Donor List

Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations & all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission within the last two months. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Brittany Peters at 964-8505 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your name has not appeared as you expected.

This list reflects donations given between July 1, 2016 and September 1, 2016.

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations

AmazonSmile Foundation
Antonia Foundation
Badger Meter Foundation
Barbara & John Trimble Family Foundation, Inc.
Bel Air Cantina, Inc.
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Bogs Footwear
Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.
Colectivo Coffee
Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee
Dudley & Constance Godfrey Foundation
Eagle Optics
Eisen Fox & Company LLC
Erehwon Mountain Outfitter
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund- Clare Beachkofski
Friedman Wholesalers
Graef - USA Inc.
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Greater Milwaukee Foundation- Kopmeier Family Fund
Greater Milwaukee Foundation- Shirley & Bob Anthony Fund
Heartland Funds
Impact Assets- Wiggins Family Fund
Islamic Da'wa Center
Jerome J. and Dorothy H. Holz Family Foundation

Jesuit Volunteer Corp. House
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Jones Lang LaSalle
Joy Global Foundation
Kleen Test Products Corporation
Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.
ManpowerGroup Foundation
Marquette University - Trinity Fellows Program
Masterson Company, Inc.
Milwaukee Kayak Company
Milwaukee Public Schools
Murphy & Prachthauser, S.C.
Nasgovitz Family Foundation
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
Palermo Villa, Inc.
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Purple Door Ice Cream
Rauen Guitar & Repair
Rockwell Automation
Rotary Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
Springboard Marketing
Summit Credit Union
The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc.
Tippecanoe Library
U.S. Forest Service
United Way of Greater Milwaukee
WEYCO Group, Inc.
Wisconsin Coastal Management Program

In Honor Of

Penny Cruse & the Cruse Crew
- Suzanne C. King

Penny Cruse
- Lyn and Bob Slater

Beth Fetterley Heller
- Dante and Jennifer Houston

Merrill McIntosh
- Thomas Swartz

- Courtney Schilling

Pat Mueller
- Mary Anne Gross

Nathan, Sarah & Isaac
- Lillian and David Karkoski

David and Louise Petering's 50th Anniversary
- Dulcie and Scott Shoener

Jacob Sobczak
- Wendee Nitz

Arianna Sundick and Steffan Morrison
- Anonymous

In Memory Of

Ambrosio Alcala
- Anonymous

Michael Diorio
- Janet and Marlowe Nortrom

Shel Gendelman
- Eric and Elsie Crawford

Mary Elizabeth Dickey Kelly
- Eileen Daly

Karl Ladeburg
- Greg and Elizabeth Flattery

Barbara Lynn Miller: an amazing teacher, woman, mother and friend.
- Gwendolyn Johnson

Chaz (Carlito) Pichette: We will always remember Chaz and we will be reminded of his love for the outdoors especially during our visits to the centers.
- Diane and Brad Vorpahl

Susan Ruth Robertson
- Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel

Caleb Sexton
- Patrick Guiney

Mac Slater
- Janet Slater

Sylville K. Smith: Sorry the city and its police department let him and his family down. Milwaukee needs more supportive agencies like the UEC!
- Paul Seifert and Amy Weisbrot

Arthur C. Smith
- Katherine Smith

Martha Toran
- George and Eileen Stone

Bill Wakeman
- Lois Wakeman

Members & Donors

Anonymous (17)
Ricard Abad
Ms. Suzanne Abler
Rebecca Abraham
Julie Abraham-Gifford and Ben Gifford
Dena Abramowitz and Jay Beder
Mariam Abu Baker
Fay Abu-Hamden
Andrea Rose Acker
Mitchell Adam
Fuad Ahmad and Sumaiyya Samdani
Dick Aiken
Thip and Ezra Aitch
Marna and Brent Akerley
Abdurrahman Alghufaily
Alexandra Allen
Hasan Almesri
Amjad Alobaidi
Lisa Alsch
Rita Alvarez
Davida Amenta and David Goldhaber
Erik Anderson
Colleen Anderson
Elliot Anderson
Daryl Anding
Rachel Antony
Jeanette Arellano
Thomas Arenz
Aaron Arteaga
Michael Ashby
Penelope Atkin
Ilya and Jamie Avdeev
Camilla Avery

Matt Badger
Joan and Mark Bahr
Mary Jo and Ed Baisch
Jessica Baker
Harmonie and Dan Baker
Cilla Baker
Tate Baker
Anna Baker
Aaliyah and William Baker
Robert Balderson
Mike and Vicki Banaszak
Manali Banerjee and Niladri Sekhar Jyoti
Signe Banke and Eliana Winterbauer
Phyllis Bankier and Theodore Tousman
Amanda Banks
Emily Barbeau
Katie and Justin Barkhurst
Meg Bartness-Lee and Donald Lee
Kelly Bartow
Andrea Bartz
Samantha Becker
John Becker and Mary Stott
Jeff and Carrie Becker
Janice Beder-Yee and D. Yee
Joan Bednarek
Jordan Behling
Patricia Belden
Larry Bensman
Tom and Patti Benson
William Berens
Donna Berenson and Jamie Bloomquist
Kevin Bereswill and Erin Bloodgood
Mallorie Bergstrom
Gail Berna-Dompke and Alvin Dompke
David and Kate Bernovich
Richard Best
Kirsten and Andreas Beyer
Ronald Bialosky
Madeline Bird
Natalie Bishop
Jo Ann and Mark Bishop
Anne Bisone and Ray Chi
Jay Bitter
Caroline Blackburn
Hannah Blackwood
Jay Blankenship and Ellen Abrams Blankenship
Megan and Johann Blankschien
Joshua Blumberg
Amy Boakes
Peter O. Bockhorst
Michelle and Dan Boehm
Matthew and Sara Boelter
Jonathan Bohrer
Ashley and Justin Boonnam
Michael Bootzin
Christopher Boucher
Frances Boucher
Bob and Sherry Bourgeois
Dilya Bouriakov
Judy Bovee
Ann Bowe and Barry Slagle
Nancy Boyes
Maureen Brady
Megan Brady
Joseph and Karen Branch
Josh Braun
Mary and Chris Braun
Lisa Braun
Jeff and Laura Bray
Ann Brice
Steven Broadway
Michael and Judy Broderick
Erika Broman
Tammy and Rusty Bronson
Candace and Christopher Brookins
Joseph Brooks and Bradley Ewerdt
Anthony Brown
Timothy Brown and Kimberly Jensen
Claudia Bryan
Michelle Buckingham
Daniel Buckler and Ashley Luthern
Michael Buckman and Sylvia Llanas-Buckman
Ryan Bufton
Carijean Buhk and Kevin Kallenbach
Pamela Buhr
Dan and Becky Burzynski
Brian Byal

Kendra Calhoun
Jennifer Callaghan and Adam Yellen
Elyssa Camerino
Susan Campbell
Angelina Canas
Jeff Carnegie
John and Julie Carpenter
Armand Carriere
Joe Carroll
Elizabeth and Ian Casmer
Becky and Joe Casper
Brenna Cass and Danny Hunt
Aaron Catledge
Kimberly and John Caviggiola
Monique Charlier and Holly Blomquist
Jenny Chay
Brett Christiansen
Mark and Ann Christman
Brien and Pamela Christopherson
John and Christi Clancy
Safiya Clarke
Karin Clemens
Cassie Cobb
Josh and Megan Cochrane
Douglas Coe
Carolyn Colwell
Tim Cook
Melissa Cook
Santa Teresa Coronado
Jose Coronado
Ray Courtnage
Eric and Elsie Crawford
Sarah and Mark Cruikshank
Penny and Chuck Cruse
Kristine Culver

Gina DacQuisto and Alex Ballard
Maureen and David Dahlmann
Michael and Diana Dahm
Paul Daly
Mark and Cheri Damkoehler
Jacob Daniel
Matthew Dannenberg
Anne and Michael Darnell
Ali Dashti
Darryl Davidson
Dianna Davis
Shana and Todd Davis
Victoria Davis Davila and Jack Davila
Tyrone Deacon and Laura Penovich
John and Leah Dean
Margot Debaker
Mary Lou and Nick DeFino
Christopher DeGraff
Karen and John deHartog
Stephanie Dernek and Gregory Taylor
Unmesh Deshpande
Linda and Patrick Devitt
Gabriela Dieguez
Lea and Rob Dilgard
Liz Doering
Jane Doolan
Robyn Dormois
Erin Doty
Pamela Downing
Mike and Joyce Drews
Cindy Dublin
Marcia Duncan
James Dunkerley and Susan Pearce

Mary K. Eastwood
Jessica Eaton
Kathleen Eilers and Barry Blackwell
Jeanette and Mike Emmrich
Dawn Engaas and Brad Doleiko
Jean and Brent Erickson
Christine and Chris Erickson
Sally Evans
Christina Evans
Chad Evenson and Amy Kiiskila

Lisa Fabian-Albert
Marybeth Falish
Bill Farmer
Priscilla Farrell
Beth Fassbinder
Jill Feldman
Joe Fennel
Tim Fillmore
Heather Fillmore
Courtney Finn
Patrick and Danielle Finn
Tania and John Fischer
Greg Fischer
Phillip Fischer and Lindsey Abendschein
Laura Fischer
Kayla Fisher
Erin Flood-Harrison
David Flores
Matt and Katrina Flower
Davita Flowers-Shanklin and Adam Haggerty
Seth Foldy and Joan Bedinghaus
Kim Forbeck and Todd Dunsirn
Damond Ford
Jill and Michael Forrest
Deanna Forsythe
Tony Fortun
Gloria and Steve Foster
Jessica Foster and Paul Smith
Mitchell Fowler
Kim Fowler
Sue and Timothy Frautschi
Aubree Freeman
Jason Fritz
Amy and Tom Fritz
Julia Fritz and Patrick Cobb
Michael and Kathleen Frohna
David Froiland and Lisa Bates-Froiland
Donald and Marjorie Froiland
Heidi Fuller

Nikos Gainacopulos
The Gajria Family
Justine Galka
Taylor Gall
Brittany Galvin
Leslie and Patrick Gardner
Terry and Loraine Garner
Ashley Gehrand
Allyson Genger
Katherine and Nick Gerrits
Asha Ghassemlouei
Ashlee Gibbs
Jeff Giessel
David Gilewski and Catherine Brautigam
Logan Gill & Brooke Miller
Joanne Gimelli
Michelle Girard and Mark Gottfreid
Sarah Girls
Caressa Givens
Paul Glaser
Jazz Glastra
Kevin Glauber
Vanessa Gleason
Sarah Gleason
Amber Glembin
Renee Glembin
Paula Godkin
Jennifer and Daniel Goetz
Owen Goldin and Miriam Sushman
Alisa Goldman
Cesar Gomez
Jasmine Gonzalez and Ian Segovia
Jessica Goodman Schutz and Aaron Schutz
Kaitllin Goszkowski and Bryce Kalscheur
Dawn Gott
Susan and Tracy Goudreau
Brian Grabner
Ann Graf
Joseph Grafwallner and Jack Norell
Barb Grandlich
Autumn Gray
Patrick and Megan Greischar
Megan Grimm
Linda and Robert Gross
Christine Grota Merkel and Rich Merkel
Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath
Sam Gulotta
Dana Gunderson
Mary Gute Witte and Ned Witte
Stanley Gutowski
Ronald Gutschow
Connor Gwinn

Samantha Haas
Douglas and Jane Hagerman
Greg Hahn
Sophia Haile
Cassy Hainer

Kathy and Tim Halbur
Russell Hall
Edward J. Hammond and Marcia Brooks
Anthony Haning
Stephen and Christine Haning
David Hanold
Ryan Hanson
Maryza Hanson
Pam Hanson
Cindy Haq
Susan Harmon
Lindsey Harness and Paula Polman
Gabe Harper and Laura Bies Terveld
Tracy Harringtonn
Faiza Hashim and Salman Waheeduddin
Michael and Lisa Hatch
Matt Hawkinson
Heather Heaviland and Kelly Klawonn
Annah Heesacker
Joseph Heffron and Sierra Starner-Heffron
Emma and Sean Hegarty
Nicholas Heili
Deborah Heim and Ross Hightower
Beth and Fred Heller
Raechel and Zachary Helmen
Erica Henderson
Frances Henkel
Jeanne and Cathie Henry
Gretchen Henry
Jen and Mark Hense
Kathy Herbst and Jan Jahnke
Tom Herbstreith
Marguerite Herbst-Synowicz
Kaitlin and Micah Hernandez
Jessica Herzog and Joe Manske
Ann Hetzel
Logan Hietpas and Zion Keck
Rachel Hildebrand
Kala Hill
Claire Hitchcock Tiltan
Lizzie and Zach Hoeppner
Thomas and Cheryl Hofer
Paula and Skip Hoffmann
Susan and Benjamin Holdmann
Myrna Hollander
Natalie and Brian Holoubek
Bethiel Holton
Ms. Kelly Hoormann
Meghan Hoose
David and Beth Hoover
Jill Hoppe
Diane Horne
Randy and Kathy Hoth
Madison Houchin
Justin Houck
Mike and Judy Howden
Michael Hramada and Kristin Zelinsky
Jill and Gregory Huffer
James Hummert
Will Hunt
Anne Hunter
Laura Hyland
Brigitte Hyler

Valerie Inda
Hiroshi Ishii

Alan Jaberg
Kurt and Mariam Jacobsohn
Sarah Jahnke
Ayush Jain
Elizabeth Janicek and Shannon Pahl
Ryan Jann
Joan Janus
Karen Jardaneh
Thejus Jayakrishnan and Vidya Kuniyil
Sarah and Garry Jean-Pierre
Taylor Jerominski
Ryan Jerving and Ann Hanlon
David Johnson and Andrea Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Anthony Johnson
Lance Johnson
Karen Johnson and James Toth
Ellen Johnson
Lisa Jommen Davelen
Nancy and Peter Jonas
George Jones
Susanne Jones
Daniel Jones
Alissa Jones
Jay Jordan
Cody Jorgenson
Diana and Sim Joseph
Mukta Joshi
Tom Junker
Jeff and Lisa Jurgens

Barrett Kalter
Julie Kalupa
Becky Kanitz
Elizabeth Kaplan and Steven Marshall
John and Kathleen Karkheck
Susie and Fred Kasten
Michelle Keating
Sophie Keehan
Sean Kelly and Jeffrey Gardner
Michelle Kelly
Chase and Sandy Kelm
Rebecca Kemnitz
Louise and Alexander Kempe
Meghan Kerner and Michael Sevier
Gail Kerr and Thomas Hanley
Michael Keyser and Derek Hanson
Nang Kham
Cory Kibar
Clara Kiesel and Alexander Miller
Kara Kikkert
James and Elizabeth Kimball
Elynor and Paul Kimmel
Amanda and Eric Kindig
Lee Ann and Bill Kingston
Kathlynn and Jay Kirk
Nancy Kisting
Ken Klauck
Abbe Klein
Grant Klemp
Russ and May Klisch
Randall Klumb and Sarah Ford
Griffin Knipp
Sarah Knowlton
Sara Knox
Kat Kocisky and Sean Phalen
Russell Koenig
Ronald and Mary Koeppl
Kathleen and James Koneazny
Kristofer Koneazny
Devin Konopa
Eric and Lucy Korbitz
Kelly Kotarek
Mia Krantz
Diana Kraus
David Krause
Niki Kremer
Steve Krey and Jill Kenehan-Krey
Lauren Krickl
Ed Krishok
Rachael Kroot
Corrine Kunz
Simon Kurszewski
Jeffrey Kustermann

Peter LaBonte
Mary Pauly Lacy
Stephen Laczniak
Amy and Joe LaMacchia
Patricia Lane
Elizabeth Lang
Nathan Larsen
Nancy and Arthur Laskin
Stephen and Carina Laubach
Kathleen Laurent
Jennifer Lautz
Chelsie Layman
Jenn Lederer
Zhu Lee and Zhibin Ren
Kristin Lehmann
Ken Leinbach
Elizabeth Lentini
Monica Leon
Xavier Leon and Tania Reyes
Citlaly Leon
Becky and Greg Leslie
Elizabeth Lev
Anthony Lewandowski
Sally Lewis and Kathleen Rivera
James and Judith Lewis
Brenda Lewison
Maggie Leyes
Stephen and Karen Lied
Christopher Lightle
Christine Lind
Diane Lindsley
Dick and Tink Linhart
Kristin Lockhart
Katelyn and Jason Locklear
Christian Logan
Nichole Logan
Anita Loker
Alex Lombard
Jennifer Lopez Branshaw
Mary and Guy Lord
Karen Loth
Judy Loth
Katie Loughmiller
Adrian Love
Kent and Susan Lovern
Theresa and Dennis Lowder
Jessica Lowery
Tai and Rebecca Luc
Matt Luce and Leah Rosenow
Justin and Amy Ludeman
Shelley Luettgen
Susan Lund and Mike Kieraldo
Karen Lupa
Kristi Luzar and Jonathan Engelken
Kellie Lynch
Teddy Lyngaas and Molly Spielbauer
Danny and Denise Lynn

Timothy Mack
Kevin Mackey and Susan LeVine
Tom Madden
James and Mary Lou Maletta
Matthew Mallinger
Andrea Mallmann-Elliott
Laurie Mallum
Mary Beth Malm and Chuck Krucky
Melissa Malone
Garrett Mandeville and Mary Claire Sullivan
Michele Manor
Danielle Mantyh
Susan and Randy Mantz
Peter and Maira Marik
Barbara Markoff and River Kaster
Sean Marquardt
Jamie Martin
Steve and Joan Martinie
Jeff Martinka
Laura Martorana
Peter Mascari
Emily and Christopher Mason
Roger and Debbie Mason
Kevin and Cindy Mathews
Kate Maxwell
Guetzie Maya
Tony Mayo
Donna McAvoy
Shana McCaw
Sarah McClanahan
Dan McCormick
Sarah McCoy
Mary Jo and Guy McDonald
Meg McDonald
Antoine and Jade McDuffie
Meghan Mcgrath
Andrew Mcintosh
David McIntosh
Jim and Sarah McLaughlin
Patti McNair and Brian Johnsen
John and Kristen McNally
Julie Medenwald
The Mehnert Family
Eric and Joy Meier
David Meinecke
Hannah Menz
Molly Merrion
Christine Merz
Carrie Mesic
Malisa Middlebrooks
Magdalena Miller
Christopher Miller
Gretchen Miller and John Heywood
Donna Miller
Julee Mitchell
Jessie Moffat
Sara Mogensen
Marisa Mondragon Jones
Don Monnot and Mary Ackerman
Nicholas Montezon
Katy, Dave and Jared Moore
James Moran
Paul Moran and Carol Butchart
Joshua and Rose Morby
Maria Moritz
Heather and Bob Morris
Laura Moss
Lyn Mucha
Mary Mueller
Caile Mulcahy
Thomas Mulcahy
Amal Muna
Cathleen Mundt
Julia and Peter Murphy
Michael Murray

Stephanie Nance
Daniel and Anna Narvey
Will Nasgovitz and Madeline McNally
Matthew Nast
Jeremy Neerhof
Tom Nelson and James Cristina
Elizabeth Nelson
Allyson Nemec and Todd Badovski
Molly Nesbitt
Carrie and Dave Neumann
James Neustaedter
Robert Nevermann and Kelli Bechly
Tanya and Joseph Newbauer
Michael and Sara Newstead
Chris Nielson
Blythe Nissen-Davis
Natalie and Patrick Nolan
Ray Nolte-Lemerond
Krysta and Jerry Nora
Trevor Norgal
Kealey Nueville
Jason Nykiel

Carrie OConnor and Julio Arellanos
Richard and Anita O'Conor
Katie OGradney
Angeline O'Hara
Richard Ohly

Becky and Jeff Olsen
Daren Olson
Maureen O'Meara-Rowen and Sam McGovern-Rowen
Adrienne O'Neil
Cindy Oppe
Claudia Orjuela
Juan Orjuela
Aaron Ormond
Samantha Ott
Reece Ousey
George Owen and Eleanor Harris
Aaron Owens

Nancy Pajewski
Cecilia Palacios and Eric Holton
Gina Palazzo and Michael Kotarba
Virginia Palmer
Alexander Palmer
Rightie Pappenheim
Kevin Paprocki
Kristina Paris
Tim Pasqualini
Kate Pawasarat
William Pederson
Kristin Pederson Carver
Gian Carlo Peña
Patricia Penegor
Thomas J. Penn
Robert Perry
Charles Persch
Daniel Person
Louise and David Petering
Kevin and Kristine Peterka
Tom and Deborah Petri
Betsy and Geno Pichette
Jennifer Pierce and Stephen Marks
Charlie and Tony Pilkington
Jamie Pillizzi
Marta S. Piñon
Eric Pitt
Phillip Pitts
Eric Plantenberg
Kelly Platner
Yosef Porush
Patricia Powers
Jennifer Prevoznik and Andrew McNamara
John Price and Colleen Gunther
David Pritchard and Kathy Rogers
Jennine Pufahl and Steve Giles
Deanna Purfey
Sarah Purpura
Kristopher and Sarah Purzycki

Kurtis Quamme
Kathleen Quirk

Nancy Radke
Ashwin Ramdas
Benjamin Rangel
Patrick Rathsack
Jennifer and Josh Rauen
Maria Ravin
Jon Ray and Charles Banks
David and Caryn Redemann
Anne and Thomas Reed
Mary Regozzi
Linda and Bill Reid
Janet and Rob Reinhoffer
Anthony and Jean Reis
Melissa and Paul Reiser
Nathaniel Renner
Luis and Lisa Reyes
Kerri and Daryl Richlen
Joseph Riggenbach
Molly Rippinger
Nikeisha and Matthew Riseling
Matthew and Marianne Robbins
Jason Roberson and Jeanne Kozlowski
Michael Robinson
Alora Rodriguez and Adam Correa
John and Debbie Roesner, Jr
Chuck and Ann Rohrer
Bryan and Sarah Rolfs
Karen Romantini
Jarett Roseberry and Ashley Brinkman
Collin Ross
Mark and Alice Rouleau
Betsy Rowbottom
Deborah Ruck
Cory Ruegg and Michelle Patten
Cheryl Rugg and Steve Christenson
Cheri Runge
Emily Runnoe
David and Kayla Russick

Taylor Saalsaa
Sabley Sabin and Cathy Arney
Jennifer Salomon
Elizabeth Sanders
Caleb Sandvold
Stephanie Sandy and Allan F. Montezon
Patricia and Ronald Santilli
Forrest and Geraldine Sarver
Kevin and Brianna Sas-Perez
Nicolet Scaletta
Nicole Schanen
Hannah Schiro
Jim Schleif and Bill Morley
Julie Schley
Nicole and Matthew Schmeling
Elizabeth and Matt Schmid
Kim Schmidt
Anna Schmidt
Tyler Schmidt and Brittany Pierce
Tamara and Phil Schmidtke
Austin Schmitz
Kathleen Schneider
Lauren Schoch
Renata Schroden-Drew
Cynthia Schroeder and Chris Noonan
Eva and Jeff Schuelke
Marge and Randy Schumann
Brian Schupper
Laurie Schuster
Edie and Michael Schwabe
Rebecca Schwartz and Timothy Truel
Bill & Annemarie Scobey-Polacheck
Brian and Barbara Scotty
Emily Sear
Stephanie Sears
Melissa Seidl
Lisa Selje
David Semko
William Ty Sessums and Jessica Sessums
Sunny Seto
Rima Shah
Jan Serr and John Shannon
Joshua Sheeran
Blake Sheperd
Mitchell Shiner
Patricia Shires
Christina and Herb Shoemaker
Dulcie and Scott Shoener
Rebecca and Brad Simenz
Charlie Simonds and Sher Schachameyer
Samuel Singleton-Freeman
Austin Slayton
Kevin Sloan
Tim Sluga
Frederick Smart
Robert Smith
Cecilia Smith
David Smith
Katie and Tim Smith
Tamara Smith-Kroupa and Mat Kroupa
Taylor Soderling
Marianne Soldavini and Gary Giombi
Peter Sparks
Katie and Paul Sparks
Rebecca and Joseph Spasiano
Caleb Spelman
Laura Spencer
Nancy and Dick Spransy
Tony Srok
Doug Stahl and Ann Windsor
Ann Stanton
David Starry
Jay Stasiak
Sandra Stelmaszewski
Logan Stephens
Jody Steren
Howard and Veronica F. Stern
Martina Stevens
Scott Stieg and Monica Jablonski
Mary Stone and John Horgan
Jeannie Stranzl
Lucille Strawn and Michael Costello
Donna Strayer and Joy Hill
Eliot and JoAnn Strickon
Sandy and Steve Strye
Lisa Sullivan and Jack Maher
Pat Suminski
Chris and Kelsie Sundberg
Christine and Kurt Susek
Kelly and Lauren Sutton
Sarah and Matt Sveum
Michael Swan
Benjamin Sweeney and Amy Gahl-Sweeney
James Sydow
Michael Synowicz

Dan and Phyllis Talarczyk
Inez Tamayo
Shenyao Tang
Jennifer Taylor
Garrett Taylor and Cheyenne Gonzalez
Victoria Teerlink and Jeff Drope
John Teevan
Matt Templeton and Jennifer Emert
Elisa and Michael Tennessen
Ann Terrell
Carolynn Theodorah
Rachel Thiel and David Koelle
Megan Thomas
Bruce Thompson and Laurie Geisel
Riley and Jenna Thoss
Alan Ticotsky
Scott Tisdel
Carol Tishler
Joanne Toman
Keith Tomlinson
Yiran Tong
Rene Torres
Troy Tower
Melony Trapman
Lauren Troxtel
Ed Trummer
Shelly and Michael Tuominen
Glory Tutaj and Nathaniel Blaz

Brennan Ungrodt
Amy Upshaw
Debra and Charles Urbanek

Ryan and Ahndrea Van Den Elzen
Katie Van Hoof
Daniel and Kristin Van Housen
Benjamin Van Orsdol
Carrie Vance
Melvin and Linda Vance
Mary Vandenberg
Laura Vanderbilt
Brian VanDerWeele and Susan Bridges
Whitney Vann
Tim Vargo and Jessie Tobin
Arturo Vazquez
Barb and Rick Vehlow
Andrea Velic
Debra Verhagen and Bruce Halmo
Cheryle and James Verish
Valerie Vernon and James Brey
Beth Vogel and Richard Wengler
Elizabeth Vokac and John C. Blanchard
Kevin Vollmer
J Vonderhaar

Joseph Wagener
Michelle Waite
Jacob Wakem and Audrey Smith
Eric Walbergh and Debbie Hawkinson
Natasha Waldron
Morgan Walker
Christopher R. Walker and Melissa Harlan
Jennifer Walsh and Alan Lapre
Gil and Edie Walter
Andrzej Walz-Chojnacki
Sarah and Joseph Wang
Whitney Warner
Barry Weber and Jamie Ohland
Chris Weber
Anne and Dan Weber-Schulz
Jacob Weinschrott
Louis Weissert
Anne Weissgerber
Emily Wendlake
Gwen and Bill Werner
Brad West and Nick Wilson
Jessica Weyer
Rebecca and Steve Whitney
Ashley and Chris Widmayer
Jan Wilberg and Howard Snyder
Tom and Jackie Wilcox
Mark Wild
Tracy Wilkins
Christin and Oscar Wille
Sonya Williams and Janet Hundley
Nathasia Williams
Michael Willkommen
Sara Wilson and Lorette Russenberger
Patrick Wilson
Ariel Winter
Jack and Patti Winters
Tom Wissbeck
Molly Witlacil
Mary Margene Woida
Jennifer Woo
Sharon Woodhouse and Kamal Gupta
Brooke Woolever
Jessie Wos
Amanda and Mitchell Woytych
Frances F. Wurlitzer
Ann and Bruce Wydeven

Songlor Xiong and Xai Vang
Song Xiong

Amber Yang
Eric Youngblom

Karen Zakowski
Gertrude and Peter Zauner
Emily Zeman
Karen and Nathan Ziarek
Ryan and Darcia Ziebert
Amy Zillmer
Sam Zimmer
Mark and Laura Zimmerman


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