation 
    - Jorgenson Family Fund
    - Catherine and Walter Lindsay Foundation Fund 
    - Make-a-Difference Fund 
    - Mary L. Nohl Fund
    - Walter and Olive Stiemke Fund
    - Wright Brothers Fund
    Dara Greene
    Mike and Linda Groth
    Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath
    Lynda and Regis Guckert
    Ben Hammelman
    Adam Hammen
    Stacy Hansen
    Harley-Davidson Foundation
    Mick and Lisa Hatch
    Hatco Corporation 
    Helen Bader Foundation
    Evan and Marion Helfaer Foundation
    Beth and Fred Heller
    The Herzfeld Foundation
    Alexa Hollywood
    Glenna Holstein
    House of Stone, Inc. 
    Bill Hutchinson
    Insulation Technologies, Inc. (INTEC)
    J.F. Ahern
    J.M. Brennan, Inc.
    Larri Sue Jacquart
    Charlotte John-Gomez
    Renee Joos
    Joy Global
    Fred and Susie Kasten
    Debra Kessler
    Dennis and Barb Klein
    Dennis Kois
    Kathy Krause
    Kristi Kreklow
    La Lune Collection
    Dennis Lawton
    Ken and Shauna Leinbach
    Heidi Leiser
    Ben and Kate Liesch
    Sheldon and Marianne Lubar Charitable Fund
    John and Martha Lunz
    Patricia Lynch
    Cathie Madden
    M&I Foundation
    Marquette University
    Tom Martin
    Mark and Cindy Mason
    Masterson Company
    Materion Advanced Chemicals 
    Mayflower Container Service / C.H. Coakley & Co.
    Jeff McAvoy
    Jessica and Mark McCann
    Daniel J. McCarthy
    Mike McCarthy
    Evan McDoniels
    Daniel F. “Jack” and Patti McKeithan
    Judith Mead
    Tresca Meiling

    Menomonee Valley Business Improvement District
    Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc.
    Emily Michi
    Miller Compressing Company 
    Milwaukee County Parks
    Christie Mole
    Jeff and Rose Morgan
    Gail and Scott Mosser
    Patricia and George Mueller
    Melissa Muller
    Cynthia Nazario
    Daniel O'Rourke
    Allan, Tamara and Elijah Pacada
    Palermo Villa Inc.
    Gary Peterson
    Gail Povey
    Victoria Rau
    Jessica Rautmann
    Chris Raykowski
    Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee 
    Red Prairie 
    Rexnord Foundation
    Rita and Jim Richmond --
    (In Memory of Michael Richmond)
    Rivet LLC
    Anna Elizabeth Robillard
    Joe Rymer
    David Salmon
    Terri Salzer
    Jennifer Sanchez
    Mark and Alice Sandy
    The Sigma Group
    Sarah Smith 
    Standard Electric Supply Co. 
    State of WI – Department of Natural Resources
    State of WI – Department of Transportation 
    Bert L. and Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust
    Amber Storm
    Lisa Stueland and Sarah Milinovich
    Chad Thomack
    Sarah Thomas
    Gina Trimboli
    US Bancorp Foundation
    US Department of Agriculture - Urban Forestry
    US Department of Housing & Urban Development
    US Department of Transporatation
    US Environmental Protection Agency
    US Forest Service
    Karen Van Hoof
    Barb Verbos
    Darcie and Matt Warren --
    (In Honor of Evan McDoniels)
    We Energies
    Kyle and Heather Weber
    Graham Wiemer
    Lisa Heuler Williams
    Robert and Lois Winans
    The Windhover Foundation
    Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
    Wisconsin Energy Foundation
    Adam Yellen
    Corey Zetts and Benji Timm --
    (In Honor of Ivy Claire Lapham Timm)
    Joseph and Vera Zilber Family Foundation, Inc

    Surveying for our Healthy Wisconsin Partnership Project, a community health evaluation project, will be done on iPads with software provided by Question Pro.

  • 1500 E. Park Pl

    Milwaukee, WI 53211

    (414) 964-8505

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    Monday - Thursday

    9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

    Friday & Saturday

    9 am - 5 pm


    Noon - 5 p.m.

    1859 N. 40th St.

    Milwaukee, WI 53208

    (414) 344-5460

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    Noon - 6pm


    9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    3700 W Pierce St

    Milwaukee, WI 53215

    (414) 431-2940

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    Tuesday - Friday

    Noon - 7 pm


    9 am - 5 pm