Donor List

Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations and all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission within the last two months. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Cassie at 964-8505 or if your name has not appeared as you expected.

This list reflects donations given between July 1 and August 19, 2014.

Foundations, Corporations, and Organizations

AmazonSmile Foundation
Bank Of America Charitable Foundation
Brady Corporation
C&N Family Foundation, Inc
Colectivo Coffee
Community Shares
Eaton Corporation
GE United Way Giving Campaign
Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP
Graef - USA Inc.
Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Inc.
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
Habitat for Humanity of Wisconsin
HJR Investors, Inc.
Jerome J. and Dorothy H. Holz Family Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.
Johnson Controls Foundation, Inc.
Johnson Controls, Inc.
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.
Lowe's Charitable & Educational Foundation
Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc.
Milwaukee Public Schools
Murphy & Prachthauser, S.C.
National Business Furniture
New Wind Folk School
The Newark Group
Time Warner Cable
Tomkins Family Foundation
Trek Bicycle Corporation
U.S. Forest Service
United Way of Greater Milwaukee
Wheel & Sprocket
Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek SC

In Honor Of

Sylvie Armstrong and Tim Cochrane
- Angus and Francine Armstrong
- Keith Armstrong
- Jordan Moxon

Tom Briscoe
- Leesly and Joan Hardy

John Clancy's birthday
- Patricia Geiger

Ann Green and Barb Johnson
- Jean Crandall Jacobs

Dennis Grzezinski
- New Wind Folk School

The wedding of Martha Davis Kipcak and
Dr. Charles Francis Brummit
- Howard and Eileen Dubner

Ann Mountan's 80th birthday
- Lois Hayes

David Nelson and Samantha Harvey
- Terry and David Schwartz

Sara Wilson and Lorette Russenberger
- Thomas Giese and Beth Handrich Giese

Donald and Marjorie's move to Wisconsin
- David Froiland and Lisa Bates-Froiland

Sponsored native plants and trees through the Deep Roots program in honor of the wedding of Ann Green and Barbara Johnson
- Grace Ellen Ehr
- Michael Johnstone
- Melinda and Joel Krueger

In Memory Of

Mary Franke
- Richard and Jane Abdoo
- Bob and Shirley Anthony
- Natalie Beckwith
- Joseph and Karen Branch
- Sarah and Lee Davis
- Valeria and Joseph Downey
- Julianna Ebert and Frank J. Daily
- Kathleen Evans
- Mary Ann Franke
- Walter and Donna Gager
- Joanne Hulce and
- Carol and James Klenk
- Mary Laudon
- Phoebe and Jack Lewis
- Jan and Bob Montgomery
- Frederick and Mary Muth
- Donna Parshalle
- Phyllis Petri
- Jerry and Jill Polachek
- Betty Jane Ryan
- Charles Trainer and Anne Booth
- George and Ann Whyte
- Thomas Wilson
- Murphy & Prachthauser, S.C.
- Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Inc.

Josh Gilman
- Anonymous (2)
- Timothy and Nicole Birkel
- Edith Braeger
- Joan Dahlke
- Kathleen and Thomas Deffke
- John and Pamela Eversfield
- George Gilman
- Nancy Knight and\ Raymond P. Boehm, Jr.
- James and Mary LaPlant
- Nora LaPlant
- Nancy Le Claire
- Chad and Janice Mueller
- Paul Overvold and Norene Smith
- Ted Ressel and Kelly Kasum Ressel
- Daniel and Aggie Ressel
- Linda and Ted Rydell
- Ann Marie Starr
- Mark Timper
- Marshall and Annette Timper
- Lawrence Witzling and Patricia Riordan Witzling

William Jon Marquardt
- Kathleen Marquardt

Douglas Nortrom
- Janet and Marlowe Nortrom

Sonja Rabago
- Robin Ahrens and William Dosemagen

Members & Donors

Anonymous (22)
Lydelle Abbott and Jered Janes
Suzanne Abler
Hasan AbuLughod and Afnan Musaitif
Rafael Acevedo
George R. Affeldt, Jr.
Lauren Ahlers
Jean Akhter
Jasmine Alinder and Aims McGuinness
Gail Allen
Kathleen and Thomas Alpren
Sandra Ambrookian
Christine Anderson
Jeff and Melody Anderson
Kristen Apolzan
Constance Arnosti
Mary Asma
Nancy Aten and Dan Collins
Sarah Aumann
Christopher Bachmann
Harmonie and Dan Baker
Robert Balderson
Stephen Baldwin
Jeffrey and Anne Ballentine
Marcia and Jeff Bannink
Scott Barnes and Erinn Barnes
Theresa Barnes
James and Sophia Barry
Lauren Barry
Theresa Bartlett
Anne Basting and Brad Lichtenstein
David Bateman and Justine Weibel
Byron S. Becker & Family
Odile and Chafik Bengana
Kenneth Bennett
DW and Tena Benson
Stephanie and Mike Bentley
Kristin Beran and John Riojas
Lauren Berg
Sara Bessette
Caroline Blackburn
Joan Bleidorn
Chris and Lisa Block
Traci Blom
Andrew Bloom
Paul and Mary Bockhorst
Beau Boedecker and Katherine Slupski
Matthew Bohlman and Lynn Jarzemsky
Michael Bolt
Ann Bowe
Lauren Boyd
Nancy Boyes
Kelly Brainerd
Mary and Chris Braun
Jeff and Laura Bray
Noelle Brigden
Joseph Brooks and Bradley Ewerdt
Amanda and Shawn Brown
Rosanne Brown
Danielle Brown-Ruddock
Ashley Brownson
Matt Bruce
Rick Bruening
Susan Bruno
Collin Budz
Jessica Bupp
Jonathan Burkham
Jeanette Burnett
Edward Byaliy
Christina Caiozzo
Michael Calabrese
Cara Callan and Jesse Bolling
Peter Campbell
Daniel Carey
Sarah Carpenter
Amy Carver
Phillip Case
Tressa Casey
Kiera Castle
Chelsey Castrodale
Rebecca and Michel Chagall
Kurt Chandler
Stacy Chaudoir
Sami Cheong
Sharon Childress and David Brooks
Covay Chirot
Mark and Ann Christman
Brien and Pamela Christopherson
Alyssa Ciesielczyk
Kelly and Bruce Cincotta
Rochelle Clark
Brice Cleland and Alyssa Harling
Mary Clinkenbeard and Kal Heck
Cassie Cobb
Brooke Coe and Lance Spaude
Harold Cohen Ben Cohn
Boyd Coleman
Domingo Colon, Jr.
Jack T. Congleton
Maria Connemara
Amy and Dennis Connolly
Ellette Connors
Tim Cook
Cari Corozza
Vivian Corres
Cathleen Cotter
Eva Counsell
Rebecca Cram and Dominic Boettcher
Eric and Elsie Crawford
Angela Crisp
Patrick and Katheryn Cubberley
Rachel Cusatis
The Custalow Family
Zachary Dane
Tracey Davis
John Dean
Robert Dean
Timothy W. Decker
Mary Lou and Nick DeFino
Ann Demorest
Carol and Mike DeSisti
Linda and Patrick Devitt
Shannon Doberstein
The Done Family
Richard Donner and Hillary McCown
Bridget Doyle
Jennifer and Matthias Dressler
Mike and Joyce Drews
Jennifer and Vinay D'Souza
Howard and Eileen Dubner
Charles Ehlert
Grace Ellen Ehr
Natalie Fairbanks
Melody Fanslau and Derek Alsup
Kelly and Michael Faschingbauer
Kristen Fecteau
Deb Fenelon
Ross Fengier
Joseph Ferch
James and Mary Ferschinger
Shawn Fettig and Christopher Koblosky
Erica Figueroua
Linda Fischer
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Molly Flannery
Emily Flock
Holly Flores and Brian Kingsbury
Emily Forman
Michael Fortuna
Jessica Foster and Paul Smith
Corey and Jodi Fox
Jane and John Frederick
Teresa and Mark Freding
Cynthia and Jim Friauf
Julia Fritz
David Froiland and Lisa Bates-Froiland
Sarah Furnner
Robert Gaisey
Shannon Gambon
Manuel Garcia and Denise Davis
Mark and Amy Gehl
Chris Geitner
Marcia Getto
Elizabeth Gifford and Gary Cartwright
Riley Gillis
Edith Gilman
Sara and Michael Gilman
Carlo and Becky Giombi
Jennifer and Gordon Goldbaum
Owen Goldin and Miriam Sushman
Sandra Goodkind
Matt Goodwin
Dr. Nakia Gordon and Dr. Robert Smith
Brad and Jessica Gorecki
Dan and Becky Grandone
Lindsay Gregory
Reed and Nancy Groethe
Chris Gross
Jennifer Gruenewald
Staci Gruse
Leah Gulyas and Joseph Wabiszewski
Ronald Gutschow
Rachel and Dennis Hafemann
Doug and Jane Hagerman
Ellen Hahne
Samuel Halpern
Ashley Hammarstrom
Carl Hammer
Cindy Haq
Philip and Connie Hardacre
Tracy Harringtonn
Richard and Cynthia Hayes
Justin and Carly Hegarty
Amberleigh Henschen
Tom Herbstreith
Alejandra Hernandez
Tracy and John Herrmann
Renee Herzing
Alexandra Heyn
Rachel Hicks
Susan Hill
David and Lila Hillman
Josef Hladik
Heidi and Dan Hlavachek
Thomas Hoffman and Kathryn Martens
David Hofmann and Mary Osmundsen
Susan and Ben Holdmann
Matthew Hollub
Chris Hruska
John and Mary Lou Hruska
Jill and Gregory Huffer
Kristine Hughes and Patrick Forrer
Michaela and Nathan Humpal
Beth Iaffbinder
Francis Imp and Kristine Jaeger
Kurt and Mariam Jacobsohn
Kaitlyn James
Matt Jarosz
Michael and Kelly Jenich
Jessica Jeruzal and Chris Frenier
Ryan Jerving and Ann Hanlon
Brian Johnsen and Patti McNair
Andrea and David Johnson
Lance Johnson
Melanie Johnson
Rolf Johnson
The Johnson - Hoerchner Family
Michael Johnstone
Jeff Joy
Marcia Joy
Susan Jurgens and Mary Jo Scicero
Andrew Kaczmarek
Gail Kahovic
Mata and Anthony Kartsonas
Susie and Fred Kasten
Mary and Ted Kellner
Maura Kelly
Rachel Kelly
Henry Kepner
Paul and Jill Keuler
Brian Kiapperich
Sara Kierzek
The Kilmer Family
Molly King
Nancy Kisting
Robert and Pamela Klein
Stefanie Klopp and Carmen Smitzel
Richard and Kay Knight
Gillian Knox
Lois Koel
Ronald and Mary Koeppl
Carrie and Rick Kohloff
Catherine Kolb
Kathleen Koneazny
David and Jennifer Konieczka
Eric and Lucy Korbitz
Inessa Kotkov
Jeanne Kozlowski and Jason Roberson
Linda Kramer
Susan Krause and Harvey Taylor
Lindsey Kresge
Kim Kriegel and Patrick Cullen
Alan and Ruth Kromholz
Samantha Krstic
Melinda and Joel Krueger
Sandy Krueger
Judith Kuhn
Ron and Christine Kuramoto
Jung Kwak
Stephanie La Haye and Dakota Sievert
Rebecca and Jay Lackey
Tim Lamberger
John and Mary Kay Lammers
Sean Lanphier
Jill and Thomas LaSalle
Nancy Laserstein
Amber Latsch
Mike Lauber
Shannon Lawrence
Jason Ledford and Heather Keyes
Brad Lehnigk
Hayley Leinss
Chris Lendved
Sally Lewis
Alejandro Lezama
Ivan Lichtenstein
Jeffrey Lieberthal
Cecilia and Greg Lillegard
Rory Linnane
Kathryn Little
Elaine Litzau
Pete Loeffel
Jakob Loewenberg
Laura Lofton
Anthony Lopez
Eli Lottig and Alyssa Caywood
Eric Lubar
Matt Luce
Tom and Helen Lukaszewicz
Renee and Dean Mabie
Kevin Mackey and Susan Le Vine
Ms. Carol Maier
Katie Malchow and Alex Fergot
Mary Maloney
Therese Mance
Michael Manske and Darlene O'Connor
Jeanne and Dave Mantsch
Eric Marcetich
Christopher and Amy Martin
Lina Martin
Mary-Alice Martines
John and Erin Maslowski
Chris and Emily Mason
Shannon and Mike Mattner
Mike Mattwen
Michael Ryan Maxwell
Hanna and Robert McDermott
Madeline McGrath and Zach Whitney
Meghan Mcgrath
Rachel McGraw and Patrick Brady
Margaret and Michael McGuire
Calvin McIntyre
Carl McKee
Nolan McKenzie
Jonathan McKey
Kris McPhail
Eliza and Andrew Melzer
Jodi Mendelsohn Espinosa and Jack Espinosa
Alexandria Mentzel
Dr. Jeffrey Merlin and Drew Dumaine
Carolyn Milburn
David Miller
Laura Miller
Michelle Milstein
Monique Minor
Jane Mohr
Rachel Momenee
Colleen Monanan
Steve Morse and Jane Waldbaum
Karen Muehlbauer and Sarah Hopley
David Mueller
Jennifer Mueller
Laura Mueller
Patricia and George Mueller
Patricia Mueller
Dan Mulrain
Alyssa and Peter Murphy
James and Yvette Murrell
Rajneesh Narain
Bill and Marian Nasgovitz
Karlet Negrete
Elizabeth Nelson
Rachelle Nelson and April Marcangeli
Steve Nelson
Sydney Nerad
Chelsie Niehoff and Andrew Packer
Andrew Niepow
Cheryl Norman
Rosina and Andy Norton
Barbara Notestein
Maria Noth
David Nowak
Ellen Nuss and Brock Price
Kara Nuss
Katie O'Brien
Kelly O'Brien
Nathalie Oehlers
John Ognenoff
Richard Ohly
Jodi Oldenborg
Cathy Olive and Eric Gunderson
Ashley Oliver
Cindy Oppe
Elizabeth Orth
Gerald Ottone
Dennis and Anne Oulahan
George Owen and Eleanor Harris
Nimisha Pandey
Karen Pangborn
Alexandra Panos
Natalie Papania
Kevin Paprocki
Kristina Paris
Daniel Park
Logan Parker
Mr. John Parnon and Ms. Jozlynne Zbichorski
Marco Pasqualin
Michelle Patten
April Paul
Diane Paulbeck
Andrew Paullin
Magda Peck
Madelyn Pederson
Diane Pellegrin
Lynette Pemble
Jennifer Perdue and Greg Mitchell
Elaine B. Peresluha
Javier Perez and Naiara Lopez
Kevin and Kristine Peterka
Tom and Deborah Petri
Ronald and Stacey Pierce
John Pittman, Jr.
David Pizur
Mischel Pomasl
Matthew Prigge
Jenna Prijatel
Kathleen Quirk
Karen and David Rachum
M Antoine Reberioux and\ Heloise Petit
Kate Redmond
Margaret Reeve
Mirabelle Regis
Mary Regozzi
Angela Rester Samse
Mary Reynolds
Kerri Richlen
Peter and Barbara Riebau
Monica Rios
Jen Rokus
Eric and Abby Rose
Jeremy Ross
Karyn Rotker-Lynn and Leon Lynn
Aedan and Giselle Rowhani
Jillian Rowley
Deborah Ruck
Liam Ryan
Sabley Sabin and Cathy Arney
Hannah Sanchez
Virginia Sandquist
Julia Sargis and Rick Franklin
Leena Sathe
Lauren Schaefer and Nick Frievalt
Barry Schakner
Courtney Schilling
Rebecca Schirman
Hannah Schiro
Timothy Schlueter
Elizabeth and Matt Schmid
Jill and Christopher Schmid
Kim Schmidt
Justin Schmitz
Nathan Schoerborn
Elizabeth Schultz and Michael Richter
Lauren Schultz
Renee and Robert Scianni
Austen Scudder and Emma Dowd
Andrew Sebranek
Thomas Seery and Carol Hubbard Seery
Paul Seifert and Amy Weisbrot
Deb Selm
Steve and Ellen Servais
John Shakon
Frank Shaw III
Dulcie and Scott Shoener
Matt Simonis
Pepper Simpson
Susa and L. Steven Siy
Katherine Smith
Lynn Smith and Peter Smith
David Snell
Peter Sparks
Damien Spiropoulos
Greg St. Arnold
Chelsea Stachowiak
Leah Staley
Lindsey Starck and Joshua Mueller
Marjorie Stearns
Robyn Stillman
Victoria and Timothy Strattner
Eliot and JoAnn Strickon
Shari Strongheart
Patricia Sweeney
Dan and Phyllis Talarczyk
Kevin Taprocki
Madison Tebo
Ahmed Teleb
Jonathan and Alicia Tharnstrom
Chris Thiel
Tracy Thomas
Alan Ticotsky
Scott Tisdel
Brett Tobin
Robert and Laura Tobon
Tuan Ton and Kayleigh Oreshack
Sarah Trudeau
Andrea Turtenwald and Christopher Peerenboom
Glory Tutaj and Nathaniel Blaz
Mary and Oliver Tysver
Stephen Uhyrek
Joy Unser
Debra Urbanek
Carla and Brian Van Lieshout
Brooke and Kasey VandeBerg
Barb Vehlow
Andreya Veintimilla
Nate Vertz
Kerri Voelz
Marilyn Vohs and Susan Sedlachek
Allyson Von Ruden
Elise Wabiszewski
David Wacholz
Morgan Walker
John Wamser
Barry Weber and Jamie Ohland
Chris Weber
Lucie Wehbe
Steven and Kristen Weisman
Nicole and Marshall Welch
Brian Wendtlandt
Shahla Werner
Beth Werning
Joan Wessel
Jan Wilberg and Howard Snyder
Christin and Oscar Wille
Chris Winters
Craig Wiroll and Dana Nichols
Wayne and Mary Wolski
Curtis Woods
Emily Worden
Susan and Gilbert Wright
Lydia Yang and Andrew Kaczmarek
Anna Yontz and Tell Taylor
Taylor York
Stephanie Young
Trevor Young-Hyman
Gary Zachow
Karen Zakowski
Aryan Zarandazchi
Jeffrey Zimmerman
Elisabeth Zuern
Madison Zuverink and Dylan Tuttle
Kelsey Zykan
Lesley and David Zylstra

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Menomonee Valley

Saturday, November 22nd

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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Fire Time in the Rooftop Tipi - Cancelled

Riverside Park

Saturday, November 22nd

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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