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Burdock Brigade Saturdays (Riverside Park)
Riverside Park

Saturday, April 19th

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

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Exotic Pet Surrender Day
Riverside Park

Saturday, April 19th

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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    Donor List

    Below you will also find our bimonthly donor list.

    Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations and all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission within the last two months. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Cassie at 964-8505 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if your name has not appeared as you expected.

    Foundations, Corporations, and Organizations

    88nine Radio Milwaukee Kohl's Department Stores, Inc.
    Alternative Breaks Milwaukee Wave of Hope, Inc.
    Beans & Barley North Star Energy Consulting LLC
    BMO Harris Bank Outpost Natural Foods
    Brownie Troop 3463 R.A. Stevens Family Foundation, Inc.
    CG Schmidt Inc. Rexnord
    Colectivo Coffee Rishi Tea
    Foster Family Foundation Robert W. Baird & Co. Foundation
    Glenn Consulting, LLC Rockwell Automation
    Godfrey & Kahn, S.C. Schwab Charitable Trust
    Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP The Kubala Washatko Architects, Inc.
    Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Inc. United Way of Greater Milwaukee
    Hayat Pharmacy von Briesen & Roper, S.C.
    Johnson Controls, Inc. We Energies Foundation
    Joy Global WEYCO GROUP Charitable Trust
    KEEN, Inc.

    In Honor Of

    Development and Marketing Department
    - Jay Burseth and Joanna Demas
    Steven and Nelly Seidlitz
    - Julie Seidlitz
    Fred Eckman
    - Joel and Mary Kriofske
    Chris Suchocki
    - Kathy and Robert Suchocki
    Kylan, Alaina and Talia Schnake
    - Kathy Herbst and Jan Jahnke

    In Memory Of

    Dale Ellington
    - Joel and Mary Kriofske
    Jerry Krause
    - Robert and Suzanne Kanack

    Members & Donors

    A Natalie Guyette O
    Anonymous (25) Jean Guzmán Dave O'Brien
    Joann Adkinson H Margery O'Brien
    Louis and Mary Agnew JoEllen Haberlie Brian and Linda O'Connell
    Johanna and John Allen Karen S. Haley Erin O'Donnell
    Laura Ambrose Nick Hardrath Jennifer and Michael O'Hear
    Becky Andersen Leesly and Joan Hardy Mary O'Leary-Michalski and Stephen Michalski
    Jeff and Melody Anderson James Hargis Gary Oleksyn and Betty Salamun
    Marybeth Anderson Sarah Harris Claire Olson
    Shirah Apple Hannah Harris and Andrew Harris Dawn Omernik-Nimmer
    Susana Arciga and Mark Eisenberg Charles Hays and Alice Gillam Lincoln Oro and Mary Agnes Oro
    Andrea Arciszewski Maggie Haze Sara Jane Osborne
    Peter Armstrong Carl and Nancy Hedman Jayne Owens
    David and Lisamarie Arnold Sharon Heffelfinger and Jan Heffelfinger P
    Nancy Aten and Dan Collins Deborah Heim Birger Pahl and Amy Horst
    Christine and Hanna Attenberg Tim and Nicky Heinle Virginia Palmer
    B Deborah Heinzmann-Dickson Kristina Paris
    Patrick Bader and Tresca Meiling Julie Helmrich and Lisa Brierton Emily Peck
    Sara Bailey and Brad Felber Frances Henkel Leslie Peckham
    Stephen Baldwin Maggie Hennig Jayne A. Pelton
    Susan Baran and Ty Perkie Jill and Mal Hepburn Alexander and Terese Pendleton
    Emily Barbeau Kathy Herbst and Jan Jahnke Laura Peracchio and Dan Eder
    Kevin Barry and Melissa Kingston Tyler Herman Tabitha Perry
    Meg Bartness-Lee and Donald Lee Siri Hernandez Jenna Peterson
    Stacey and RJ Bast Dave and Kathy Herrewig Dung Pham
    Inga and Freidrich Bauer Jennifer Herzog Mara and Tom Pheister
    Christopher Bauer Corey Hesselman Kathleen and Peter Piaskowski
    Susan Bay and Dean Schmiedel David Hetzel Ann Pier
    Chuck and Amanda Baynton Troy and Elizabeth Hilliard Philip Pinkowsky
    Wendy and Gregg Beaster Peter and Sue Hitler Todd and Sarah Pisarski
    Brian and Sarah Began Alicia Hitzler Jennifer and Colin Plese
    Bob and Sharon Bell Steven and Cathy Hoelter John and Mary Plummer
    Lori Belli and Nathan Ridgely Vesla Hoeschen Nancy and James Pomes
    Andrea and Bill Berens Holly and Jason Hoffe Kelley Post
    Donna Berenson and Jamie Bloomquist Katy Holdredge Gregory and Amy Post
    Bryan Bergner The Hollman-Krajewski Family Rose Presser
    Esther and Joel Berkowitz Alison Hong and Charlie Johnson Lee Price
    Kirsten and Andreas Beyer Sarah Hopley and Karen Muehlbauer Jennine Pufahl and Steve Giles
    Atul Bhadkamkar Randy and Kathleen Hoth Michael Puissant and April Bosworth
    Erika and John Biemann John Howard Kyle Pulsipher
    Aaron Birnbaum and Jennifer Gonda Jill and Gregory Huffer Q
    Cynthia and David Bishop Eric Huhn Joyce Quirk
    Jay Blankenship and Ellen Abrams Blankenship I R
    Philip Blenski and Barbara Finch Amy Ihlenfeldt Kathleen and Anthony Ramirez
    Lisa Blue Elinor and Dale Ihlenfeldt Katie Rammer and Dan Knighton
    Kirsten and Henry Boeh Shelby Ingersoll Mary and John Raspanti
    Ellen Boettcher and Pat Cochran Beret Isaacson and Heath Copps Geeta Raval and Peter Staudenmaier
    Jennifer Bolger-Breceda and Enrique Breceda Sheila and O. William Isakson Jon Ray and Charles Banks
    Oscar Bond Sonja Ivanovich Katherine Recka and Andrew Goetsch
    Omar Bonilla-Ortiz J John Reddig
    Jane Bosman-Clark Alan Jaberg Sandra Regan and Dan Roberts
    Kevin Bosner Lynn Jack Courtney and Matthew Reher
    Robin Brahm Josh Jackson Natalie and Corbett Reinbold
    Sandra Braman and Guy Milford Elizabeth Janicek and Shannon Pahl Susan and Anthony Reindl
    Benjamin and Danielle Brannan Amy and Mark Jankowski Lisa Reinhardt
    Jeff and Laura Bray Jessica Janzer Erin Richards
    Cassandra Brayton Karen Jardaneh Katherine Rinka
    William Bristow and Miren Boehm Torin Jewell Sandra and Jeffrey Robinson
    Jennifer and Marcus Britton Sheila Jhansale and Lyle Lawnicki Nancy Robjohns
    Ann Marie Brobson David Johnson Marc Roehrle and Maureen Zell
    Shana Broderick Annysa Johnson Charles and Ann Rohrer
    Loretta Bronsteatter and Brian Thut Barbara Johnson and Ann Green Maya and Rob Romboy
    Alexandra Bruckner Mark Johnston and Margaret Crater Richard and Cindy Rosin
    Michael and Kay Buckes Denton and Mary Jones Mary Ross
    Joseph and Kirstin Bugni Renee Joos and Brandt Mylott George and Dotty Roth
    Karen and Robert Burbey Gabriele Jung Suzy Roundy-Schmidt and Dan Schmidt
    Steve and Carol Burgett Maja Jurisic and Don Fraker Matt Runquist
    Lane Burns and Jason Boose K Jenny Rushizky
    Rita and Lawrence Burns Rich Kahl and Laurie Jean Yahr Michael Russell
    Jay Burseth and Joanna Demas Cathy Kainz and Howard Kainz Maria Ryan and Luis Tulcanaza
    Jane Butenhoff Marylyn and John Kaishian Jennifer and Eric Rzepka
    C Amy Kalkbrenner and Rodney Cain S
    Zachary Caldwell Maureen Kane Rachel and Mark Saari
    Patrick and Pawn Callahan Joan Kappes Rebecca and Haitham Salawdeh
    Susan and Liam Callanan David and Lillian Karkoski Quinn Sanders
    J. Gerard Capell and Julie Whelan Capell Mata and Anthony Kartsonas Karen and Peter Sands
    Steven Carini and Lori Horbas Thomas J. Kells and Erin Wilbur Forrest and Geraldine Sarver
    Doug and Carolyn Carlson Chase and Sandy Kelm Susan Sass and Brandon Drucker
    Adam Carr and Sara Daleiden Emma and Morgan Kennedy Mike and Elizabeth Sauer
    Ty and Lindsay Cashen Timothy Kenney Carley Sauter and Jose Moreno
    Tammi and Carlos Cavazos Demaris and Gontran Kenwood Debra Scarlett
    Gabriel Ceci Jack and Audrey Keyes Rebecca Scarr
    Patricia Chambers Binod Khadka Sher Schachameyer and Charlie Simonds
    Elin and Hilary Chavez Don and Erica Kieffer Jonathan Schaefer
    Jenny Chay Carrie Kielley Melissa Scherrer Pare
    Matt Chellman Karon Kiffel Kristen Scheuing
    Vincent Christian and Krista Larsen Michael Kim Cindy and Steven Scheuing
    Amy and Tyson Ciepluch Judi Kistler The Mooreschild Family
    Lori Cieske Lane Kistler Todd Schlenker and Susan Bolly
    John and Christi Clancy John Klinzing and Laura Sauer Timothy Schlueter
    James Conigliaro Fred Kluhsman and Elizabeth Keturakis Jill Schmid
    James and Lynn Connolly Mary Kniep Jan Schneider
    Gwen Connolly Judith L. Knight and Alan Rank Kristin Schrank
    Kristen Corbell Kelly Knox Meagan Schultz and Jason Schultz
    Vivian Corres Katherine Koehler Abigail and Matt Schumwinger
    Tasha and Matthew Cowap Donna Kogler Carl and Barbara Schwartz
    Kathleen Croke and Brendan Coffey Steve Komes and Kris Gerke Komes David Schwid
    Michael Cromheecke Peter and Lisa Koneazny Leah and John Sealey
    Andrew Crowbridge Marci Konopa Dana Seay and Kurt Schroeder
    Robert and Sarah Crowley Thea Kovac Anthony Sebben
    Penny and Chuck Cruse Laura Kremer Andrew Sebranek
    Brian and Catherine Cummings Tory and Brendan Kress Julie Seidlitz
    D Joel and Mary Kriofske Tara and Robert Seleen
    Bret and Tyler Daniel Mary and Carol Krolikowski Thomas J. Shaffer and Carol J. Hegland
    John and Kelley Daugherty Christine Krzyzewski and Justin Kierzek Erick Shambarger and Amy Weber Shambarger
    Debra and Theodore Davidoski Thomas and Mara Kuhlmann William and Lynn Shaw
    Teah Davids John Kummer and Dana Rejman Al Sherkow and Debra Hartmann
    Jean Davidson Susie Kundrat and Vicki Burkhalter Jennifer Shipley
    Jeremy Davis L Tim Sie and Amelia Tollefson
    Ms. Dale Davis Gigi La Budde Sally Siegel
    Judith and John Dawson Mike La Count Inga Siler
    Timothy W. Decker Jaime La Palm Mr. and Mrs. Simi
    Mindy Dehate The La Prest & Werner Family Brian and Sarah Simmons
    Kara and Brad DeLanty Alice Veronica Lang John Simons and Amy Ballweg
    Emily and Carl DeLeo John Langford Suzanne and Anoop Singh
    Marcia DeLonge Judy and Bruce Langreck Satbir Singh
    Michael and Susan DeLonge Mr. Larson and Mrs. Larson Cheryl Sisson
    James and Colette Demas Lauren Lathers Cesely Smith
    Ruth Derse Tawney Latona Kate Smith
    Lisa Desmond Stephen and Carina Laubach Travis Smith
    Scott DeVos Lynn Lazcares and Jeremy Boness Jennifer and Mike Soika
    Evelyn and Michael Dickmann Cora Lee-Palmer Cynthia and Warren Sommer
    Jack Dierks and Catherine Tully Ngoc Le-Funk Catherine Spahr
    Amy Diliberti Kristin Lehmann Peter Sparks
    Joan Dimow and John Moulder Andy Lehn Nancy and Dick Spransy
    Paul and Doris Dix Ely Leichtling and Sally Merrell Joan Squire
    Holly Dobson Diane Lembck Jessica St. John and John Fauller
    Allison Dolnik Cardinal Lemoine and Jeff Treul Paul Stafford and Karen Sturm
    Jean Downie Cynthia and Michael Lessard Heidi Stangl
    Andjela Drake Elizabeth Lev Robert Steele
    Breanna Draxler Joshua and Teresa Levy Loretto and Richard Steinmetz
    Brad Drefcinski Clote Lewis Erin Stoekl
    Melissa DuBois Brenda Lewison Geoff Stone
    Kelly and Dan Dudzinski Katie Liber George and Eileen Stone
    Diane Duffey Lauren Lindberg Amber Storm and Theo Storm
    Sandy Duffy Richard and Catharine Linhart Thomas and Rebekah Storma
    Anne Dunning and Brad Dunning Jennifer and Michael Lisser Carolyn Strash
    E Jack Littrell and Kathlyn Fletcher Scott Strath and Ann Swartz
    Mary Eastwood James and Stephanie Lock Jerry and Janice Stricker
    Alice and Daniel Egan Jennah Loewecke Nicole Sturkey
    Drs. Eichner and Ferguson Bob and Hope Longwell-Grice Kathy and Robert Suchocki
    Marge Eiseman Erika and Nigel Longworth Catherine Swessel
    Robert W. Eisenbrown and Ann Pieper Scott Lopez and Kevin Hooker Steven Szmania
    Edward Ellingson Jaclynne Lopez T
    Patrick Elliott and Erin Elliott Theresa and Dennis Lowder Alexis Tabakow
    Laura and Mustafa Emir Aaron Lucente and Abby-Rene Drost Michelle Talhami
    Megan Emmer Elizabeth Lundberg Joan Tarachow
    Sarah Erdmann and John Lofgren Sam Lutze Kelly Taylor
    Tedward Erker and Patrick Barron M Saj and Jackie Thachenkary
    Elizabeth Escobar and Adam Burns Jill and Jasun Macek Yawai Thant and Thomas Samuel
    Christine Evans and Nicholas Fleisher Johnny Mailloux Lacrecia and Robert Thomson
    F Melanie Mailloux and Dan Mielnicki Kati Tillema and Eric Teske
    Lauren Falk and Regan Hindman Donald Malchow Joanne Toman
    Nora and Mark Fardella Margaret Malloy James Topitzes
    Brenna Farrell Elaine Maly and Thomas Taubert Jillian Toverak
    Priscilla Farrell Denise Manjarrez Teresa Trostmiller
    Salina Fay Heather and Paul Mansfield Lynette and Jay Trzesniewski
    Anne Feldner-Acosta Jessica and Paul Marble Amina Tugan
    William Fellows John Mariani Scott Turza
    Deb Fenelon Kristin Marriott Shameka Tyler
    Elizabeth Ferris and Jacob Harr Sue and Peter Marshall U
    Kathleen Feyrer Megan Martin Jay Urban
    Patrick and Danielle Finn Frank Martinelli and Susan Biro Denise Uyar
    Susan Firer and Jim Hazard Jonathan Maser V
    Caitlin Firer Paula Mason Ann and Greg Van Dunk
    Kristen Fischer Alissa Mathison and Mike Krull Brooke and Kasey VandeBerg
    Stuart Fisher Liza and Kurt Mathson Tammy Vanden Heuvel
    Greg and Liz Flattery James Mathy Lisa and Andy Vedder
    Shawna Flipenko Linda and Conley Mattrisch Mercedes Vega
    Richard and Margaret Flood Eric Maynard and Lauren Poppen Rosa Veloz
    Paulette and Mike Flynn Jeff McAvoy and Jill Kline Deb Verhagen and Bruce Halmo
    Tanya Fonseca and Isaac Brooks Caitlin McCaffrey and John Schneider Cindi Vian
    Susan Forray Norva and Jerome McCutcheon W
    Catherine Fouliard Antoine and Jade McDuffie Sam Wahlberg
    Margee Foulke-Evans Patrick and Elizabeth McGill Laura Wake Wiesner and David Wiesner
    Maureen Foy Peter McNulty Justin Walker
    Matt Frank Gretchen Mead Kristin Walters
    Charles J. Frase and Terry Vlossak Renee Medved Chris Weber
    Grace Fuhr Sean Merley James and Sarah Weltzien
    G Rachel Messenger Naomi Wendland
    Joseph Gacioch Lauren Meyer Gwen and Bill Werner
    Isabella Gargiulo Amy and Wes Miles Jennifer Weston
    Debbi Gartenberg Toni Millan Kevin and Patty Whaley
    Stephen Gaza Tracy and Jeffrey Miller Stacy and Gerald Whitaker
    Elizabeth Geisen Dana Miller Steven and Melanie Whitlow
    Lori Gendelman and Jim Ippolite Joseph Miller Kayleen Wichlinski
    Karen Gervais Edward and Joan Miller Robert Wierzba
    Deana and David Gervais Lisa Minella Lianne Wiggins
    Laura Giesecke Jeff Mitchell Amy Wilbourne
    Craig Gilbart Patricia Monroe Seth Will and Rebecca Davies
    Tom Gill Jan and Bob Montgomery Lisa Williams and Shaun Navis
    Emily Gillmar and Timothy Stoddard Sheila Mooney and Jason Hendrickson Robert Wilson
    John Gnorski Steve Morse and Jane Waldbaum Michael Winsten
    Meghan Goerke John Mosey Marilyn and Alan Wiseman
    Maureen Goldblatt Lonni and Mark Mueller Elisabeth Witt and Michael Mulvey
    Alexandra Goldman Jonah Mueller and Sarah Wick Patricia Witt and Susan Borri
    Gena Gonzales Rebecca Murphy and Joe Gozdowiak Constance Wittig
    Ryan Gottsacker and Lisa McCahill Steven Murphy Troy and Kathy Wohlt
    David Granger Shannon Murray Jennifer Woo
    Sharon Grant Kate and Ken Muth Leslie Woodruff and Paul Gegenhuber
    Patricia and Christine Grasch N Lisa Wos
    Mark Gray Thad Nation Kay Wosewick
    Michael Gregory Rachel Neal Pamela Wronski
    Lesley Grider Laura Needler Y
    Susan Gronemus and Clark Peplinski Tori Neiheisel Chris and Michelle Young
    James Grossmeyer Rachelle Nelson and April Marcangeli Lijuan Young
    Cindy Grover Zach Nelson and Rita Kerhin Z
    Staci Gruse Jeffrey Newlin Mark and Evonne Zalewski
    Jonathan Gundlach Natalie Nolan Natalie Zebian
    Mary Gute Witte and Ned Witte Carolyn Noori Donald and Daisy Zell
    Jose Gutierrez and Matthew Schreck Gordon Zion
    Jennifer Zizzo
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