Donor List

Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations & all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission this fiscal year. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Brittany Peters at 964-8505 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your name has not appeared as you expected.

This list is updated on a bi-monthly basis and reflects donations given during the Urban Ecology Center’s fiscal year beginning September 1, 2017.

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations

AmazonSmile Foundation
Anon Charitable Trust
Anthony Petullo Foundation
Apple Adventure Racing LLC
Argosy Foundation
Astor Street Foundation, Inc.
Attic Jams
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
Bostik, Inc.
Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.
Brown and Caldwell
Burbank Elementary School
CARS, Inc.
Carson Academy of Science
Clare M. Peters Charitable Trust
Colectivo Coffee
Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee
Croen Foundation, Inc.
Curtin Leadership Academy
Daniel Weber and Shelley Budney-Weber Charitable Gift Fund
Doerfler School
Dorothy Inbusch Foundation, Inc.
Durako Family Charitable Fund
Eaton Corporation
Elm Creative Arts School
Emerson School
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Four-Four Foundation, Inc.
Garland School
GE Foundation
GE United Way Giving Campaign
Graef - USA Inc.
Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Inc.
- ACME Foundation Fund
- Asher and Susan Nichols Family Fund
- Claire & Robert Pfleger Charitable Fund
- George F. and Janet M. Kasten Family Fund
- Margarete and David Harvey Fund
- Richard M. and Mxine O. Franz Fund
- Schoonenberg Family Foundation Fund
Hampton School
Harley-Davidson Foundation, Inc.
Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Husch Blackwell
Impact Assets
Jewish Community Foundation
- Lucy and Jack Rosenberg Donor Advised Fund
- Leslie Grinker Donor Advised Fund
Johnson Controls Foundation, Inc.
Joseph and Vera Zilber Family Foundation, Inc
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Judith Fetterley Donor Advised Fund of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region
Kagel School
Kapco Metal Stamping
Kelben Foundation
Kohl's Cares
Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.
Komatsu Mining Corp.
Kotze Construction Co., Inc.

Lillich Family Giving Fund
Lux Foundation, Inc.
Maihaugen Foundation
Mandel Group, Inc.
Maryland Avenue Montessori K-8 School
Milwaukee German Immersion School
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Ministrare, Inc.
Morgan Stanley
Morgandale School
MPS Central Services
MPS- Facilities & Maintenance Services
MPS Office of Board Governance
Nannette M Gardetto Charitable Fund
National Philanthropic Trust
Palermo Villa, Inc.
Patterson Orchards
Peck Foundation, Milwaukee Ltd.
Pentair Foundation
Pepsico Foundation
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Phoebe R. & John D. Lewis Foundation
Prairie Springs: The Paul Fleckenstein Charitable Trust
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Purple Door Ice Cream
Redwall Screen Printing
REI-Recreational Equipment, Inc.
Robert W. Baird & Company, Inc.
Rotary Club of Milwaukee, Inc.
Sacajawea Charitable Foundation
SC Johnson Fund Inc.
Schwab Charitable Trust
Sheldon & Marianne Lubar Charitable Fund of the Lubar Family Foundation
Shorewest Realtors
Speaker Family Foundation
Split Rail Foundation, Inc.
Steigleder Charitable Trust
Stuart School
Tall Guy and a Grill Catering
The Burke Foundation Inc.
The Cara Foundation, Inc.
The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company
Thrivent Financial
Transfer Pizzeria Cafe
U.S. Forest Service
Unitarian Universalist Church West
United Methodist Children's Services
United Way of Greater Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Vanguard Charitable
Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church
We Energies Foundation
William and Kari Foote Family Charitable Fund
Wisconsin Brewery Running Series
Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
Wisconsin Mycological Society, Inc
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
Yellow Wood
YourCause, LLC
Ziegler Family Foundation, Inc.

In Honor Of

Ezra Grinker's Bar Mitzvah

- Anonymous: I love the UEC, what a great cause!
- Nancy Appel
- Risa Berg: Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah and for volunteering your time at UEC
- Shari Engstrom: Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah!!
- Kat Grinker: Congrats on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah! I'm so proud of you!
- Mimi and Bill Grinker
- Shepard, Sandra, Daniella, and Noah Grinker
- Liane, Larry, Elliott and Jonathan: Congrats on your accomplishment and your support of this worthy cause.

- Judith Lerner
- Barbara Levin: What a great cause, Ezra! Happy to support you.
- Lindy and Joshua Liberman: Keep up the great work, Ezra. You're making a difference and setting such a great example.
- Andrea Taxman For all the good work he's done to support UEC and our environment!

Kate Nelson's Birthday

- Dawn Aguilera: Happy Birthday Kate! Love you, UEC!
- Jay Antle
- Peter Armstrong: Happy Fortieth, Kate!
- Dave Barbier
- Jeff Bross: Happy birthday Kate!
- Bonnie and Gary Halvorsen: IHO Kate Nelson and our neighborhood jewel: The Urban Ecology Center. And all of the volunteers helping the people and pets displaced by hurricane Irma.

- Ben, Rebecca, Henry, Elsa, and Lucie: Happy Birthday dear Kate! We love you!! Thank you for being such a special part of our family!
- Melissa Jenny: Because Science!!!
- Megan Kelly: Happy 40th, Kate! Here's to many happy years enjoying everything the UEC has to offer! Truly a wonderful organization.
- Beth Monhollen and Dan Pugliese
- Robert and Carol Nelson
- Layla Qarout


53206 children
- Mark and Alice Rouleau

Sharon Anglea
- Kirstin Anglea and Elizabeth Gies

Else Ankel
- Felix Ankel and Lisa Holter-Ankel

Else Ankel
- Philip Ankel and Alberta Ashbrook-Ankel

Jenn Callaghan
- Martin and Virginia Pfeiffer

The staff at the Child Development Center- Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
- Samantha Wilson and Florent Ray Hentschke

Clancy Family
- Kate and Ken Muth

Penny Cruse
- Tamie Dudor

Penny Cruse
- Suzanne and Edward King

Penny Cruse
- Lyn and Bob Slater

Penny Cruse
- Robyn and John Slater

Penny Cruse
- Dr. Robert Slater

Laurel Cutright
- Mary Hammes

Abby Decker
- Brianna Barnes

Dennis Grzezinski
- Steven Duback and Elizabeth Bellis Duback

Drew Griswold & Jennifer Kanzleiter
- Courtney Schwede

The Earth
- James Hummert

Elini Eisenhart
- Eleni and Erich Eisenhart

Gloria and Steven Foster
- Phyllis and Jim Erwin

Glenna Holstein
- Suzy and Jim Holstein

Glenna Holstein
- Suzy and Jim Holstein

Glenna Holstein & Adam Carr
- Eileen Carr

Ian's 30th birthday
- Sue Long





Sue Inbusch
- Maureen McClone

Sue Inbusch
- Kristie Minnickle

Lorraine Jacobs
- Janine Arseneau

Meghan Jones
- Judy Knight and Al Rank

Susie and Fred Kasten
- Alexander and Nancy Kasten

Judy Krause
- Jayne A. Pelton

Ken Leinbach
- Robert and Sonja Pavlik

Ken Leinbach
- Susanna Scallion

- Kay and Bill Plitt

Regina Miller
- Anonymous

Kate Nelson's birthday
- Rebecca Hannemann

Jeff Oeth
- Ray and Jemae Hoffman

The marriage of Mike Poe and Kelly Teske
- Donald Poe and Bilin Tsai

Julia Reich
- Anne Reich

Scott and Joan Schumann
- Randy and Marge Schumann

Lyn and Bob Slater
- James Bitter

Alex Strong
- Karen Dompke

Carolyn J. Sweers
- Mary Ellen Winter

Chad Thomack
- Jerry and Pamela Thomack

Taylor Valencia and the team of volunteers who created our wedding table place cards.
- Patty and Tim Stark

Tim Vargo
- Susan Mudd and John Norquist

Hannah and Karl Wallick's marriage
- Debbie and Howard Callif

The Young Scientist Club
- Anonymous


In Memory Of

Al Seimsen
- Sharon Williams and Pat Aken

Arthur C. Smith
- Katherine Smith

Barbara Hartinger
- Ann Graf

Charlotte Hinson
- Patricia Shires

Delores Zautner
- Blackboard Inc.

Donald Grzezinski
- Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath

Else Ankel
- Aaron and Aune Hardt

Else Ankel
- Jonathan and Willette Knopp

Erv Russell
- Michael Russell

Erwin Russell
- Joan Russell

Eva Lange
- Elizabeth Dalton

Fuzzy Moore
- Susan and John Koleas

Gina Mueller
- Father Thomas Mueller and Daria Mueller

James Reetz
- Susan Ketterhagen

Lauri Fowler
- Nilah Fowler

Lee Tishler
- Carol Tishler

Loyal Grinker
- Dave Laske

Lucille Zager
- Karen Lemke

Marty Lydon
- Lindsay Swalve

Mary Grace Cano
- Robin Squier

Matt Brown
- Kathryn Norris and Sandra Slowinski

Maurelda Beck
- Nina Beck

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Laubach
- Jean Laubach

Mrs. Rosie Young and her love of fishing.
- Rebecca Lundh

My husband who enjoyed hiking!
- Christine Stuettgen

Noel Cutright
- Molly Redmond and Steve Ring

Noel Cutright
- Kate Redmond

Our dear friend Paul Fleckenstein
- Barbara Richter

Roberta Williams
- Sally Edgett

- Casey Van Groll

Sharon Anglea
- Mike Anglea

Vishal, my brother.
- Anonymous

Deep Roots: Native Tree Sponsorship & Memorial Program

Tree Memorial for Robert Ivens
- Barbara Leigh

Members & Donors - Sorted by last name, click bar to see list

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Lindsay Adams and Matthew Wooten
Kate and Benjamin Adams
George R. Affeldt, Jr.
Mary Ann Affeldt and Bruce Twomey
Louis and Mary Agnew
Fuad Ahmad and Sumaiyya Samdani
Dick Aiken
Marna and Brent Akerley
Katherine Allison
Teresa Allison
Kathleen and Thomas Alpren
Buzz and Barbara Althoen
Laura Ambrose
Rossi Anastopoulo
Keith and Paula Anderson
Daryl Anding
Marc and Deb Andraca
Shirley Andrews-Sharer
Megan Andrews-Sharer
Erin Andrews-Sharer
Kirstin Anglea and Elizabeth Gies
Michael and Emily Anthony
Kristopher Arneson
Michael and Margaret Arney
Nancy Aten and Dan Collins
Tayna Atkinson and Laurie Reisener
Julia and J.P. Atterberry
Jameson and Paul Auer
Donna Augustyn-Sloan and Patrick Sloan
Bob and Sue Austin

JoAnn Bachar
Carl Bahneman
Amanda Bailey
Rebecca Bailey
Mary Jo and Ed Baisch
Cilla and Chuck Baker
Anne and Jon Bales
Matthew Balestrieri
Martin Baltmanis
Sukanya Banerjee
Travis Baptist
Jennifer Bardeen and Bryce Nelson
Danielle Barr
Mary Barrett
Kevin Barry and Melissa Kingston
Kate and David Bartlett
Marcus Bassett
Monique Bates
Elsa Batica
Dustin and Jenn Batterman
Clair and Mary Baum
David and Jill Baum
Shelley Baumgardt
Christopher Baxter and Danielle Leitner Baxter
Lisa Becker and Scott Shulick
Jeffrey and Carrie Becker
Michael Becker and Lai King Moy
Natalie Beckwith
Judith Beil and Hendrik Flessner
Chris Beimborn and John Bleidorn
Edward and Janet Beimborn
Roger and Joyce Bell
Brian Benda
Anna Bender and Ian Cessna
Joshua Benson and Alyssa Pisarski
DW and Tena Benson
Todd and Betty Berens
Tess and Luke Berglund
Julie Berkopec
Zafer Berkun and Ngon Dao
Greg Bernhardt
David and Kate Bernovich
Sarah Bernstein and John Hallanger
Paul Bernstein
Janie and Joseph Besharse
Raquel Bialek
Katherine and Bill Biersach
Thomas Bihler
Sam Bingham and Rebecca Dreyer
Therese and David Bishop
Lianna Bishop and Eric Mathews
Kaitlyn Bjerk and Brianna Gaines
Alison Blackmore
Kathy Blair Koch and Konrad Koch
Jay Blanchett and Melissa Fitzsimmons
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Blank
Megan and Johann Blankschien
Bert Bleke
Helen Bleser
Jonathan Blick and Barbara Connolly-Blick
Cori Bliesner
Dorothy Block
Edward and Amy Blumenthal

Andrew Boddyspargo and Amanda DeBoer
Peter Boesen and Julie Hart Boesen
Virginia and T. Michael Bolger
Helen Bolgrien
Steve and Nancy Books
Anne Booth and Charles Trainer
Sherry and Bob Bourgeois
Reginald Bourrage
Brenda Bowe
Jane Bowers
John and Kay Bowman
Patricia Bowne
Gina and Ryan Boyer
Marilyn and Dan Boyle
Robert and Claire Braby
Donna and Michael Brady
Chuck and Andrea Bram
Pete Brands and Kelly Brands
Laura and Jeff Bray
William and Christy Breihan
Ann Brice and Bill Haviland
Margaret Bridges
Carol Brill and Douglas Booth
Megan Brings
Cheri and Thomas Briscoe
Pamela Brite and Gardner Govan
Michael and Judy Broderick
Christopher Brook
Joseph Brooks and Bradley Ewerdt
Jean and Tom Brooks
Arthur and Anne Brooks
Ian Brown
Martha Brown and Tony Lam
Robert and Kathy Brumder
George Brumis
Josh Brunmeier and Ashley Leverenz Brunmeier
Elizabeth and Scott Brunner
Kyle Brush
Mark Budnik and Angela Tornes
Carijean Buhk and Kevin Kallenbach
Pamela Buhr
Robert and Christine Bukowski
Christopher Burns and Anne Getzin
Carole Burns
Nancy Burns
Dan and Becky Burzynski
Jeffery and Kathy Bussanich
Luli Buxton

Shirin Cabraal
Jennifer Callaghan and Adam Yellen
Thomas Callan
Jeff and Debora Callesen
Susan Callies
Elise and Joe Campagna
Marianne Canter and Sarah Bailey
Christopher Cantwell
Allegra Capozzi
Andy and Cassi Carey
Mary Carian
Linda and Mark Carlson
Barbara Carlson
Stephanie Carman
James and Eldeen Carpenter
Kevin Carr and Judy Greco-Carr
John and Janice Carroll
Margaret A. Casey
Jade Cashman
Rachel Casillas
Jean and Dennis Casper
Thomas Casper
Brenna Cass and Danny Hunt
Sarah Caston
Joseph and Kathy Cayen
Gabriel and Katrina Ceci
Kayla and Dave Celata
Sally and Chet Celenza
Debra Cervenka
Carole Chabries
Valerie Chamberlain
Beau Chard
Monique Charlier and Holly Blomquist
Lloyd Chastant
Rex Chen
Liya Chernyakova
Mistylee Cheske
Steve and Sue Chevalier
Melissa Chomycz
Sandra Christensen
Sarah Christman
Tom and Judy Christofferson
Pamela and Brien Christopherson
Magdalena Chrzanowska and Eric Ruckstadter
Lori Cipparone
Steven and Kathleen Clark
Meg Clark
Kelly and Kathy Clark
Karin Clemens
Chris and Tony Clements
Jean Cline
Andrew Cochran and Mary Rihnat

Josh and Megan Cochrane
Robert Coletti and Karen Hung
Mary Claire Collins
Simone Conceicao
Zheng Congwei
Shirley Conlon and Jess Brownell
Joan and Ron Cook
Nathaniel Cook
Michael and Brenda Costigan
David Counard
Tom Cramer
William and Jane Crise
Sean and Kelly Cronin
Robert and Sarah Crowley
Katie Crowther
Penny and Chuck Cruse
Brian and Katie Cummings
Sue and Dennis Czarniak

Joan Dahlke
Connor Dahm
Suzanne and Robert Dampier
Joanne Danforth and Stewart Edwards
Eddee Daniel and Lynn Kapitan
Christie and Matthew Dapelo
Shannon and Jeff Dardis
Mark and Maura Darnieder
Latasha Darrell
Richard Dassow
John and Kelley Daugherty
Darren Davis and Bryna Goeckner
Lou and Jackie Davit
Kristal Danielle De La Paz
Sheri Dean
Karen Dean
Nikki and Andrew DeGuire
John and Karen deHartog
Francie and Jon Dekker
Anne L. DeLeo and Patrick T. Curley
Kendra DeMarco
Marshall and Judy Dermer
Lynn Des Jardins
Sarah Detro
Francis and Jackie Dettloff
Linda and Patrick Devitt
Sienna DeVoe-Talluto
Heena Dhyani
Evelyn and Michael Dickmann
Tom Dienhart and Sarah Fobes
Carol and Bob Diggelman
Katherine Dillon
Geoffrey Dimin
David Dineen and Monica Wheeler
John Dixon and Ellie Cotter
Candace Doerr-Stevens and James Stevens
Lucy Dominguez
Natalie Dorrler
Art and Rhonda Downey
Barbara and Harry Drake
Laura Drake and Jun Zhang
David Drapes
Susan Drews
David and Roberta Drews
Debby Dreyfus and Jim Lemke
Elaine Drinan
Ellen Drought
Kathy Drury and Steve Chojnacki
Jessica and Tim Drutowski
Doug Drysdale and Gisela Zelenka-Drysdale
Aria Duax
Sally Duback and Warren Kreunen
Howard and Eileen Dubner
Peter Dunn and Linda Whittingham
Regina Dunst
Catherine and William Durako
Deb and Michael Dwyer
Kathryn Dyble Thompson

Julianna Ebert and Frank J. Daily
Mark Edwards
Malin Ehrsam
Eva Eiseman
Carl and Susan Eisenberg
Barbara Eisenberg
Nathan Eisner
Nancy Eisner and Kurt Frederickson
John Ela
Erin and Patrick Elliott
Amy Elliott and John Duris
Kipp and Janet Elsbernd
Elizabeth Elser
Laura and John Emory
Karen England
Janice Ereth and John Gilligan
Evelyn Ericson
Cole Ersel and Ashley Kwapel
Steve and Marloe Esch
Dan Ezekiel and Martina Harmon Ezekiel

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Michael and Robin Faber
Mary Beth Factor
Angelo and Stephanie Fallucca
Elizabeth Farron
Patrick and Anne Fee
Deborah Fendrich
Julia and Patrick Fennelly
Bart Ferrara
Joseph Ferschinger
Judith Fetterley
Dan and Pat Fetterley
Ellen Fierer and Jason Blevins
Arthur Fink
Lisa Fitzgerald
Karen Fitzgerald
Patrick and Jane Fitzgibbons
Greg and Elizabeth Flattery
Frances Fletcher
Jerome Flogel
Erin Flood-Harrison
John Florsheim and Lindy Yeager
Davita Flowers-Shanklin and Adam Haggerty
Sara and Ryan Flynn
Seth Foldy and Joan Bedinghaus
Anne Foley
Gina and Michael Follstad
William and Kari Foote
Kim Forbeck and Todd Dunsirn
Helen Forbeck
Matt Forbeck
Ken and Nancy Forbeck
Meghan and Josh Forseth
Tony Fortun
Gloria and Steve Foster
Jessica Foster and Paul Smith
Lincoln and Lilith Fowler
Amy Fowler-Farrell
Rachel Fox
Karlene and Stephen Fox
Susan Fox
Andrew Foy and Michelle Clarke
Gitte Frandsen and Ben Hitchcock Cross
Mariah Frank
Dan Frankel
Richard M. Franz
Tim and Sue Frautschi
Jennifer Freckmann
Margot Fuchs
Barbara Fuldner
Dennis Funk
Frances Fyten

Radames Galarza
Ben Ganther and Jessica Guzman
Tony Garcia
Nan Gardetto
Jeffrey Gardner and Sean Kelly
Alphonse Gassenhuber and Kathleen Slamka
Shannon and Daniel Gatewood
Sara Geenen and Jason Gehring
Ashley Gehrand
Chris Geiger
Pat Geiger
Karen Geiger
Jason Geils
Laurie Geisel and Bruce Thompson
Danni Gendelman
Tanja George and Ray Chinana
Joseph and Anthony Georgeoff
Frank X. Gess
Beth and Mike Giacobassi
Kevin Giese
Craig Gildersleeve
Cari Giles and Robert Schwalbach
David Gilewski and Cathy Brautigam
Sara and Michael Gilman
Mark and Marie Gilpatric
Meghan Gindt

Marly Gisser and Thomas Gaudynski
Kristin Gjerdset
Michael Glabere and Mary Holyst
Robert Gleeson
Allison Gleiss
Dave Glenn
Cathy Glidden
Jane Glodoski
Paul Gloor
Peter Goldberg
Michael Goldman
Vida Goldstein
Lori Golomski
Roberto Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez
Brittany Goodridge
Laura and Kurt Goranson
Jessica Gorecki
Dawn Gott
Karen Gottlieb
Larry and Stephanie Govin-Matzat
Natalie Graceffa
Falon Graff and Timothy Walsh
Joseph Grafwallner and Jack Norell
Sam Green and Tim Cotter
Dawn Greuel
Leslie Grinker
Michael and Sharon Grinker
Michael Groen and Jackie Lalley
Reed and Nancy Groethe
Christine Grota and Richard Merkel
David and Betty Grypp
Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath
Elizabeth Guenther and Gage Curtner
Angela and Roberto Guerrido
Pam Guldan
Punkaj Gupta and Sachin Pawar
John Gurda and Sonja Nelson-Gurda
Jean Gurney and Earl Lemon
Ronald Gutschow
Kerry Guzman

Katherine and Kenneth Habgood
Mary Hael
Eva Hagenhofer
Rachel Hahn and Craig Hanson
Karen S. Haley
Judith Hall and Don Sargent
Katherine Hall and Jon Anderson
James Halverson
Bonnie and Gary Halvorsen
Benjamin Hammelman
Edward J. Hammond and Marcia Brooks
Margaret and Anthony Haning
Chris Hansen and Kathryn Behling
Julie Hapeman
Susan Harmon
Hannah Harris and Andrew Harris
Gary Hartung
Margarete and David Harvey
William Haury
Leslie Hauser
Timothy Hawks and Mary McCormick
Therese Hayden
R.J. Heger and Hector Montoya
Sara and Scott Hegerty
Deborah Heim and Ross Hightower
John and Sara Hein
Catherine and Thomas Heinen
Linda Heintz
Dennis and Nancy Heltemes
Rheanna Henderson
Krystle Henry
Mark and Jen Hense
Zachary and Lindsay Hepner

Kathy Herbst and Jan Jahnke
Tom Herbstreith
Kristaleen Hernandez
David and Kathleen Herrewig
Caitlin Herrnstadt
Jessica Herzog and Joe Manske
Dawn Herzog-Kraus
Anne Hesse
Sherie Hettle-Eldredge and Don Eldredge
David Hetzel
Kathy and John Hickey
Sean Hickey
Brittany Hilgert
Dr. and Mrs. E. Alexander Hill
Christine and Jim Hill
Robert Hirschi
Jeanne Hochstatter
Kyle Hoen
Vesla and Kenny Hoeschen
April Hoffman
Mike Hoffman
Katherine Hoffmann
Matthew Holl and Laura Rau-Holl
Jaymi Holland
John Holm
Dolores and Nate Holman
Andrew and Paula Holman
Natalie and Brian Holoubek
Verne and Terri Holoubek
Glenna Holstein
Sally D. Holt
David and Beth Hoover
Marty Horning
Nancy Hosni
Charles Housiaux
Eli and Elizabeth Howayeck
Ruth Hozeska
Tracy Hrajnoha
Katharina and Gustav Hren
Raymond Hren
Ryan Hudziak
Emily Huemann
Patricia Huiskamp
Kerstin Hulbert
Barbara and Daniel Hulbert
James Huston and Theresa Miller
Eileen Hwang and Dustin Layton

Douglas Ihrke
Frank Imp and Kristine Jaeger
Susan Inbusch
Shelby Ingersoll
Sheila and O. William Isakson

Lynn Jack
Casey Jackson
Brian Jakubowski
Paul Jarvis and
Molly Jasmer
Jessica Jenkins and Siobhan Fitzgerald
LaQuisha Jennings
Luke and Heidi Jeter
Shantha Jhansale
Dain Johnson and Carla Dulberger
Gwen Johnson
Erica Johnson
Gina Johnson and Mike Yamat
Melissa and Todd Johnson
Loralyn and Joe Johnson
Carol Johnstone
Denton and Mary Jones
Morgan Jones
Alisha Jones
Mary Ann Jones
Judy Jones
Caley Jones
Geraldine Jones-Mantyh
Renee Joos and Brandt Mylott
Reverend Joseph Juknialis
Gabriele Jung
Tom and Amy Junker

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Patricia Kaeding
Mary and Charles Kamps
Maureen Kane
Becky Kanitz
John Kannenberg and Dave Jacob
David and Lillian Karkoski
Robert Karp
Mary Kasten
Fred and Susie Kasten
Fritz and Myrtle Kastner
Beverly Katter
Deb Kaurala
Denis Kavanagh and Monica Maroney
Alice Keane
Patti Keating Kahn
Cormac Kehoe and Sarah Vaun
Matthew and Rebecca Keiser
Mary and Ted Kellner
Reverend Andrew Kennedy and Ms. Lois Wesener
Alan Kesner
Greg and Jennifer Ketz
Paul and Jill Keuler
Michael Kidd
Marjorie Kieckhefer
Ina and Trent Kielley
Joan Kiely
Karon Kiffel
Kelly and Larry Kilmer
Paul and Merlynn Kimmel
Gerald King
Kathlynn and Jay Kirk
Evan and Debbie Kirkstein
Lane Kistler
Judi Kistler
Nick Kitzman and Catherine Cedzo
Emily Klar
Robert and Joan Klein
William Klein
Robert and Pamela Klein
Jamie Klinger-Krebs
Ian Klug
John and Michele Klug
J. Val Klump and Sory Klump
Jeffrey Kluslow
Joe Kneiszel
Sandra Knorr
Sarah Kober
Theresa Koch
Seth Kock
Claudia Koehler
Suzanne and Mark Kohlenberg
Dennis Kois, Sr. and Carolyn Kois
Susan and John Koleas
Jeanne and Robert Kollmeyer
Phillip Kollmeyer
Keith Kollmeyer
Michelle Kramer and Goran Filipovic
Michael and Lori Kramer
Tom Kranick
Nathan Kraucunas
Kelly and Ed Krause
Kathy Krause
Joan and Tom Kress
John and Susan Krezoski
Caroline Krider and Paul Smith
Jerome and Kathleen Krings
Ed and Brooke Krishok
Maggie Krochalk
Danielle Kroll
Lexi Krupp
Priscilla Kucik
Maria and Robert Kuehn
Mia Kuether
Joseph Kuhlmann
Judith Kuhn
Daniel Kurth

Gigi La Budde and Michael Whaley
Sharon and Bill La Macchia
Cindy La Point
Cecile Labecki
Peter LaBonte
Stephen Laczniak
Ben LaDuke and Jennifer Bertrand-LaDuke
Suzanne LaFleur and Daniel Sapiro
Anne Lamb
Joe Lange
Carla Langhus
Sue and Brian Lanser
Patty Larkin
Nathan Larsen
Mike and Sara Larson
Norm and Judy Lasca
Ruth and Chad Lawson
Blake and Tya Lawson
Mary Jo and Don Layden
Cora Lee-Palmer
Sam Leichtling and Lindsey Tauber
Becky Leichtling and Sean Sweetnam
Ely Leichtling and Sally Merrell
Ken Leinbach
James and Laurie Lemke
Troy Lenz
Natalie Lenz and Taylor Thill

Sharleen Leonard and Kenneth Harris
Cynthia Lepkowski
Sharon Lerman
Robert and Mary Lerner
Arthur Lerner
David LesStrang and Elaine Dalpaiaz LesStrang
Michaela Lewellyn Humpal and Nathan Humpal
Lizette Lewis and Edward Corrigan
Sally Lewis and Kathleen Rivera
Phoebe Lewis
Clare Lewis
Kyle Lewis
Joan Lieberman
Stephen and Karen Lied
Carol Liesenfelder
David and Mary Ann Lillich
Gracie Limbach
Richard and Meredith Lincoln
Jean Lindemann
Dawn Lindsey
Diane Lindsley
Sara and Andrew Link
Jack Littrell and Kathlyn Fletcher
Maureen and David Lloyd
Michael Loduca
Helen Loewi
Rita Lohmeier
Raymond Lonnemann
Suzanne Loosen
Mary and Guy Lord
Rebecca Lorenzen
Julie Love
Susan and Kent Lovern
Marianne and Sheldon Lubar
Thelma Lubkin
Kathryn and Frederick Luedke
Debbie Luetzow
Sherry and Richard Lundell
Karen Lustig
Kristi Luzar and Jonathan Engelken
Mary Lynn
Laurel Lyytinen

Ruosi Ma
John Machulak
Ann MacIver
Kevin Mackey and Susan LeVine
Gerald and Elaine Mainman
Yacine Makhlouf
Lois Malawsky and Jay Larkey
Andrea Mallmann-Elliott
Erik Malmquist
Mark Maloney
Daniel Maloney
Barry Mandel
Laurel Maney
Barbara Manger and William Lynch
Joe and Laura Mantoan
Jeanne and Dave Mantsch
Danielle Mantyh
Karen and Laurel Marek
Peter and Maira Marik
Gordon and Jean Marshall
Andy Martin and Janet Trostel Martin
Janet and Vince Martin
Lori Martin-Friedel and Patrick Friedel
Jeff Martinka
Keith Martino and Kathryn Baierlipp
Tom and Karen Martinsen
Paco and Elizabeth Martorell
Ingrid Marx
Ellen and Tyler Mason
Scott Mason and Sarah DeYoung
Bonnie and Jeff Mast
Sally Mathews
Steve Mathison
Jennifer and Karl Mattes
Peter Mattingly and Stacey Moe
Rose Mary and Francis Matusinec
Mary McAndrews
Tim McCahill
Debbie and Alan McCalister
Mary Jo and Guy McDonald
Antoine and Jade McDuffie
Cassidy and Jackie McGarry
Janis McGee
Jim McGinity
Rachel McGraw and Patrick Brady
William McGraw and Larraine McNamara McGraw
Maria McHugh
Sarah Jean McHugh
James and Kathleen McKeown
Jonathan McKey
Denise and Jim McLain
Patrick and Jane McSweeney
Jacqueline Meagher
Dave and Wyn Mecherly
Mary Meegan and Michael Casey
Lindy and Steve Meer
Amanda Mehr
Susan and Tom Meilinger
Susan Meils

Maria and Matt Melendes
Lisa Melick
Alicia Menges
Andrew Mentel
Donna Merical
Daniel Merrick
Alexandra Messimer
Anne and Tom Metcalfe
Dorothy Meyers
Tatiana Migliaccio
Michael Migliano
Jameson A. Miller
Larry Miller and Ellen Bravo
Gretchen Miller and John Heywood
Lana Miller
Laura and Ian Miller
James Miller and Victoria Thorpe Miller
Natasha Miller
Elaine Miller and Andrew Schwartz
Erin Mindt
David and Lisa Misky
Teresa Mitchell
Olivia Mobley
Susan Modder and David Krzyston
Meaghan Moen
Erik and Carol Moeser
Lisa Moline
Kimberly Moniz
Patricia Monroe
Bob and Jan Montgomery
Sheila Mooney and Jason Hendrickson
Molly and Moore
Jeffrey Moreland and Carley Andrysiak
Cheryl and Blake Moret
Dwight and Marleen Morgan
Jeff and Rose Morgan
Kim Morgese
Michelle and Andrew Moring
Jim and Joan Morningstar
Patrick Morrell
William Morris
Karen Morris-Centin
Monica Morrisey
Lori Morse and Rob Gardenier
Derek Mosley and Kelly Cochrane
Molly Mroch
Rebecca Muehl
Patricia and George Mueller
Mary Mueller
Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel
Monica Murphy
Michael Murray
Megan and CJ Murray
Mary Ellen Shea and Henry Musto
Linda and Jock Mutschler
Mark and Julie Myszkowski

Leana Nakielski
Jessica Nanes
Daniel and Anna Narvey
Ann Navin
Kelly Naylor
Donna Neal
Lori Neisner
Danielle Nelson and Patrick Sanford
Thomas and Kathleen Nelson
Liz Nelson
Theresa and Wade Nemetz
Alexander Nereson
Lisa Nett
Veronica and Christine Neumann
Rebecca Neumann and Tina Kreitlow
Jake Newcomb and Ariel Kohll
Jarod and Jill Newman
Nancy Nienhuis
Maryanne Niesen
Daniel Niesen
Wendee and Jim Nitz
John Norquist and Susan Mudd
Rebecca North and Adolph Paul
Julie Norton
Rebecca and David Nowacek
Craig and Maureen Nuechterlein
Robert and Christine Nuernberg

Danielle Obmann
Anne and John OConnor
Liam Odonoghue
Tricia and Thomas Ognar
Judith O'Neil and J. Pat Randa
Mark O'Neill
Cindy Oppe
Ruth Oppedahl
Marty and Karen Ordinans
Dan O'Reilly
Chantel and Jesus Ortiz
Sonny and Mitchell Ost
Katie and Andre Ost
Claire Osterman
Kelly Ostrenga
Carla Otterson
Tim Ottman and Stephanie Stearns
Gerald Ottone

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Angela Paap
Michelle Page
Elizabeth and Shannon Pahlicek
Anne Palmer
Renanah Parker
Amy and Jason Parry
Stuart and Phoebe Parsons
Michael Pasco
Francis and Kelly Pastors
Dan and Kay Patrinos
Kate Pawasarat
Geoffrey Pearson, Sr.
Dennis and Becky Pelzek
Patricia Penegor
Daysi Perez and Jose Matamoros
June Perry-Stevens
Louise and David Petering
Brittany Peters
Jessica and Kevin Petersen
Ann Peterson and Kevin Lynch
Amanda Peterson and Dave Cowen
Jane Peterson
Tom and Deborah Petri
Sharon and James Petrie
Tony Petullo
Troy and Jann Pfaff
Claire Pfleger
Ann and Rich Piehl
B Thomas and Terry Pier
Kelsey Pierce
Craig and Lane Pierce
Judith Pinger
Danny Pirtle
Christine Piven
Calvin Platt
Susanna Platt
Meg and Rock Pledl
Charlie Pluckhahn
Annette Plunkett and John Dubord
Karen Plunkett
Ashley Pociask
Carol Polacek and David Bayles
Nancy and James Pomes
Lori Popodi
Arie Porush
Marjorie and Marcus Powell
Andrea Powers
Thomas and Sheri Price
Elizabeth Price and Jerry Weber
Cathleen Prieto
Janet Pritchard
Mr. Jan L. Pritzl and Karen A'Rowan
Larry and Jeanne Prochnow
Keith Prochnow
Kelsey Propsom
Deidre Prosen and Michael Oldani
Lynda Prout
Linda Pryor
Jennine Pufahl and Steve Giles
Sarah and Anand Pullapilly
Dena Pulos

Monica Quesnell
Barbara and Roger Quindel
Maureen Quinn
Kathleen Quirk
Joyce Quirk

Eleanor Rabinowitz
Glen Radford and Michele Andre
Sagiia Rae
Susan and Stephen Ragatz
Lynn and Doug Raines
Federico Ramirez and Rosanne Santilli
Lori Ramirez
Al Rank and Judy Knight
Mary and John Raspanti
Janice Ratliff
Miriam Reading and Richard Miller
Katherine Recka and Andrew Goetsch
Nyama Reed and Mike Lubetski
Gus Reed and Angela Schultz
Dean Reichard
William Reichertz
James Reinartz
Emily Reisgrat
John Reiss
Marine Renard and Ryan Baumgartner
Peter Rhomberg and Maren Hagman
August and Joanne Ricca
Corey Richards
David Riemer and Ellie Graan
Casey and Amy Riesing
Molly Rippinger
Nikeisha and Matthew Riseling
Molly Ritsema
Lynn and Paul Rix
Matthew and Marianne Robbins
Dan and Anna Robbins
Emily and Michael Robertson
Linda Robinson
Laura and Jesse Robinson
Kevin Rodgers and Sophia Otap
Christine Rodriguez
Charles Roedel
Sarah Rohe and Neil Franzen
Mary Pat Rose
Rachel Rosenberg

June Rosland
George and Dotty Roth
Jeffrey and Diane Roznowski
Sandra Rubin
Lorette Russenberger and Sara Wilson
David and Kayla Russick
Sue and Jerry Ryack
Donald Ryan

Janet Sabb
Sabley Sabin and Cathy Arney
Gail Sahagun
David and Ellen Sahar
Debra Salvo-Stewart
Karen Samelson
Allen-Femy Samson
Virginia Sandquist
Karen and Peter Sands
Stephanie Sandy and Allan F. Montezon
Mark Sandy and Alice Kamps
Katharine Sanford
Miguel Santos and Estela A. Jimenez Marvan
Oana Sarbu
Daniel Sargeant and Elfrieda Abbe
Maureen and Tim Satran
Kris Sauer
James and Nancy Schacht
Nadine Schaefer and Christopher Bock
Margit Schatzman and Stephen Bleksley
Beverly Scheels
Barnaby Scheiwe
Anders Schenstrom
Cynthia and Steven Scheuing
Molly and Chris Schicantek
Jennifer Schilling and Joe Miotke
Molly and Jeff Schissler
Tami Schlickman
Julie Schlipmann
Daniel Schlitz
Ann and William Schmid
Robert Schmidt
Janelle Schmidt
Paul Schmitz
Gayle Schmitz-Zien
Frank A. Schneiger
Richard Schnell and Mary Wehrle Schnell
Katie Schober
Karl Schoendorf
Taj Schoening
Eliza Scholl
John Schoneman
Callan Schoonenberg and Matt Parrish
Sara Schorse
Aaron Schricker
Cynthia Schroeder and Chris Noonan
Jacolyn Schuelke
Molly Schuld
Meagan and Jason Schultz
Nathan and Hannah Schultz
Philip Schultz and Melissa Mooney
Madeline Schultz
Randy and Marge Schumann
Eric Schumann
Charles Schuster
Carol Schwanz
Terry and David Schwartz
Rebecca Schwartz and Timothy Truel
Carol and George Schwei
Andi Sciacca and Greg Sadler
Carolyn and Jay Scott
Megan Scott
W.L. Seaman
Andrew Sebranek
Thomas Seery and Carol Hubbard Seery
Leslie Ann Seib
Michael Seidman and Susan Armour Seidman
Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Selig
Lisa Selje
Joanne Sellon
Erick Shambarger and Amy Weber Shambarger
Jennifer and John Shank
Davita Shanklin
Kevin and Melinda Shanklin
LG Shanklin-Flowers
Amy Shapiro and Ruth Irvings
Kirsten and James Shead
Kay Shellestad
Christopher Sheridan
Al Sherkow and Debra Hartmann
Christina and Herb Shoemaker
Carl and Sandy Siegrist
Rebecca and Brad Simenz
Dave Sims
Cheryl Singer
Samuel Singleton-Freeman
Hartmut Sinterhauf
Dale Skaggs
Margarita and Ken Skare
David Skurnick and Felicia Noth
Deborah Slakes
Vassi Slavova and Erik Holman
Virginia and Pat Small
Rachel Smith
Jerry and Joan Smith
Katie and Tim Smith

Ian and Kate Smith
Robert Smith
Dale Snider
David Snyder
Leonard Sobczak
Tom and Jean Sobon
Paul Sokolowski and Mary Callen
Karen and Andrew Sommer
Richard and Ann Spalding
Jeff and Jana Spence
Gillian Spence
Glen Spence
James Spence
Catherine and James Sponholz
Nicole Spoon and Victoria Odwazny
Caitlin Sprague
Nancy and Dick Spransy
Judy Springer
Tony Srok
Keith Stachowiak and Elisa Sibinski
Brian Staehlin and Sarah Eichhorn
Abe Stamper
Alice Jo Star
Megan Starshak
Dan Stauff and Bridget Wolf
Philip Steel
Casey Stehlik
Jason and Dori Steigman
Anne Steinberg and Eric Hansen
Gary Steinhafel and Jocelyn Servick
Christopher and Angela Steinkamp
Susan C Steinkraus and Kevin L Brown
Loretto and Richard Steinmetz
Howard and Veronica Stern
Rachel Stern
Travis Sternhagen and Anna Redovich
Mary and Robert Stetson
Brian and Heidi Stevens
Randy Stevens and Peggy Dickson
Jane Stoltz and John Idzikowski
Connor Stone and Sasha Mazur
Claire Stowe
Christine Straw
Charles and Diane Streppone
Eliot and JoAnn Strickon
Robert Stukenberg
Joy Stuppia
Desiree Stypinski
Pat Suminski
Emily Summers
Orrin Sumwalt
Charlotte and Derek Supple
Anna Suscha
Mr. Conrad Silverberg and Ms. Elizabeth Sutherland
Sarah and Matt Sveum
Lindsay Swalve
Ann and Phil Swalve
Ben Sweeney and Amy Gahl-Sweeney
Gail and Michael Sweet
Ryan and Kasandra Sweet
Marilyn and Thomas Swiontek
Christy Szczesny-Adams and Christopher Adams

Julian Taagen and Peggy Noonan
Daniel and Phyllis Talarczyk
Jane Tanner and Bill Hable
John Tarney
Gino Tassara and Isabelle Koenig
Everette Tate
Jerry and Amanda Teagardner
Anna and Richard Teerlink
Ramona and Victor Tenorio
Ann Terrell
Ann Terwilliger
Kelly Teske and Michael Poe
Elizabeth Tess
Barbara Thiers and Mary Halling
Nicole Thom
Chad and Heather Thomack
Nancy Thomadsen
David Thomas and Diane Steigerwald
Stuart Thomas
Sarah Thomas
Janet and Neil Thompson
LuAnne Thompson
Bruce Thompson and Kathleen Miller
Judy Thorsheim
Thomas Thrun
Emily Tianen
Alan Ticotsky
John Tobin
Barbara and Leon Todd
Margaret Tokars
Thomas and Priscilla Tolan
Sally and Sam Tolan
Stacy and Stephen Tornio
William Torres
David and Joan Totten
Corrie Tritz and Thomas Courtney
Marq Truscott
Kyla Tully and John Keegan Siebken

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Sharon Untz

Mary Vaccarello
Charles and Joan Van Norman
Samuel Vandenberg
Sarah Vanderborch
Paul Vandeveld
Tim Vargo and Jessie Tobin
Victor and Carolyn Vargo
Ronald and Mary Veglahn
Christopher and Melinda Vernon
Valerie Vernon and James Brey
Judy Villegas
Robyn and Jim Vining
Eric Vogel and Megan Holbrook
Chris von Briesen
Erika Voss

Louis Wahl IV and Megan Wahl
Kirsten Wahlstrom and James Palof
Alexander Waier
Rhodes Waite and Jackie Lawrenz
Maryann Walbert and Bree Rudometkin
James Walczak
Jane Waldbaum
John Walden
Meg Walker
James Walrath
Andrzej Walz-Chojnacki
Mike and Amy Ward
Susan and Rich Warren
Catherine and Bill Washabaugh
Jane Watts
Diane Weaver and Craig Lockwood
Maureen Webb

John Weber and Karen Bradley
Tunisha Weber
Daniel Weber and Shelley Budney-Weber
Chris and Kristin Weber
Ari Weber
Terry Weckler
Katie and Jason Weeks
Mark Weinberg and Jenny Wanasek
Steve and Barb Weinstein
Sarah Weintraub and Freddy Carrillo
Emma Weiss-Burns
Susan and Len Weistrop
Gregory Welch
Susan Welsh
Jessica Weyer
Betty White
Pam White
Sammis and Jean White
George and Ann Whyte
Judy Wick
Heidi Wick-Spoerl
Katie Wiese
Greg Wille and Carol J. Holley
Christin and Oscar Wille
Skye Williams-Alloway
Susan Winans and Judy Krause
Bob and Lois Winans
Catherine Wisth
Constance Wittig
Lynne Woehrle and Frank Foersterling
Max Wohlauer
Lee and Carol Wolcott
Sharon Wolf
Gary and Rona Wolfe
Michal Woll and Jon Sweeney
Wayne and Mary Wolski
Stuart Wong and Elizabeth Gore

Carolyn Wood
Sharon Woodhouse and Kamal Gupta
Kathleen Worzalla
Jen and Michael Wozniak
Thomas Wright
Melissa Wright
Laurie and Derril Wright
Frances F. Wurlitzer

Amanda Yacobian
Kenyatta Yamel and Elizabeth Ford
Abby Yavorek
Mark Yencheske
Irma Yepez Klassen and Greg Klassen
Alyssa York
The Young Family
Lorna Young and Steven Cupery
Diane Yurasovich

Tom and Anne Zak
Jennifer Zamora and William Pariso
Maria Zanoni
Marshall Zarem
Gertrude and Peter Zauner
Paul Zettel and Eileen Asbell
Corey Zetts and Benji Timm
Andrew and Carlene Ziegler
Bettie Zillman
Michelle Zimmer
Chris Zimmerman
Sarah and Steve Zimmerman
Joey Zocher
Beth Zopfi-Selig

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