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    Summer Camps at the Urban Ecology Center

    Written by Mike Larson
      Wednesday, January 30 2013
    Summer Camps at the Urban Ecology Center

    Do you love the outdoors and want to share that same passion with your children? The Urban Ecology Center’s Summer Camps may be just what you’re looking for!

    Campers will enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, games and songs. In just one week they will get the chance to go hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, fishing and swimming at the beach! Older campers will also get the chance to kayak, bike and go on an overnight camping trip. Your children are bound to find something they’ll love!

    Even though this "From the Archive" post was orginally published in the January/February 2008 edition of our newsletter, our Summer Camps are still going strong! Click here for details.


    Take Sam, for instance. On his first try at fishing, he hadn’t had a single bite all morning. When it was time to leave, he begged the counselors to let him cast just one more time. A future outdoorsman was born when he reeled in his first bluegill! The smile on his face was bigger than the fish!

    Or consider Alisha, whose mom told counselors that she was scared to death of heights and would never try rock climbing. Imagine her mom’s surprise when she discovered that Alisha had made it to the top of the climbing wall three times that day!

    Experiences like these will create memories for your children that they will never forget. This summer, let the Center help instill a love for nature and the great outdoors in your children!

    Mike Larson

    Mike Larson

    Mike is a happily married man living with his family in Bay View. As a young child he spent days playing along the banks of the Rock River, fostering a love for nature which eventually led him to study biology and pursue a career with the Urban Ecology Center. He enjoys telling people everything he can about the Center through his role as the Visitor Services Coordinator. He hopes that the work he does can help make it possible for his two sons and other kids in Milwaukee to grow up with similar experiences to those he had as a child.

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