Donor List

Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations & all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission this fiscal year. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Brittany Peters at 964-8505 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your name has not appeared as you expected.

This list reflects donations given during the Urban Ecology Center’s fiscal year beginning September 1, 2016.

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations

Bel Air Cantina, Inc.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee
Blood Research Institute
BrewCity CrossFit
Brewers Community Foundation, Inc.
Colectivo Coffee
Erehwon Mountain Outfitter
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund- Jane O'Meara & Alan Purintun
Fox Point Federated Garden Club
GE Foundation
General Mills Foundation
Greater Milwaukee Foundation- Annette J. Roberts & Joan R. Robertson Fund for World Peace, World Law and Peace Education
Greater Milwaukee Foundation- Enroth Family Fund
Greater Milwaukee Foundation- Richard E Stephenson Fund
Happy Hour Hike Club MKE
Invivo Wellness

Islamic Da'wah Center
Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.
La Lune Collection
Lake Bluff Elementary School
LotFotl Farm
Marquette University - Trinity Fellows Program
Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company
Patterson Orchards
Pepsi Foundation
PNC Foundation
Purple Door Ice Cream
Rexnord Foundation
The Private Bank and Trust Company
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
U.S. Forest Service
United Way of Greater Milwaukee
VJS Construction Services, Inc.
Walton Family Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo Asset Management
Wisconsin Green Muslims
Yellow Wood

In Honor Of

Cheri Briscoe
- Leesly and Joan Hardy

Vince Cornils and Tiffany Hall
- Melissa Jorsch

Mary Creegan
- James Huston and Theresa Miller

Ken Leinbach
- Robert and Sonja Pavlik

Ken Lemke's 70th Birthday
- Karen Lemke

Ronald Lew
I'd walk to the ends of the earth for you, Ronald, "peace is every step". Happy Birthday, Bro!!
- Janet Lew Carr

Jeff Rinderle
- Melissa Schober

In Memory Of

Else Ankel
- Nancy Aten and Dan Collins

Patricia Bursley
- Linda Cotter

- Josh and Megan Cochrane

Noel Cutright
- Kate Redmond


- Susie and David Hoglund

Craig Klemmer
- Janet Medlock

Chaz Pichette
- Elizabeth Sanders
- Laurine and Mark Sanders
- Karen and Kelvin Walton

In Honor and Memory

For Tory Bahe, in memory of Emma Gencuski
I love the work that Tory does with our students throughout the city of Milwaukee
- Cecilia Gencuski

For Megan Cochrane, in memory of Calvin
- Paul Gloor

Deep Roots

In honor of Tom Ela
- Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee

In honor of Chaz Pichette, from Lake Bluff Friends
- Lake Bluff Elementary School

In memory of Rhoda Sherwood
- Marquette University - Trinity Fellows Program

Members & Donors

Anonymous (20)
Mariam Abu Baker
Joy Adams
George R. Affeldt, Jr.
Huda Alkaff
Katherine Allison
Mike Anglea
The Arena Family
Mark and Pam Ariens
Susan Armour Seidman and Michael Seidman
David Arneuik
Lokyee Au

Thomas Bachhuber
Amy Bahe
Patty Baier-Jankowski
Paul Baines
Judith Banzhaf
Mary Barrett
Jon Barrett and Michaela Feriancikova Barrett
Theresa Bartlett
Elsa Batica
Daniel Baumgart
Austin Beamon and Diamond Allison
Ed Becker
Cindy Becker
Sybil and Greg Bell
Veronica Bell
Kristin Bennett
DW and Tena Benson
Jeff Bentoff and Julie Penman
Celia Benton
Bruce and Margaret Berg
Zafer Berkun
Mary Bernau-Eigen and Charles Eigen
Janie and Joseph Besharse
Aimee Betro and Martin Petroviak
Kirsten and Andreas Beyer
Alecs Bianchi
Warren Biel
Torrie and Brian Boduch
Peter Boesen and Julie Hart Boesen
Maureen Bogdanski
Janean Bratz
Jeff and Laura Bray
Debra Brehmer
William and Christy Breihan
John and Karen Bronikowski
Joseph Brooks and Bradley Ewerdt
Simon Brown and Ashanti Cook
Mary Brownrigg
Matt Bruce
Beth and Bob Bruch
Eric Brunette
David and Diane Buck
Sara Bunke and Andrew Link
Tyler Burkart
Diana Burlison
Lane Burns and Jason Boose
Emily Bury
Alex Busbee
Martin and Claudine Butzine
Philip Bzdusek

Eileen and Carl Cahill
John Cain
Kendra Calhoun
Marianne Canter and Sarah Bailey
Tina Caron
Daniela Castillo and Mike Bischoff
Theresa Castor and Paul Hopton
Ms. Mary Cebar-Stano
Kate Cerra
Krishna Chavali
Steve and Sue Chevalier
Mr. Jacob Chianelli and Mrs. Kaila Chianelli
Bill Chiu
Karen and Richard Christenson
Mary and Michael Cieslewicz
Christi and John Clancy
Kelly and Kathy Clark
Steven and Kathleen Clark
Christin Cleaver and Pickle Winnsto
Mark and Suzanne Clegg
Jean Cline
Mary Clinkenbeard and Kalling Heck
Andrew Cochran and Mary Rihnat
Josh and Megan Cochrane
Dianne and Bruce Cochrane
David Cochrane
Mary Claire Collins
Courtney and Jim Collins
Lisa and Bob Conley
Joan and Ron Cook
David & Alaura Cook & Family
Edward Corrigan and Lizette Lewis
Michael and Brenda Costigan
Sue Cottrell
Mary Covington
Carrie Crossot
Ronald Curtis
Sue and Dennis Czarniak

Aziza Daher
Vonda Dahms
Carolyn Dahms
Tim Dale
Kelly Daley and Jane Hampden Daley
Nick Davia
Gregory and Tonya David
Dianna Davis
Carole Dede
Denise Delaney and Pat Williams
Theresa DelVescovo
Dennis Derby
John Dewitt
Jeffery Dillon
Robert and Sheryl Dimberg
Jade Dingbaum
Laura Dobroth
Lynn Domaszek
Alexander Douglass
Katie Draper and Joseph Sunder
Rebecca Dreyer and Sam Bingham
Marianne Dropp
Trevor D'Souza and Maureen Devine D'Souza
Kathleen Dudgeon
Tamie Dudor
Ginger Duiven and Joanne Passaro
Colleen Dunlap
Mary and Duane Dunsirn

Mark Edwards
Jeff and Diane Edwards
Jordan Eggleson
Kathleen Eilers and Barry Blackwell
Marge Eiseman
Erin and Patrick Elliott
Marie and Richard Ellis
Karrie Emmrich
Irene Erwin
Arlene Espinoza
Kristine Everson

Angelo and Stephanie Fallucca
Jessica and William Farah
Mark Farchione
Claudia Farias-Moen
Connie and Barth Fassbender
Daniel L. Felix
Jill Fernandez
Dan and Pat Fetterley
Shalom Fink
Courtney Fisk
Sara and Mark Fondow
Kim Forbeck and Todd Dunsirn
Helen Forbeck
Matt Forbeck
Pamela and Michael Ford
Reuben and Kelly Fortier
Gloria and Steve Foster
Jane and John Frederick

Michael Garamoni
Steven and Xuechao Garcia
Antonio Garcia
Noemie Garcia
Dana Gass
Pat Geiger
Danni Gendelman
Tanja George and Ray Chinana
Erica Gerloski
Dr. Lisa Gies and Kirstin A. Anglea
Jazz Glastra
Dave Glenn
Jennifer Glocka
Paul Gloor
Constance and Nick Gnas
Beth Godbee and Jonathan D'Andries
Shannon Goenher
Pamela Goetsch
Mark Goss
Philip and Janet Grau
Robert Greenya
Michael Greer and Andrea Skyberg
LeAnne Grillo
Chris Gross
Sam Gulotta
Ronald Gutschow

Julie Hagen
Sarah Haltaufderheide
Ben Hammelman< br />Rick Hancock
Stephen and Christine Haning
Roxanne Hanna
Lydia Harbach
Philip Hardacre
Ashley Harrell
Kendric and CaBeatrice Hart
Faiza Hashim and Salman Waheeduddin
Jennifer Hays
Zak and Laurel Heebsh
Laurel Heebsh
Courtney and Justin Heiden
Deborah Heim and Ross Hightower
Beth and Fred Heller
Joel Herringa and Julie Wichman
Jessica Herzog and Joe Manske
Daniel and Denise Hester
David Hetzel
Elizabeth Hieb
Carlynn Higbie
David Higgins
Ken Higgs
Rachel Hildebrand
Leonard Hill
Roy and Charvin Hill
Peter Hill and Caroline Kuebler
Carol Holley and Greg Wille
Allie Holmes
Alexandra Hoppe and Christopher Weiss
Sheryl Hoy
Chris Hruska
William Huff
Catherine Hunt

Michael Hurdle
John Idso
John Idzikowski and Jane Stoltz
Douglas Ihrke
Richard Imp
Francis Imp and Kristine Jaeger
Theresa Impink-Hernandez

Brian Jakubowski
Ellie Jarvie
Elizabeth Jay
Betsy Jeffery
Alexander Jesswein
Anthony Johnson
Gwendolyn Johnson
Christine Jordan
Jennifer Jungwirth
Tom and Amy Junker

David Kammerman
Sara and Jack Kampf
Erin Kane
Becky Kanitz
John Kannenberg and Dave Jacob
James Kargol
Angie Kasten
Susie and Fred Kasten
Myrtle and Fritz Kastner
Noah Kaufman
Deb Kaurala
Kathy and William Kean
Sean Kelly and Jeffrey Gardner
David Kemper
Andrew and Erin Kenth
Travis Keshemberg
Marjorie Kieckhefer
Julie King
Ian Klug
Sory and J. Val Klump
Judith L. Knight and Alan Rank
Sara Knox
Carrie Kocsis
Tierney Konitzer
Craig Konkle
Kelly and Ed Krause
Anne and John Krueger
Priscilla Kucik
Joan Kuhn
Evan Kuras
Matthew and Margaret Kurlinski
Blanche Kushner and Pat Flood

Sharon and Bill La Macchia
Ramona LaCasse Fehrman
Linda Laev
Linda Lancaster
Dante and Maria LaPorte
Mike and Sara Larson
Steve and Dianne Larson
Britnee Laughlin
Debora Leavens
Peter LeDuc
Kerry and Dominic Leet
Ken Leinbach
Shannon and Kim Leitzke
James and Laurie Lemke
Jean Lemorande
Cynthia Lepkowski
Kevin and Tara Lewis
Tylor Lewis and Laura Dobroth
Jean Lindemann
Dawn Lindsey
Sadhna and Scott Lindvall
Veronica Loete
Andrea Long
Stephen Lopes
Kent and Susan Lovern
The Low Family
Roger Luhn and Sarah Streed
Richard and Sherry Lundell
Cynthia Lynch

Alonzo Macias
Ann MacIver
Sharon Madnek
Mitch Maersch
Kristi Magoon
Tim Majkowski
Helen Makovec
Laurel Maney
Randy Mangelsen
Katie Manning
Sean Marlow and Grace Moore
Melinda and Todd Marohl
Lori Martin-Friedel and Patrick Friedel
Keith Martino and Kathryn Baierlipp
Elizabeth and Paco Martorell
Shane Martwick
Emily and Nick Matthews
Emily Matthews
Rose Mary and Francis Matusinec
Lori McAllister
Maureen McCanna
Tim McCollow and Tracy Buss
Dave and Lori McDonald
Maureen McDonald
Brian McDonald
Antoine and Jade McDuffie
Cassidy and Jackie McGarry
Nolan McKenzie
Jonathan McKey
The Mehnert Family
Tom Meier
Brooke Meitz
Tracy Merten
Christina Metrailer
Santera Michels
Elaine Miller
Susan Miller
Sharon Miller
Rebecca and Jason Mitich
Jim and Paula Moenning
Scott and William Mogilevsky
Jacqueline Mollenkamp
Silvia Montana
Maureen Morello
Blake and Cheryl Moret
Dr. Katie Mosack and Dr. Dave Armin
Dana Mueller
Maureen and Terry Mulcahy
Peter Mulvey
Rebecca Murphy and Joe Gozdowiak
Monica Murphy
Maria Myles
Mark Myszkowski

Daniel and Anna Narvey
Thomas Nass
Mary Nelson
Greg Nelson
Lisa Nesbitt
David Newsome
Janice Nitz
Peggy Noonan and Julian Taagen
Ann Noonan

Kevin and Lynn O'Brien
Brooke O'Brien
Ruby Oestreich
Tricia Ognar
Ashley Olberding
Thomas and Jenny Olejniczak
Daren Olson
Julie O'Neill
Nathan and Danah Opland-Dobs
Marty and Karen Ordinans
Tim Ottman and Stephanie Stearns

Anthony and Amanda Panciera

Dennis and Kim Papenthein
Kristina Paris
Jerry Parker
Amanda Parrell Kaczmarek and Kevin Kaczmarek
Dan and Kay Patrinos
Robert and Sonja Pavlik
Priscila Perez
Marcia Perkins
Jessica and Kevin Petersen
Erik Peterson
Ann Peterson
Gwen Pfeifer
Angela Philleo
Michael Pickett
Craig and Lane Pierce
Joe Pigeon
Lucy Pipkin
Andrew Pokrass
Jeff Prager
Dave Prentice
Timothy Prichard
Erik and Traci Priem
Keith Prochnow
Sarah Puls and Joseph Simonds

Carmen Quinlivan

Scott Raaflaub
Ryan Rabe
Anya Race
Susan and Stephen Ragatz
William Rahming
Christine Reid
Kathryn Reimer
Nathaniel Rein
Mary Richardson
James Richardson
Tamara Rinaldi
Lori Rios and Joe Johnson
Emily and Michael Robertson
Joline Robertson and Ken Hsich
Susan Robinson
Max Rock
Sandra Rogers
Kenneth Roggow and Jeanna Patterson
Chiana Roman
Robert and Jill Rooney
Suzanne Rose
Tiffany Rossetto and Jason Josing
Chia Rowe
Tom and Melissa Rueter
William and Eva Rumpf
James Ryan
Adam Rygg

Kavitha Sagi and Marc Zimmer
Stephanie Sandy and Allan F. Montezon
Daniel Sargeant and Elfrieda Abbe
Gary and Linda Sarner
Matt Sauer
Max Sawa
Nick Sayotovich
Carl Scalise
Beverly Scheels
Graden Scheiwe
Cynthia and Steven Scheuing
Vicki Schilleman
Kristin Schiller
Heidi Schlehlein
Ann and William Schmid
Nicole Schneck
Cheryl and Luke Schneider
Elizabeth Schneider
Traci Schnell
Diana Schoberg and Craig Nickels
Aaron and Katy Schroeder
Nathan and Hannah Schultz
Mark and Melissa Schwalbach
Carol Scott
Sarah Scott Kahn and Farhan Khan
W.L. Seaman
Stephanie Sears
Maggie Shanahan
Katie Shaw
Bill and Joanne Sheahan
Roseann Sheridan
Whitney Sheridan
Dale Shidler
Kyna and Dmitriy Shnayderman
Jingyu Si
Mary Signatur
Adam Signatur
Suzanne and Anoop Singh
Dale Skaggs
Brenna Skelly
Addie Skillman
Susan Smith
Paul Sokolowski and Mary Callen
Karen and Andrew Sommer
Richard and Ann Spalding
Joan Spector
Karrie Spoerl
Judy Springer
Laura Stark
Lee Stedman
Jerome Steele
Derek Steinkamp
Amy Stenglein
Lynn and John Stephani
Kimberly and Andrew Streff
Gilbert Streiff
Gary Strock
Joy Stuppia
Astera Sundance
Kim Surma
Georgia and Willard Sylke
Michael Synowicz
Ed Szopinski and Carol Justin

Jane Tanner and Bill Hable
Lindsey Tauber and Sam Leichtling
Dawn Taylor
Nick Teichen
Michael Tell
Isabella Teronde
Richard and Jennifer Thickens
Laura Thompson
Georgia Tice
Barbara and Leon Todd
Stacy and Stephen Tornio
David and Joan Totten
Mitchell Trainotti
Debra Trakel
Michelle and Jeff Tredo
Corrie Tritz and Thomas Courtney
Lisa Trost
Catherine Tully and Jack Dierks
Laurel Turner
Jane Turner
Steve Turner
Kimberly and Kyle Tuska
Deni Tyler
Kim Tyler

Tim Ungrodt
Luisa Urban

Lauren Van Ommeren
Tim Vargo and Jessie Tobin
Lauren Villasenor
Judy Villegas

Robin Waagen
Troy Wahl
Madeline Wake
Diane Weaver and Craig Lockwood
Tracey and Eric Webster
Terry Weckler
Bart and Sarah Wellenstein
Richard Whaley and Ellen Smith
John and Celia Wiberg
Gary and Denise Wierzbinski
Christine Wilczynski-Vogel
Tricia Wild
Seth and Nicole Wilke
Christin and Oscar Wille
Drs. Erin and Roger Williams
Hilary Wilson
Alene Winter
Jamal Witherspoon
Alexa Wojciechowicz and Efrain Cano
Travis Wojtowicz
Erika Wolf and Richard Renno
Monica Wolfe
Jessica Wolff
Crystal Wolford
Malcolm Woods
Kathleen Worzalla
Maureen Woyci
Amanda and Mitchell Woytych
Pamela Wronski
Matt Wszalek


Charles Martin Yamat
Amber Yang
Chris and Michelle Young

Ann Marie and James Zagzebski
Maria Zanoni
Sarah Zaslow
Stacey Zawel
Jessica Zierten
Sara Ziesemer
Lesley and David Zylstra

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Washington Park

Wednesday, March 29th

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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